The FSC Was Behind The Breakup of LATATA

Whether Mark Schechter was played by Diane Duke or was a willing participant is open to interpretation but you can bet your ass that electing him to The FSC Board was an effort to undermine LATATA.

LATATA was the only group in porn that stood up to Diane and would say no, thus the pack leaders at LATATA became targets for Diane Duke, those leaders being Derek Hay and Shy Love.  Now I have been talking about the demise of LATATA and that is because it is dead but it is a walking dead…like brainless zombies there still exists an organization, such as it is, called LATATA but you need look no further than the last meeting two nights ago to see the brainless part.  Guess who led the meeting?

If you guessed Diane Duke you got it right.

The FSC, APAC and LATATA are now all marching lock step.  I’m told Duke is even sporting the “der fuhrer” trim job down below in celebration.  Someone should ask Jeffery Douglas for confirmation.

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The FSC Was Behind The Breakup of LATATA

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  1. The blind, leading the clueless, leading the even more clueless..What makes me think Fatboy Kernes at AVN wont be writing anything about this. ONLY IN PORN

  2. Creating something and having it taken away from you is definitely one of the most hurtful things a person can experience.

    Derek Hay seems to remain in the shadows so my thoughts about who he is are just a compilation of both positives and negatives I’ve heard over the years.

    Shy Love however retains a very “visible” presence and seems to actually care about the talent – her twitter account reflects that of someone with a heart. Considering that she used to actually BE female talent she’s probably exactly what an agent SHOULD be (which unfortunately seems to be exactly what “evil doers” in today’s porn industry establishment want to eliminate).

    I feel like as time passes, Diane Duke’s aggressive tactics will increase – considering all the elements involved if she can’t manifest a “win” out of the past few years, she stands to lose just about everything. Her comments in that recent Xbiz piece in regards to Weinstein showed fear.

  3. I’m in a commenting kind of mood this evening so I wanted to add something else and ask a question (if anyone knows the answer).

    Does anyone know exactly WHY Diane Duke left the Planned Parenthood circuit? I always found it strange that the head of porn’s “political face” came from an abortion clinic.

    As for what else I wanted to add, though I’ve failed out of porn, my observation as an outsider is that the porn industry’s primary problem (from my perspective) parallels greatly America’s current problem – lack of real unity. America’s growing weaker by the day due to the Republican vs Democrat struggle for dominance just as you have non FSC porn vs (what I consider) the REAL porn industry.

    There’s a HUGE difference between REAL porn and FSC affiliated porn.

    Over the years, the FSC has consistently utilized a “divide and conquer” strategy to achieve dominance. It wasn’t just the money they wield that helped them. The FSC is STRATEGIC as hell.

    The crossover male talent and TS issue was (and still is) a big thing. The most verbal person in regards to it that I can think of was that guy Donny Long. The FSC effectively defined him as a villain and utilized his actions as a means to establish themselves as the porn talent’s “saviors” and as a venue to establish PASS. I don’t agree with Donny Long’s actions in the least – BUT on a certain level he had a point about the risk factor of crossover males in the talent pool (and TS performers) who escort on the sly being a risk STD wise to female talent.

    Prior to that you had the anti-porn issue which I have to label as the “Shelley Lubben factor”. I don’t care what ANYONE says – I believe the FSC was directly involved in painting her in a negative light. I find it really STRANGE that the person behind that horrible hate documentary about her (that unfortunately I was in) as of current is promoting an “FSC approved” charity that’s in direct competition to The Pink Cross. The “anti-porn” circuit has become an industry in itself and I think the FSC wants a cut.

    Along with the “divide and conquer” tactic the FSC utilized another political tactic which suggests that you DEFINE YOUR ENEMY BEFORE THEY DEFINE THEMSELVES. That’s what they’ve done in regards to Weinstein. FSC affiliated porn media consistently labels him as “anti-porn”. It’s hilarious because HE IS NOT anti-porn. He IS however PRO-WORKPLACE SAFETY. From my perspective what Weinstein has proposed in regards to the legislation and regulation is the porn industry’s ticket to legitimacy. It’s WEIRD that the political face of porn doesn’t want to become LEGITIMATE in the eyes of government.

