The PASS Medical Advisory Board Unveiled. Dr Kulbersh Is the Only One With A Performer Listing


I’ve done a lot more research on this issue in the last twenty four hours, I mean if Dr Kulbersh is a test entry then then he shouldn’t be questioned about that, but that is not the case.

First PASS is just APHSS renamed, when Dr Kulbersh joined the medical advisory board the APHSS Database was already up and running, and if you look at the ID numbers of the PASS Entrys it backs up the notion that Dr Kulbersh is a recent addition

Second, here are the names of the people on the Medical Advisory Board:

Akaki Koka Turkia MD

David L Kulbersh MD

Peter Miao

Sean Darcy

David (Davey) M Smith MD MAS

Anwar Molani MD Dr Muhammad Molani MD

Of these people Dr Kulbersh is the ONLY one in the PASS System

Finally, I looked up Jane Lloyd who is listed on LinkedIn as an IT consultant for the FSC. There are three entries on PASS – jane tester, Jane Test Performer2, and jane tester 3. Two of the entries have no tests on file and one has a red X. These are obviously beta testers for PASS. If Kulbersh is indeed a beta tester as has been suggested, then why on Earth would he use his full name?

I think Dr Kulbersh has some explaining to do. but not one person I have attempted to get an answer from has responded.


92120cookie-checkThe PASS Medical Advisory Board Unveiled. Dr Kulbersh Is the Only One With A Performer Listing

The PASS Medical Advisory Board Unveiled. Dr Kulbersh Is the Only One With A Performer Listing

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  1. PASS and FSC are one and the same. FSC makes no bones about advocating for performers to perform without protection against stds. Testing is not protection, even Dr. Mial says so right on his own website.

    Here is Miao’s ethical breach, one that should surely be reported to the Medical Board. Miao operates a Harm Reduction program. As such, it is a clear conflict of interest to be associated in any way with an organization that advocates against the very same protections that the harm reduction program is intended to monitor. To provide HARM REDUCTION services, and at the same time be an advocate for the ireesponsible and reckless behavior that makes the HR program necessary is a CLEAR breach of medical ethics.

    This is why the POLITICS of the porn industry must be removed from the medical care provided to its employees.

    You must remove the fact that the sexual acts are part of a performance,,,that has NOTHING to do with the MEDICAL consequences that arise from multiple partner unprotected sex. The doctors providing care for patients should not be involved with any organization that supports, and even encourages the risky behavior.

  2. @mike
    Ty for looking deeper into the beta testing theory. For those still stuck on this or a dare leading to Kulbersh inclusion …

    With countless assertions from Duke and others at FSC about how They can’t access or manipulate performer availability, this leaves the three part process of
    1. Registering where the name initial shows as Cachapero test available
    2. Testing at a PASS approved facility where he is additionally identified as a PASS participant
    3. After tests completed the facility enters availability.

    Even the dare theory doesn’t pass the smell test…daring or even demanding that he take and pass the same protocols he advised doesn’t require inclusion in the PASS database for proof…many performers routinely adhere to the protocols w/o database inclusion via hard copy or shared ?code for web access to results.

    Maybe he is a wanna be performer who decided to publicly share his medical tests? Lol

  3. Wait a minute… I could have sworn when questioned about this “Medical Advisory Board” during the Cameron Bay/Daily/Delgado HIV debacle that the FSC named like 2 or maybe 3 doctors… where did all the rest come from?

  4. I thought I saw a comment somewhere about a possible alias being used, POSSIBLY, by the good doctor here. What was that alias, and has anyone checked to see if that alias in the PASS system. LOL If it was its probably gone by now.

  5. I thought I saw a comment somewhere about a possible alias being used, POSSIBLY, by the good doctor here. What was that alias, and has anyone checked to see if that alias in the PASS system. LOL If it was its probably gone by now.

