Why Out an HIV Positive Performer?


I get this a lot when these things happen and every time I get asked why I would do it, specially with my Libertarian leanings.

The answer is actually very simple, as a Libertarian I am a staunch believer in personal responsibility. When you enter into this business as a performer you have a responsibility to the other performers to act in a responsible manner.

In this day and age of decentralized shooting it isn’t really practical to think that you can track who has shot with whom, so it falls on the performer to be forthright so that anyone who may have been exposed knows that they have been exposed.  This was the biggest problem with AIM and once again it has proven to be a problem here.

Look at John Stagliano, when he tested positive he came forward, you didn’t see him trying to hide, he did the responsible thing so that people knew…and guess what?  He wasn’t made a pariah.  He is one of the most respected people in this industry and that personal responsibility is why.

I have said it before many times and I will say it again.  If you are not willing to come forward if you test positive then you need to stay the fuck out of this industry.  Period.

Figuring out the right thing to do isn’t hard people, you simply ask yourself what if I was on the other side of this thing. I mean if I were potentially exposed I would want to know it, not trust some yahoos in a clandestine meeting to tell me if I was.

How bout you?


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Why Out an HIV Positive Performer?

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3 Responses

  1. I know why some people in porn try hard deny this story took place becuase if true destorys porn industry argument that have done every they could provide safe work environment. Storys out even being coverd buy man stream media. What know this porn industry ran way from there issue they hand made for them self in Los Angeles to state Florida feeling they left trouble behind there. Now scared that issue they left Las Angeles have found them Florida that what happen Las Agneles could happen to them over this. So try hard they can put this gyn bottle yet fail becuase gyn got out to big put in the bottle.

  2. I agree with you, but you really need to be careful about outing someone unless you have 100% undeniable evidence.

    You can’t go around naming people as being “possible” hiv quarantined or infected because people are going to assume that its true. If it turns out that you are wrong, you will quite possibly hurt this persons career and ability to generate money, which means a deserving lawsuit for you even if you retract the statement. Even when someone is accused of being a child molester and they never did anything, it still hurts them in a lot of aspects in life.

    Unless you have 100% evidence that what you are reporting is fact, you are just speculating on rumor and no better than PWL putting people in “High-risk for HIV” category. It is the same shit.

  3. What the hell is Brazzers director thinking????? Who in their right mind shoots using possibly HIV positive talent????? Unfortunately this plays right into AHF’s playbook and they will use it to the max, you can bet your life on that! I sincerely hope this is a false alarm, but with Brazzers reputation I fear it is not. What grade cocaine does it take for a director to blunder to this degree — this atrocity is not something a sober person does under any circumstances!

    Advice for talent: do not shoot for Brazzers under any circumstance! Also, if you are not willing to have your HIV status public, stay out of the adult industry!!!!!

    Also, make sure you personally check the test before you perform sexually with a partner on an adult industry set. That used to be standard operating procedure. If the test is not negative, DO NOT PERFORM WITH THAT PERSON!!!!! Also, if the test is HIV positive and the performer thinks you should still fuck him/her, get your genitalia at least ten miles from that person!

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