We The Sheep and Measure B

I was reading last night and came across this and it made me immediately think of performers and Measure B…What do you think?

“So when the wolf pounces on your lamb, just ignore the pitiful bleating and remind yourself that this is a democracy, where every sheep can freely express its preference for which kind of wolf it wants to be eaten by. Many sheep, perhaps understandably, prefer a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is after all the basic idea of democracy. So far it has worked pretty well. The wolves all agree on that, and they want to spread democracy everywhere.”
— Joseph Sobran, “We the Sheep,”


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We The Sheep and Measure B

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2 Responses

  1. Most performers are not the sharpest tools in the shed. And you must remember what those who are considered more educated are being compared with.

    We will see how smart some of these performers are when they get pput under oath to testify in the upcoming appeal of Measure B. I cant wait for Kayden Kross to use the old industry line “We are the most tested workforce in the nation.” And then the opposing attorney asks her,”How many performers test positve for an std every month?”

    Then she will say “we have a lower std rate than the genereal public.” And the opposing attorney will ask, “What is the std rate for performers every month?”

    There is a reason that no company has ever gone to court to fight an OSHA citation and fine, and that is, they don’t want to answer these questions, among others.

    These perfomrers are clueless. The ‘free speech’ that they are fighting for is NOT their speech, it is the producers speech, the performers are just that, paid performers who are cting out someone elses’ speech. (Producers get charged with obscenity because it is thier speech, performers dont get charged with obscenity because it is not their speech)

    I cant wait to see all of the industry excuses go up in smoke once they get these people under oath.

  2. Things are just a little bit more complicated than that. Notwithstanding all of the obvious points, many performers also produce and distribute their own content.

    The Industry STD rate is a deplorable shame but there are better ways of dealing with it than Measure B. Unionization is the only answer.

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