    Now with this LATATA thing, bloggers who I believe to be affiliated with the FSC have been negatively defining Shy Love left and right. It’s crazy. I guess they don’t have to do much with Derek Hay because their earlier target Donny Long already did a lot of damage to him.

    I’m really skeptical about the recent “false positives”. Something is NOT right in regards to that HIV testing and it’s only a matter of time before a major disaster surfaces. It’s VERY STRANGE that as of today, Peter Acworth is being incredibly verbal about Weinstein – YET Cameron Bay (who got help from Weinstein and the AHF) was on an Acworth set where she allegedly came in contact with a BLEEDING PENIS.

    Cameron Bay won’t be the only one in her situation – WHY would Acworth want to eliminate someone who HELPED HER? Is he willing to pony up and help people in her position?

    I just wonder what’s next…what’s left? I know the common thought is to “follow the money” when it comes to answering questions about ANY “industry”, but when it comes to porn – I think people need to think “follow the power”.


    If I read that damn cosmopolitan article I linked to in my last comment correctly – Diane Duke is a “lesbian” – right?

    So you have a LESBIAN fighting a GAY MALE (Weinstein) in regards to the WORK PLACE SAFETY of the the porn industry talent pool (and lets keep it real – we’re mainly talking about the straight females – they’re at the highest risk – especially the new ones – though it’s the straight females that are the biggest MEAL TICKETS to many porn “professionals”!).

    DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE INSANITY IN THIS? DIANE DUKE IS THE WRONG PERSON FOR THE JOB! SHE MUST BE REPLACED! I don’t care if you think I’m prejudiced or a bigot, but a HOMOSEXUAL can’t be 100% empathetic to HETEROSEXUAL issues! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SENSITIVE TOPIC OF SEXWORK HERE! DIANE DUKE might be able to relate to the g/g only performers or the pampered “I choose who I want to work with” performers, BUT NOT THE MAJORITY OF THE HETERO GIRLS IN THE TRENCHES!!!!

    If Diane Duke is going to be the “leader of the porn industry” then I’m going to request that every porn industry professional create a sign to hang on their studio door that says NO BLACKS ALLOWED right now, because the FACT IS that Black female talent does not have the luxury of electing their partners, OR choosing whether or not they use condoms. A large percentage of white, asian or latina ones do either, but I know for a FACT that Black women are treated the worst and Diane Duke doesn’t know a damn thing about what it is to be Black in the porn industry. Diane Duke’s assistant labeled me a TERRORIST when I went to the first performer meeting for PASS! If It weren’t for Mike South I wouldn’t have been granted entrance! HOW AM I A TERRORIST! I might exercise my freedom of speech but I don’t have a criminal record AT ALL! I was THE ONLY BLACK FEMALE THERE! The only other Black pornstar at that meeting was Mr Marcus AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!

    Is there even a Black female who’s a part of the Free Speech Coalition? I haven’t seen any in the photographs AND I LOOK!

    This is a case of WHITE PRIVILEGE (which in my opinion is granted by the Jewish people who dominate the financial aspect of the pornographic industry). I understand 100% what Diane Duke meant when back in the the “No on measure B” era she was QUOTED as stating “The Republicans will save us” – SHE WAS REFERRING TO THE JEWISH REPUBLICANS – THE SAME ONES WHO BACKED TOM COTTON TO COUNTER BARACK OBAMA AND THE DEMS! Those Mike Gatto Republican Slatemailers uncovered were NO FLUKE!

    Everyone thinks I’m ANTI Jewish – but I am not! I’m quickly finding in regards to my Jewish Dirt research project that there is something far more sinister at hand MASQUERADING behind the SHIELD of being “Jewish” – and I believe it’s rooted in SATANISM! CALL ME CRAZY ALL YOU WANT – but I know what I saw and experienced when I lived in Los Angeles in the porn industry.

    If this comment is not approved I understand Mike South. I’m just seeing something VERY MESSED UP HERE and it’s JUST TOO MUCH!

  5. IMO what it comes down to is FSC can’t lobby thier position without performers on the ground to sway the voters and legit ballot signatures AHF relies on.

  6. @monica

    I’m a voracious reader and loquacious by nature aka chatterbox who doesnt scare easily …this over the top is scary.

    I’m no fan of FSC, Diane Duke or FSC Barkers but I have to wonder WTF? It’s not like you lost the syllabus and had to get a paper in before the extended deadline for a grade.

