What Do We Deserve?

IvankaTrumpLast night I watched the Republican Convention, I wanted to hear what Trump had to say.  Here are my thoughts.

Chelsea Clinton is in deep shit, Ivanka Trump was GOOD, one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, her message was on point, clear concise and did what it was designed to do.  She has a big future in politics if she ever goes that route.

Trump seemed to hit the points but I noticed something very interesting, for one he pushed the Republican party, albeit kicking and screaming, into supporting the LGBTQ community.  I think he made it clear that under his administration things like the North Carolina bathroom law are not going to get much support.

I also noticed that God was not mentioned even once.  That’s a huge departure from the Republican ass kissing of the evangelical right that we have come to expect.  Personally I believe that Trump is a lot more of a moderate than his detractors would have you believe, he appears soft on gay rights issues, he has stated that the problem with Obamacare is that it isn’t single payer,  he has come out strongly in favor dismantling Dodd Frank.

The Washington Times called him “A textbook example of an ideological moderate”

He called the Iraq war a mistake because it diverted money from domestic issues that need it more.  From where I sit Trump seems disinclined to pay anything more than just a little lip service to the religious right.  If you think his failure to mention God in that long ass speech last night was just a simple oversight think again.  It’s a clear message, just as his mention of the LGBTQ community was a clear message.

I do not fear a Trump presidency anywhere near as much as I fear a Hillary Clinton presidency, or a Jeb Bush presidency, for reasons I have mentioned before, namely party infighting will consume Washington DC so much for four years that they wont agree on anything, and it seems that when they do agree on something it is sticking their hands in our pockets and their noses in our bedrooms.

All of this said Trump does not have my vote.  My vote is something that is meaningful to me and the people who gave their lives to insure that I have a say so in my government will never be dishonored by my giving my vote to someone who hasn’t earned it.  They didn’t die so that I could hold my nose and pick the lesser of two evils.  You want my vote you earn it, it is that simple.

As in past elections The Libertarians have earned my vote.  Gary Johnson has earned my vote, because ideologically he represents me and what I want for this country, and even though Trump is exhibiting many Libertarian views I feel like he is not bone fide, as my southern brers (tip of my hat to Joel Chandler Harris)  from years past would say.

My platform….I am a strong constitutionalist  I believe in a very strong first AND second amendment

I believe that as a society we have determined that health care is a right and as such someone has to pay for it and the only way to do that fairly is single payer. Plain and simple.

I believe that the money we have spent destabilizing the middle east would have been better spent on above-mentioned healthcare, the money we spent in the last ten years there would have provided healthcare for every man, woman and child in this country for the rest of their lives.  This is YOUR money people, the government has NO money except what they take from you by force, you have every right to tell them how they can spend it.

Without being xenophobic, I believe that we need to stop being the world police, we need to stay out of things that don’t pose any direct threat to us.  Our policies in Iran and Iraq and Libya for example have led to an outcome that would have been very different had we let them work it out on their own.  This also means we stop giving them money and arms, that all too often get used against us anyway.

I believe in taking care of our own

I am no fan of hyphenated Americans, if you want to identify with your ancestry fine but be American first….Teddy Roosevelt was right about this.

While I am on the subject our politicians like nothing better than when we subdivide ourselves into special interests, it makes us much easier to  manipulate and control, their biggest nightmare is when white, black, brown, yellow and red all walk arm in arm and say it is US against you, we will no longer play your game of fighting each other, my brother is not my problem, my government is my problem. Same goes for straight, gay, bi, trans and whatever else is used to divide and conquer us.

I believe we need serious criminal reform, we have way too many Americans in jail for doing nothing that threatened anyone’s life, liberty, property or pursuit of happiness.  Smoking a plant is not something that warrants depriving someone of their freedom, this is just another method of dividing and conquering us. and the jails are little more than holding pens until they get out and inevitably return usually for way worse things than they originally went to jail for….why because jail made them worse, not better, jail taught them to be more violent, nurturing a fight to survive instinct.  Too many people go in as non violent offenders and come out as menaces to society.

I believe that the morality of a country comes from the top down and that if you want citizens to treat each other like human beings it is incumbent on the leaders to lead by example.  More and more we are becoming a global society, I can communicate directly right now with people from all over the earth and it becomes clearer every day that despite what our governments would have us believe, I’m not really very different from Sergei, or Mikhail, or Hans, or Jose we all just want to be left alone to live our lives peacefully.

Finally I saw a lot of signs about how “We deserve better than Hillary” and I would like to think that we do, I also would like to think that we deserve better than Trump, but do we?  there is a very old political adage that states that people get the government that they deserve.  Think about that, think about that before you cast your vote in November.





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What Do We Deserve?

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  1. Trump picked Pence to appease the ‘religious right’ after Kasich people told his team GFY. Not mentioning god was a GFY response to realities of negotiating for religious general election money/support. Trump needs them more than they need him.

  2. I watched the speech as well (I’m a Democrat). He made all kinds of amazing promises and vast motherhood statements about what he wants to do and no mention of how he is going to pay for all of it. I think Trump will get us into WW3.

    I also think Clinton is dishonest and just a shill for big business. More of the same of what we have had for the last 30-40 years while our country has been slipping more and more down the shitter. I would much rather see Sanders over Clinton but we have what we have.

    I will say one thing tho… Trump was right about NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) being one of the worst trade agreements America ever made. They did not take into acct how greedy the Corporations were for profits. I worked for a Fortune 500 company that employed 5500 employees in my county. When NAFTA passed my company immediately started sending manufacturing product lines out of the country to Juarez, Mexico and Brazil. Inside of 5 years they closed our plant and put 5500 people out of work. Older workers in their 50s and 60s with 30 years of service for the company scrambling to find jobs. This happened all over the country and now good paying manufacturing jobs are harder to find then an honest Lawyer.

