The Alex Gonz Interview His Hep C Status and the Timeline

I want to start this by thanking Alex for coming forward and for inviting me to participate along with Peter Warren a scumbag and liar who fucks girl then promises a sure AVN bet win and it never happens. Dan Miller from XBiz who more likely will be fired sooner or later.  I hope that my presence in this makes them reconsider leaving anything out of the story which they will.

Alex gave a very thorough timeline starting in Dec of 2009 or January of 2010, he confirmed as I reported previously that he had tested at AIM at the time and had tested positive for Hepatitis C.  At the time Vivid was requiring the test.

He then proceeded to get a secondary test and noted specifically that Jen and Bobbi from AIM (now with CET) had cleared him for work as a result of the secondary test.

Fast Forward to June 2013 when he goes to CET and gets tested again, he noted that many performers were declining the Hep C test at the time because it was not a required test. He expected to get the standard test panel but was also given the Hep c test without his knowledge and of course it came back positive.

Bobbi at CET told him that it wasn’t  necessarily an active infection and that he would always have antibodies and they cleared him in APHSS to work.

He was given two test papers, one with the standard info and one with the Hep C info.  He was cleared to work in APHSS so he continued to work thinking it was the same thing as his previous test in 2010 or thereabout.

After two weeks he tested again at an APHSS approved clinic and was again cleared to work.

Two weeks later he again tested and was cleared to work, Mike Seigal(sp?)  verified his status in APHSS on July 31st.

The first week of August he was scheduled to work with Lisa Ann by Mike Adams.  At this point Lisa Ann asks for a copy of his test, which he sends.  She then asks for a Hep C test, which at the time wasn’t required.  Alex believes that Lisa Ann, at this point knew his Hep C status, she started texting  him on August 9th, when she told him that he was not cleared for work in APHSS.

Again Seigal checked APHSS for him and told him she was right he had his status changed sometime between his last test when he was cleared and Aug 9th.  Even though he had not tested during that time and he had not been notified that he was not cleared for work.

At this point Lisa Ann texted him that “If you are willing to prove that Derek (Hay) knew (that he was Hep C positive) you are off the hook.”

The clear indication being that she wanted to implicate L.A Direct.  Derek made the statement that he had no knowledge of Alex’s test results and why would he?  This was also stated in a press release on August 12, which was the day the story broke.  Lisa Ann began tweeting about it on August 11.

This raises the question of who went in to APHSS and changed Alex Gonz’s status to not available.  It wasn’t done as response to Lisa Anns tweets because she hadn’t yet started tweeting about it.  It had to be someone associated with the FSC or with APHSS and it was apparently done to back up Lisa Ann’s claims, no other explanation fits.

Meantime Alex goes to his primary Care physician and requests an STD panel with hep a b and c testing,  he tests positive for Hep C antibodies but a viral load test shows a level considered to be “non infectious”. He is referred to a Gastroenterologist who gives the same opinion but refers him to a Hep C specialist who again tells him the same thing but suggests another test, Alex requests the most sensitive test that can be done.  That test comes back with an active infection but only in very minute amounts.  This is a bit of a quandary because at this low of a level they dont consider him to be in any danger or presenting any danger to anyone else and would not normally treat him because of the toxicity of the treatment.  but without the treatment he cant be cleared of having an active infection and it is also an expensive treatment that the doctor says his insurance likely will not approve.  So Alex cant perform.  he states that he would like to stay involved in the industry but not as a performer and that he will not perform until he is 100% cleared of any active infection.

This scenario brings up some interesting issues.  The first being  how was he cleared back in 2010? and the second being how did Lisa Ann (and others) know that Alex had tested positive for Hep C.  The answer to the latter may lie with Bobbi at CET, who was telling people that Alex was probably like her husband and just had the antibodies but not an active infection.  The truth is she shouldn’t have been talking about Alex at all, and even though she means well I’m sure, this is not the first time that CET has leaked private medical info, either willingly or inadvertently.  They certainly leaked Cameron Bay’s viral load to John Stagliano.