  6. @jilted

    I see where you are coming from and agree that “first do no harm” seems in opposition to the harm reduction vs prevention we expect from physicians.

    Dr. Maio has no control over his patients nor does any medical standard require him to regulate patient behavior. Similar arguments have been applied to abortion docs who aren’t violating any medical protocols or ethics to provide a legal medical service. As an advisory board member he is just one voice and has no ability to control the outcome of any issue put to a vote.

    Private practice physicians have the ability to fire a patient but aren’t required to do so. As long as a physician follows medical standards of care there isn’t a breech. Pulmonolgists set up practice near mines all the time to provide services to miners who continue to expose their damaged lungs to harmful environments to earn a living. With these patients it isn’t a matter of testing to see if exposure resulted in a condition requiring treatment, it is doing lung function tests to determine the severity of new damage, creating care plans to balance the known risks and quality of life issues.

  7. I hear what youre saying Lurk, but that doctor doesnt tell his patients its ok to not wear your beathing mask down in the mine. Doctors are required, as are lawyers and other professions, to avoid even the appeaance fo a conflict of interest.

    Harm Reduction programs are a recognized field of medical practice, and they are often necessary, and porn is a perfect example. But the doctor providing the HR program should not be any part of any organized effort to advocate for the continued behavior that makes the HR program necessary. That is clearly a conflict of interest, and not in the best interest of the patient, In the case of porn, it is obviously in the interest of PRODUCERS to encourage the reckless, and dangerous behavior, and that is where Miao and others cross the line of ethical behavior.

    How can any doctor affiliate themselves with any organization that says condoms can cause more damage than they prevent, especially when youre talking about people who have multiple partners? As a board member of APHSS, Peter Achworth has been quoted as saying exactly that, condoms can cause more disease, its in another of those great Julie Meadows interviews that will probably disappear as soon as she hears of this post, just like the Kurt Trepetow interview. Dont worry Julie, we’ve got it acrchived(ps it was sent to the OSHA field office handling the Kink case,,thanks)

  8. So… just keep posting his name and implying impropriety in the absence of evidence? Sounds logical.

  9. Erik, my obviously young and naive little friend, have you ever played high stakes poker? You play soft in the beginning, get to now your opponent, make a few bets, fold a few times, get a feel for how your opponent plays. See how he raises when he’s got the goods, look for the tells when he’s bluffing. You give out little signals as to what you have, or what you might have, and see how your opponent reacts. You let your opponent get away with a bluff or two, then, oh yes, then you put the hammer down and knock him out of the game.

    What makes you think, my naive little troll, that all of the cards here have been played already? Havent you figured out how this works yet? Havent you seen how AHF has been playing their hand for a few years now. And finally, they are starting to pput the hammer down. Watch and see how the good doctor folds his hand here, and runs for the hills. This game has barely just begun.

    ps,,,,it the “he is only a beta tester” is the best bluff you guys can come up with I suggest you move to the small limit tables, and cut your losses.

  10. @erik,
    Regarding the innocent until priven guilty,,,,you see young grasshopper, this is porn, and in porn you dont play by the rules. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Often times the cops now someone is guilty, but they hold off and let the crook incriminate himself even more, in order to make an even stronger case. Just like AHF did with Ackworth. They let that smug idiot dig his own grave, they baited him, and he took it hook line and sinker. And Acworths position on the APHSS board is going to be the downfall of that bullshit organization too.

    Now go have some warm cookies and milk and take your nap.

  11. @jilted

    For breech of care a doc must not only omit to mention expected risk mitigation to patients but must advocate that risk during patient care. IG my doc doesn’t remind me at visit to quit smoking.

    Serving on a board doesn’t imply his opinions or position match other members position statements…it’s possible to be the lone dissenting voice. Before I mentioned him as a voting board member vs “advisory” member…this makes the potential disparity between his position and the voting board members even easier to stand on to deflect accusations.

