Tianna Lynn READ THIS!

ou have been diagnosed by AIM as having Hep-C. Go to a REAL DOCTOR NOW! I know 2 girls who were diagnosed as Hep-C positive by AIM and neither of them had Hep-C. One pretty much retired from porn only to learn almost 5 years later that her diagnosis was WRONG! The other immediately went to a real doctor who ran extensive tests and told her she did NOT have Hep-C.. Go Now!

Porn Math

Jenna scolded Serenity last wee for giving her book a less than stellar review. Jenna summed it up saying that she had been on the New York Times Best Seller List for 9 weeks. It was in fact 6 weeks…You can take the pornette outta porn but …

Robert Lombard, Tyler Cash, JimmyD and…me….


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Tianna Lynn READ THIS!

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