Why It Matters

As many people have pointed out AIM might not be able to release patient zeros name.  I get that. but here is the rub and here is what concerns me.

AIM holds itself forth as the protector of the health of people in the adult industry but by their own admission they do not know who has worked with whom.

So when something like this happens performers begin to get worried, and rightly so. It starts to fuel rampant speculation and mass hysteria, which makes matters worse.

There are legal ways to re-assign rights, you do it every time you go to a doctor.  AIM should have seen this coming and had a plan. What happened is that this opened the door and rolled out the red carpet for AHF and you can bet your ASS they have a plan.

In an honest world anytime someone tests positive they would come forward and prevent all of this from coming down.  personally I hope he is clean and healthy personally I would hope this never happened to anyone, I don’t take pleasure in it, quite the contrary.

But it also alarms me when the mass hysteria starts saying that 20 people have tested positive and the names are flying around all over the place.

do I know that he is now widely believed to be patient Zero…yes I have too many tips with specific info  and most importantly from people in a position to know.  Do I know that he IS patient Zero? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I do believe that performers have every right to know if they have been exposed and the only way to do that is for “patient zero” to be named.  I’m not on a witch hunt here.

All he has to do is issue a statement one way or the other.

I would like to appeal to patient zero, whomever they may be to come forward, do the right thing so performers don’t have to worry. You have a responsibility to this industry to help protect the health of your fellow performers, exercise it, you won’t be maligned for it you will be applauded…ask John Stagliano.

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Why It Matters

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  1. I completely agree that a performer who has tested positive for AIDS should make a public statement, or at least personally contact everyone they know they have worked with (and laid in their private life, obviously.) The easiest way to do that with performers is to contact the director/producer/PM.

    While I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist – isn’t the timing on this news a little to convenient for comfort, considering that the next Cal/OSHA meeting on condom regulations is in 13 days? I don’t mean someone contracted HIV on purpose, but could there be some other way this could have been “timed”?

  2. if everyone is hidden then what’s the point of aim? It should be you sign a waiver you get an aim test and your positive its public info.Think about the mom pops they could shoot for and wouldnt have a clue about this. its scary.

  3. Your suggestion that there is any kind of consiracy, or there was any ‘timing’ involved in this deserves to be laughed right off this board.

    Please give us any clue how this could have been ‘timed.’

    Thisis they type of CRAP Mike was talking about mass hysteria.

    give us a break

  4. Milton – did you know that if someone actually has HIV and is taking the “cocktail”, that they can pass with a false negative on either the Elisa or PCR DNA test?That fact has been openly agreed upon by AIM and every other AIDS/HIV organization that I know of, including AHF.

    I am not saying that there IS any :conspiracy: , just that I am not a huge believer in Coincidence, and this is very, very coincidental considering the timing. It most likely it is a coincidence, but talk about this happening at the very time when this industry least needed it to happen.

  5. B&B ,
    DID you know that every single time you take an hiv test you sign a ‘consent to test for hiv’ forum, that asks ,under openalty of perjury,,,”Have you ever tested positive for, or been diagnosed with HIV?

    You sound like a third grader….”I’m not sying theres a conspiracy, but……”

    Exactly when sould be a GOOD time for this to happen. Why not have this hapen before the FIRST OSHA meeting? Whynot have it happen on the second full moon of the month?

    “ITS most likely a coincidence”…..Are you related to Jeremiah Steel by any chance?

    What if it had happend the day AFTER the hearing,,,would that be too coincidental for you too,,,,,,

    What if it happend again on April 14,,would that be too much of a coincidence too?

    What if it happend on the exoact same day that magic johnson made his famous speech,,would that be a coincidence.

    It happend when it happend becuase this performer whent out and got ing=fected with HIV in the very recent past,,,probably withing 20 to 40 days,,,,oh yeah,,,he waited until 13 days before the next osha hearing toget tested,,,what perfect timing.

    YOURE being a too B&B,,an ignorant one at that.

  6. As in the past, AIM removes the names and information of patient zero and any quarantined performers.
    Jenner and Billy Glide are no longer in the database.

  7. When talking about HIV detection, you need to understand the difference between HIV-RNA and HIV-antibodies. PCR tests for small amounts of viral RNA (part of the stuff that makes you sick) as opposed to EIA/ELISA which looks for your body’s response to the HIV infection (antibodies).

    False negatives do occur, but they are rare. Some stats. A person with undetectable viral load (ie. due to HAART) would likely still have antibodies from their initial infection.

    Intentionally infecting people is probably criminal matter in the US (I’m not a lawyer nor an American).

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