There Will be Another HIV Positive

That is a given, we all know it.  The question is who will it be.  Many of you are thinking “not me” as you read this.  Might I remind you that last year at this time Rod Daily, Cameron Bay, Sofia DelGado and TJ Cummings would have said the same thing.

Every time you have sex in this biz you are rolling the dice, every time you have sex without a condom you are rolling them more.

Diane Duke and the not so good people at The Free Speech Coalition could care less if you die, You can bet your ass they wont be there to help you with your treatments and they wont even be bothered to attend your funeral.  Once they get your exposure list and proclaim you “didn’t catch it on set” you will be on your own, they are done with you at that point.

Nobody in this biz is looking out for you so it is on you to look out for yourself.

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There Will be Another HIV Positive

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  1. The gate for the adult industry is wider than the doors at any club that names and shames the latest victim of HIV or other disease as it isn’t required that you’ll have unprotected sex once you choose to enter the club, it is for filming and often the escorting that FSC would never admit their member stakeholders book and profit from.

  2. More and more heavy handed every day. Why exactly would people from the FSC go to a performers funeral 30 years from now? I mean if they are friends sure, but otherwise why are you using that as an example of neglect? It has little to do with the business. If you are concerned about your sexual safety use a condom no matter what your job is.

    “Diane Duke and the not so good people at The Free Speech Coalition could care less if you die”

    Really? I see where you made the leap from, but it’s an extreme leap. You are ascribing the idea of no empathy to a group of people. Even if you believe they should do more to protect that isn’t the same as not caring if people die. Although, maybe you used “COULD care less if you die” instead of COULDN’T on purpose. Did you mean they actually do care? Because that is what you wrote. If someone doesn’t care at all then they “COULDN”T care less”. If you already care 0% you can’t care less. However, “could care less means you care at least a little because your level of caring can drop. So you either wrote correctly and they do care or you screwed up the phrase and you mean they don’t care about death.

  3. “Every time you have sex in this biz you are rolling the dice”

    Yes, but as far as HIV is concerned you are not rolling those dice at a greater % than the general population. Unprotected sex in general is a way in which STD’s and other diseases are passed. Adults are aware of that.

  4. ERic,
    Most people in the general public are not having multiple parnters who are sex workers, prostitutes and escorts. And most of the partners of people in the general public are not having multiple partner unprotected sex.

    I have seen alot of people, including the FSC, say that the std rate in the industry is lower than the general public, so I simply ask, what is the rate of std’s in the industry? If you know its lower than the general public then you must know what the rate is, so why not give us the answer?

  5. I said HIV rate and no I can’t give you the exact figure. I tried doing the calculations on an earlier post and left a comment that showed what I got. Same back to you, you think it’s higher show the stats. As for the general population, even if they have sex with less partners (many in porn don’t do many scenes), they often would test far less frequently if at all. This would mean having a far greater time to spread before they even had the knowledge they were infected.

  6. No, unless you are measuring just this year, which isn’t how stats like that work. If you measure by %, even this year wouldn’t put it much if at all above the general population %. Making factual statements and saying “guaranteed” means nothing if you don’t show the data to prove your point.

  7. The main problem here is there are NO statistics on the STD rate in the industry… you can calculate whatever you want, but you will never get an answer. No one could… not even the FSC.

  8. So Eric,
    Where are your stats to back up your “even this year wouldnt put much it at al above the general population.” I am including a table that shwos rates per 100,00 people. You can put in different states, I used california, and age ranges.

    Eric, have you ever challenged the FSC to provide any stats to prove their claims of lower std rates than the general public, or hiv rates.

  9. @Lacey,
    The industry has been doing std testing every month for a decade now. Not all, but a majority of performers have participated in this testing program. The industry DOES have the stats, they will just never release them. IF, a big IF, those stats showed a lower rate you know they would be screaming them from the rooftops. They have years of data, but they will never release any of it.

  10. @eric

    Did the statistics you used involve hookers? Because comparing hookers to the general public is one huge step and I’m not aware of statistics acquired by the CDC that states the results for hookers. Your data would show that hookers who test regularly and have unprotected sex are safer than the general public. Are you saying that? If so, Dr. Miao needs to pay attention because apparently porn can alter the science in our bodies and make people less likely to catch HIV. We could all be safer from HIV if we just did porn, right?

