Things Have Been Quiet

Things have been quiet in porn, not much shooting means not much happening….A few things of note.

Im sure you remember the hoopla that The FSC tried to create over the subpeonas of the testing centers…it got real quiet because The FSC had no intention of helping..they just wanted to cry wolf, the testing centers Im told, have [produced the data that the subpeonas demanded and that any identifying info was withheld.

Another tidbit is the return of Stefani Morgan to porn.  That isn’t happening.  I have been talking with Stefani from a New York City Shelter, where she is living.  She is a soft but well spoken young lady with quite a story to tell and she is telling it to me.  This is a long story but when it starts to come together you will read it here.  I am happy that she chose me to tell this story.  Thank You to the person who put us in touch, you know who you are.

Finally even with insurance my hospital bills have added up to the point that i am now taking on extra paying work to get everything paid off so bear with me if posts get a bit thin from time to time, but remember I will always be on top of breaking news.

And last but not least I am always interested in industry people or even well spoken fans to write for this site.  It doesnt matter if you disagree with me, its probably better when you dont, what does matter is that you are honest and can express your thoughts coherently and make a point.  email me if you are interested.  It gets you a LOT and I mean a LOT of exposure  both in porn and in mainstream.


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Things Have Been Quiet

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  1. “the testing centers Im told, have [produced the data that the subpeonas demanded and that any identifying info was withheld.” …. Which, if you go back through the string of posts about this, is pretty much exactly what I said would happen. They didn’t have a legal leg to stand on since the industry has made its testing system the central point of its defense against mandatory condoms. If that’s you’re argument, you have to be willing to put up or shut up.

  2. Really looking forward to the info on Stefani Morgan. She was in the “too pretty for porn” category, imo.

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