Welcome Back

Mikesouth.com is now back and fully functional.

To make a long story short we were under attack on a regular basis and I made the decision to upgrade the server and add some security measures.

The problem was the database export I did was incomplete and I didn’t catch it, because it never flagged an error.

When I would restore the database it was incomplete so we had to restore from the original disk image of the database (trust me it’s rather complicated specially when you combine it with the fact that I am running a club 15 hrs a day) but caro hosting did a great job helping me and getting everything restored.  thank you guys.

sorry for the outage y’all but I’m  sure you knew I wasn’t going anyplace.


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Welcome Back

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  1. I hope you can find the culprit attacking this site. I wonder if it could be Donkey Long or Tara Akinlose, they are the first people I would suspect right now (especially Tara).

    I hope the club is profitable and that you are enjoying running it.

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