    Comparing porn to the general public is absurd and would be filled with flawed data. Can you verify the numbers reported are correct? That’s all of them, right? Performers that choose to retire are tested, right? The FSC tracks down performers that no longer work and make them test, right?

    Test gay performers and your statistics go straight to shit. Look at the amount of people in adult and then look at the number of people in the general public. Try to tell me that percentage really matters. The general public isn’t having the sex that porn performers are. Remember, in the statistics for the general public there are people that give blowjobs in bathrooms and porn stores to unknown people. What about the gay bathhouse patrons? General public too. Their STD’s are counted in the statistics for the general public. There are women that have sex with guys they just met at clubs. Their STD’s are counted as part of the general public. Those people aren’t the general public. The general public isn’t doing that. Their numbers in the “general public” are low thus making them not “general” by any means.

    That seedy part of the general public is just as dirty as the porn industry. Would you be willing to say that? Remember, you’re grandmother is probably part of the general public. Would you say she is dirtier than those in adult? Would you say her chances of catching HIV are greater than those in adult? If so, granny is fuckin’ hardcore! 😉

    While trying to make use out of your statistics you may have neglected to use common sense. Take a look again at your numbers and think about it a little bit. Otherwise, the data is just drivel.

  11. I used the CDC data of how many infected people there are in US vs. population of US. Measured against Performers infected vs. how many performers there have been. Compare those percentages. The number that is hard to get and I had to estimate was total number of performers. I couldn’t find that anywhere. I used I think a conservative estimate and the percentage of HIV infection came out to slightly below US %. Not official of course, but it seems to indicate that even if the % is higher, it is a slight difference not a crazy gap.

  12. Again, I am not claiming certainty or fact. But, the same is true of saying the % is much higher in porn. No solid proof of that. Some of the data needed to be precise in this is not widely available.

  13. Your asking me to track down stats that aren’t publicly available as far as I can tell. You sound like an idiot trying to compare anecdotal specific people (like my dead grandmother):|. So, no of course I can’t verify the numbers. For some of it I even had to use estimates. It was in no way scientific. My point was saying that “porn HIV rate is much higher” is not a fact. Unless some data is presented I don’t think that is accurate. That was my main point.

  14. How would I get stats on how many people make up the “seedy part”. You have to measure whole populations.

  15. thats a HIGHLY flawed methodology use the link jilted gave yours isnt really accurate because it doesnt take into account age which is a HUGE factor with the aging population and all it also doesnt take into account sex or ethnicity with sex being another HUGE factor IIRC for every 1 female with HIV there are 10 men

    in terms of the number of performers thats a hard thing to guess but if you extrapolate OUT you would find that for two females to test positive this year the number of female performers would have to be like 10,000 or something (im making these number up but you get the picture)

  16. Are you more comfortable with porn vs. all others, instead of calling it “general public” because that is what I meant by it. If you are saying risky behavior sexually leads to increased % then you are making points everyone knows. This is as silly as saying, “I bet the population that has never touched another person has a lot less STD’s”.

  17. I disagree, you are trying to make a argument for mandating condoms for this specific group. The rest of the population despite age and ethnicity won’t have those restrictions. Also,you can’t use JUST this year. The only way that would make sense is if the safety policy had been changed this year. Then you could say look this is the numbers since this change. You should be measuring since testing. It’s certainly possible I screwed up the stats. Pointing that out is not equal to presenting a case to back up your own points.

  18. I never really considered this, but is gender rates being that way actually good for porn? There are far fewer males. Does this help in any way?

  19. Nevermind I think I may have been over or under thinking that last comment. Not sure it holds any weight.

  20. Let me put it this way Eric I have been in porn since 1992 I am even a multi award winning PERFORMER.

    At this point and for the last several years I will NOT have unprotected sex on or off camera with a girl in the L.A. Talent pool. I would way sooner have unprotected sex with a girl I picked up in a bar. the reason is VERY SIMPLE…I KNOW FIRST hand the prevalence of STDs in porn, and the studies done by UCLA back me up I am 64x more likely to get chlamydia from a porn performer than from anyone else. I am 30x more likely to get Gonorrhea from a porn performer than from anyone else.

