What Makes A Good Strip Club


You tell me….here’s what I wanna know.

What makes a good strip club and what makes a bad one.  Tell me your gender and your age and what you like/hate about strip clubs.  There’s no right or wrong answers I just need to get an idea of what yall think.  You can comment here or email me privately.  I don’t collect email addys or anything and you won’t be spammed or ridiculed.


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What Makes A Good Strip Club

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  1. Happy strippers that aren’t stressed (at least not stressed due to the actual “job”).

    As an ex dancer from 2002 to around 2006 I enjoyed most working in clubs with a low to medium tip-out.

    A friendly DJ who really hypes you up on stage and motivates you is great – make sure he’s aware of what the customers want to listen to.

    Forget the drink specials but encourage the dance / VIP room specials – the goal is always to get the guy into the VIP/champaign room.

    Have a nice management staff that is firm, yet friendly and understanding to the “silly” problems of the girls, because to the girls the problems aren’t always so silly – as a strip club manager you’re more of a counselor than anything.

    I always liked clubs that had “house dollars” or “funny money” too, cause if a guy trades in his real dollars for a ton of funny money, but doesn’t spend it all, he’s bound to come back to spend the rest.

    I think a great idea for strip clubs today, would be to have a website featuring all the regular house dancers (the ones who actually make it to work regularly) and attach the site to a webcam portal/network. Maybe lease out a laptop/webcam kit to the girls for a nominal fee to utilize on their off days or to make extra money. Have the girls pass out club business cards with the site address and their screen name. The club could get a cut, and the girl could too.

    Take care – big mouth overly idealistic conspiracy theorist Monica.

  2. Oh and one more thing, tell the entertainers not to LOOK like “strippers”. The more that the woman looks like a SLIGHTLY glammed up everyday girl (girl next door) the more money she makes (and the more comfortable the customer is).

  3. I have such incredible memories of a club in Montreal I visited years ago. First of all, every woman was gorgeous. Not slutty, simply gorgeous, classy and very very hot. The club was very very clean and beautiful. The dance floor was so clean it was reflective, it gave you incredible views of the feature dancer. The club had a plush feeling and fresh. It didn’t feel scummy like you were afraid to touch anything. We blew a fortune that night (at least a fortune to a young 23 year-old guy on his first real serious business trip. I had numerous private dances and we blew out the champagne room. The two sales guys who hosted me were pros, they knew the club the girls, everyone. They were obviously told to make sure I had a good time and I did.

    One thing that really stuck out to me was the girls themselves. When they were dancing for me, I felt like there was only me with them. It was perfect. The level of eye contact, the methodical level of seduction, they were breathtaking. Other clubs I have gone to, the women have this almost glassy cold distance and when they try to connect it feels so incredibly pushed. A forced connection is a true turn off.

    My recommendation, go to Montreal and see how it is done oh so right.

  4. A good strip club one go in to find bunch pretty woman ever where I look. Bad strip club one where stripers are tell me there issues how much hate working at strip club where there at. A good strip club one where striper are not beg custmers for lap dances. A bad strip club one where ever girl in strip club begs all guy round her for lap dance. A good strip club one clean that do not have be wearing useing hazmate suite have lap dance. I agree with ever one above about what makes great strip club.

  5. 1. Happy Strippers- Seriously. I’ve been to and worked at clubs with beautiful girls, but thought it was an awful club because of how miserable the girls were, on and off stage.

    There’s lots of ways to encourage girls to be happy. Everyone knows money makes strippers pretty happy, but there are other ways to encourage great attitudes as well. At my favorite club that I worked at the management used to bring two bottles of champagne (depended on how many girls were on a shift) to the dressing room with a red rose every night, and a note that said “thank you”. That same club also used to have events that were offsite, and special for the girls. Like a day at the races. Or a christmas party where we all got a bathrobe with our stage name on it. Another club had a tanning bed in the dressing room. And in Florida, on Saturday nights they would have live bongo drummers on stage, which made everything seem like one big fun party.

  6. January, that strip club you describe sounds like a great place to work. I don’t know about mixing alcohol and stripping (unfortunately a small minority of strippers probably have alcohol and drug issues which could cause problems later in the night) but everything else sounds like good business sense. Unfortunately no one wants to see a somewhat ugly man strip, so that career option is unavailable to me (although I am definitely big enough to be a bouncer, in school many years ago even the linebacker from my school’s football team said that he would not mess with me).

    Also, if you ever strip again, please let us know when and where. It may earn you some monetary tips.

