When Yer On The Top

It’s weird, well not really I guess but it still surprises me how the lesser site just can’t stop talking about me, taking shots, misconstruing things I say and flat out obfuscating. But in the end it doesn’t bother me, just keeps my name on top o the heap and after all without me they wouldn’t have anything to write about.

A few people did get the wrong idea about the Sofia Delgado post, personally I got no problems with escorting what I have a problem with is unsafe practices by porn people OR escorts, responsible escorts I know would never see a client without a condom.  We might want to reconsider shooting a girl advertising 55 dollar sessions on backpage though…

Stay tuned…I have some good stories coming, and a new addition to MikeSouth.com

Have a great weekend y’all

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When Yer On The Top

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  1. The escorting thing definitely increases risk both on low price escorting and high end escorting. The low end escorting probably includes condom use but there is a higher volume of clients which increases risk. With the higher end escorting there is a LOT of barebacking going on and I call BS on anyone who says everyone is getting tested for that. I had a guy tell me once that he was spending 5-8K to do overnites with some big name pornstars and “he wasn’t using a fucking rubber spending that much money”.

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