    Heres the study
    Rodriguez-Hart, Cristina MPH; Chitale, Rohit A. PhD, MPH; Rigg, Robert MD; Goldstein, Binh Y. PhD; Kerndt, Peter R. MD, MPH; Tavrow, Paula PhD

    Background: Undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may be common in the adult film industry because performers frequently engage in unprotected oral and anal intercourse, STIs are often asymptomatic, and the industry relies on urine-based testing.
    Methods: Between mid-May and mid-September 2010, a consecutive sample of adult film industry performers recruited from a clinic in Los Angeles, California, that provides medical care to performers was offered oropharyngeal, rectal, and urogenital testing for Gonorrhea, and rectal and urogenital testing for Chlamydia.
    Results: During the 4-month study period, 168 participants were enrolled: 112 (67%) were female and 56 (33%) were male. Of the 47 (28%) who tested positive for Gonorrhea and/or Chlamydia, 11 (23%) cases had been detected through urogenital testing alone. Gonorrhea was the most common STI (42/168; 25%) and the oropharynx the most common site of infection (37/47; 79%). Thirty-five (95%) oropharyngeal and 21 (91%) rectal infections were asymptomatic. Few participants reported using condoms consistently while performing or with their personal sex partners.
    Conclusions: Adult film industry performers had a high burden of STIs. Undiagnosed asymptomatic rectal and oropharyngeal STIs were common and are likely reservoirs for transmission to sexual partners inside and outside the workplace. Performers should be tested at all anatomical sites irrespective of symptoms, and condom use should be enforced to protect workers in this industry.
    (C) Copyright 2012 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association

    you can look it up for the rest

  21. @eric

    So you use numbers to show a point and then claim you can’t verify them and you estimate? Use common sense. When I used your grandmother I was showing you what the general public is like assuming she was like most grandmothers I know.

    When trying to state that isn’t fact use common sense. Unless adult has some way to deter HIV then it obviously is much higher. That’s common sense.

    The people at gloryholes and bathhouses are doing the same thing porn people are. They are having unprotected sex with many people. Remember, it only takes one person and one time. It is safer because of porn? No. That’s common sense. Fighting that it isn’t a fact can make one question your motives because we all know porn isn’t safer than the general public because we use common sense.

  22. @eric

    How would I get stats on how many people make up the “seedy part”. You have to measure whole populations.”

    Like our grandmothers?

  23. Erik,
    The industry has had a testing system for more than a decade. They have all the information, total performers, total tests, total positve resulst for gonnorrhea and chlamydia and HIV. Dont you think if the industry stats, coming straight from the industry clinics, run by industry people, showed a lower rate they wouldnt be shouting from the rooftops.
    C’mon erik, you have always been quite reasonable, but get real., The industry has been compiling stats for over a decade, yet never realeasing them. Ask yourself why.

    The table I include here puts the overall rate at 19 per 100,000 in the US in 2011. Thats just about 2 per 10,000. Considering the number of performers and the number of HIV positive performers(not even counting the gay industry,, which would put the rate astronomicly above the general publc) in the past decade, I think it would be safe to say that the rate of hiv among porn performers dwarfs the general ppublic. Add in the gay industry, and it is a no brainer, porn has a higher rate.

    That being said, the porn indistry DOES HAVE the real numbers, but they will never make them public.

  24. And as I have pointed out many times the comparison is flawed to begin with because the general population doesnt test but maybe once a year so lets say theres 20 per 100K people tested thats 100K different people

    performers test every 2 weeks now so thats 100 tests per year per performer, when you consider THAT fact (theres way fewer actual people being tested in porn) that indicates that our rates are MUCH higher as well

    we got 4 perfomrers testing positive so far this year applied to the general population using US numbers that mean we have have to multiply our numbers by 100 to get the same data (number of people tested in a year NOT number of tests done) so if we have 1000 active performers this year (which is actually way too high more like 500 if that) our std rate is 4 in 1000 or 400 per hundred thousand

  25. @eric

    I wasn’t aware that our bodies ability to catch or resist disease was affected by after the fact testing or cash payment? Where are your statistics to prove this asinine assertion?

    Knowing you are infected doesn’t stop you from passing it on…what about all the stuff the industry doesn’t test for? Hmm. Do you think the FSC is gonna track and provide data for all the performers who disappeared once HepC got them kicked from the PASS availability?

    Do the industry numbers include just LA, California or the entire US where they have approved testing facilities?

    Good luck and let me know how you make out finding the data to back up your claims.

