What Has Happened To Internet Porners

There was a time when the internet porn guys could solve any problem with a technological solution. What has happened to those guys?

Piracy is rampant and the technology now exists to wipe it out.  I’m not talking Digital Rights Management, I’m talking encrypted streams and specially designed players that will show a persons login and ip address on every frame of the video.

When was the last time anyone in porn did anything innovative?  Unless you call parodying mainstream TV shows innovative….We’ve only been doing THAT for 30 years….

This business used to be fun….it used to have interesting people in it, now it just full of self consumed shallow people cranking out the same scenes day in and day out while trying to convince themselves they have talent.

Got news for ya in spite of itself, it hasn’t yet died, though it lost it’s soul long ago.

The body just refuses to accept that fact.

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What Has Happened To Internet Porners

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