    “Advisory committees” present information sought by the governing board and are very careful to stick to responding to the direct questions. It’s like a game of don’t ask don’t tell. In a way it’s like hiring an expert witness. On boards where the secretary utilizes a recorder it’s not uncommon to pass notes with head nods to assent and shake for nay to determine the scope of inquiry by the executive committee. Once the scope is nailed down it gets presented during the regular business.

    Advisory committees are like ad hoc committees created by the board Chair in that they…are informational, rarely get voting priveledges and serve at the discretion of the Chair. This means that they can be formed and dismissed at anytime for any purpose.

    With atty Jeffrey Douglas as chair last year and the Statements issued by Duke it’s clear the FSC is limiting the scope of what they ask the medical advisory committee. The FSC would also refuse minutes to substantiate any specific statement of the committee as irrelevant to any committee members individual position.

    Lastly professional ethics boards rarely sanction in the absence of clear substantive evidence of an issue. If his presence on an advisory committee were an issue he’d simply step down ending any further need for concern.

    As you often say…only in porn. Lol try serving on a few Boards 🙂

  12. TY too Mike for investigating. I think aside from any ethical considerations, the most concerning issue now is, who conducted the test on this person, and what safeguards are in place to prevent someone conducting testing from potentially giving themselves a pass on a failed test.

  13. Thanks Lurk. What about ‘the appearence of a conflict of interest.’ The conflict is clear cut, he operates an HR program, and is associated with and organization that advocates the very behavior that mandates the existence of the HR program. Peter Ackworth, in charge of APHSS has publicly stated that condoms can cause more disease when used on in the porn production setting. But hey, we’re just keyboard warriors. Lets wait to see what the California Medical Board has to say.

  14. @jilted
    The board would look at his medical practice and patient care to substantiate any allegations against him.

    “Operates” implies ownership or authority (direct or delegated) which separates him from the HR program created and administered by FSC.

    He along with many other medical service providers are simply expanding their patient/client base by serving a niche population. As long as they meet the standards of care to the expanded patient load it makes no difference who the patient is. Independent physicians can choose the type of services they offer (specialties) provided that those services are conducted in an appropriate manner.

    The CMB doesn’t care what Peter Ackworth says unless he attributes those statements to a licensed physician…which he hasn’t done.

    This is an example of why I say Duke earns her paycheck…look at every statement she attributes to medical providers..even when it looks like she is throwing them under the bus she is cautious to avoid crossing the line.

  15. @jilted
    Defining “conflict of interest” isn’t a common sense process, it leaves room for every exception. IG a state recently ruled that a guy with a law degree convicted with 20 years of required registration as a sex offender was ineligible to sit for the Bar Exam. That state didn’t include registration as a sex offender as an automatic prohibition instead choosing to look at each situation on a case by case basis.

  16. @MikeNZ
    The safeguards against him testing himself (or directing his staff to conduct test) or additionally entering false information are medical standards of care.

  17. @lacey
    Seeing six names was a surprise in light of FSC keeping a tight lid on just who served on this “medical advisory board” in the past. With historical refusals to respond to direct questions I wondered how far Mike had to dig and/or if it came his way after prior posts to be stowed away for future reference.

  18. The FSC couldnt keep the lid on a trash can….a few names got out but I had all of them very shortly after that meeting. I been sittin on em waiting for the right time to use em…I also have full bios on everyone of them..It was widely reported that one is a plastic surgeon that isnt true…he is a cosmetic surgeon and thats actually WAY down from a board certified plastic surgeon. more on all that to come

  19. Lurking my girl and I went to CET not to long ago, and what we found out was Dr Maio is no longer a part of PASS for whatever reason, perhaps he got tired of all the BS. So it looks they’ll have to find someone else to blame for all the problems in the industry. Maybe Dr Darcy can be the new escape goat.

  20. All that proves is that Dr. Miao is smart… good for him. This may explain Lurk’s previous findings that he was re-classified as an “employee.” Does he still practice there at all?

