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I’ve noticed a lot of what would you do if you were president going on lately.

What appalls me is how ignorant most porn chicks (and indeed most Americans) are of exactly what the president has the power to do.  He can’t legalize weed, he cant draft any legislation at all, he can’t do much at all on his own.  What he can do is inspire, lead and press the congress for the things that he wants, if he is successful they will present him with a bill offering what he wants, usually with a bunch of extra things that they want.  he can then sign it into law or send it back unsigned, at which point congress can still pass it with a super majority.

So given that, If I were president.

Right now the biggest problem facing this country is the economy, we need a fundamental overhaul of how the government does business, spends money and manages the economy.

You can’t accomplish that by lying to the American people.  You need their support.  I would start by announcing to Americans that I am not their friend.  I haven’t earned their friendship. That what I am is their employee, they hired me to do a job and i would tell them the truth.  That I can’t do that job without their support.  I would remind all of them that we will all sacrifice some things that we think we need but in the end we will be stronger, more self sufficient and much more well off.

One of the problems being that the cost of running the US Government has become a yoke around the neck of every single American citizen and that has to be a burden that is lightened.

First and foremost I would push congress to pass the fair tax bill.  It may not be perfect but it’s better than what we have and it’s a good starting point. The fair tax would abolish the internal revenue service, abolish federal witholding, federal income tax, social security tax, medicare and medicaid (the programs would remain they just wouldnt be funded by automatic withdrawal from your paycheck.  It would replace it with a 23% national sales tax. But that alone isn’t enough, congress must also repeal the 16th amendment allowing the taxation of income, if they don’t do this in conjunction with the fair tax we will end up with both. If you would like to know more about the fairtax go to www.fairtax.org

The fair tax has many advantages for the economy, not the least of which is a huge incentive to bring jobs back home. Why pay income tax in another country when there is none here. It unburdens companies with the huge expense of compliance with complicated federal tax code.  It creates jobs and it brings and keeps money in our economy.

The next part is to cut government spending across the board.  You hear this a lot in campaigns but it doesn’t happen. This time it has to.  Farmers will lose their subsidies, so will oil companies, insurance companies, foreign governments, the arts, entertainment, broadcasting it’s going to be you are on your own.  The government is no longer going to take money from the citizens and give it to you so that you can continue to lose money in your business venture. To help this along lobbying as we know it  is going to become illegal. It’s fine if you seek advice from both sides of a legislative issue, but if you accept so much as a stick of gum from either side you are guilty of corruption. The citizens hired you to represent them and to act in their best interest, not in the best interest of any other party.

Now you are probably all saying wow South, a lot of this makes good sense and yes it does, and theres plenty more that could be done and doing so would make us the wealthiest most productive  nation on earth, but remember that one little problem….I can’t make those changes even if I am President.  they have to come from congress, so how do I pressure congress to deliver what I am proposing.  In short, I can’t. You have to do it. You the citizens. You have to be willing to say to your neighbor that if he will stop taking money from the government that has been confiscated from you, you will stop taking money from the government that the government confiscated from him. We also have to demand that money taken from us isn’t given to other countries to squander, I’m sorry but if you live in a sand village with no resources why should you get money to stay there, just so you can continue to be dependent on my hard work.

This is not to say I dont believe in charity, I do but I think it should be up to the person who earned the money to determine where the money is spent.  Charity is not a function of government.

This war in Iraq must end. It should have ended a long time ago, the goal should have been to bring Hussien to justice, we did that. Time to leave and let them clean up with a very clear understanding that if you fuck with us we will fuck back and we will not pay you for it.  We won’t meddle in your affairs just don’t fuck with us.  We should return to being the “sleeping giant” World police should never have been our mission. Spreading “Democracy” should never have been our mission.  if we wish to lead it should be by example. Ending the war in Iraq saves us ten billion dollars a month and that alone would go a pretty good way to balancing our budget. Borrowing money from China to finance a war in Iraq was never a good idea.

That’s only the beginning, we need to address education,  healthcare, energy, the environment and the restoration of our constitutional rights.

All of these problems can be fixed, but only by using common sense. Throwing money at them doesnt fix them it only adds layers of beauracracy and expense.

It is time for the people to take back control of the government, It is almost too late.

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WWMSD – What Would you Do:

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  1. Also, we have enough Oil in Canada and the USA that we don’t need the middle east for it.

    Agreed stop being the world police.

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