  26. @eric

    Lmao…yes the industry actually does look at gender…to discriminate against the MSM population, requiring them to wear condoms on MSM sets but if they can pass the APTIMA HIV 1 they can fuck bareback on a MF set.

  27. Why can no one get my name right? Have we switched from HIV? That was the topic of your post and what I was talking about.

  28. You don’t see how knowing vs. not knowing would affect your ability to stop spread? That was my point.

  29. @eric

    Look at the shady group. They’re what becomes the pornstars.

    Porn VS. “all others” is still flawed. Granny is part of “all others”. Unless you want to defame her then you have to say she wasn’t like that.

    Let’s look at it this way. I will make it easy:
    There is a dude named Joey. Normal guy. He decides to go to a gloryhole to slurp some Cream of Meat. He gets some AIDS in his gums because he brushed beforehand. Then he goes to a bar a week later. Meets a dude, rails him in the toot hole. Gives that dude HIV.

    What if he did this all for money with a camera pointed at him? It would be totally different, right? Testing removes the negative aspects of this scenario and makes porn safer than regular America, right? Is that what you are saying? (Disputing it isn’t “fact” is saying it isn’t correct.)

    See, trying to compare adult to normal people is absurd unless porn folk aren’t normal people. They have to graduate some course, right? There are specific and strict standards that differentiate, right? It is its own breed grown in a lab? You tell me.

    Look at the AIDS cases in regards to our small community compared to the rest of America. Yeah, that would be a fact. Why bother disputing it? If it is true do you lose money? I don’t understand your motive.

  30. Okay so you took a small window that doesn’t match the annual window given by the CDC and tried to make a comparison?

    The correct way to do this would be to add up all positives a performer had over the course of a year…then compare to the annual stats given by CDC…good luck trying to show STD rates are lower in than out of the industry….it is impossible to compare the known tested to the unknown untested.
    FYI it’s also foolish to compare multiple partner tested to the whole number per 100k given by CDC that includes an unknown quantity of monogamous individuals.

  31. “Look at the shady group. They’re what becomes the pornstars.”

    You can’t get my name correct and this is your Thesis statement. I’m ignoring you. Why are you on the site of a guy who is in porn if this is your assessment?

  32. @erik2690

    It is impossible and foolish to focus on one occupational risk without placing it in context with the associated risks. When you can prove HIV is transmitted differently than these others we can talk.

    Ps if you want to argue lower transmission rates of HIV, then you automatically include the higher rated more easily caught diseases you don’t want to discuss.

  33. “more easily caught diseases”?? So they are transmitted at different rates? I thought you stated they aren’t transmitted differently. HIV is more dangerous than most so arguing just about it is not foolish.

  34. @eric
    “You don’t see how knowing vs. not knowing would affect your ability to stop spread? That was my point.”

    We see that point, but with how HIV spreads and can not be detected we realize that it means about as much as a wicker bedpan. Disputing it isn’t fact is futile considering what makes up the adult industry.

  35. Knowing implies they are willing stop performing with unmonitored STI such as the guy who worked for three years with HepC. My gut is that Sharon Mitchell who tried to educate folks seven years before this performer states he initially tested positive for HepC didn’t walk out of that facility without knowing he could pass it on at work. She took lots of flack for actually doing STI education that caused potential performers to say thanks, but no thanks…truly exercising their informed consent as did those who underwent the same training and chose to go forward.

  36. Erik2690

    It’s very true that no one year provides an accurate picture….how far back did you go? Did you compare that period to the actual reduction of new cases in the US?

    Please stop talking other peoples talking points unless you can back that shit up.

  37. @erik2690

    I’ve yet to see any real numbers you achieved despite the flawed logic you put forth to validate your incomplete analysis.

  38. @eric

    Because I profit from it and I care. People are doing shit that I wouldn’t dare do and I’m making money. Profits have dropped significantly so maybe we all should care and stop lying to ourselves. This was never safe. Whoever thought it was? The goal is to cover it up and continue on.

    Yeah, if you lie about it then money is good. However, I’m not that pathetic of a human being. I’m also smart enough to know that getting fucked by prostitutes wouldn’t be safe. However, if you convince a bunch of girls that then I’m sure you one could shoot some POV scenes and make some money. It’s porn. It is safer.

  39. @erik2690

    You put it out there that performers have a lower rate…that’s why the burden is on you.