  21. @jw

    As of a minute ago CET is still affiliated with the PASS program as an approved provider who inputs performer availability, so there is involvement at least to that extent.

    It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear Dr. Maio distanced himself from the advisory committee given the FSC comments throwing him under the bus. Back in October he changed the CET business structure changing himself from an officer to employee according to manta.

  22. Lurking and Lacey according to the ladies who work at CET Dr Miao does have his practice there, and CET is a pass provider, but he is no longer on the advisory committee for whatever reason.

  23. Good to hear from you again JW, Hope you and your girlfiend are doing well. It doesnt surprise me that Dr Miao would excuse himself from the “advisory’ board. It is pretty obvious that PASS, as an organization, does not take any advice from medical professionals. No medical proffesional could ever sign off on the ‘condoms can cause more disease’ stance that the FSC, which is PASS, promotes.

    Protect yourself Jw,,I know you dont need me t remind you of that, just remember, its a wild world, and there’s alot of bad out there.(a little cat stevens for ya)

  24. Jilted my girl and I are doing fine thank you for asking. And even though were both in the industry we are fully aware of how crazy the world is, that’s why we live such a boring life. However we do agree with the two week testing, but we don’t agree with all the testing we need to work. Such as the hep B test, we were both vaccinated for B so why do we have to get the test every two weeks? If that’s the case why even get the vaccination? It was so simple when we all went to AIM and there was NO FSC setting the rules for us to live by.

  25. ps,,,,it the “he is only a beta tester” is the best bluff you guys can come up with I suggest you move to the small limit tables, and cut your losses.

    Who is “you guys”? And why do you call names when you don’t like what I say?Your opinion being opposed to mine does not make your opinion more valid. What is your goal? Are you trying to play “Medical Ethics Board: The Home Game” from the comment thread? Why?

  26. Who are you? I’ve never seen more smug way of writing. You understand you are a commenter on a blog post, right? I don’t anything about what type of people these are. I brought up the lack of evidence and the amount of filling in blanks to get to the conclusion you want.

  27. @erik2690

    Who are you? The way life works is…you dish it out it’s gonna come back aka karma is a bitch.

    From your first comment the overall theme has been criticism of either the main post or related comments. As to name calling….karma is a bitch and you started that shit.

    Talk about arrogant self entitled dreamers….no one cares what hole you crawled out of. Several folks have let you know that poking your head out to take shots is a good way to get return fire.

    Why do you repeatedly assign motives to others comments? Who the fuck are you that you deserve justification beyond the presence of someone else’s comment on an open forum? Please explain how or what you hope to accomplish with looking for some mysterious goal or agenda. What is your goal or agenda?

    As to disagreeing with what you say…roflmao..the few times you’ve offered something that wasn’t characterizing someone else’s comment it has been wild ass off the wall nonsense.

  28. @jw….probably because the hep B vaccine is 95% effective leaving a small chance of contraction…600,000 people die each year from complications due to hep B so it’s good for you and others that everyone’s still tested.

  29. There is absolutely no reason to test for hep b if you have been vaccinated. You should have been given a card that shows the dates of your shots,,,,,,is the hep b vaccine still a series of three shots over a couple of months?

    You would think and advisory board of doctors would know this. And if youre paying more than ten dollars for that hep b test youre getting ripped off.

  30. Isntit amusint that these folks know the motives of everyone who might be critical of the industry, but they have no clue as to the motives of the industry or the FSC in particular. Heres a hint, the FSC is involved in the testing for one reason only, and that is to keep the cameras rolling, not to benefit the performers, The performers PAY for everything.

  31. @jilted

    Must partially disagree with you here…FSC has interests beyond keeping the cameras rolling…PASS is a handy revenue stream!
    agents/producers pay a look see fee that is more than any nominal costs of admin justifies. Additionally they may have “affiliation” agreements with PASS providers. (Haven’t come across anything to verify “affiliation” agreements but no way I’d rule it out)

  32. Did you ever do your own homework?

    Look back over comments to see that until your characterizations aka name calling…IG faux internet sleuths…your glass house was free from return fire.

