Thomas Scott Sparks Doesn’t Know When To Quit

Hi my name is xxx and I retweeted an article you wrote about scott sparks. He helped me get work and when I wouldn’t let him control me he did as you said start sending the threats so on and so on. He has been impersonating me to recruit other girls also to intimidate girls that refuse to work with him via email twitter and facebook. I just would like to know from you does he actually live in irving texas so I can put an end to this nightmare he is putting me through. He continuously text my phone with threats when I block one number he calls from another and it’s become unbearable. If you can help me in any way please let me know.

P.S he claims that everything you said in your article is untrue, which I know from experience is a lie, and he is suing you

Thomas Scott Sparks fraud, theft, impersonating an officer, domestic violence

I can help you and since this dirtbag doesnt want to go away I’m going to drop some more info on him If anyone does business with this piece of shit INCLUDING BangBros I’m going to out them. This guy is dangerous.

Thomas Scott Sparks has had a predisposition for scamming for his entire life, his first official brush was in the Air Force for food card fraud. Not long after he was arrested for stealing money from his employer (a restaurant) and then again for credit card fraud.

Scott Sparks has had at least 3 arrests for domestic violence and I am certain has had other run ins with the law. he is divorced…my guess is whomever he was married to figured out what a douche he is and left him.

Thomas Scott Sparks is known to tell lots of lies about having been an officer and other such stories that are complete fabrications, he had a recent report on pownetwork about this but I cant find it again at the time I am writing this.

This guy has a penchant for violence against women…STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

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Thomas Scott Sparks Doesn’t Know When To Quit

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  1. @Eddie; and you’re just finding that out?

    We have Female talent spreading rumors about guys being Sex Offenders and rapist in this business all the time. Its the Mental illnesses and the drugs, son. More on all that later.

  2. Indeed it is my friend but today is a good one adventure Im at the beach…its sunny and mid 80s im hangin with Lindsey Lovehands….Im good 😉

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