The Real Public Health Hazard is Utah Governor Gary Herbert

OK I know that pandering is nothing new to politicians, it is second nature to whore themselves for attention and there is not one person in America who knows that they will lie in a heartbeat if it benefits them even a little.  Such is the case with Gary Herbert Utah’s attention whoring governor.

In a rather meaningless resolution he calls pornography a “public health crisis” cited long disproved, factually incorrect statements and flat out lies to support his bid for attention.  Things like porn causing rape, the industry being involved in child porn and the ubiquitous “porn addiction” nonsense.

The real health hazard is Gary Herbert propagating these dangerous and in some cases criminally libel assumptions as fact.  I was writing more of a response when I got a press release from Adella’s Fine Ass Marketing.

Porn Industry Calls BS on Utah’s
Anti-Porn Resolution, Citing Poor
Sex Education as Real Culprit
Utah Leads Nation in Cases of Sexual Violence,
Which Experts Link to Lack of Comprehensive
Sex Education Rather than Pornography!
CYBERSPACE – Prominent members of the adult entertainment industry are calling B.S. on Tuesday’s anti-porn resolution signed by Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert. The resolution states porn creates “a sexually toxic environment,” and labels it as “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” Countering the claims, many in the adult industry are pointing the finger at Utah’s poor sex education as the real culprit for the state’s top ranking in 2015 regarding incidences of sexual violence.
“Just when you think it’s 2016, and we are progressing as a society, Utah goes and does something like this,” stated jessica drake, a popular sex educator and contract performer/director for adult studio Wicked Pictures. “Once again, the Utah government is rejecting all attempts for the state to move beyond an archaic abstinence-only sex education, when it’s continually proven there is a direct link between abstinence-only programs and increased sexual violence.”
Part of the resolution recognizes “the need for education,” yet in February, a Utah House panel blocked a bill to reform the state’s sex education policies. Time and again, sexual violence is reported to have the highest rates in states offering abstinence-only sex education as the state standard. The programs contribute primarily by ignoring sexual violence, rather than clearly defining sexuality and consent.
Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and South Dakota were all ranked as five of the top six states in 2012 for reported rapes per 100,000 people (the study does not account for all forms of sexual assault and violence). All five states have abstinence-only state standards for education. The Senate in Alaska, which has the highest reports of rape, passed a bill in February banning Planned Parenthood. California, which houses the porn industry, and was one of the first states to adopt an affirmative consent sex education curriculum, has one of the lowest reports of rape.
There is no statistical correlation between high porn consumption and an increase in sexual violence or rape. In fact, an article in Scientific American Mind even details how porn viewing may deter sexual violence.
The Utah resolution also cites porn as “addictive” and treats women as “objects and commodities for the viewer’s use.”
“Anti-porn groups continually denounce porn as addictive, yet the majority of their research is backed by the Mormon Church,” said Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development for and its adult e-tail site, “Their data is extremely selective and is contrary to what scientists and behaviorists around the world are reporting. Utah is ignoring the real issue with their attack against adult entertainment.”


“Porn isn’t addictive,” reported clinical psychologist David Rey in a recent interview with Rewire News. “It isn’t even harmful for the overwhelming majority of users. Fewer than one percent of porn users experience negative effects from their porn use, but ten percent of people are afraid of their porn use. The message here is that porn isn’t addictive — but fear might be.”

“I want people to see my movies and realize that a woman is in control of her own sexual destiny,” said adult filmmaker Jacky St. James. “There is a freedom and empowerment derived from exploring your sexuality, and denying that we are sexual beings is a really backwards notion.”

Signed in conjunction with Utah’s proposal is a bill introducing new laws about reporting child pornography. “It’s important to distinguish the difference between legal, consensual porn movies made by adults, for adults, from disgusting, illegal acts of sex trafficking and child pornography,” said Dillon. “I support any law that helps put an end to child porn, but it is upsetting when lawmakers try to bundle our industry in with criminals.”
“Porn is about promoting healthy sexuality,” added Drake. “Repression and lack of education are what actually create a toxic sexual environment.”

I edited the press release above, sticking to relevant content.  What I would like to see happen is the industry sue Governor Herbert and the state of Utah on grounds that the statements made are provably false, libelous, and designed to do harm to a legal and legitimate industry.  We might not win but we could bring attention to the fact that these arguments are not based on any kind of truth and send a message that we will not tolerate it.  THIS IS the kind of thing that The FSC should be doing. Kudos to FineAssMarketing and Adella for putting this out, hopefully a few mainstream publications will grow a pair and stop propagating hate and ignorance.

