This one comes to me via my buddy Neal Boortz and as usual, he is right.

By now I suppose everybody who isn’t living in a tree somewhere knows the story of Chante Mallard of Ft. Worth, Texas. I don’t really need to go into the precise details here. She was drugged up …had been drinking … and she hit a homeless man on her way home. He was thrown through the windshield of her car. Legs broken. Head and torso sticking through her windshield into the car. She drove home with this gravely injured man sticking through her windshield. She pulls into the garage — closes the garage door — gets out of the car and heads inside. Reports are that she then had sex with her boyfriend. After they were finished she made the first of several trips back to the car to tell the man that she had hit that she was sorry. He begged her to call for help. She didn’t. He died.

She had some friends dispose of the body … and then, several months later, she told the wrong people of her adventure. The cops were notified and she was arrested … and here we are. She’s facing a murder charge. Chante says that she didn’t get help for the man … didn’t try to save his life because she was afraid that she would go to jail.

Her attorneys are trying a particularly asinine excuse here. They say that, at the very most, the charge should be “failure to stop and render aid.”

Great attorney’s huh? Chante Mallard did one helluva lot MORE than just fail to stop and render aid. What she did was make it impossible for ANYONE to stop and render aid. She didn’t just fail to help this man. She prevented anyone else from helping him.

It’s Texas again. Texas — where James Byrd was dragged to death behind a pickup truck. This homeless man was dragged into a garage and left there to die. It took him a lot longer to die than it did James Byrd. Will the crime be considered to be as hideous?

Here we have an accident. Someone is inside that car … dying. The driver of the car, however, isn’t worried about the person who is dying. The driver of the car is worried about herself. Her main preoccupation is to stay out of jail. It’s all about her – not the victim.

Let’s turn back the clock a bit. Another accident. Someone is inside the car … in trouble. The driver is outside the car … walking up and down the road worrying. Not worrying about going to jail. Worried, instead, about his promising political career. We can imagine that there might have been calls for help from that car. The calls went unheeded. There was a family name to protect – a political career to save. It took Greg Briggs several hours to die on the hood of Chante Mallard’s car. I don’t really know how long it took Mary Jo to drown in the back seat of that other car so many years ago.

Two people trying to save their skins. One goes on to be an eternal object of reverence for the nation’s media. The other, an object of scorn.

Do you think that Chante Mallard would have a chance of being elected to serve Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate?

1480cookie-checkThis one comes to me via my buddy Neal Boortz and as usual, he is right.

This one comes to me via my buddy Neal Boortz and as usual, he is right.

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