The Guy That Got Beat Up was MTV’s Corey Thomas

After this I’m pretty much done with this story until Dog The Bounty Hunter gets him (LOL) or something else happens but a lot of people gave been wondering eho the guy was.

I’m told his name is Corey Thomas and that he is in some MTV Reality show called “Megan wants a millionaire”

Why he didn’t immediately call the cops is anyone’s guess but he too was hospitalized with two  black eyes and broken nose.

Jonathon Koppenhaver aka War Machine is still on the run, if you know his whereabouts email me, I don’t want any reward I just want his dumb ass off the streets.


108180cookie-checkThe Guy That Got Beat Up was MTV’s Corey Thomas

The Guy That Got Beat Up was MTV’s Corey Thomas

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  1. I’m going to give my final 2 cents on this topic as well. While I will agree Christy Mack is a victim, she knew what she got herself into dating this guy. There is a video of her basically saying I deserve to die if I cheat on War Machine, and I’m not saying someone who says that deserves to get beat up, but someone who says that is indeed mentally ill. Sorry, but you don’t mess with fire, because eventually you will get burned. Christy Mack got burned and she is damn lucky she didn’t lose her life. If she had waited while he fumbled for that knife in the kitchen she wouldn’t be here today.

    War Machine will eventually be caught, die by police suicide, I’ve heard it all. Someone knows where this guy is. He is easy to spot, and I still suspect he is somewhere in Mexico and there is no chance in hell anyone will find him there. You go deep enough into Mexico you don’t get found period. Sure he won’t be able to live the high life like he did before in Vegas, but I would be extremely surprised if after more than 72 hours on the lamb that he is ever found.

    Women need to learn to be less tolerant of abuse. Once is enough. Men need to learn to respect women, but at the same time not suck up to them. If that makes sense.

  2. Some women love to be with a bad boy. If you watch any of the crime stories on ID Discovery channel you will see many attracvtive girls hanging out with tough scary guys until they turn on the girl or some other scary guys the BF knows kill them all. The girls just aren’t attracted to the safe hardworking guy that would love them forever but is not as good looking or cool as the bad boy.

  3. Life on the lamb is exremely difficult, even for intelligent people with financial means. This guy has neither, and with his violent personality it wont be long before he has a run in with law authorities. What makes anyone think that getting into Mexico is somehow a get out of jail free card? This is very far from the truth.

  4. @mdxxx

    Makes sense here. At most basic it’s saying ‘line starts back there’ to a line jumper vs verbally or physically attacking them…even when the line jumping is blatant.

    Listening to the words escaping our mouths at unguarded moments…you pointed out media quotes that show on some level Christy Mack knew this was a volatile relationship. Despite this she either caved to what she hoped he’d be or denied what she knew him to be. I hope she will use this horrific event to help others (men and women) be true to themselves as whole people independent of their romantic relationships.

    We all need to be less tolerant of abuse and respect each other. perused a ‘ten signs he’s no good for you’ thinking the article might reach a wider audience as ‘ten signs you’re in a sick/toxic/dead end relationship’

  5. “Men need to learn to respect women, but at the same time not suck up to them.”

    Tell that to the never-been-laid fanbois at ADT. lol

  6. Erik I realize this may come as a shock to you but quite often people who know things dont want to deal with the police, reward or no, reason being the cops will know who you are, now do YOU trust the cops?

    Someone can tell me and I will go to the authorities and they know that they will never be found out…

  7. What a sick and depressing story.

    I feel bad for Christy Mack, but at the same time I think that girls who love “dangerous” guys are about on par with people who base jump or bungee jump over hard rocks – you know sooner or later it’s gonna hurt. Nobody (and I mean nobody) pictures it ever getting this bad, but when you combine someone with clear rage issues with a whole lot of training, you get this sort of result. Both of them are very lucky that Christy didn’t end up dead.

    I too would believe that he would have headed south over the border. While being in Mexico doesn’t keep him from being arrested, it does make things harder. A guy like him with plenty of brawn (and perhaps not a full happy meal up top) could be very useful to any number of shady gang types down there. He could very easily find himself “work”, if you know what I mean. However, one fine day he will either be wearing the shiny bracelets or looking up through 6 feet of dirt, there aren’t too many other ways out of this one.

    The one good thing out of all of this is seeing the porn community coming out to help. Heck, even Manfail has put money on the table, that’s something.

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