What I Would Like To See in 2015

I was asked this and me being me I just felt it isn’t fair to give nebulous answers  anyone can say I would like our industry to be taken seriously or I would Like to see HIV disappear in the industry or I would like to see talent treated fairly or I would like to see the STD rate drop below the norm.

The problem is we would all like to see these things but nobody seems inclined to take any measures to make them happen.

Lets Start With as odd as it may sound I’d like to see them be successful at what they were chartered for, the pursuance and battle for free speech.  The first thing that needs to be done of course is to clean house.  Corruption comes from the top down and when you have the top two people cheating with each other on their spouse how is it you think they could be honest with you? The FSC must divest themselves of scams like slate mailers.  they must get out of the testing business, it is a direct conflict of interest to their stated purpose (originally).  There are good honest people who have had or currently have positions in. People like Corey Silverstein and Dave Cummings. Sadly The FSC has installed a board of “Yes men” who would never allow any progressive change to happen. This has to change.

APAC is an organization that started with a great deal of hope, of the original founders at least a few of them had the right idea. Sadly propped them up in exchange for apparently letting the FSC call the shots.  now instead of things that might be helpful to talent, like insurance, the freedom of choice to wear a condom or not, standing together to support a fellow performer who was screwed over by an agent or a producer they have meetings where they tell you how to tell your parents and friends you fuck for a living…SMH.  So sad.

On the positive side LATATA may have some faults but it is a good move, an organization to protect the interests of legitimate agents and to small degree talent IS a positive step, one that others in this industry should look at following, particularly APAC.

I have often said that we would have gotten much further working The Pink Cross and others than we ever have by digging in our heels.  I’m afraid now that those bridges are burned, there may be some hope if The industry got out of this fight and the industry put together a real board of health professionals to oversee things and to work with CalOSHA and AHF. The data that this industry COULD provide to health organizations and pharmaceutical companies is invaluable and could provide us with a war chest that would far exceed what we raise with “bowling”

Somewhere within this industry we need just one company with just one director that has the vision and the ability to create a good story and bring it to life, preferably to a cable TV audience.  Enough with the uninspired “parodies”. Isn’t there anyone here in porn with the ability to make a real movie?

We should take care of our own.  Instead of dumping our problems on AHF or Medicaid we should have an organization that oversees the care and treatment of our own, they could and should work hand in hand with the real board of health care professionals.  Maybe Evil Angel’s annual payments to The FSC would be far better directed towards this end.

In the end my friends suggest that I expect too much from the people in porn, that they are simply incapable of both the cooperation and the innovation that this would require. I wish they would be proven wrong.


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What I Would Like To See in 2015

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  1. Say it aint so. Dianne Duke, and Peter Ackworth and Steve Hirsch have all been telling us that Nevada is waiting for the industry with open arms. Didnt Dianne even say that Nevada was courting the industry and encouraging them to move there? Hasnt Fatboy Kernes been telling us for a few years now how other states will welcome the industry. Well what do ya know, the were all wrong, as usual. Sometimes the ‘big lie’ technique just doesnt always worrk out the way you hoped, now aint that right Dianne? Now, where’s my money, and where are the AIM records?(and no ‘big lie’ is going to get you out of this mess, answers coming in 2015, whether you like it or not)

  2. The question now is how does Dianne sell the message,,,This was a gay porn shoot, so that doesnt count, they dont use our so called protocols.
    As much as AHF tried to avoid it, they are now going to use the GAY industry HIV rates as the example of why condoms are needed. THey hoped to gain enough momentum just going after the straight industry, but they know now that the industry cant argue about the rate of HIV in the gay industry. And no laws now, or in the future will ever segregate the straights from the gays.

    Dianne, does the FSC also represent the gay porn industry, and where has the gayporn industry as a whole been regarding the condom issue?

  3. The people in this industry lie SO much they are starting to believe their own bullshit! Well, wake up to reality, losers! WRONG AGAIN! HAHA!!

    This is GREAT news to start 2015 off with, huh? LOL!!!