    “I’m just seeing something VERY MESSED UP HERE and it’s JUST TOO MUCH!”

    Without speaking for anyone else it still seems fair to say this quote is echoing in anyone’s mind who read through this diatribe. The TOO MUCH diverted attention from the real FSC offenses you point out to the dearth of MESSED UP speculation and co-mingled agendas.

    It seems you’re very concerned about what others think of you vs the information you’re trying to impart. To me that is scary because any critique of the words or information is likely to be received as a personal attack. FWIW my opinion is your words convey a motivated and skilled researcher using facts to support personal ideas vs ideas formed on facts.

  7. well that’s why I rarely comment here much 🙂 They other day, I just decided “why not” and I’m glad Mike South allowed me to do so.

    I’m human, of course I’m concerned to a degree as to what others think of me. Unlike yourself, I don’t utilize an alias to remain anonymous.

  8. @monica

    Using an alias to maintain a degree of anonymity isn’t a defensive shield that repels opinions about the words written by the very real human behind the alias. Anonymity isn’t a barrier to the dehumanizations and marginalizations use of alias seems to invite.

    Perhaps it wasn’t clear the critique wasn’t to discourage you from posting here or to make you sorry for doing so. I think you have some valid criticsms of FSC that got lost within speculation and ancillary ideas. The speculations distracted more than supported your base points.

  9. pretty ironic words from someone using an alias as their brand aka identity 😉

  10. you must not keep up with the times. Since pornwikileaks linked my legal name to my stage name a few years back, I’ve utilized my legal name just about everywhere in conjunction with my stage name – all the way down to my twitter.

    What you don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of is that “professional porn industry” problems directly link to a performer (or ex performers) “personal” problems in a multitude of ways. From STD transmission to privacy.
    To this day, at this moment in fact (as I’m live on my webcam while I write this), individuals affiliated with the FSC continue to harass me due to my electing to go public with various elements pertaining to the porn industry. The twitter alias Cindi Spiegler tonight watched my cam show for 4 hours, tweeted things that I said and posted screen caps of portions of my performance. I failed out of porn, yet these people still attempt to initimidate me from utilizing one of my few sources of income which is not linked to the FSC or the los angeles porn industry.

    Tomorrow I face eviction due to my inability to consistently work because I suffer from depression. The FSC stalkers won and I’m glad because I’m tired of fighting.

    The only reason you have a problem with my comments is because I keep it real – and reality scared you to death.

    Continue to play your political debate game. I can’t play because I never was in the debate club (nor did I have a desire to join). I was an athlete who ran track and a cheerleader – a performer who actually was a PART of the game. I never was satisfied just watching from the sidelines.

  11. You love to rip on Uncle Peg. And we love reading those stories about his legal troubles. What about a report on his company Porn Star Ink under his fake name Matthew? TRPWL writes horrible things about Shy from VIP Connect, & Mark from ATMLA hires them? Crazy stuff.

  12. I don’t love ripping on him or anyone. doing so was a mistake due to it amping up his focus on me which in turn affected my life. just ignore him and his kind all together. i only shared on this thread what i did to illustrate why performers who haven’t “failed” out of porn stay quiet. Being verbal will put you in the line of fire and most performers can’t afford that. I barely could for a long time and now I can’t anymore. I wish every performer (whatever type you are) all the best in the future should you choose to tell the truths of your experiences be they personal, professional or both.

  13. @monica

    Keeping it real your personal issues with FSC overshadowed facts that are more damning without added speculation as rationale for the long standing chip on your shoulder against FSC. Too many people turn away from or ignore that speculation because they have their own shit to deal with thus defeating your purpose of helping them avoid the road you know.

    PWL leaking real names doesn’t make the human any more real than the brand those names are attached to. A legal name attached to the brand doesn’t stop people from dehumanizing and objectifying performers. It was seeing those things that made me choose an alias. Do not assume people don’t know who I am…they do because they hacked every fucking device in my home over a year ago.

    The only REAL problem I had was a fear that you’d take a critique of your writing as a personal attack. That scared me because without knowing the specifics it was clear you weren’t in a good place. Perhaps when you’re in better circumstances the writing critque will stand out as far different than the very real personal attacks you’ve endured from another site.