  7. IMHO, the place should be clean, especially the bathrooms. Broken plumbing and dirty sinks are a bad sign (would I touch my dick after using your facilities???). Waitresses should smile for selling drinks with a premium markup. Entertainers should focus their attention on their immediate customer instead of their watches, kids at the babysitter’s, how long the song is, the next customer, etc.
    The staff (bouncers, bartender, etc.) should be respectful of their customers (employers!), especially if the customers have respect for them.
    I haven’t been to a club in many years because I have not seen what I like to think of as appreciation of the customer by either the staff or talent. If I spend my money on you, it is because I had an enjoyable time.

  8. i just came from a club and this isnt the first time its happened, i got a lap dance from a nice looking dancer but once she stuck her behind close to my face i caught a wiff of something that shouldnt be smelled out of a bathroom, ladies if youre gonna use the facilities clean up real well ’cause i dont wanna smell that ever again. also as others have mentioned, have a good dj that hypes up the place, i dont wanna just hear “(random dancer) checks out” or “(random dancer) to the dj booth”, im there to be entertained so hype up the room. music, god damn if music isn’t always an issue. today at the club a dancer actually danced to “foster the people- pumped up kicks” really?, youre gonna try to dance on stage to that damn song? either pick something sexy and slow to dance to or something with a good beat that you can move to onstage, but dont dance to random emo music, your bummin us out! also wardrobe, ladies you have to take care of your appearance, your selling a product and that product is sexy, good looking ladies, dont just wear random g-strings you got out of the bargain bin, try to get stuff that fits your body and makes you look good, today i saw a dancer dance with a loose fitting long sleeve, kind of see through (but in the damn dark as hell house lights i couldnt see through anything!), shirt thing, WTF?! im supposed to stare at you dance with that on and through dollars onstage, no way. get sexy clothes ladies, its an investment in your product, yourself. and lastly, bouncers stop being corrupt, dont let some dancer get away with murder just cause she slipped you an extra 20 in your end of the night “tip”, i go to the club for a good time im not trying to hear about the dancer thats blowing dudes in the champagne room, its a strip club not a brothel and also it drives away the nice looking dancers cause if one dancer is doing special favors these assholes think every dancer is doing it and some of them just leave after being constantly solicited, and thats ruined many of my nights cause i go in to the club for a dance with my regulars but then i see that they are gone and that just kills it. and yeah, no cell phones on the floor, my ex girlfriend used to text and be on the phone while i was talking to her too i dont need the girls ima pay 20 bux for a dance doing that too.

  9. Oh…and one last thing that is, in this day and age rare, NO TATTOOS! Why these women put pictures on their bodies they wouldn’t be caught dead hanging on their walls is beyond me. Want to express yourself? Do it with the dancing and your performance, not a scummy tramp stamp or other cliche. A woman who has ANY major visible tattoo is a turn off, period.

  10. No excessive body piercing pretty bad see pretty striper drop her panty off she has so much crap hang off her pussy that pay for her pull her panty up not see it. Even pierced nipples get out hand if girl wear ring so huge it should hang out bulls noise.

  11. personally strip clubs need to step it up a bit… some of the ones i’ve been to get one visit if they can’t remove the rap music and ghetto culture from the experience. when i hit a club i like to hear good music… classic rock, some country, 80’s metal and hard rock fit the club the best. girls need to be given pre-determined playlists to choose from… some the girls pay the dj to play some of the most horrible music. bad music will send your customers out the door club owners. it’s a big issue with guys who don’t want to hear rap music while enjoying the evening. even too much techno and dance music can get on your nerves. maybe there should be a way developed to determine what songs a specific club should allow. piercings and tattoo’s are another issue. many girls these days are getting tattoos or have them. many sadly do not look good. many have the ‘tramp stamp’ when they walk in for the job. sadly many tattoos i’ve seen on females are not pretty or applied properly. nothing like seeing a totally hot babe on stage with everything in it’s place and she has ruined herself with an ugly tattoo. piercings are to be kept to a minimum or should be. belly and nipple piercings are ok, sexy and look nice if done right. face piercings need to be out. classy is the idea ladies.

    i like a club that is not over bearing on the dress code. many that are higher in price do this… i understand they want to keep the place looking nice and all but if it’s a higher caliber joint the thug mentality won’t come there in the first place. girls need to be nice, i’ve seen some really bad behavior in this area. dancers getting so drunk they change personality and being rude if a guy says no is out as well. ladies, not every guy you speak to will think you are his type.

    last thing is parking. many clubs have issues with this area. i don’t want to come out to my car to find it broken into or damaged. valet is fine if they offer that but many clubs do not so not having ample parking or safe parking is hurting your business…

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