  4. and of course Petey Acworth was laughing, taunting and thumbing his middle finger up at Weinstein and Hall.. the jokes on YOU, Petey… look who’s laughing now! LOL!

  5. I can’t wait to see all the industry puppets and all around dumb talent put their spin on this one…
    James Deen, any comment? LOL!!

  6. And look very closely at Diannes statements about this, Notice how she never mentons that the gay idustry has never participed in the testing program. She says this was a non compliant shoot, when in reality virtually every gay shoot is non compliant, isnt that right Dianne.
    Bye Bye Vegas,,,lets try Phoenix.
    But of course everyone knows that all of this was set up with the AHF using some friends in the gay porn community who want comdon legislation passed, aint that right Dianne?

  7. nobody wants this industry in their state. I remember when measure b passed and some people in the industry decided they would film in another section of California (I forget which one) anyone the public COMPLAINED about it and either the mayor or governor or something passed the condom bill their so the industry would go away! LOL

  8. And this was in California. Lol
    The public doesn’t even want them filming in different sections of California let alone a different state.. FACT…

    The people in this industry live in the land of delusions!

    And if you can actually find a state that will welcome you with open arms ..YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FOLLOW THE HEALTH AND SAFETY LAWS… WEAR CONDOMS!

  9. And performers? no matter what anyone tells you .. or whatever spin people want to put on it… the FACT is … It IS illegal to film porn in every state in the country except California and New Hampshire.

    yeah you guys film in other states… but the only reason you get away with it is because you are staying quiet/ shooting under the radar… not because you are being welcomed with open arms. lol

    There are NO laws to protect you in these other states.. NONE.. so you CAN be arrested for pandering and prostitution if enough people in the public or whoever starts complaining about ya’s .. at the very least you have to constantly live in fear of maybe being arrested… just because no one is enforcing the law yet doesn’t mean they won’t eventually….. ask a lawyer…

    So again you can run but you can’t hide from the LAW.. be it condoms or fines or jail( go ask rob black).. 🙂

    This has been a public service announcement brought to you by common sense…

  10. and the producers know this! … I believe Axel Braun was one producer who admitted this FACT to be TRUE!

  11. Ooops….well documented case of on-set transmission trumps all the crap the industry spewed to try and defeat AB1576 and outs their gay testing discrimination.

    This is definitely fucking with ‘no onset transmissions for ten years NATIONWIDE’

  12. less 45 to 60 minutes long boring sex scenes and back into the 7-10 minutes format with 6 -8 scenes per movie

  13. Alain
    I agree with you 100 percent. And they give pat on the back awards for those scenes and films. LOL.
    Good luck with that bullshit lawsuit Mike.
    Sounds like inmidation from good ole Cindispiegler and
    she’s been trying with her 3 man porn boy goon squad.

  14. I wonder how many will move back to California if they push the condom law in Nevada.

  15. I wonder how many will move back to California if they push the condom law in Nevada?

  16. Can I ask what it means when you say “real movie”? I feel like if you polled all porn watchers most want good sex scenes, a “real movie” is not most watchers main want. If I wanted to see some good acting and a cool plot I’d watch a film, you know those things where that’s their total goal? Why make porn do that plus make good sex scenes with much less budget? Just be good at the thing you are specializing in which is sex scenes. I get this isn’t everyone, some people do want to watch it like a movie, but I would be genuinely shocked if that isn’t the minority of viewers.

  17. Sure a real movie tells a story with moving pictures and a story has 3 components a begining, a middle and an end. there are at least two plot points, they happen between the beginning and the middle and the middle and the end, they are also called turning points.

    The characters who make up the story in movies and in writing have to take on real characteristics so that we may identify with them, these are called character arcs and often they the developed via sub plots. Have you ever been watching a movie or reading a book and thought “thats a bad idea” or “you really dont want to do ythat” thats the character arc the character is making a decision and by design that decision is to make you identify with the character. When its all done properly you have not only a real movie but a good one.

    Porn these days is little more than poorly crafted voyeuristic documentaries on one end and the movie making equivalent of using tracing paper to draw a superhero character.