    I looked for accurate data from the industry to back up their claims and didn’t find jack shit, even OSHA told them to pound sand when Duke tried to bring an epidemiologist in to prove how much safer performers are. OSHA refused to pay for the bought legal arenas this epidemiologist would be known as an expert witness for their side…it’s called dueling experts…FYI I ain’t dumb enough to start a pissing match like that. So the burden is on you for starting the pissing match.

  40. I said when I tried doing the calculations I got a slightly lower %. That made me think that even with error the % was probably close one way or the other. How is this seen as a scientific claim. I was only pointing out that saying the industry HIV % is larger with no data is not some slam dunk.

  41. @erik2690

    Exactly…you had to guess…what sources did you use to get the info to back up your estimates?

    FSC who doesn’t say if they only include PASS performers which wouldn’t even be all of LA and don’t include stats from nationwide testing centers? Porn may be legal in California, it’s being filmed all over the US.

  42. No one’s “talking points”. You are ascribing something to me that isn’t there. I tried doing a crude analysis based on some numbers and some things I had to estimate. If I did it poorly I apologize. However, I don’t know who you are, but I know who I am. And I am not a scientist nor have any influence on the industry so it was fairly inconsequential. This is a comment thread on a blog. Just so we are both aware of the forum here.

  43. I never argued that the in/out of industry percentages matter.

    My claim is that the industry has refused to create and implement adequate worker safety to justify crying wolf when outsiders try to tell them they must use condoms. It’s my opinion that if the industry developed truly adequate testing (measuring) and medically appropriate methods to reduce the risks to the lowest permissible levels they could still perform bareback. That excluding infectious OPIM-STI by having a backup when a performer has current test but self reports a feeling in throat or down there they could wear a condom or pass on the days shoot would further reduce levels of STD.

  44. Yeah, I’m a commenter on a blog who did a fairly crude comparison with not a ton of available info. Where do you think we are. Did I give you the impression I was a scientist or someone expressing thoughts? I think the latter. Also, saying my data isn’t good enough is not the same as presenting your own. I gave it a quick try. If your opinion is unchanged that is fine. We are were we were, we disagree.

  45. Yeah, you probably won’t I did make a research paper on it. It was a quick calculation. I wrote how I got there you can do it yourself. Post what you find if like. I’m not going to do it again now to post the exacts.

  46. @erik2690
    I’m an uneducated homemaker in the Midwest USA who isn’t affiliated with any organization who is taking advantage of this site owners generously offered comment forum to advocate my personal opinions…now that we have that straight…who are you?

  47. Define “safe”. People are making choices. You should be allowed to take on extra risk if you accept that risk. Unprotected sex and protected sex for that matter will never be safe in any absolute sort of way. People need to decide how they weigh that fact.

  48. @eric
    I don’t really like “eric” ending in a “k” as well as a few others here. I’m going to end it with a “c”. It is what I feel comfortable with.

    ” People are making choices. You should be allowed to take on extra risk if you accept that risk.”

    Yes. Within the general population.

    The general population doesn’t take unwrapped phallus for hire.

  49. @erik2690

    Exactly my point…as an individual you are free to make that choice..the minute it becomes work and a contract enters the picture you have given up some of your freedoms…IG the expectation that you will provide a clean test panel…at your expense to save the stakeholder that expense.

    I guess folks aren’t working on set? That this is a personal freedoms issue vs workplace safety issue?

    Off the set IF I choose to buy a test it’s up to me if I reveal that info to a prospective partner…I am free to choose the risks of the unknown in exchange for a hopefully mutually satisfying experience.

  50. Thanks for reminder just opened a nice red …figure it’s time to add a little vinegar to the piss 😉

  51. I don’t know? That’s why I was asking…
    I guess I should go ask someone?
    Wouldn’t want to do anything illegal without a condom then I’d really be fucked. 🙁
    Hahaha………….. :-p

  52. @erik2690 –
    Can we just call you E? Your name makes people uncomfortable.
    (There’s about to be some watersports over here if I keep laughing this hard… hahahahaha.))

    *I’m just fucking with you, btw. I’m sorry no one gets your name right.*

  53. Wait, what does your preference have to do with my name? ERIK is the Swedish way to spell that name. Just copy and paste it from my username. It’s not more letters.

