Why Jussie Smollett Should Go To Jail

Jussie Smollett. I have been outraged by this whole thing as I know that many of you are, but the one thing I am not hearing from any of the reporting is what I think is the most important thing.

Jussie Smollette is perfect for a scene on EFukd.com

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Lets imagine that things had played out differently and two Republican white guys had been arrested, even if they are hardcore alt right.  Would Mr Smollett have said hey, I’m sorry but these guys couldn’t have done it, I made the whole thing up.  Ya  we all know the answer to that one.  We know that in the past when there has been a gross miscarriage of justice the Federal Government steps in and levels charges of civil rights violations.  While the feds are stepping in they are investigating the prosecutors office and Jussie is getting what amounts to a walk.

Jussie Smollette convicted. UPDATE



I don’t think there is any doubt that if Smollett is guilty, he is also guilty of conspiring to violate the civil rights of at least two persons, and piece of shit that he is he would have let two innocent people take the fall, lose their freedon, all in the name of Jussies vanity.

Jussie Smollette is a liar and a pathetic bullshit artist

That is why this should go to trial and if found guilty Smollett should do jail time, it really IS that simple.

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Why Jussie Smollett Should Go To Jail

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  1. I am floored that this guy faked a hate cry and skated. I couldn’t believe it. I’m so disgusted by the whole mess.

  2. Smollett is an actor and he like the Osundairo brothers and they were all playing a role here…big question is who wrote the script that led to blatant abuses of the prosecutorial system.

    Foxx (states attorney) says she recused self, didn’t file recusal with the court …she lied to the media and the public. Her editorial in the Chicago Sun Times invites scrutiny from DOJ like she knows she’s in the same bulletproof position Jussie was when he put this in motion.

    The judge who allowed the ’emergency’ hearing with a scheduled hearing on 4/17/19. This wasn’t an ’emergency’ the defense could call yet ignoring it would not be serving their client.

    Then we have the sealed documents which includes reason for ’emergency’ hearing to address a ‘routine’ matter.

    No way this was about an off the rails actor looking for a bigger paycheck. Doesn’t mesh with prosecutor and judge going along with the plethora of irregularities that led to dismissal of charges. He didn’t even need to spend a month at a posh rehab.

  3. Mike, I love your work and words, but this is a oddly unfair post from you. I don’t begrudge anyone their opinion on what Smolett did, but prejudging with certainty the content of someone’s conscience when a victimless crime might suddenly have gotten real is a bridge too far.

    Let’s not even ask the last time two white guys were accidentally arrested in haste for a crime they didn’t commit vs. “some Puerto Rican guy” or suitable race-based canard

  4. But this is not a victimless crime. This incident will make it more difficult for real victims of these types of crimes to come forward and have credibility.

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