    There was a time in this biz when we had writers, directors and performers who were schooled in film, writing and acting, it was a craft and it was used to tell stories that had sex. Often they were forgettable (not as much so as what we have today) but sometimes they were exceedingly good, like “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” or “The Devil in Miss Jones” exploring social mores that were somewhat beyond the reach of mainstream cinema.

    By all rights The movie 9 1/2 Weeks should have been thought of and done by the adult industry….OK off tha soapbox but you get the idea.

  18. Can you offer any evidence that that is what the majority of viewers want? Most people want a good sex scene, like just that, that’s the majority of viewers of porn. You and some of your commenters often give off a ‘back in my day’ sorta rhetoric when talking about these things. Things shift for usually pretty good reasons. The 2 movies you cited are 40 years old dude, that should tell you something. Just the basic premise of what you want, a feature, is just in itself the vast minority of porn. Again it seems odd to want these performers to be good at so many things. Focus on producing good sex scenes and make that a good product. Instead you are wanting people to come to porn for the acting and storytelling as well. The likely outcome there is sub-par performances in all those categories. I don’t hold mainstream up as a beacon of how to have sex on camera and vice versa. Even like really solid porn acting is fairly stilted. Fuck if I will ever pick out a porn based on the fucking ‘character arc’ lol. Watch The Wire for your damn character arc’s lol. I would love to see any evidence that my opinion here isn’t the vast majority of overall viewers. Sorry dude, you are a dying breed I think.

  19. @erik

    “Watch The Wire for your damn character arc’s lol.”

    I would like to see a scene with Bubbles on the orange couch offering heroin to hood rats for sex. If a parody of The Wire was done correctly it could be hot and quite dirty or disturbing. I’m leaning towards disturbing. Finding porn girls to appear strung-out on camera may be easy to do. I’d buy that.

    As you’ve stated porn acting is quite atrocious at times. However, porn with a story is more likely to sell. Nothing says “romantic evening” more than logging into a porn site with your partner and watching free pixelated junk that is just sex scenes. Women absolutely love that. They won’t think their guy is a loser at all if he presents them with that.

    When it comes to the log-in, jerk off, log-out content then porn without a plot is most-definitely the way to go. That’s not selling now. Why bother making that? How many people actually click that link with the secret tip to make women fall for them? Maybe a few at first, but they wise up to it and accept that they are a loser. Same with the bigger dick adverts. With so much email spam over the years people have accepted that they have a 4-incher. (Even some on here) BeaMonstar doesn’t even pay for TV spots for Enzyte anymore. I’m waiting for porn to start using banner ads that help people refinance their home loans.

    If a company (either in existence now or a new one) figures out a way to shoot a movie with an enthralling story with good acting and hot sex then maybe money could be made.

    The problem with that is finding pretty hookers that are really good at acting. If they are really good at acting and are pretty then they probably wouldn’t be hookers. Sad, but true. It is like saying “We need you to be really talented, but also somewhat suck (literally and figuratively) at the same time.”

    Porn with story can sell. Those who buy it just won’t be “old-timers”. Can it sell with the people that are currently making porn? Probably not. Some of them may have the ability to do it, but they are too busy correlating their product with something else that is already famous in an attempt to sell it.

    Those Japanese porno cartoons contain a lot of story and are only about 30 minutes long on a disc. People buy all 6 discs at about 20-30 bucks a pop depending on content. One of those companies just bought out Elegant Angel a year or so ago.

  20. I think you are actually fairly wrong and I’d like to see any evidence otherwise. Maybe DVD’s of no plot aren’t selling, but DVD is not where any viewable entertainment will be measured in the near future. I think sites actually pull in a probably fairly decent money and sites aren’t usually ‘real movie’ porn. All the Gonzo studios have pay for sites. You seem to be narrowing down to ‘couples viewing’ for some unknown reason. You’ve for some reason put porn in 2 categories ‘romantic couples’ or ‘free sites’, but that isn’t a good or accurate picture. You jumped from ‘watching with a GF’ to ‘sites just making money off adverts’ like there was nothing in between and it flaws your whole argument in my view. So, basically I agree with you that DVD’s are where ‘story porn/’real movie’ porn’ will sell and fairly well and be a more likely choice for couples. That isn’t the majority of the consumer base though and I feel like you left out many options. I will believe until shown otherwise that most porn viewers aren’t really there for an engaging story line.