  54. @erik2690
    Please read for content and context….HIV is transmitted via unprotected sex just like other STD…that’s why they call them sexually transmitted diseases. The diseases have separate names and separate characteristics, one of which is expected transmission rates per exposure to active infection. Are you sure you want to argue which is more dangerous? Some folks say ART has made HIV more of a chronic condition than the deadly disease it once was…do you think people with HepC cancer, praying for a liver transplant think it’s less dangerous than HIV? Let’s not forget the Super GC running around the world killing people with septic shock….or even the nice Cancer causing HPV? Wtf

  55. I’m totally fine with it. Just so odd considering it is in my username spelled correctly. You just copy and paste. Just for info it is the Swedish way of spelling the name Eric and is not very uncommon as far as I was aware. And E is fine. At least then you would be saving letters instead of just using wrong letters.

  56. “Please read for content and context”. Check for that word “most” in my comment. WTF yourself.

  57. What about that Super GC? Mike hasn’t updated us in 2 weeks. Are we just going to not get any resolution to that huge story.

  58. methinks erick misses the point kinda annoying to get nit picked huh?
    anyway that gonorrhea story is FAR from over I have confirmed two cases at least of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea PROVING again Diane lied because CET was the lab but that story is a ways out theres so much more to it…gonna be some crow eating going on…

  59. @eriK
    Arguing about HIV as a separate issue is foolish. If you want to discuss the fact that it has a lower incidence rate per known exposure that’s one thing, but to try and separate HIV from the host of other health conditions transmitted the same way would be just plain nuts.

    The FSC loves to talk about no onset transmission since 2004…they don’t want to discuss the 1998 workers comp case that made IC paid performers workers. They don’t mention the fact that HIV isn’t the ONLY fucking condition transmitted on set….it’s spin. Pure and simple spin…look here don’t look there and please don’t ever look at the whole damn picture.

    Btw…you asked who I am ..who the fuck are you and where does ERIK with a k hail from? Are you a performer… truly doesn’t make a difference..just curious.

  60. Ooooh I do wish you could tell today! Before some asshole accuses me of wanting these people to have resistant or super GC…I don’t…i want performers to have accurate information so they can make an informed choice with respect to that days filming, camming or escorting gig in light of known risks. If you choose to accept a paycheck for the services your body offers I want you to know what the risks are. To that simple.

  61. @mike

    Not sure Erik with a k realizes he is nitpicking…aka poking the other kids in your sandbox…it does seem he doesn’t like being poked back.

  62. Please find a quote where this poking happened. I’d love to see it. If you are calling disagreement poking then I don’t know what to do for you. We aren’t kids in a sandbox either. Seems the rules should be don’t call people names or be aggressive. Disagreeing shouldn’t be an issue.

  63. @mike

    Trying hard here to understand if there is a difference between performer contracted by a producer to work on a film that ends up in IAFD, promoting their own IC brand via streaming cams or doing an escort gig that producer or agent takes a cut of? Is there really a difference? Is the film that ends up in the IAFD industry work and the others personal?

  64. Pa if I got the film database name wrong..sorry..since I’m not in it or getting awards from it, it’s a struggle to recall exact initials.

  65. “Btw…you asked who I am”

    Did I? I honestly can’t find that question. I’m from near Seattle, never affiliated even tangentially with the industry. Taking on one topic at a time is in no way silly. If it is, tell Mike, because I’m commenting on a post that was specifically about HIV. The FSC likes to bring up …. and you like to bring up …. That’s how argument/difference of opinion often works. Why “who the FUCK”, are you angry?

    I guess you are referring to this: “However, I don’t know who you are, but I know who I am.” A sentence in which IO never ask who you are.

  66. @eriK2690
    Do you really not see that trying to call out site owner on every little thing HE is within his rights to do and how he does it as nit picking? IG is he going to leave us hanging on GC issue? If or when he has more to give his reputation tells us he will give more details.

    All the ways you chose to question the validity of others opinions as stated implying they were wrong because you hold a different view? That’s disagreeable and comes across as poking your fellow commenters vs seeking clarity on a misunderstood term or concept.

    Are you seriously not understanding the grief we are giving you?

    Lacey and jilted can tell you that when I showed up with my opinions they helped educate me about the industry and showed great restraint because I sought clarity on terms to understand where they came from and show where I was. This doesn’t mean were pals or friendly…just that we show a sort of respect.

    Please respond in kind to your question about who I am by introducing yourself to the sandbox aka fellow commenters.