When I asked Alex why he waited until now to come forward he replied that he wanted to have all the answers on the testing, which makes sense considering that since finding out he has been to 4 different doctors for testing.

The two things that stand out to me here are Lisa Ann’s offer to let him “off the hook” and the mysterious change in his status in APHSS, I do not believe that those two things are a coincidence, though we will likely never know who made that change unless Christian Mann wants to show me the database logs that probably aren’t even in existence anyway.

I do know that Rob Black has publicly taken credit for tipping Lisa Ann to this but I am also told that some people in performer circles have known of his status for a long time and that it is unlikely that it really came from Rob, who likes to take credit for things he really didn’t do.

I would like to thank Alex Gonz for coming forward and I sincerely wish him the best.

Just so there’s no here say about what Lisa Ann said:



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The Alex Gonz Interview His Hep C Status and the Timeline

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  1. This is a story that explains why Cal/OSHA is on it’s way to set the rules, because the porn industry apparently cannot control itself.

    His positive test is a real issue. If it’s a non-viral (or so minute that they didn’t detect it under normal testing), they should have said “cleared to perform BUT HAS HEP-C ANTIBODIES”, then everyone involved can make a clear choice as to what level of risk they are wanting to take.

    Ignoring it or not mentioning it is in poor judgement, like it or not.

    Now the question would be in all of the performers he has been with since 2009, did any of them end up positive for Hep-C? It would be interesting to see what the pattern is, if any – and I doubt that anyone wants to open up that closet and check for bones.

  2. So we learned that Alex Gonz has HEP C which we already knew, that Diane Duke lied (yet again) which we already knew and Derek Hay is really really good at covering his own ass, which we already knew. What I really want to know is why are sites like XBIZ and AVN continuing to support FSC? PlanetSuzy piracy site has ads from Live Jasmin (not shock there) and that is who FSC is partying with in London. Nice, huh?

  3. No he is not performing until he undergoes the treatment assuming he can. he made that very clear. he would like to work in the biz in a non performing capacity.

  4. So lets all believe Alex, I guess he wants another 15 minutes of fame. Of course hes going to opt to blame Lisa Ann and CET. Yes Lisa Ann busted him, and as for Bobbi shes told many of people about her husband testing pos for hep C, she also said “doing the viral load is so important, because when they did it on her husband it came back negative” then she went on to say “anyone who tested positive for the antibody test, should do the viral load, because the antibody test could be a false positive”, she’s even told me that, but she has NEVER mentioned Alex or anyone else who has tested positive for hep C. not once. So why has Alex and Derek decided to come forward now? I guess it took this much time to think of a good lie. So now lets go back to Aug, STD Status wasn’t testing for Hep B and C, that’s why Derek told Alex to go there. Okay, now lets just say, Alex test positive at TTS or CET, but remember, he can’t be put on APHS because hes not available to work through TTS or CET so then his agent Darek tells him to go to STD Status because they don’t test for Hep. And since they don’t test for hep he can be available to work on the APHS database. Well I think TTS or CET found out, and had him taken off the database. All this sounds like a pure cover-up to me. If all this is true Alex and Derek are about as low as you can go, basically there lower then Mr Marcus.

  5. Didn’t they just make the Hep. C test mandatory?
    Wouldn’t most performers have no clue they had been infected until recently if the Hep. C test wasn’t even required?

  6. well the problemis you have some points very wrong JW first I have audio and video of someone saying that bobbi mentioned gonz by name.

    second derek never told gonz to go anywhere that is backed up by Gonz himself and he did go to an APHSS approved facility and it was CET that originally tested him in JUNE and CLEARED HIM TO WORK IN APHSS

    yer right this is a cover up but the cover up is who went in and altered his status at exactly the right time and why.