    I don’t know what it really has to do with this debate, but Elegant has been dying since that sale, if that is when Mason and William left.

  21. @erik

    “Couples-viewing” is the way to make money since anything that connects to the internet will provide people with free rub-out content. The gonzo sites have paysites and all of their content is elsewhere for free. I wouldn’t consider that a secure source of income as a result.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those pay sites eventually just offered it for free and sold adverts. It isn’t even worth putting those on DVD and why charge people when they are just going to watch it for free? It would make more sense to get a real job.

    A company known for making non-jerkoff material buys a company that made really nothing but that. Dying or not, a company with plots buys out one that didn’t have plots.

  22. “A company known for making non-jerkoff material buys a company that made really nothing but that. Dying or not, a company with plots buys out one that didn’t have plots.”

    What? How are you determining that was a factor? You’re correlating random differences in company to the sale. A dishwasher maker buying a microwave maker doesn’t equal dishwashers do better than microwaves in sales. It means a company made a good offer and a sale was wanted. You haven’t shown correlation with that observation at all really. You still haven’t shown any stat to go with the idea that ‘couples-viewing’ is the only way to make money. And they do put out Gonzo DVD’s from those studios, they just have multiple formats to purchase. DVD isn’t like the way of the future.

  23. True.
    And I had no idea some studios still release DVDs? They can’t be selling many of those.

  24. The truth is pretty ugly, somewhere along the line the porn world stopped making movies and started to just record people fucking, plain and simple. I can remember many porn movies from my younger days that were THIN on plot, but at least the movie had a beginning, middle, and end, and those things were hung together to give the various characters a reason to fuck. Now it’s mostly individual scenes on a theme, with little thought given to actually producing a work. Performers don’t generally play a character anymore, they just fuck.

    I personally blame compilation videos and the web for this. Compiling 100 facial scenes and putting them on a single video strips away all of the story, and just gets down to porn, plain and simple. Websites do the same, removing the concept of story and instead linking together unrelated scenes with a common theme (big tits, schoolgirls, Asian, anal, whatever…). We have in the end succeeded in teaching people NOT to watch the whole video, but instead to fast forward to the “good” parts. So then companies just make the “good” parts, and package it as porn. Poof, no more story, no more acting, no more setup, just fucking.

    “ya do it to yourself, you do… you and no one else…” the industry theme song!

  25. hmmm… this is interesting! Lorelei Lee, who is a member of APAC, agrees with Diane Duke, the CEO, FSC on ALL the issues.

    Gee, I wonder why that is? and could there possibly be a connection between APAC, an organization that was formed to protect performers rights to a safer and more professional work environment, (LOL!) and FSC? hmmm.. 😉

  26. All I want to see is girls on girls.
    Straight boy girl sex has gotten to gayed out.
    Ain’t into guys! Its about FEMALES!!

  27. Why does it need a plot? Porn has it’s niche, it’s sex. Plot exists in almost every other form of entertainment, there’s no shortage. Porn’s niche is sex, not every other entertainment has that. I don’t understand how that’s “sad”. You genuinely sound like someone saying ‘back in my day’ and thinking that equals better. A reason to fuck? What? It feels good, biological reasons, they find each other attractive lol. That’s hilarious, ‘these people in porn can’t just have some sex, of course not, blasphemy’.

  28. @erik2690

    At the risk of my experience coming off as dated and possibly even sounding “like someone saying ‘back in my day’” and hope to convey in no way whatsoever that I’m “thinking that equals better.”

    Yes porn’s niche is sex in the entertainment world of media.

    Too much content today is the equivalent of booth viewing material and too little is intended to stimulate meaningful sexual interaction between two (or more if that’s you’re thing) individuals.