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The Real Public Health Hazard is Utah Governor Gary Herbert

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25 Responses

  1. Between this and going after transgender people in North Carolina people that vote should be very careful who they are voting for (not to mention the move to overturn Roe vs. Wade). Conservatives can be very dangerous and if not stopped will try and turn our Country back in time to the 1930s.

    Doesn’t help that guys like Max Hardcore are part of the porn industry. Putting skinny flat chested barely 18 year old girls in cheerleader outfits and pigtails is just asking for trouble.

  2. I don’t know of a scientific basis to anything in the Constitution including all of the amendments.

    As for Utah Gov. Dickwad Jackoff (or is his name Cocksucking Homosexual instead), it is proven that abstinence-only sex ed doesn’t do squat for high school students. I think sex ed should be comprehensive including how to use condoms, spermicide, the pill/Depo Provera, what VDs are and how a person can get them, explain the ins and outs of the different VD tests, what rape is and the law behind it, how the reproductive system works, what fornication is and that it is a felony in Michigan and Utah (ironic since Gov. Jackoff is from Utah), etc. Of course abstinence should be stressed to minors as they don’t have any business having sex but these minors will soon become adults and need this information to make informed decisions when the time comes for them to have sex. It should also be drummed into their little heads that abortion is murder unless the mother’s life is in dire medical jeopardy — and that it is NOT an acceptable form of birth control. Since minors are having sex at alarming rates part of the sex ed curriculum should include mandatory VD testing once each year during the high school years with treatment of any VDs found offered and provided free of charge outside of the school budget. We have mandatory immunizations already so mandatory VD testing should be constitutional under the same arguments.

  3. “…abortion is murder unless the mother’s life is in dire medical jeopardy…”
    WHOA! Back up the truck there amigo. That is not the current law of the land. You were on a roll right up to that point. That and the rest is a bit over the line.

  4. I’m with Toby and I believe a woman has a right to choose. mharris was right on the money until he got to that point.

  5. At least for now we will have to agree to disagree there, Toby and Karma. At least we agree on something — abstinence only sex ed is a crock of shit that actually makes things worse (however well-intended those believing that if sex isn’t taught minors won’t have sex may be — that has been proven to not be true).

    I am interested as to your thoughts on mandatory VD testing of high school students. I think that is a good idea because so many HS students are rutting like weasels and at least some of them have to be getting VD. Ten students both getting syphilis and fucking three others each (who fuck three more each and so on) makes for an epidemic — especially if it isn’t caught and treated in a reasonably swift manner. I used syphilis in my example because it is a VD that is easily not noticed, in some cases until years later. Sex ed won’t prevent many of these situations. Also, in most cases if a HS student gets VD and their parents are notified it will be treated, pronto!

  6. I thought about what I wrote and although I do stand by it I want to add that because of what women have been misled into believing about the unborn over the past 40 years I am not going to knock on them for having an abortion in their past. If someone doesn’t know that something they do is wrong when they do it I am man enough to tell them to move on and do better in the future. I have talked to many scientists over the years (the wonders of spending an extended amount of time in the post-secondary educational environment) and literally every one of them say that life begins at conception — and can prove it (unlike the theory of evolution of which there isn’t proof of). However, most women aren’t research scientists (and neither am I) so they can only act on what they are taught which as far as the science field is concerned in most states isn’t much. Therefore I want to say that I am not going to knock on someone that has had an abortion in the past and am confident that once it is proven to them that life begins at conception (an introductory biology course at a reputable four-year university should take care of that) that they will understand my position, agree with me and do better in the future. I do not believe women as a rule are having abortions because they hate kids and want to torture and kill a helpless baby just to get off on it — they just don’t know any better.

  7. Mandatory, across the board, VD testing of students that are minors will never fly in this country. Just way too many legal questions.

    The best viable alternative would be free voluntary VD testing to all students during the “sex ed” part of their high school curriculum. Pass out some free condoms at the same time. Test results given only to the student. If the parents get notified, no one will go get tested. Even that will be a tall order in much of the country.

    You’d have a far higher probability of mandatory testing happening at the college level, where the students are no longer minors. As long as there are state legislatures controlled by the religious right, this is all moot.

  8. You’re trying to rationalize a highly emotional issue, especially for the woman considering an abortion. Unless Roe v. Wade is overturned it’s all just an intellectual debate. I don’t really think unwanted pregnancy is going to be slowed much at all by whether or not they believe life begins at conception. If reason and logic were part of the equation, steps would have been take to prevent getting pregnant.

