Tom Byron Picks Up For Gene Ross

Well I called that one….Not that it takes a rocket scientist or anything to see that.  It’ll be interesting to watch.  In reality though it may as well be called Rob Black dot com because for whatever reason Tommy is beholden to him…Like some kind of battered wife syndrome or something. (There that ought to give em something to whine about.)

Meantime we will keep on rolling here….


85460cookie-checkTom Byron Picks Up For Gene Ross

Tom Byron Picks Up For Gene Ross

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12 Responses

  1. If you want to know who is putting out the next double headed dildo, or read and FSC press release, then AVN and XBIZ are for you. Luke is now dead, and Gene has finally put himself out to pasture, not a moment too soon. Rob Black continues to blow wind squeezing 25 minutes of matierial into a 5 hour bore fest, setting a new standard for more talk and less action than ever seen before in the porn biz.

    And that leaves one place to see any relevant news about the jizz biz, and thats Mike South, the last man standing. It will be interesting to count how many hundreds of times Rob says “Mike South” this week, I put the over and under at 600, any takers?

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