The Rumor That Just Wont Die

I keep hearing about AVN having been sold. Heres the buzz.

To IPorn

For 6 Mill.

IPorn is backed by adultvest which is kind of an ad hoc hedge fund that invests in adult companies.

OK I see some problems with this  first of all 6M seems way too low.

Have you looked at iporn dot com? Does that look like the website of a company that has bought the 800 lb gorilla? With borrowed money?

What kind of hedge fund invests in adult anyway? Specially with the biz in the crapper right now?  Is Bob Freidland involved, sure smells like it. ( For those who don’t remember Bob was the man behind Jill Kelly Productions, he took off with  a pile of money after taking the company public and has yet to be seen or heard from again. )

To say my bullshit detector is going off is an understatement.

23880cookie-checkThe Rumor That Just Wont Die

The Rumor That Just Wont Die

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