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Roland Hedley (yes I know he is a Doonesbury character)

For those who dont know he writes “Doonesbury”

sample gems….

Levi: Palin wanted to hide Bristol’s baby, adopt it, avoid scandal. Refusing, two self-centered teens change history.

Levi: Palin wanted to quit gov for “triple the money”. 14 ex- Senators now working as lobbyists stifle laffs: Only triple?

Now this guy knows what twitter is all about….

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Twitter Follow Of The Day

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7 Responses

  1. Oh I think he is anything but….I think he sees her for what she is, and ya yer right but give some credit to the American people…she is the reason McCain lost.

  2. If yu dint have such a ‘tude bout Twitter yu mite discover therez plenty ther who kno what its about.

    (BTW, I just wrote that in 140 characters or less.)

  3. Then that implies the characters write the strip.

    Dude, all I’m saying is that if *I* had written that line, you would have been all over my ass about it!!!

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