  33. @erik2690

    OMG who the fuck are you? The grammar police? Don’t you know these are casual comments not intended to be proofread, edited and spellchecked by anyone but the most anal retentive OCD head cases?

  34. If you knew the answer to that question you would know exactly why I know what I do. LOL. And when you can no longer debate the issue, of course, be a good little asswipe and attack the typos, as if that deflects any attention from the issues at hand. You kids are a dime a dozen. My real name has been mentioned here several times but I dont use it for a reason. I want my posts to be about the ISSUES, not about WHO is debating the issues. Just about everybody IN the industry who reads this site knows who I am.

  35. @jilted

    Aww come on now…even us mainstreamers know yer just another Tom, Dick or Harry spouting off 🙂

  36. It is illegal to solicit or accept anything of any value,money, goods, or services, in exchange for a patient referral. Major league felony.

  37. Young Grasshopper,(actually probably to young to even get the reference) for someone who defends the industry so much you sure dont seem to understand the porn industry rules. Rule #1, everybody makes their own rules, and nobody follows them. #2 If you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.#3, and this one applies directly to you Erik, if you dont have clue what youre talking about just keep on talking because nobody gives a shit.

    those are the basics for you Erik, I hope it helps. If not, well feel free to make your own rules, this is porn after all and it is your right, even when you’re wrong.

  38. @jilted

    An affiliation agreement would omit any mention of patient referral…it’s still possible to have an affiliation agreement with respect to PASS entries…that happens AFTER the patient freely chooses their provider.

    Insurance companies do service agreements all the time. Separate from the Medicare reimbursement get incentive checks for everything from reduced specialist referral to inclusion of specific patient procedures at each visit. IG family doc doing annual EKG vs sending patients to cardiologist.

    The added kicker here…at least the insurance companies are third party payors…no felony giving patients a limited choice of providers who meet program criteria and having separate reciprocal agreements with the providers.

  39. An example of what I was talking about. Lets say a certain agent was getting a small fee for everyone of their talent that went to a particular testing center.

  40. @jilted

    There are about a zillion different methods of creative accounting so …if you’ve heard that this is happening from more than one reliable source…I’d say it isn’t just possible but probable.

    It’s a simple matter to skirt the patient referral kickback prohibitions…simply gear the reciprocal affiliation agreement to procedures performed vs patients served.

  41. It really kinda baffles me why erik continues to read this blog and to post…dont get me wrong he is welcome here and I have learned that he is like the kid that constantly asks “why” not because he doesnt already know or understand but because he just likes to hear himself or whatever. Personally I despise Sean hannity, I dont listen to him on the radio or watch him on tv, his condescending and holier than though attitude combined with his idiotic questions that are the logical equivalent of does your mother know you are gay…answer it its a simple yes or no question immediately marked him as a fool to me (albeit a rIch one..but S Menken said “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” so I dont waste my time there, Id like to think that Eric actually learns things here…prolly more than he admits, that or like Uncle Peg (Michael Whiteacre) he just likes to be abused. Either way hats off to ya Erik you hang in there man.

  42. Me: The sky is blue.
    “I don’t understand? Why?”
    Me: Because the sky is blue. I don’t know who came up with color scheme?
    “No. The sky is red.”
    Me: The sky is not red, it’s blue.
    “How can you disagree with my opinion? My opinion is the sky is red.”
    Me: But, the sky is actually blue. Have you ever been outside?
    Me: Well, why don’t you go outside and look up. The sky is actually blue.
    “But, I don’t want to go outside.. and you can’t tell me my opinion is wrong. It’s just an opinion.”
    Me: Ok, but the FACT is the sky is blue. That isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact.
    Your OPINION is that the sky is red. What the fuck am I even supposed to say at this point?
    Over it.

