We Are Doing Better – My Thought On The Latest Syphilis Situation

While the lesser site is busy desperately crying for attention by outing names of people who may or may not have been exposed porners are moving on but I have some thoughts and some comments I want to make.

Forget the condom law arguments, I know that both sides can use this latest news to support their respective views but the reality of the situation is that condoms aren’t being used and given that reality it is unrealistic to expect them to be used across the board in all cases anyway, but I am not going to focus on the condom issue here instead I want to talk about what happened after.

I get a pretty good read on how things are going in these situations because my emails and twitter and such are a good indicator of what the talent and the insiders want to know and how they are re-acting.

This time it was in stark contrast to the other times…..it first came on my radar as a text message on Sunday….have you heard anything about a Syphilis outbreak. My answer was no. Withing thirty minutes it came in half a dozen more times….my answer became yes and it became clear that something had the talent abuzz

In the past The FSC would jump in and attempt to control the flow of information, acting much like the old Soviet News Agency, TASS. The attitude was if you don’t hear it from us you don’t need to know it, and a panic would ensue that bred lots of speculation, misinformation and concern. People wanted to know if they had been exposed, plain and simple.

This time was different, This time The FSC was intentionally left out of it and LATATA, who headed up the management was transparent, forthcoming and honest but mostly Clover was forthcoming and honest. The way this was handled kept everyone informed every step of the way, and I know it worked because people weren’t asking me the questions I usually got in the past, they were being answered to everyone’s satisfaction right up front. Not one single person had anything bad to say about the way things were being handled, for once they were being treated like adults and peers and not like subordinates to someone else who arbitrarily decides what they can know and what they cant. LATATA is following the recommendations of real healthcare professionals in terms of performers taking time off and re-testing.

What Clover and LATATA showed us is that they could do a better job of managing this situation than has ever been done in the past. I commend them for that, wholeheartedly. In the past I have been critical of agents and of LATATA but they way they all worked together sheds a different light on things and illustrates the good that agents in this business can do.

The industry as a whole and The FSC should be looking at this as a BIG wake up call. This was a clear vote of no confidence in APHSS and in The FSC. If Diane Duke and the FSC board of Directors had a shred of integrity they would all resign and the organization would restructure and re-purpose itself if for no other reason than the good of the organization and the industry.

I have nothing but praise for Clover. Nobody wants to see any STD in this biz, but it’s going to happen condoms or not and what will define us is how we handle it when it does. Clover handled it with responsibility and professionalism.

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We Are Doing Better – My Thought On The Latest Syphilis Situation

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