The Naked Truth About “The Naked Truth In A gentlemens Club”


Most of you know I am partial to porn chicks, strippers and hookers.  I just naturally pull for the underdogs and I like to see them win one.

I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this book




So I started reading it and immediately got a sinking feeling.

Heres something from page ONE where she gives her acknowledgements


Cristina who is a good loyal friend whom is much younger than I but wiser that a woman my age.


Yes that’s the sentence.  YIKES!

I am a fan of good writing, I read voraciously and I have helped others including Kayden Kross and Julie Meadows because I appreciate good writing and both those girls CAN write.

Back to Ms Amber’s book:

In the introduction she defines the terms stripper and dancer and then in the rest of the book (at least as far as I read ) she uses dancer when she means stripper, at least as she defined the terms.

I hate to beat up on this girl but lets be honest, this is the literary equivalent of a train wreck, she can’t spell, she can’t construct a sentence, she gives very false information and she quotes facts without sourcing them, most likely because she made them up.

I made it to page 50 and couldn’t go any further it was just that bad.

It is very clear that Amber hadn’t the benefit of an editor, or if  she did the editor was one of her boyfriends who told her “Oh ya I can edit it for you”.  This aforementioned editor would be the literary equivalent of a suitcase pimp.

But I wanted to be sure I wasn’t being overly harsh so I sent it to my friend who writes books reviews professionally.

Here’s what he said:

That stupid, illiterate bimbo is trying to sell that piece-of-shit ebook for $21.99.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The complete lack of spelling, syntax and grammar is just sad. Holy shit.

I have an idea. If she wants to stop grinding on cocks and be a writer, why doesn’t she take the time to actually learn how to write?

Tim Walker
Sales Director
Dayton City Paper


Don’t quit your day job there at the strip club Ms. Amber.


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The Naked Truth About “The Naked Truth In A gentlemens Club”

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6 Responses

  1. Oh and GOOD NEWS, btw. According to her little blurb on Amazon, this book is just the “platform” start of a SERIES of books
    “that are an extension of stories, lessons and advise based on my own experiences”. Can’t wait to hear her good “advise”!

  2. you can write too there goddess….you just never do it for me no mo….Im hurt.

    howd ya like that sentence she fucked up the grammar, the syntax and the spellin all in one sentence of less than 2 dozen words on page ONE. Jesus…

    Wanna take over for me for a week soon?

    My readers now prolly dont remember you

  3. I heart this line….”There are no particular guides for dancers on how to work and make money because only a dancer can tell another dancer the do’s and don’ts on how to work. It’s like the blind leading the blind. I see this all the time.”

  4. Hi Mike,

    We haven’t formally met. My name is Valarie Amber, I read your review on my book and I had to email you to clarify a few things. First of all, the version of my book that was emailed to you was a mistake, it was not the final edited version and I did clarify that with my PR agent. Second, I never proclaimed to be a writer, and yes, the book has been edited and you have not received the final version. I am only trying to get a message out to society about my true experiences as a dancer in the Gentlemen’s Clubs in Las Vegas for the past 10 years. Third, the term “Dancer” is a respectful way when referring to a “Stripper” in our industry; I respect them all because I know what it takes to work and survive in this industry. There are many levels to dancing in different types of Strip Clubs and in my book it explains the levels, especially when working in Las Vegas. My book also clears up many myths about dancing and what main stream media assumes. I work closely with dancers, managers and club owners and they have read my final edited version of the book and back it up 100%.

    I am aware that I will receive backlash from many because of the type of industry I represent and what I have to say since the dancers I speak for are already labeled by certain types of public figures.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back, I’ll be more than happy to respond.

    Best regards,
    Valarie Amber

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