Today I Have To Comment On The Primaries

While I did expect Cruz to lose in Indiana, pretty much sealing his fate I did not expect him to quit.  Now trump is the Republican nominee.  All the Republican scheming to deprive him of it have fallen to the wayside, there won’t be a contested convention, Trump is the nominee.

However you may feel about that the one thing that should be evident to the Republican party is that the average American is very tired of politics as usual and trump represents a step away from that.  You may argue that it isnt so in reality but the perception put Trump in the race.  He is brash, he is loud, he is arguably obnoxious but when he stays on script he and his team are brilliant, that tapped into everything people like about the party and they confronted everything people didn’t like. It wasn’t the republican base that put him in the race, it was the silent majority of people who usually don’t vote.

The same thing is happening on the Democratic side with Bernie, I thought all along that Bernie was simply a placeholder.  his job was to make it appear there was a choice and to give Hillary a position that she can appear to be to the right of.  Hillary has had the nomination from day one, it was promised to her as a reward for stepping aside for Obama in 2008.  but Bernie woke up the same people that never vote and to the DNC’s surprise he made it a race, a much closer race that the mainstream media would have you believe.

While everyone was expecting fireworks at the Republican National Convention it appears to me the fireworks are going to be at the Democratic National Convention…There are a lot of disenfranchised voters who are going to feel that the fix was in for Hillary, and rightly so, because it is.

Of all the candidates Trump would likely be the least likely to be a problem for the adult industry, but how he would fare for the nation is another question, I have seen some bad choices to choose between in my day but The thought of Hillary in the White House makes me shudder, and Trump is such an unknown that scares me as well.  he is a great entertainer, arguably a great businessman but President?

The silver lining I see in all of this is the backlash against politics as usual, I hope that continues because had it played out to be Hillary v bush which is what the parties wanted we would have just gotten more of the same….the illusion of a choice, when in reality it was a single party called politicians that were colluding to deprive us of our rights and to slowly usurp our constitutional protections.

OK Back to porn stuff….

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Today I Have To Comment On The Primaries

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  1. One thing is for sure… Bernie stayed away from Hillary’s whoremaster husband scandals because Bernie is a decent man. Trump won’t. Now he will go after her with all he has.

    He will be saying she can’t manage her own marriage and keep her husband in line. how is she going to run a country when she can’t even run her own marriage?

  2. Saw something about Kasich suspending campaign too soooo now the question is which one will be the VP running mate? Definitely not politics as politics are known ….the millennial tech age has arrived.

  3. Trump will go there, he won’t be able to resist, but it won’t likely have much impact. It’s all old news. Anyone that would be swayed by those statements isn’t a Hillary supporter anyway.

    Really it all comes down to one thing. Are there more non-GOP voters that hate Hillary enough to vote Trump than there are non-DEM voters that hate Trump enough to vote Hillary. Given the recent past electoral college history, Trump has a taller task ahead than does Hillary.

  4. I wouldnt be surprised of he makes Kasich the VP … it won’t be Cruz they really truly hate each other’s guts and no way they could work together….. maybe the NJ governor….

    It’s been quite the ride to watch. One thing this should remind everyone is…. the people can make a difference if they get off their asses and cast ballots…. the scores of people who are sick of politics and don’t care or don’t vote go out and put Trump on top, and gave Sanders a huge wave of support that will lead to Hillary having to adopt some of his policies in order to court them for the general election.

    Votes matter everyone; they really do. Trump’s place in this race , whether you like it or not, shows that people can upset the establishment if they get off their asses and stop whining and cast a ballot. Trump figured that out and pandered to those people; Jeb Bush did not and he disappeared like a fart in the wind.

  5. I could see trump asking Kasich for sure Cruz no way….

    Chris Christie (NJ guv) has already whored himself for the position, all but offering Trump a blowjob for it but I dont see trump going there

    To me the most awesome move would be if he picked sanders but I realize that is unlikely but boy would that send a message and boost Trumps base big time. He would have to spin it by saying that whatever bernies faults, socialist blah blah that he too is a move away from politics as usual…fun as that would be it wont happen

    I am 100% with you on the message that the voters sent to both parties … this may be the most interesting election of my lifetime….

  6. Christie put dibs on the AG spot….works to enhance his appeal down the road since his post 9/11 stuff wasn’t enough to carry him anywhere this time and gives Trump someone with credible experience for the position while it left door open for last minute delegate wrangling for the then looming contested convention. I’d agree that Trump might go with Kasich and NFW to Cruz.

  7. “While I did expect Cruz to lose in Indiana, pretty much sealing his fate I did not expect him to quit. Now trump is the Republican nominee. All the Republican scheming to deprive him of it have fallen to the wayside, there won’t be a contested convention, Trump is the nominee.”

    Actually, there is still a very strong possiblity that Trump gets to the convention with not enough delegates, and someone else gets drafted. He is the presumptive nominee, but the Republican part tends to eat it’s own for dinner, so you never know.

  8. History has taught us that the person going for President will often chose someone to offset the demographic they are weak in. Like Kennedy choosing Johnson as his VP.

    Trump will have to choose a running mate from the South or Southwest or perhaps a woman? Kasich and Christie are just too similar to Trump (demographic wise).

    On the other side it would be nice if Hillary Chose Elizabeth Warren. She is smart and actually a better President then Hillary is going to be. Maybe she will reach out to Bernie and offer him to be her VP?

  9. Rawalex…..There will be only one person to vote for in the rest of the states… so Trump will get all the remaining delegates as far as I know. He will have his majority now without question.

  10. I think the Republicans let Trump run for their President candidate counting on him dropping out like he has before & just keeping all his money & fame for their coffers. Hence why they made each candidate swear that they would support the other candidate if they didn’t win the parties nomination. They did that to make sure Trump wouldn’t turn on them & run as an Independent when he didn’t get the numbers behind him early on. But he flipped the script on them and now they are stuck with him. They have no control over him what-so-ever.
    Over 70% of what the Republican candidates say should have been career ending statements, especially Trump.
    I was a Republican until they turned on women with trying to get Planned Parenthood shut down.
    Hillary is just as manipulative as Trump. There are NO good guys or gals in politics, they weed those out early in the game and they never reach Washington level politics
    Only one since leaving office has tried to make the world a better place is Carter, but from what I remember wasn’t that great of a President.

    Debating what one says over another is a mute point, cause they change their opinions based upon what they think the audience wants to hear. Would be interesting to see what campaign promises are actually achieved once in office statistically.

  11. I think it’s worth throwing in that this isn’t just America that this is happening in. While most of it has manifested as a re-emergence of right-wing race-baiting ultra-nationalist nut-jobs, it has also emerged on the left, empowering folks fighting the uphill battle against greed-at-all-costs, wars-for-profit, and environmental destruction. Not just Bernie, but also intra-party selection Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, dark horse victor in the election to lead his minority party. I think right about now, both side of the drink are wishing they had never opened up their primaries to the general public (even when limited to just their members).

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