Ya Gotta Love Will Ryder

The only guy who promotes himself as well as Will is Jeff Mullen:


I wish em both luck at the AVN Awards!

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Ya Gotta Love Will Ryder

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks Mike. You are one of the guys that totally understands my insanity even though I am not insane at all but Will Ryder is completely crazy.

  2. Yer welcome bro and you really are the best at your genre even your set design is spot on….God is in the details man.

    you do good work, may it last ya through the tough times.

  3. These guys defined a new genre and thats hard to do. I only wish that I had time to speak with them at the party we threw with them in Vegas last year but I was busy dealing with Porno Dan and making sure hte rest of the AEBN staff could get into the fucking thing we sponsored.

  4. I don’t see how this is a “new genre.” This is just the mask coming off. Porn has always been about making a cheap substitute for a real experience. Jerking off instead of having sex, and now it’s watching unconvincing, uninspiring, unentertaining “entertainment” instead of watching the real thing. I just think of porn moving into this realm in the same way I think of a cancer metasicizing.

  5. Here let me refocus my response.

    Congrats Will and Jett you have videos that are selling very well in a down economy where very few can make the same claim.

  6. That is only partially correct, yes you had movies with knock off titles but they rarely if ever had anything to do with the movie or show that they knocked off. The certainly didn’t go to the trouble that Will does to re-create an accurate set, dialogue, interpersonal relationships and what not. THAT is what sets Will in a league of his own….some porn rarely pays any attention to….detail.

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