Y’all Reckon Billy Ray Is Proud?

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This was just too good NOT to run….and apparently its a fake…didnt happen but I will leave it up…It made me laugh….


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY— On the first Saturday in May each year, celebrities gather at historic Churchill Downs in the heart of a town not normally associated with the glitz and glamour, and sometimes drama, of celebrity life.

Following the event many celebs find their way to the local pub and clubs to partake in the many post-Derby festivities around town.

While most remain uneventful, some patrons at a strip club on Preston Hwy in Louisville called Trixies got a taste of celebrity drama as a verbal fight between pop celeb Miley Cyrus and porn star Ron Jeremy ended with Cyrus being escorted out of the club.

According to club manager, Trey Landrum, Ron Jeremy was hosting the Derby event at the club.  At some point while Jeremy was talking with some fans near the bar area, he was approached by a, according to many, highly intoxicated Miley Cyrus who, “thought he should die for ripping off her video.”

Apparently, Miley was upset over Ron Jeremy’s spoof remake of her Wrecking Ball video and thought a Derby party at a strip club would be the most appropriate time to vent her complaints.

Several witnesses claimed to have witnessed Cyrus trying to punch Jeremy in the face before club bouncers were forced to escort the heated Cyrus from the club.

“It was the funniest thing I ever saw,” said club goer Brendan Kelly of Flint, Michigan. “She [Cyrus] was yelling and trying to punch him [Jeremy] and he was just sitting back and laughing.  Then when Miley was kicked out of club everyone in the entire place started cheering.  He’s a legend and she’s a skanky bitch.”

A video crew who was filming in the club for an upcoming reality tv show featuring the club’s dancers and staff said they caught most of the fight on film and plan to release the video as bonus footage to their upcoming show.

Police officers outside of the club threatened to arrest Cyrus for PUI and disorderly conduct before she left with a friend.

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Y’all Reckon Billy Ray Is Proud?

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27 Responses

  1. This moron is riding on a fucking hot dog suspended from the sky while grabbing her crotch wearing the ugliest “outfits” on the face of the earth & looks like the twin of Justin Bieber… Ron Jeremy is the least of her problems…

    Some people have no sense of humor, I swear. Give it time, she’ll be in rehab any day now…

  2. I reckon Miley’s father is pissed at her for the antics she has done lately. Between the tattoos, the twerk-a-jerk routine, her drug use and her crappy singing Billy Ray has to be embarrassed and ashamed of Miley. It is really too bad, Miley had the opportunity to have a lifelong career as a singer and actress but with the trashy antics, the tattoos, the drugs and overall not acting like a lady is supposed to she has turned off her potential fans and ruined her career.

    With her situation (she has to be running out of money with her party until she drops lifestyle) I expect Steve Hirsch will be publicly offering one million dollars to Miley for a sex tape with James Deen very soon and she will accept the offer. Of course with Miley scaring any man with a brain away from her with the twerk-a-jerk routine and obnoxious personality she may actually still be a virgin and not know how to have sex yet — which would make a very interesting celeb sex tape of a doped up Miley losing her virginity on film.

  3. @mharris –
    Don’t worry… she’ll probably have a nice long career of being a train wreck.
    The career opportunities for media train wrecks are popular these days… you don’t even need any sort of talent.
    I think she’s fucked up enough to give us a few years of good, old-fashion, train wreck entertainment. Then she’ll get desperate enough to do a sex tape for pennies on the dollar and it’s all downhill from there..

    She should totally do a sex tape with Justin Bieber & then they could market it to both the straight & gay consumer markets… that would be pretty genius.

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