  14. you truly are dense – no wonder you hide behind an alias – I’d be embarrassed to put my face to the BS you attempt to pass off as rational logic.

    ANY professional issue a current or ex performer has with the FSC translates into their personal lives being that the FSC doesn’t want to acknowledge the workplace safety legislation and regulation both in place and pending. I know you HATE that fact because you’re probably attached to the FSC in some manner, but it’s a fact.

    I’ll never overlook Ari Scott Bass’s attachment to the FSC – and neither will many others. FSC = organized crime.

    Go ahead and reply with more BS “lurking reader”.

  15. @monica

    You’re so deep in your shit you can’t see the forest for the fucking trees! By maintaining an alias I have legal rights I lose the minute I connect my last name to the first which I have given on a number of occaisions. And seeing as I’m on day three of updating systems hacked by Twitter trolls who messed with my family including emails to my kids jobs and my in-laws…your timing to harp on my anonymity is piss poor at best!

    Get the fuck over yourself! You went off the fucking rails defending your hurt feeling with belittling attacks and bullshit accusations.

    “ANY professional issue a current or ex performer has with the FSC translates into their personal lives being that the FSC doesn’t want to acknowledge the workplace safety legislation and regulation both in place and pending. I know you HATE that fact because you’re probably attached to the FSC in some manner, but it’s a fact.”

    If you read my comments on this site regularly then it would be hard to miss the fact that I’ve done Cal/Osha research going back over ten years including cross referencing State, Regional & Fed OSHA, FSC actions and AHF efforts.

    You don’t know shit about the regulatory processes beyond anecdotal stuff that means jack shit until someone like me ties it together with the scope/purpose of the agency and the dueling agendas they’re trying to accommodate. While you’re doing what you do on cams I’m researching OSHA across ten or more playing fields, catching Cal/OSHA losing previously posted inspection documentation or skirting policy promulgation processes bypassing advertising the public comment phase and trying to slide by using 15 day amended vs 45 day new policy for 5193.1 which is a new section vs amendment to 5193.

    While FSC barkers were busy leaking their insider knowledge I was writing and submitting language to Fed Osha where they were working on BBP record keeping language updates…aka FSC objection to Cal/OSHA 30 year medical documentation requirement. Want to venture to guess if Douglas, Randazza and Tynan knew this was in the works when they were speaking before the California Legislature last spring and summer? Cats out of the bag…I knew and have some good guesses as to how it plays out when the updated policy affects pending policy.

    While you’re personal woes and animosity blinds you to Diane Duke & Karen Tynan abilities…I’m busy checkmating them …cuz that’s what happens when folks like me hold regulatory agencies accountable to the polices they find a hinderance to their end game.

    So much for the speculations from the font of wisdom that calls itself monicaf…got any more bullshit accusations about my motives or affiliations?

  16. I have read the rumors about Uncle Peggy being involved with Porn Star Ink. If he is using the name Matthew to run it he has one sick sense of humor (that is my legal first name which he has mentioned on his friend’s site TRPWL, this Porn Star Ink came up shortly after his expose on me which merged information from two Matthew Harrises that live in my county — including claiming I was raised in a house complete with picture that I had never even seen before and represented the info as me, put two and two together on this one). I am sure when Mike is 100% positive that PSI is actually Uncle Peg he will will write an article on here about it, fortunately unlike Dr. Flip Flop some people have standards and journalistic integrity including Mike (sorry Mike but you are officially a journalist and MSNBC agrees with me on that).

    As for TRPWL, I sort of feel sorry for the owner Sean. He could have had a very successful site but he let Uncle Peg go wild on it and as a result it is known mainly as a hack site, he probably loses money on it every month and his integrity has been attacked by several people in porn including one person spreading rumors about him owing $50K in child support (which likely isn’t true or he would be in federal prison right now as owing over $5K in child support is a federal offense). The guy isn’t a saint by any means and I won’t be hanging out with him anytime soon but I don’t wish him harm, don’t put him in the same category as serial libelist and wife beater Dr. Flip Flop and certainly won’t be telling tales represented as truth about him owing half a year’s salary in child support (he evidently have four kids by two wives which at first glance would make the child support accusations plausable unless you know the federal law on owing large amounts of past-due support).

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