  9. This is why it’s good you guys have women interacting on the forum with you guys. Mandatory VD testing for High Schoolers, what the heck you guys. They aren’t porners. Sigh, I gotta wonder if any of you ever got tested during high school if you had sex.

    Women and girls can go to the gyno, not sure what the “legal” age is for that, but you can go when your in high school and get tested as well as birth control and no your parents do not have to know. It is your body, your privates, your info, and its HIPPA or however you spell it. You can bring parents but for legal health reasons you don’t have to bring them to take care of yourself.

    Abstinence only and sex ed in high school is shit because people have fucked up views about sex. When cultural views change about sex, sex ed will change. There are good hard working people trying to change that, but look at this forum. We got a long way to go.
    Geez louise, abortion is murder what the heeecckkkkk. Honestly I’m tired of trying to explain this shit. I’m gonna let others do that one for me, I’m not the one with these common sense views, and as others mentioned a woman has a right to choose.
    Some people must not have very high opinion of women around here, and that is a goddamn shame. It’s 2016 and we are on a pro sex, pro porn forum. SMH.
    Sex ed for high schoolers will get better once culturally people stop having fucked up views about sex, women and sexual health. Look at this forum and what some people think here, we still got a long way to go. Hard working people are trying to make it better but there’s too much push back from the nutty ones.

  10. Sociologically abortion is such an interesting topic. I have always been of the mind that it’s a personal issue between a woman and her God and that by and large I should stay out of it, When I have a uterus and can carry a baby to term then I would have a say in the matter. In reading the history of Roe v Wade it is obvious that the Supreme Court reached the correct decision, which had more to do with state law and federal law conflicting with each other than the “right to choose”, striking down Roe v Wade would simply re-introduce that problem into the legal system, the real solution is for congress to enact legislation that defines it one way or the other. If you want to better understand read the book “Storm Center” by David O’Brien

  11. I was 21 when I lost my virginity but that was in a completely different era. I can say that when I was sexually active I did test regularly — it was a part of my twice annually lab testing. I think VD testing should be mandatory for minor HS students because they are likely all fucking within the same circle and a HS can be a worst-case scenario for spreading VD. I just want to nip any epidemics of VD in the bud and not have half the school with syphilis or worse before an epidemic is caught. Syphilis and HIV are the two big ones here because they can be virtually asymptomatic, sometimes for years and both can cause someone to get very ill and die way before their time if not caught in time. I can justify this with the same logic that is used to require immunizations before enrolling in a public school.

  12. The closest k-12 schools in the US will get to STI testing voluntary or otherwise is referrals upon request. Perhaps allowing a Red Cross blood donor type bus to park on the grounds for students in municipalities where parental notification isn’t an issue. Unless the medical community is going to donate their services no district can justify diverting the funds it would require to pay for it. Even where parental notification isn’t required unless the student is paying cash their parent will get an EOB (explanation of benefits) if any kind of health insurance is billed.

  13. In some states HS clinic VD testing is covered under the state Medicaid program without an application form and on demand for those under 18. I think this is a good program idea and worth the money. Hell, medicate them too if they need it. Unfortunately in my home state it is supposedly illegal to even offer condoms in school-based health clinics and no prescriptions or VD testing can be performed on a minor without a parent’s or guardian’s permission (a student cannot even use the school-based health clinic’s services except for an emergency without a parent’s or guardian’s permission).

  14. @Matthew Harris

    Mandatory VD testing for high school kids? Hell, why wait that long, Matt? Test them in 5th grade. Dude, you’ve seriously lost it. You’ve made some outlandish statements here but this one may be at the top.

  15. what states?

    It’s possible some municipalities have an agreement with the local health dept to use their building to provide services but it’s a separate program and doesn’t fall under dept of Ed. Given the reality that most schools don’t provide a RN for diabetics, heart conditions and asthma the idea that a physician is on the premises all day to order tests isn’t meshing.

  16. For those who continue to push the fantasy that if the law cracks down on porn in California they’ll just relocate to New Hampshire, where its legal, the governor took one of the first steps to change that this week, signing a bill to outlaw revenge porn in NH.

  17. I would hope that kids are still virgins in 5th grade, Hop. However, my idea of mandatory VD testing of all minor HS students is based on the same logic that allows states to require mandatory immunizations. I don’t think that outlandish at all considering high schools have become almost literal petri dishes for VD with at least half of the students fucking multiple partners by age 16 and in most states not knowing jack shit about how to protect themselves. A syphilis or HIV outbreak is just one student fucking the wrong person away, when that happens there will be a VD epidemic in one or more high schools (if there isn’t already). Mandatory testing would nip that in the bud and possibly save many lives if HIV is involved. What is the difference between requiring immunizations and requiring regular VD testing? I don’t see any difference whatsoever.

