Who Is Into Child Pornography?

Ya know this shit makes me ill. JUST today….thats one single day. The following happened:

A Preacher in TX is arrested with child pornography

A teacher in NJ pleads guilty to possessing child pornography

A Teacher in MN is senteced to 5 life sentences for lasciviously photographing young boys

A lawyer steps down for letting his client spend too much time looking at evidence in a child-pornography case

A City School District crossing guard and auxiliary policeman admitted that he received and downloaded child pornography from the Internet between 2005 and February of this year.

30-year old Robert Huntsman arrested on accusations of Child Pornography possession. (His occupation wasn”t noted)

An ex trooper requests reduced child pornography charges

Thats just in one day people, and you know what the justice department is doing in the name of fighting child pornography? Looking at our records…. HELLO!!! REAL child pornographer dont keep fucking records.

And look at who these predators are; Cops, teachers, clergy all people your children are encouraged to trust, people with access to children. Does anyone really think that if say Rob Black or Max approached a child that child would trust them? I’m not saying either one would because I know they wouldn’t but you get the drift here. If the government wants to stop child pornography they need to stop looking where it ain’t and start looking where it IS.

That’s the way I see it.

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Who Is Into Child Pornography?

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2 Responses

  1. It’s also a shame that the very sites where you can download any new release DVD you want – XXX or mainstream – are also full of child pornography. Pay attention to the most searched words or the most tagged words. Words like ‘pre-teen’ and ‘rape’ and ‘incest’ are ALWAYS in the top of the search lists.
    That’s just as an important reason, along with piracy, to get rid of those torrent sites.

  2. They are all shitbirds. A place in south Alabama and Georgia a local police Sgt was molesting his step kids.I talked to this guy one time. You’d never know it……

    Charlie Daniels once said,
    “As far as I’m concerned there ain’t no excuse
    For the raping and the killing and the child abuse
    And I’ve got a way to put and end to all that mess
    You just take those rascals out in the swamp
    Put them on their knees and tie em to a stump
    And let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest”


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