  67. So, be clear, am I being rude to Mike or other commenters? First its one then its the other. Again please find a quote to show any rudeness towards other commenters. I believe you are overplaying my non-agreeance as rude.

  68. @erik2690
    Based on the nickel words you presented I’ll assume you aren’t incapable of appreciating the English written word. Based on your refusal to respond to a direct question I’ll now exercise my right to ignore your pathetic ass.

  69. Now, I’m totally confused. What comment of mine are you referencing? What info are you asking me to give you? I know absolutely nothing about who you are. You said I asked “Who are you”. That was untrue. You are calling me names like “pathetic” and yet say I am being rude. It makes no sense.

  70. What direct question? You have many posts here and the comment section doesn’t always seem to be in very good order.

  71. Just for reference, I’ve never seen it spelled Erik before…

    But, there are all sorts of ways to spell names…
    Shawn vs. Sean
    Greg vs. Gregg (I know a few of these.. poor guys)
    Steven vs. Stephen

    Shit, I continuously get called “Lacy.”

    You keep talking about cutting & pasting. Most of the time I’m on my phone. It’s a pain in the ass to copy and paste on there…
    It’s just a comment section… not that big of a deal.

  72. @lacey
    Even drinking with you I’m able to follow comments bar on side….how do you keep it straight?

  73. Wow, never heard anyone say they hadn’t seen it spelled that way my whole life. Guess I was unaware that it was slightly uncommon. By copy and paste I think I was more talking about how easy it is to look at the username than actually copying and pasting.

  74. Yeah the side bar is okay. But, if I leave 2 responses in 2 separate parts of this thread. 5 minutes later you leave a response to me in a totally different part then either of my comments how do I know which one you are responding to?

  75. Lets make a Vegas bet, I will wager $ 1,000 bucks that it will hit before the AVNS and AEE’s. And that it will be a very well know Bisexual male performer, (AGAIN) and it will the unfortunate Major female talent will be exposed and infected. They are running ads I see on Craigslist for more Fresh, male Bisexual males to replace the Heppie boyz from LA Direct in the butt and other agencies. Do you think those scumbag, fucking piece of shit agents really give a fuck about their talent?

    And another thing, You all need to stop all this shit about getting something done. Nobody is going to do jack shit about anything with Scumbags like Derrick Gays and all the other Homo agents around fucking and sucking young guys off and appeasing to people like Axel Braun and other pedophile Bisexual Directors and they’re are Producers too people that like to fly to other countries and child fuck little kids, from right there in Porno Valley land.

    Clean your shit up or you going to all end up Driving trucks for a living for $ 8.00 an hour with no benefits. And becareful who you vote for FSC, they’re all just in the pockets of that GAY company, Brazzers, Manfuck. Have a good weekend and look after each other, even if you don’t like the bitch or ass fuck dude, its the only thing you have now, LIFE.

  76. @ricco
    Fortunately for me I’m not dependent on FSC or any stakeholders making me free to point out the bullshit I see. In the end may discover I was just pissing into the wind…pissing downwind is preferable to closing doors I need open when the rent is due.

    I don’t believe the lies they try to sell performers about how they CANT do what every other industry has to do…I do believe they will retaliate against those dependent on them if they try to stand up.

    Are you suggesting that I don’t have the right to waste my time if that’s what I choose to do, or that somehow talking about what I see is somehow dirty? I don’t think it’s my shit that needs cleaning up…I think it is the scum sucking parasites who shout First Amendment gives us the right to do whatever we want to get mine.. Cloak their bullshit shouting its unconstitutional as they shit all over the constitutional rights of anyone they can make a buck off of.

    IMO driving a truck for minimum wage w/o benefits and steady income is just as worthy as choosing to market yourself for the available legit contracted scenes, accepting the escort gigs a producer or agent so considerately books and takes a cut from ..all to help performers make ends meet when they couldn’t or didn’t get enough contracted scenes. That the FSC/stakeholders are more interested in hiding/shielding their known revenue streams than forging ahead to legitimize those profitable activities.

  77. @Dirty Bob

    Too true…FSC seems to think a sip or two is the equivalent of being waterboarded.

  78. @Lurking
    Hasn’t done waterboarding? If so, then that would be right in the FSC’s comfort zone. It is all safe.

  79. @cpan
    No clue what they play at kink. Be nice now it’s hard to get stats for a sip or two vs a water boarding..and then gotta wonder if it is “industry” or private life 🙂

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