There Are No depths The FSC Wont Sink To



First off sorry for the last few days, I have been enjoying the summer and taking a break….scuse it y’all.


If I had any idea that Eric Leue might actually be something that resembles an honest human being he has proven himself otherwise.


He is now claiming that Prop 60 is AHFs last chance, after that they are dead in the water if it fails… and of course begging for money.   Let me assure you that Prop 60 is NOT AHFs last chance and that AHF can and will break the FSC if The FSC continues to fight in this manner…There is no way on earth The FSC or even the entire industry can withstand a financial war with AHF….And you can bet Lepew knows it, as does Weinstein.

He is also claiming that anyone who shoots porn without a condom, anywhere ob earth can be sued in California if someone in California can access the video on the internet.   I would hope that he isn’t really that stupid but maybe he is, certainly some performers believe it.  I could write a book on all the reasons this isn’t true.

What he isn’t talking about at all is his recommendation to use Doxycycline as a PreP for STIs….imagine that…He knows that turd won’t float in the biz…..But if he gets his way……thats what will happen.

I don’t care how you vote on Prop 60, I have problems with it either way but when you do vote on it know what itis that you are voting for or against, don’t believe a bunch of lies made up in order to con people into giving money to the FSC….Remember out of every dollar you give OVER HALF of it goes straight into Eric’s pocket as his salary….So he has to get the donations coming in, or he doesn’t get a paycheck.  So if you wonder what is his motivation to come up with this bullshit…there you have it.

My recommendation to The FSC….get out of testing altogether, you should be dealing with 1st amendment issues not health issues, there isn’t one single person associated with the FSC who is qualified even at the most basic level to advise on health issues.


138980cookie-checkThere Are No depths The FSC Wont Sink To

There Are No depths The FSC Wont Sink To

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6 Responses

  1. Well the performers are then supporting LeStinky’s salary
    Another shit eater running scams again.

  2. Just goes to show you how desperate FSC insight now.

    Cal/OSHA only has authority to regulate workplaces IN the state of California. Prop 60 also states ‘California residents’ may pursue a civil suit IF Cal/OSHA doesn’t respond to them.

  3. “He is also claiming that anyone who shoots porn without a condom, anywhere on earth can be sued in California if someone in California can access the video on the internet.”

    First, anyone who shoots porn in LA County without a condom can be sued in LA County – and the proof is right there on tape – yet LA County hasn’t gone after anyone, so I don’t think anyone should shake in their boots about much of anything. Nothing says that the state of California will be any more vigilante than the county.

    I think where he is going with this is what happened with Rob Black and the feds – and, by the way, its true of any media. If your product is distributed in an area, if its available to the public in the area, no matter how small the distribution, then you can be sued over its production in that area. I live in New England. I used to work for media companies based in New York City. I was once sued for libel in a federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by a surgeon who had previously practiced in Pa. but was even then living in another state because he felt that court was more friendly to plaintiffs. Rob Black was similarly sued in Pennsylvania by the feds for the same reason. However, in this instance, you’re not suing the porn company for offending the public – you’re suing the porn company for violating a standard, or law, related to the workplace within the confines of LA County, or, if Prop 60 passes, within the confines of California.

    If California tried to sue companies for distributing material within California that doesn’t include a condom, they would be violating the First Amendment. For instance, the federal judge did not rule that condomless porn was obscene – which is really the only grounds upon which you can ban something that is pornographic; he didn’t even say that producing porn without a condom was illegal; what he ruled, and this is important, was that LA County was within its rights to require condoms as a public health matter.

    That’s a very different thing from saying that a consumer can’t watch condomless porn or that a production company can’t distribute condomless porn.

  4. Speaking of desperate…

    If you click links to go to TRPWK and are using google chrome it blocks you,saying the site is red flagged as dangerous and full of ransomware. I go there once in a while to see what crazy fake shit they are currently making up about Mike (or Mark Spiegler).

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