Went Fishin’:

I’m back now, my apologies to some of you new posters whose posts werent approved in a timely manner…it’s an anti spam measure. You are all good now.

I get asked a lot why do you let Kayden say this or Steve say that yada yada. First off I don’t “let” them. They are capable of making and defending their own cases. When I give someone the keys here, they have the authority to post anything they like, there is very little that I would edit, and that would fall into the line of stuff that could be illegal mostly.

If you have a problem with what Kayden, or Steve or Tim or anyone else writes, please feel free to comment to them, Kayden in particular responds to these comments. But each contributing editor may choose to address or ignore your comments but they are heard and read by my readers.

The only thing I would have a problem with in comments is plain old flaming, you can be passionate about something without being obnoxious about it.

That said I am proud of all my contributors, the write well and they are passionate and honest about their feelings, and whether I agreed with them or not I am damn happy to have em.

In the queue for commentary this week are of course my fishing pictures, the Ray Guhn plea, Religion and other addictions and whatever else I decide I’m interested in at the moment.

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Went Fishin’:

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6 Responses

  1. Mike, why was my post on Kadens first article deleted?

    And on a much more important subject, how was the fishing trip? Cant wait to see the pictures.

  2. probably caught in the spam trap honestly

    it has a rule set and if your post looks like spam based on that it gets trashed. It aint perfect.

    the fishing was excellent…pics are forthcoming

  3. Thanks Mike,

    Sometimes my posts look like the ‘flaming’ you try to keep off this board and I repect that. I will ‘tone down’ my comments here out of respect for the people who take their time to voice their opinions. But I will call ‘baloney’ when I think someone is factually wrong. I’ve disagreed with alot of what you’ve said in the past but I sure do respect the fact that you stand up and say it.

    This is YOUR site and I will follow the rules. But I think that some of your contributing writers here have been factually wrong in several of their posts and as the owner of this board I think you should call them out on those factually incorrect statements. Opinions are debateable, factual errors are something totally different.

    The real imprtant subject: I have a nice trout stream about 10 minutes form my house. I spent the last two days fishin with my nephews. It dont get any better than that.
    Aint it amazing how all this b.s. just sems to disappear the instant that line hits the water?

    Take care Mike and thanks….keep pissin people off Mike, youre good at it, and well even I’ll admit youre right most (well maybe 50/50) of the time.

  4. Like many people who come here, I’ve been a fan of Mike’s writing for a long time. MikeSouth.com is the only online destination where you can find a “hype free” true common sense perspective on the industry. I respect that. As an avid reader, it’s been a huge honor to have the opportunity to contribute to the site.

    My writing is based on my own true experiences within the adult industry as a production based hired gun to my transition from mainstream entertainment into producing my own adult content. I would never claim that my opinions and experiences represent the definitive take on the industry. Like I said, I write from my own experiences. If anyone out there has a different take, I would enjoy hearing about it.

    We live in a culture where uttering certain words or conveying a specific thought in a public arena can result in a social or professional banishment worse than that of a murderer. Even if it is humor based. For that reason, I respect anyone who has enough balls to tell it like it is from their own perspective. That’s why Mike is the best, and that’s why I enjoy reading the commentary here on a daily basis.

  5. great respnse Steve, thank you. the best writers are those who write form the heart and believe what they are saying. And unfortunately what you say about being made an outcast for conveying a specific thought in a public arena is right on. I think it is an especially relevent statement here on an adult industy blog. This industry that is supposed to be this bastion of free speech will stab its own in the back faster than you can say “politically correct.” Thats why I like Mike. Even though I dont know him personally I would imagine he could care less about what the ‘valley’ porn industry says about him.

  6. I went out on a headboat this past week on the Cheseapeak Bay. Brought some fresh soft shells home, it doesn’t get any better than that. Glad you’re back, Mike.

    I respect freedom of speech, so I don’t think even flaming should be stopped, unless it gets way beyond disrespectful. But I respect Mike’s decision to do what he feels is right on his site.

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