Tiger Woods

– Ping just made Elin an endorsement contract for a set of drivers, to be named Elin Woods..”Clubs you can beat Tiger with”.

Ya know for the life of me I don’t get what all the hoopla is over this, it ain’t like Tiger is a Bible thumping governor of a Republican state or whatever.  I mean ya gotta admit the man was gettin some primo pussy….all white meat I might add.

Course by the time it’s all said and done those dalliances are gonna cost his ass plenty.

What I don’t get is why a guy like that gets married in the first place, I mean he has to know he will get found out, theres just too much at stake.

I’m surprised none of these money grubbing whores busted his ass out before now really.

We do love to build em up then tear em down don’t we…..

Wonder if he has done Bree?

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Tiger Woods

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  1. ya i was just asking the same question. some reports claim of 2 even 3 year long affairs and it’s only *NOW* they’re making it public. it’s like someone’s controlling when this type of bullsh*t news comes out. maybe they’re trying to distract us from the real news….whatever that is. lol.

  2. This is very funny. I think the stupidest corporate marketing move of the year was Gatorade dropping the Tiger energy drink. Given the number of women he was sleeping with, it was working.

  3. “What I don’t get is why a guy like that gets married in the first place..”

    My big pet peeve. If you want to fuck around, then fuck around. Don’t get married and drag the whole damn family down with you.

  4. why does the whole family have to get dragged down? it seems to me that adultery is simply a bullsh*t made up moral sin. so tiger lied and violated his bullsh*t sacred vows. but he can afford to can’t he. what pisses me off are scumbags who don’t have the resources to support multiple affairs/children but choose to do so anyway. tiger’s wife and kids are set for life. he can afford (and should have every right ) to f*ck around if he wants to because he’s rich. tiger’s mistake is thinking he can remain silent about his transgressions without repercussions. look at the minimal fallout to david letterman when he admitted his affairs.

    in the end if tiger starts winning majors again all this gets forgotten. kinda like when everyone forgot the time kobe f*cked that chic in the ass when he won his mvp and championship.

    it’ll be interesting if tiger ever comes clean. what a Nasty Nasty Nasty boy that tiger! he just got more cool in my book. lol

  5. Someone said yesterday that a man’s ability to stay faithful depends on how great his options are for infidelity. It was quoted differently, but with the same gist. I nearly said, “Except for my guy,” but demurred. No one would believe me, least of all a couple of guys. 😀

    (And then I almost said, “Yeah, same goes for women, they’re just better at concealing it,” but I thought that might be inappropriate, as well. lol)

  6. As the Hustler people say, Relax. It’s only sex.”

    More Americans might consider this simple truth. Of course, until they do, it’s always news.

    BTW, it’s a two-edged blade if you’re a smut peddler: If and when everyone truly relaxes about sex, whatever taboos remain might also relax and evaporate… maybe to the point that no one is interested in (shudder) porn any longer?

    Or not.

  7. The whole family gets dragged down because they’re humiliated by the stories in the press, which leads right back to Tiger being a first class ass. If you want to fuck around, stay single.

    “he can afford (and should have every right ) to f*ck around if he wants to because he’s rich.” So because someone has money that gives them free reign to cheat and lie? Hey, if an open marriage is what he agreed to, more power to him, but if it isn’t, then he deserves to pay through the nose…and the ass.

    And while David Letterman may have had “minimal fallout,” I’m sure his wife was humiliated by the revelation that he took the woman along on their family vacations and that the affair continued during their marriage.

  8. It just keeps getting worse. The latest revelation is high price ($10K+) call girls provided by Hollywood Madam Michelle Braun, often two at a time. Holly Sampson being one of them.

  9. points taken. but i still don’t think his family should feel humiliated because he had sex with other people. people have sex all the time. it’s not like tiger’s the first high powered celebrity to do this. in fact it is precisely because of his sex drive that propels his competitive nature.

    tiger’s wife and kids are set for life period. they have every right to feel whatever they want to feel but when it all is said and done the situation they’re in is far better than most people simply because most people will never experience the opportunities that tiger gave them.

    i never said being rich and powerful gives you the right to do whatever you want. i simply argue that sex is no big deal. if prostitution was legal in this country none of this makes news. it’ll be like dad going to the grocery store tuesday night to shop for tomatoes or something.

    his wife should go out and f*ck a couple dudes to balance it out. there’s no reason to get a divorce unless they hate living with each other. this stupid sex scandal is just another excuse for america to get distracted from solving actual problems.

  10. I agree a lot of high powered people have sex, but not everyone has the details of their exploits printed in the newspaper for all to read.

    And yeah, she should go out and fuck a couple dudes…a couple hundred:0)

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