  43. Define blue. how do you know its blue, wheres the proof? what exactly constitutes blue instead of say lavender. and who is the arbiter of exactly what blue is anyway who made you the arbiter of the definition of blue. and is it sky blue or ocean blue or maybe deep blue sea blue

    LOL methinks Erik has issues

  44. @mike

    “Id like to think that Eric actually learns things here…prolly more than he admits, that or like Uncle Peg (Michael Whiteacre) he just likes to be abused.”

    Had no clue “uncle peg” liked to be abused…do see a glass house theme going though. They both like to dish it out, deny & deflect incoming with subject change or even better allying themselves with absent authorities with the idea that their next stone is a boulder.

    Btw (not to promote his properties but…) is “uncle peg” a alias or character?

  45. @mike
    Blue? You mean azure? Isn’t that purple like the night sky where Martians and UFO’s hang out?

  46. Jilted is it illegal to basically send talent to a certain testing facility, or should I just say there are certain agents that are members of LATATA who get money each time they send there talent to a certain testing facility. Is that illegal? Believe me they do, do that. Also is it illegal to give loyalty coupons to talent for free test? Isn’t that a form of bribery? Everyone seems to be after the FSC but isn’t it the testing facilities as well?

  47. Lol
    Can’t even say all possible mainstream to porn translations that went through the brain..sorta like ATM is where I put debit card for cash. “peg” like Margaret…peg like pegging or pegged or a pirate with a diamond encrusted ball gag?

  48. @mike

    Lacey may get it..I’m still stuck with too many options. Were these films he was in? Give me policy any day…these supposedly simple life mysteries seem to elude me:)

  49. I didn’t understand the hannity comparison(?) Or whatever that was. I have learned you rotate between using a C and K to spell a name within the same paragraph.

  50. I’ve never argued established facts though. Where? I question things like condoms in porn. The equivalent to “sky is blue” would be me saying “How do I know that actually is a condom”. I’ve never asked “Why?” to a scientifically factual statement. If I have I’d love the quote.

  51. “LOL methinks Erik has issues”

    What? Why talk about me in this way? I am a human being. When have I ever called into question the legitimacy of another PERSON in these comments. I don’t line up with your thoughts. Your site is an insulated hive, 90% of these commenters nod along at your posts. “Yeah, Mike you got it”, “Your the man tell em, Mike”. I saw your comment on the porn story, it seems once you get outside the bubble of this site, you are in the minority. Your comment was trying to convince all the other commenters they were wrong. From what I can tell you have cultivated a nice base of about 7-10 regular commenters (most viewed site my ass), 90% of which echo your sentiments. I think they legitimately agree with you, people like their opinions reinforced. I disagree with many of your overarching theories/agendas. I say so and yes, posit antagonist or opposing views. This does not deserve a “LOL methinks Erik has issues”. I as the minority here certainly haven’t said this to anyone. Please find where I questioned facts. Saying “Why is the sky blue” while valid (scattered light from the sun, more visible on the light spectrum) is not equal or equivalent to arguing against mandated condoms. In conclusion, the 60 year old man saying “LOL methinks Erik has issues” is childish. I would hope you didn’t say that meaning literal mental issues. My dad (your age) wouldn’t say “LOL methinks issues” to my bi-polar sister because he’s a decent guy. I’ll assume you meant general “issues”, still rude and unnecessary.

  52. Please quote me throwing a stone. Saying the opposite of you is not “throwing a stone”.

  53. This isn’t my home. I have no clue if your name has been brought up or not. It wasn’t a literal “who are you” more like a “are you serious”.

  54. “Talk about arrogant self entitled dreamers….no one cares what hole you crawled out of. Several folks have let you know that poking your head out to take shots is a good way to get return fire.”

