What The Hell Is Wrong With You People

What the hell is wrong with you people?  Thats what Mark Kernes wrote yesterday in his whining screed where he begs for money for the FSC.  To hear Kernes tell it Diane Duke is woefully underpaid and michael Weinstein is overpaid. He went on about how Weinstein makes 400K a year but he didn’t say that Diane makes 160K  not counting travel and benefits.

Truth is half of every dollar that The FSC takes in goes to pay Diane Duke.  If Weinstein got half of every dollar AHF brings in he’d be making tens of millions.

Matter of fact if the fsc had a brain theyd have fired that good for nothing money sink Diane Duke ages ago and hired someone more like Weinstein, someone who understands how to raise moeny without stealing.

And consider this, Weinstein is a LOT more effective at what he does than Diane is.  If The FSC wised up and fired Diane tomorrow the best job she could hope for would be in fast food.

It’s also interesting that Kernes calls himself a journalist, he is anything but.  he breaks one of the most fundamental rules of ethical journalism on an almost daily basis.  He writes advocating for The FSC without disclosing that he is on the board.  But what do you expect from AVN?

But Kernes and I agree on one thing..What the hell is wrong with you people?   Why do you keep pouring money into this theiving organization?  The FSC should have had a fork stuck in it ages ago.

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You People

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  1. What happen to all that money that LATATA kicks for escorting and hooking gigs towards the FSC?
    May be they need to pay that fat ass in Texas and Michael Whiteacre more money for their stalking and hacking devices and Ipads to harass the former talent that being paid by AHF for testifying in the upcoming hearings. Ari is wearing out his strap-on with Christina and probably needs a replacement that is more expensive and longer lasting. Maybe the need to find a Repub. like Tim Donnally or other to
    pay off to defeat the bill? Everybody is a scam artist in the porn industry and nobody takes it seriously and gives a fuck anymore.

    Maybe they need to buy some better dope to smoke and just sit back and be assholes and cocksuckers and say were all done. We can’t shoot with condoms and we don’t give a flying fuck about the talent anymore. Maybe……

  2. Maybe they are trying to make money for FatBoy Kernes to
    kick his ignoarant ass to the curb by “scamming” like some have
    been doing lately. Mike Fattorsi thinks AHF needs to stay
    in the treating people with HIV and stop bullying? WTF?

  3. Guidestar.org,,,,,a free site that shows non profit organization 1099 filings. AIM, FSC< AHF, Pink Cross, they are all there, free to the public.

    The FSC raises a grand total of just around half a million per year, of which DDuke gets around 150-165,000 per year in salary alone, plus paid travel expenses,insurance,paid office space,per diem while traveling, which ends up being about 1/3,(not 1/2 as Mike said) of all the money given to FSC.
    Funny how the trade organization of a MULTI BILLION(lol) dollar industry can only raise half a million to fight a battle that they contend will completely ruin an entire industry.

    Ethics in the word of porn journalism is hard to come by. In the past I have spoken of Kernes not identifying himself as a member of an organization when he writes about the FSC, a violation of the most basic standards of ethics for anyone who even pretends to be a journalist. And to be fair, though Mike South has never claimed to a journalist, this blog too has had its share of ethical lapses.
    I have included a link below regarding journalistic ethics, i would suggest that Mark Kernes, and the editorial boards of AVN and XBIZ read it.http://ethics.npr.org/. (I have seen Mark Kernes reference NPR in the past in a favorable manner, perhaps he could learn a little from this article.)

    PS. Rob Black has an excellent article about this same subject today. Credit where credit is due,

  4. Maybe mark Kernes can do some research and write an article about HIV EXPOSURE(not transmission) in the adult industry.
    How many gay industry performers are EXPOSED to hiv on a regular basis.
    How many performers were on Patient Zetas quarantine list in 2009. How many performers were on Cameron Bays quarantine list, Rod Dailys list, Derrid Burts list, Sophia Delgado, TJ Cummings etc? All of the performers on the qlists were EXPOSED in the workplace. Testing did NOT prevent them from being exposed, and testing had nothing to do with them NOT becoming infected. These were early detections, when the virus is MOST contagious, and it was nothing but sheer luck that none of the qlist performers were infected. Relying on a Harm Reduction program, and sheer luck is hardly a health policy.
    PS. The Derrick Burs qlist had 8 first generation contacts, and17 second gen. I cant wait for a senate committee member to ask which ever industry rep makes the “no transmission” statement at the next hearing how many performers have been directly EXPOSED on set? A small estimate would be about 30(first generation)

  5. *sigh* I’ll never understand the theory that AHF should just go back to treating HIV patients…

    One of, if not the most, crucial parts of AHF is to help prevent the spreading of HIV.

    It’s like the National Lung Assoc. Treating lung cancer patients while making sure to stay away from that whole “How to quit smoking” campaign. Wtf?

  6. “I cant wait for a senate committee member to ask which ever industry rep makes the “no transmission”

    You have no life.

  7. Wow! Read Kernes 1200 word rant a couple times …he’s really pissed and that’s no joke. Does he literally spout steam when he’s this hot?

    LMAO about how Kernes and other FSC barkers use the 990 AHF files in exchange for preferential tax status…have they ever looked at the dream sheets FSC files?

    No clue what Duke is making but I do know FSC is playing with fire…up till now AHF has been content to chase after STI regulations and ignoring FSC 990. During Dukes tenure there are numerous losses for theft and bad debt reported. On top of that they are playing games attributing her contracted 150k salary to fundraising and telling the IRS that they lose money on their fundraising efforts.

    The forms I saw had the questions about loans and director/trustee deals obscured which is very curious since that site doesn’t obscure those questions on other NPO forms. Since I’m not wasting any cash on FSC and they aren’t a government agency I have no interest in filing a FOIA but it prolly is to too smart to keep pushing a fellow NPO using 990 if having the tables turned could put your ass into the criminal investigative area of IRS…might want to talk to Berg at the Kabbalah center to find out how much of a headache that is.

  8. @Lacey

    Isn’t it amazing how AHF and ALA both include revenue/expense info for their related programs and services while FSC dumps everything into membership income and reports losses for fundraising…neat trick huh?

  9. @jilted

    Aww ya done it now…got the equality grey matter spinning 😉

  10. The FSC has no war chest money to put up a fight in Sacramento
    on June 25th and non of the major performer’s are really giving a
    crap anyways to go up their. Mark Kernes is eating up all the profits.
    Maybe Michael Whiteacre is going to have to bribe some Nevada Politicians to take some money to change the laws for prostitution and
    porn productions in Clark County. Other than that it sounds like a
    real porn scam.

  11. Diane Duke dressed her son as a giant sperm in a parade in the year 2000 to promote condom usage when she ran a Planned Parenthood center in Eugene, Oregon – seriously.
    Some people just will do anything for money – you don’t have to spread your legs to be defined as a whore. Do a little research to check out who her son grew up to become. It’s interesting.

  12. Look! Its Monica Foster coming out of hiding.
    It must have been the wine.

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