    When you look at the verifiable facts (I have copies of the tests and the aphss clearances up to and including the July 31st test where he was cleared in APHSS.) it becomes pretty clear that Gonz gets the benefit of the doubt…he was cleared by a second test in 2010 at AIM. he had good reason to believe that it was simply the same result because he had been told he would always test positive for antibodies but that he had no active infection.

    In the end I think he most likely got caught in the middle of astruggle between Lisa Ann and Derek

  7. that is correct Lacey but Gonz was working for Vivid in late 2009/early 2010 and at the time Vivid was requiring a Hep C test which is why he got it then.

    What is interesting to me is that APHSS didnt require a HEP C test untill Aug 19. WELL AFTER all of this went down, so again who went in and altered his status and why?

  8. 1991 The fed gov mandates blood borne pathogen laws
    1992 california adopts 5193
    2008 two adult film companies applied for then withdrew 5193 variances.

    December 2009 AHF applied to OSHA via petition 513 to change 5193 with proposed changes included.
    February 2010 OSHA did a comprehensive report covering the petition, lack of producer definition (along with info about many ways they avoid responsibility) info about matching the 2004 HIV cases molecularly, along with 25 visits to adult film situations from 2004 to date (Feb 2010) that started with the HIV cases. (They even consulted 20,000 word law review from 2006)
    March 2010 OSHA proposed medical advisory board to revise 5193
    March 2010 OSHA mtg with lots of public participation
    Diane Duke for FSC
    “FSC is eager to work with Cal-OSHA to develop industry appropriate standards for the adult production. Due to the controversial content of their productions, the adult entertainment industry makes for an easy target for many individuals and organizations, with personal, political, and religious agendas”
    4-13-10 the AMA supports, approves legislation for the adult film industry
    June 2010 @ advisory meeting FSC tells’re all wrong on the infection rates (they took them from AIM reports and noted that anatomical swabbing wasn’t done, along with LACHD info)

    August 2010 FSC submits their proposed guidelines (is Diane ..Diane Duke?)
    OSHSB-98(2/98) C:\Users\Diane\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\NQ6TD0KC\FSC Proposed Revisions to Section 5193 – 8-11-2010.doc

    This goes on and on with meetings and then the adult film advisory page at OSHA to let performers know…hey you have rights.

    Per the quoted Diane Duke statement…after reading and researching this it doesn’t seem like FSC is there for performers beyond blowing smoke up their skirts.

    My opinion has NOTHING to do with the content or context of the adult film industry…it has everything to do with worker safety. As a business owner I’m all for cutting the cost of ownership and management, just not at the expense of employee health.

    If your business includes occupational exposure, you as the owner must protect your employees. Doesn’t matter if it is coal mines, coating pans with Teflon, a university biochem or molecular lab, or adult films.

    These laws aren’t new, producers have been fighting them for over 20 years. Their fight got ugly after the 2004 HIV cases.

    FSC created APHSS now PASS to meet void when AIM closed. It is well documented that FSC able to change the rules at will regardless of how this affects performers health.

    Alex Gonz is the name of ONE performer outed with HepC. He has been performing with the blessing of FSC.

    As for FREE SPEECH and expression I’m all for it! I’m not for making money off the little guys life. To say I’m out to get producers would be a mistake, I expect employees to adhere to business policies too.

    Many businesses place restrictions on employee personal life, ig drug testing to ensure workplace safety. Shitfaced pilots aren’t a good thing, neither is being exposed to infected co-worker OPIM-STI.

  9. Oops forgot.. Diane Duke “industry appropriate standards”

    Appropriate?? For who the people getting infected or the ones with the fiscal bottom line?

    Standards??? That’s the biggest laugh. Even the approved labs have tried to make things safer by offering “complimentary and reduced cost tests” over the years to address infections they know you are required to prevent but choose to simply ignore.

    You can’t have it both ways…for over 20 years the USA (among others) have prohibited workplace exposure to blood born pathogens. Time to own up to the NECESSITY of work place exposure with CLEAR STANDARDS that don’t change to address the crisis of the month.