    Sure the White House brags about how low unemployment is and how many jobs they create but its mostly all part time service industry jobs with 0 benefits (McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Wendys, etc…). Moms are working 2-3 part time jobs to try and feed their families. Guess thats good news for the Porn, Strip Club, and Escort agencies…

  3. He chose Pence for VP & he is clearly against the LGBTQ community.
    Don’t we all remember 2008? the economy then…. Can NOT tell me we are worse off now than then.
    I am a Republican, but no more. And I’m shocked to say this but it’s true.

    I lived in Arkansas while Bill was Gov & thus his Presidency too, now what was the National deficit when Bill left the White House? So hard for me to imagine at this point Hillary doing a bad job.
    Republicans want to do away with Planned Parenthood & abortions no matter what…. find that to be a direct attack upon women… Once again I look upon Pence’s history in this matter.
    Fact is both parties are bought & paid for by big business. Hell, Trump is a big business. Where are his tax forms? Read where the females who work in his Casino in Vegas get paid $3 less. Where is the equal pay there? Also read that his female staffers for this campaign get paid 35% less than the men do. When does his policy for equal pay start I wonder?
    Republican platform considers porn to be a National Health Hazard!!! Apparently shooting a load is deadly now, as some who has a load shot in the eye before a time or two while filming. I am still alive & no damage to my eye.
    He wants to build a wall. What those big walls built around rich white neighborhoods aren’t enough?
    It is Freedom of religion as long as you are White Christians & retweet Davd Duke. How can Republicans be all about the Constitution when they want to ignore it.
    -Freedom of speech- How many people does Trump sue when they call him bad names? Yet, he does it constantly.
    Clearly Trump ONLY wants to be President so he can use Eminent Domain in order to throw people out of their homes & Yes, build high rises they can’t afford to buy or live in. Yes, that is what he means by building America up again.
    —- Cause how affordable is NYC to live now? Despite 40% of it being empty expensive unit that the rich hold onto for investment purposes.

  4. One of the things I have learned over the years is that what politicians DONT say is often more important than what they DO say consider last night

    trump made no mention of abortion, no mention of God, no mention of “family values”, no mention is interesting since ion the past these have all been key points in the republican platform….his chpoice for vp doesnt concern me because face it, when was the last time a VP held any power at all….Lyndon Johnson maybe but only after JFK was martyred

    and remember just because I said a few good things doesnt mean he has my vote…I am voting Gary Johnson and dont worry I fully intend to watch hillary and the DNC as well. one thing I dont think anyone wants to argue is that Ivanka knocked it out of the park

  5. agreed but…what is the religious right gonna do? the choice being vote trump, vote hillary or stay home….they aint gonna vote hillary the worst that happens is that they stay home…are there enough that will in states like PA, your state of OH and FL to decide the election?

  6. For all the crap people go after Trump for by saying he is a misogynist …… you can’t raise a woman like Ivanka without being an amazing father and know how to treat women right. Trump pops off and fights in public, however, people that know him privately will all tell you the man knows how to treat the women in his life right.

  7. Why treat other women with any less respect? That’s the part of his character that bothers many people.

  8. @joeschmoe

    Ivana and live-in help raised their three children. When Ivanka was ten they divorced and she remained with her mother. Ivana & Marla’s divorce documents tell ugly tales. As someone who shopped for Donald Jr’s christening gift at Tiffany’s I’m telling you he owes his relationship with their kids today to Ivana’s family values.

  9. Chelsea doesnt have to be good, she isnt running for President her mother is.

  10. I want to fill Ivanka up with some valium and give her some good pain killers and butt bone her to death. She isn’t bad looking. I think she will eventually do porn. I’ll jerk off to her.

  11. How about if Chelsea and Ivanka come to my place and have a threesome with me? They are both hot and are probably close to being virgins, they would probably be great in bed. 🙂

    On a more serious note, I doubt Ivanka (or Chelsea) will ever do porn although there are probably a couple of porn directors writing parodies where they double-team Porno Dan, Steven St. Croix or Tommy Pistol as I type. My vote is Melissa Moore as Ivanka and Cherie DeVille as Chelsea (we really don’t have anyone that actually looks like the Presidential Candidates daughters so that is the best I can come up with). Last time we had a parody-class Presidential Candidate the industry just got lucky that Lisa Ann could be made up to passably look like Sarah Palin (speaking of, I still want to fuck Sarah’s cute, slutty daughter Bristol).

  12. I feel sorry for Americans because your land has become a home of extremist views and hundreds of “isms” that just suck. I feel even worse for Republican party members who felt that faced with all of this, that Donald Trump is somehow the answer (I really didn’t get the question, I guess).

    I am a big supporter of the first and second amendment, with one little restriction: I think the second amendment should be limited to arms that were available at the time the constitution was written. I think that the framers of the Constitution would be horrified to see a country where people buy guns, only to have the sold off to or stolen by bad guys and used to commit crimes, for which people feel they need MORE guns to protect themselves. American needs a really, really big reset on this issue, it’s gotten so far out of hand, so extreme, that people are choosing unwisely to support the very things that end up killing them.

    My biggest fear at this point is that Trump gets into office, and starts WW3 by being a dick to China or Russia and they finally bust a nut on him big time. I don’t think that he is Presidential material.

    So for Republicans, the choice is to vote for a guy who will likely send your country into the shitter, or vote for Hillary, who will likely maintain the (somewhat poor) status quo, which is better than being a country in the middle of a world war.

  13. For Bristol, it’s likely like throwing a hot dog down a hallway… that girl has some serious mileage on her.

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