The Christy Mack Police Report

This is the full police report in PDF format

war-machine-arrest-report_new    NOT THE SAME AS THE COMPLAINT BELOW


and here is the complaint




Make of it what you will.

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The Christy Mack Police Report

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13 Responses

  1. Enough ! 20 years or no deal. Look at it this way,
    Michael Whiteacre will have a good bed buddy
    at night. War Machine the anal penetrator.

  2. Well, the police report, the arrest warrant and Christy Mack’s Twitter are consistent that War Machine beat the snot out of her. There are discrepancies in the details between all three, which is probably why the cops said diddly. The less said the better. But, if he doesn’t plead out, you can bet War Machine’s attorney will do his best to exploit those discrepancies to explain his client’s actions. It’s probably not a matter of whether he heads back to jail, but for how long.

  3. WTF Corey Thomas …ten minutes he’s out of there like a whopped dog and leaves her?

    all the chatter that this is new boyfriend means its time for some serious ‘boyfriend picker’ adjustments

  4. I would hate to be in Christy’s shoes or this Corey dude when WM get out. This piece of turd is just dumb enough and vindictive enough to cause serious trouble. For that very reason I hope he gets an extreme sentence. The other part that bothers me is “Friends” coming to do his dirty work. I hope they are smarter then he is but sadly turds usually hang out with turds.
    This is going to either plead out or be a trail of hoping to reduce the sentence.

  5. Lurking Reader. War Machine is a trained fighter. He’s fought MMA matches against other trained fighters in peak condition who he has submitted in far less than 10 minutes. He is an incredibly dangerous man. Thomas sustained very serious injuries. Not many people can stand up to that kind of punishment. This isn’t a cartoon. In real life punching someone in the face can kill them.

  6. Make no mistake, these 2 poor victims were brutally attacked and tortured. There is no reason to try to place blame on the victims.The victims deserve our sympathy. If you have never been brutally tortured, it’s impossible to know how you would respond.

  7. @Tennisguy

    Haven’t underestimated what an angry MMA in peak form can do. Ten minutes in no holds barred or round refreshers means I expect this guy was a whooped dog.

    Asking WTF? Is based on linked police incident report.

    First comment from me (separate post) was understanding why someone would leave quietly. At no time did or do I expect someone to stay and confront or try to talk down a pissed off MMA. Seeing incident report that he left on his own steam after ten minutes = WTF? Simply not seeing a clear picture here. And probably won’t till after due process has run it’s course if then.

    From the get go also commented that shock/ injury may cause clouded judgement and/or incapacitation. Delays getting to ER, where cops were called but had to wait for interview for injury treatment…by then they already had reports.

    As for her picker…haven’t found a human yet (myself included) whose picker doesn’t need occasional adjusting.
    Appreciate the feedback and can see where you could think I was being harsh.

  8. He will probably never get out. He should get a long sentence and most likely will be a gang enforcer in prison and get extra jail time piled on. By the time WM gets out Christy will be a grandma and can just run away from WM in her flying car.

  9. He faces a maximun 32 years right now as charged. Chances are charges may be added or dropped as the investigation continues.

    War Machines brother meanwhile is a douche bag of equal proportions ,tweeting pictures of Christy’s smashed up face photo shopped onto old porn pictures of her and talking about how Douche Machine was fighting for his life. Funny thing his booking photo shows no signs of any bruising or injuries.

  10. GREAT NEWS. Additional charges, including attempted murder have been added. Douche Machine now faces a possilbe LIFE sentence.

    As for Douche Machines brother. He appeared on the local news In L.A. a while back, talking about Douche Machine fighting for his life, and, the truth will come out, all while wearing an “Alpha Male Shit” t-shirt. Obviosly it runs in the family.

    You can love your brother, unconditionaly, as he should. That doesnt mean you defend the indefensible jusst because he is your brother. Time to step up little bro, and encourage your brother to do the right thing, and that goes for the rest of his family too.

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