    As a young couple it was frustrating as hell to trek 45 minutes to a theater showing porn as it was banned in drive-ins and many counties banned it on the big screen…even more frustrating to try and make it home without finding a no-tell or pulling off to the side of the road afterwards. Obviously in home viewing is better

    Be Kind – Rewind was a pain in the ass and hiding VHS tapes from kids was much less thrilling than long drives home.

    DVD’s solved Be Kind – Rewind but we started seeing much more of what amounts to booth loops than foreplay or spice things up ideas.

    Content today isn’t even worth hard drive space for consumers who used to dedicate entire closets to their collections.

    It’s safe to say folks are still having and watching sex but it’s become geared towards jerk off material overlooking what old timers know best…the end of the ride is only as good as what comes before.

    When your body or life interferes with jerking off ten times a day this might make sense.

  29. Unfortunately it does come off as all those things. You promote your perspective of porn being all about couples watching (it isn’t) and then anyone who disagrees is shot down as basement dwellers jerking it 10 times a day. “overlooking what old timers know best” is hardly a porn thing, that’s the cyclical nature of most things.

  30. and i would add to LR if all you want to watch is people fuck theres a PLETHORA of that available if you want to watch something that gets you emotionally involved in the characters…theres zip

  31. The porn industry has argued the free speech thing for years. But recently the court ruled that the message that porn may be trying to send, with no condoms, is mostly lost on the viewer. It is nothing more than purient interest, a key component in the three prong approach to determining obscenity, which is not protected speech. The condom was ruled to NOT have any serious enough affect on the message of pornographers to make thier mandatory use unconstituional, a unanimous 3 judge vote in the most liberal circuit court in the country. If you got a problem with that then take it up with the courts, tell the courts your rights as a viewer are being denied,,,,ps, you will lose. File a ‘Friend of the cout” brief in the measure b case if you feel so strongly. Again, you will lose.

  32. @erick2690

    Unfortunately there is no way it can’t come off as those things if you are looking at someone’s experience as a comparison, promotion or attaching motives that simply aren’t there. I knew that going in and expected it would also go over your head ala the cyclical nature of things you so aptly mention.

    What you missed is that today’s porn is very DIFFERENT not so much better or worse. Next it’s my opinion that overall today’s content is the equivalent of a quarter slot peep loop….works for jerking off and stress relief but does little to promote actual human interaction.

    The unspoken point that you totally missed is how tech over time has changed the content….porn has become a marketing freebie with the same value as a reusable plastic (disposable) drinking cup.

    The reference to couples….I am a WOMAN in the late 70’s and early 80’s it would have been unheard of for me to walk into a theatre alone unless I was a working girl or establishment employee. I skipped the drudgery of hunting my brothers rooms and the attic for the super 8 projector or the futility of a search if one my brothers was home …

    As for jerking off ten times a day….it’s a reference to reality. As men age their bodies change requiring longer recharge and most find their life interferes…be it a relationship, educations or demanding job etc. and in no way shape or form implies you or anyone else is a basement dweller for doing what comes naturally.

  33. @Mikesouth

    That’s my point ….we have evolved from the day when porn was truly an art. When a film included a walk in the park or ocean swim without all kinds of bullshit props…it was really two people getting acquainted and doing what comes naturally with a chemical attraction. When it was about a group exploring their wildest fantasies.

    Now it’s how fast can we get how many SMH… THE money shot was a climax to end a thrilling ride. Now it’s like the straight up superman roller coaster which is a thrill but nothing like the Coney Island or Myrtle Beach wood coaster that you could ride all day long 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and yes my voice dropped to a sultry come hither.

  34. So who defined porns job as ‘promoting actual human interaction’? When was that made a prerequisite for porn?

  35. Thank you for making my point so eloquently….porn used to promote realistic fantasies. Linda Lovelace was idolized by men and women where today’s performers are objectified.

    ICYMI women like to fantasize and get off too and it’s the exception vs the rule that two dicks in an ass is female jerk off material…next comes the fact that women buy more toys because they prefer the real thing to a fantasy image.

    Lastly…porn is the fantasy…may you find and respect the person who takes you places no fantasy ever can.

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