The Free Speech Coalition Needs Money, Brains.

I told ya’ll it was coming….

Having lost her sugar daddy, Fabian, Diane Duke and the FSC now have to beg for money again, and they have set their sights high!   They want 350,000.00 to fund the “fight” against 2257, and presumably, Diane Duke’s bloated salary.

Thing is if these ass clowns had any kind of winning record I could support them, but they don’t.  They also don’t have any kind of plan, any financial accountability or any kind of accountability at all.  They ask for money but when asked what they did with it they tell you you don’t have a right to question them about that.

I was recently asked if it would not be better to use my influence and my blog to support the FSC and maybe help them change that way.  My response:

You can cheer and rally behind a monkey trying to do  calculus but it really won’t help any, and it will only excite the other monkeys.


73900cookie-checkThe Free Speech Coalition Needs Money, Brains.

The Free Speech Coalition Needs Money, Brains.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m not Mike but I think I have the answer. The FSC has had their hat out looking for money to make Diane’s mortgage payments and pay for her cocaine since she took over. I am sure the same was true for her predecessor.

  2. Funding FSC is as wise have MR syphilis dick come be behind you fucking in ass than tell well not sure have STD or not becuase I lie forgott bring my STD results. But that ok FSC Diana Dukes says you well not gone die syphilis just like have common cold it well be great for you once get it. That come out mouth lady who was a doctor but pretends be one when she speaks Cal/OSHA no longer listen her.

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