    What does “take shots ” mean? Disagreeing with you is no more rude than you disagreeing with me.

  55. “faux internet sleuths” is calling names? Calling someone “not an internet sleuth” is rude?

  56. “your glass house was free from return fire”. Nope personal name calling on this site since day 1. Can you name one other commenter that goes against the grain on this site or disagrees with Mikes opinions? Are they called names. It’s very clear that all the regular commenters here agree with each other and don’t like people who disagree.

  57. @erik2690
    It’s boggling that someone regurgitating the opinions found elsewhere continues to challenge fellow commenters on everything but the issues presented.

    The patience and respect shown by commenters and Mike South in particular is in direct opposition to the treatment you could expect on the sites offering your regurgitated opinions. Instead of direct comments it wouldn’t be a surprise if you quickly became a main post feature where your life had been researched for use in virtually ripping you a new asshole.

    You obviously aren’t paying attention if you can’t see that not only myself but many other commenters have directly disagreed with the content or context of Mikes main posts. As to the theme of general consensus …most sane folks tend to gravitate and spend time where there’s a better chance of kudos vs kicks. As to liking the people who disagree…lol no one gives a shit WHO you are…liking or not liking you…this a comment forum where the comments are liked or not liked.

    As to personal preference lots of frequent commenters here won’t be inviting me to dinner anytime soon…some probably even hate my style and overall positions, others dismiss me altogether. If you’re looking for friends or comment kudos I’d suggest commenting on a site more in line with your opinions.

  58. “It’s boggling that someone regurgitating the opinions found elsewhere continues to challenge fellow commenters on everything but the issues presented.”

    The “regurgitating” could only be known if I looked at a bunch of other sites and was as involved in reading opinions on these issues than you are. They are my opinions, you disagree with them. You still can not point to anything I said that was a personal attack. You just get antagonized by people not agreeing. As far as the “sane” grouping on this site. There is literally like 10 regular commenters. It seems more like a very insulated reinforcement of beliefs party. I disagree with you and instead of not responding or saying “I disagree”, you talk down and call names. Patients shown by commenters? If you as a person have decided my opinion is not worthy, what is forcing to read my comments and test your delicate patients? Nothing.

  59. Roflmao

    Patience is a virtue….Patients are seen by the doctor

    Is it annoying to have your grammar checked? I expect so since it’s clear I understood the intended message and have no earthly reason to point this out except to be a contrary pain in the ass. It offers nothing on the subject at hand, nothing to agree or disagree with.

    I expect that showing up on a forum and repeatedly posting comments like this one then crying about getting picked on and nobody likes me wouldn’t be too popular 🙂

  60. You caught me on the grammar. Not mad at all. You’ve misunderstood completely. I don’t care if my comments are disliked. There is no reason for that to turn into being rude or name calling. “Isntit amusint” is a bit different that spelling a homophone correctly.

  61. “It offers nothing on the subject at hand, nothing to agree or disagree with.”

    So when you make comments like this. Responding to me specifically and not saying anything about “PASS” or the “subject at hand” is that just as bad? I can’t see how either are bad. It’s a comment section. It evolves and devolves as response begets response. There is no specific lane your comment has to be in.

  62. Omg …do you ever give up? Wtf?

    How do you know if I understood or misunderstood your fucking comment when I didn’t say one damn thing related to that comment beyond the intent of the word ..patience vs patient?

    Then to have the balls to refer back to an instance where it was clear you understood the message of the two words being grammatically checked like a grade school assignment by you and take it further to justify the grammar checking but totally ignore my main point….the contrary bullshit comment checking grammar offered not one fucking iota of relevant input….it didn’t relate to the OP, nor did it relate to the content or context of what was presented.

    Re the PASS or whatever…if you haven’t noticed what’s plain to everyone else..I just feel bad for you. For days now I’ve been playing Erik to Erik. Now it’s time to exercise the wisdom of Brooke by putting you in the ignore corner.

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