  18. @mharris
    Major flaws to your rationale.
    1. The child has NO say yeah or nea on immunizations.
    2. Parents must provide the vaccines or a legitimate objection notice or their child can’t attend.
    3. Parents pay for immunizations via cash, paid or low income provided insurance and get EOB … Explanation of benefits.
    4. The intent is to thwart stuff like measles and other stuff easily transmitted among students sitting in class together.
    5. Given #4 you’d have to get the boards of Ed to agree that sex is part of a students usual school day.
    6. Number five will not happen.

    Think about what you’re suggesting and consider this. Schools do not require annual flu vaccinations despite the number of missed student attendance days…those are known and quantified as the basis to the majority of school board funding.

    Good luck getting health departments to query their STI data by school district attendance areas. That’s a whole other can of worms with autonomous charter school districts and private school attendance. Bottom line unless the unknown quantity of STI are disproportionately affecting students ability to learn your idea is beyond the scope of the US educational system intents and purposes.

    By the way do you know how many cases of teacher diagnosed ADHD there are in schools or how many cases of bonfide physician diagnosed asthma? Hint there is more asthma and danger to those students who can’t access their inhalers to combat dustmites & cockroach dander among other usual school day hazards.

  19. @BT

    As long as 2257 remains in place I’m not seeing how a bill against revenge porn correlates to an unfriendly business atmosphere for legit porn productions. To me this is another reason industry leaders are penny wise and pound foolish trying to overturn 2257. They come across as supportive of kiddie & revenge porn and against the right of recourse for those exploited. That creates an unfriendly business atmosphere for legit porn productions.

  20. At least where I live an asthmatic student has his parent or doctor sign a form stating the inhaler is prescribed, submits it to the school and he is allowed to carry his inhaler. Same for epi-pens. The school also keeps an epi-pen in the office in case a student that doesn’t possess one of his own has an allergic reaction. The release required from each student’s parent allows for administration in an allergic emergency. Until Obama and his friends got into the fray (at least in most school districts located in my area of the state) students could carry any prescribed medication — including OxyContin or Adderall — with a physician’s signature to that same form, no matter what age or grade the student was in — including Kindergarten.

  21. @mharris

    The point of ADHD vs asthma ….classroom management of disruptive behavioral issues takes priority over life threatening conditions. A convenient diversion to pass the time until you tell us which states opened the door to STI testing via their educational funding umbrella.

    Most people aren’t aware that there are several thousand separate school districts in the US with their own distinct policies. Districts are always choosing which basic services to cut to ensure compliance with state and federally funded mandates…good luck convincing administrators that STI testing ought to be a priority.

  22. I was wondering why ADHD came into the conversation. I know NYC public schools attempted to bring VD testing into their school medical clinics (I never heard whether it was successful enough to continue since testing was voluntary). I don’t think the school district was paying for the testing or other health services, I would suspect NY State Medicaid paid for it. I would have to look into it more to find other districts doing so but it has came up several times over the past 10 years or so in the media.

    As for ADHD, I would be more concerned with schizophrenia (fortunately very rare until the late teens), the bipolar disorders, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and the like more than ADHD. ADHD is relatively easy to treat with either Strattera or the amphetamine based medications (most of which are time-release nowadays so dosing at school isn’t necessary), get an untreated severely autistic or bipolar I kid in class and depending on the severity you have plenty of class disruption (especially with federally mandated mainstreaming — a steaming crock of shit IMO, it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else to be in special classes if they cannot function appropriately in a mainstream class) and both are notoriously hard to treat in children, medication therapy is especially hit or miss with autism, the only medication I know of approved to treat it is Haldol and that is playing with proverbial fire due to severe side effects (look up tardive dyskinesia sometime) and if the dose is high the poor kid will be a proverbial zombie for a week. Fortunately there is off-label treatment of infantile autism with other antipsychotics that are easier to tolerate but since research wasn’t performed to justify it or determine appropriate dosing that is only advisable if a psychiatrist or MD specializing in children’s mental disorders with experience in this is doing the prescribing.

  23. @mharris

    The point was educators are focused on what disrupts their ability to teach…leaving teenage angst of an STI aside they aren’t the same type of deterrent to achieving educators goals as ADHD. Now you know why the schools that set out to conquer the war on drugs wound up creating an epidemic of adolescent addicts. 😉

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