The FSC Doesn’t Represent Talent But Who Do They Always Depend On For Money?

I got home today and in my inbox was a press release and a story from AVN about the FSC raising money with pornstar bowling and it got me to thinking.

I have an email from Bill Lyon explaining to me how the FSC wasn’t a talent organization and did not represent the interests of talent.  I have two more from Diane Duke that say the same thing.

But who is it these scumbags always turn to when they want money?  It’s the talent.  if there is a dime to be conned anywhere you can bet the cabal over at the Free Speech Cabal will be all over it, and the talent, being the good natured and brainwashed kids they are jump right in to donate their time and money to an organization that not only doesn’t represent them but in many ways holds them in contempt.

The FSC doesn’t want you to be able to CHOOSE if you use a condom or not they want to be able to tell you to do it raw dog or get the fuck out.

But then talent generally doesnt care too much for themselves either….case in point ….how many of you took advantage of the HEP testing?   How many of you require a HEP test before you shoot now?  I know that almost NONE of you do.

You give your time and money to the FSC because it somehow feels like the right thing to do, to support your industry, but you are misguided and gullible if not just downright poorly informed.  As talent you have the upper hand, you alone have the ability to force the FSC to represent you fairly or you can turn off the FSC’s money faucet. If you cared enough….But you don’t.

Someone other than me should be telling Diane Duke to pound sand…..



77960cookie-checkThe FSC Doesn’t Represent Talent But Who Do They Always Depend On For Money?

The FSC Doesn’t Represent Talent But Who Do They Always Depend On For Money?

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  1. LOL A bowling funraiser, kind of like we used to do in high school,. Is this the best idea they can come up with, what next, a car wash?

    And look at the flyer. Arent those the two girls who are suing LA Direct on the top of the flyer? And over half of those girls on the flyer, and the talent listed in an AVN article about this fundraiser are all available on, you guessed it, The Luxury Companion.

    Will Derek be dontating a portion of the escort money to the FSC? LOL

    The FSC and APHSS keep saying that the stds come from outside the industry, but here they are working directly with the very people who are setting up more of these liasons.

    The FSC is using some of the biggest pimps and human traficking organizations on the planet to raise money. Remember Dianne, you are judged by the company you keep. Good job in choosing to use human trafickers to raise money for your failing organization.

    Hey Mike, might you proint one or two of those emails? Let the talent really see what they are really about, in their own words.

  2. And now that the HEP testing month is over all of the guys who took the month off can get the regular test panel done and get back to work.

    Funny that nobody mentioned that the other APHSS approved testing place,, was never informed of the HEP testing, and incidentally, they do not use the same “APHSS approved” HIV/PCR test that TTS and CET use. STDStatus only did the regular panel, no HEP tests, and would mark you as available for work, so maybe thats where all the HEP guys went to get tested last month.

  3. And a lot of people were freaking out over the syphillis outbreak last year (or were they?) So it’s okay to potentially catch Hep C from infected performers (who will continue to remain anonymous) but the industry draws the line when it comes to syphillis? Makes perfect sense…..

  4. Fuck the Bowling fundraiser! Dianne and that other broad in the office
    can hold and Suck a thon and give all the guys that pay the Fucking stupid Clowns a ” Good Note” and she will get on her knees and suck off all the males that are before them both.

    Then you can also have Mark Kernes and Peter Cokeworth too get on their knees and suck off all the other guys too!!
    That Bowling shit is boring and only somebody like Maragold who is a
    another washed up ,x- male pornstar from? the 70’s era and he like John stagliano too and talks very highly of STAG.
    oh, another thing, since there is alot of Females escorting, maybe a
    fuck-athon orgy will do and you pay like …200 to get in and fuck your favorite Porn whore slut from The loving companions.

    Just some ideas, better than bowling,sounds like a bunch of San Fernando valley Homos came up with that.

  5. Oh, another thing, the FSC doesn’t really give a shit ass about the
    performers. They like the fact that they have stupid whores and young stupid Bi-sexual men in the industry that haven’t figure out why the industry is doing so bad after they spent all of that money to buy what they have to work and its like really fucking slow and productions are not going through the roof like years ago, So off to some princes house to take cock up that ass for some money. Pretty sad if you think.

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