    If you want to be barrier free than DEMAND absence of known (defined) exposure risks, if the presence of a known risk is there use a barrier just like every other industry.

  10. Don’t they say ONLY the lab can input info?

    If so WHO could have demanded that it be changed?
    Did they use rationale that APHSS didn’t require HVC testing?

    This is scary going forward because if someone could make a lab change performer availability for their convenience then what happens when the PLHCP defines limits that are inconvenient?

  11. exactly…supposedly only a lab can change the info but I also know that Christian Mann can and probably Diane Duke as well. Possibly also whomever wrote it because I guarantee you a code review looking for backdoors was never done.

  12. Well again Mike your wrong vivid NEVER required hep C it was always Hep B so get your facts straight. Trust me my girl did plenty of work for Vivid. So tell me mike why would Alex go to another testing place other then TTS or CET unless he had something to hide. He was positive so he went to another place that didn’t test for Hep C. so he could be put back in APHSS.

  13. he was never removed from APHSS by CET or as a result of any test. He says he went to an APHSS approved clinic and he has the docs to back that up, he also has the docs showing that CET cleared him in APHSS as well so your idea that he was removed because of a test result is flat out wrong. I dont know exactly when or why he was removed, i would LOVE to find out. he was cleared as a result of his 7/31 test then some time prior to 8/09 he was removed, nobody told him he was removed thats the hole and the flaw in your conspiracy theory. You predicate your theory on the idea that he wasnt cleared to work, he was and by an aphss approved clinic. That he was subsequently removed by someone unknown for an unknown reason is troubling to me, for all we know Donny Long hacked in and set him up…Its unlikely but hey nobody can say who removed him or why.

  14. Mike, here is a hint for you: Go find out who would profit from forcing Hep-C tests and you are likely to find a reason… or find someone who, along with a couple of others, has an axe to grind against Gonz. I am guessing it’s more about money.

  15. inthis biz its ALWAYS about money clearly TTS and CET have the most to gain by hep c testing and two week testing but I would bet my last dollar that The FSC has their grubby little fingers in it for sure.

  16. CET and TTS may have most to gain via 14 day testing but FSC has been PROPOSING 14 day testing since August 2010 to deal with OSHA.

  17. This is so crazy once your positive for hep c viral load you always have it, so Alex saying that Bobbi said you’ll always have the antibodies and about non active infection is nothing but a lie by Alex. If that was true that would mean everyone could go around sharing needles with a positive hep c patient and never catch it. So wake up Mike. The only thing that makes sense is that hes confused with the way syphilis works. Now about the spreading of personal information why don’t you ask Derek about why he doesn’t use CET? According to my girlfriends good friend who tested at CET didn’t put la direct or Derek on her paperwork, so when Derek called for her results he couldn’t get them, that’s when Derek told one of the CET employees that if he didn’t get her results he would never use CET again.(that doesn’t sound like they would give out a persons personal results to me) .So I think you should get the facts straight Mike. Now from my understanding the Dr at CET is no longer part of the fsc Dr board. Seems like he didn’t agree with all the extra testing specially since almost everyone in the business has had the vacinations for hep b. And hep c is only passed from blood to blood. So it doesn’t sound like CET’s out for the money, I think its like I said before, CET doesn’t own there own lab so there pricing is based on what the lab charges them, its not like TTS who owns there own lab. So again get the facts straight. One more thing seems like our boy Alex is trying to sue his past girlfriends perhaps he should try and sale his story instead of trying to extort money anyway he knows how. You know Alex can always apply for a job with Derek they deserve each other.

  18. I don’t think people are really understanding how crazy this all is. ALEX GONZ tested positive in Dec 2009 or Jan 2010. Do you realize how many scenes this guy did inbetween 2010 and today? According to IAFD he participated in over 259 scenes. Let me repeat myself. He performed in over 259 SCENES AFTER HE KNEW HE WAS HEP C +. Now the whole Mr. Marcus thing was one thing, but this is way way way worse. IMHO this is Mr. Marcus x5. Maybe even more, because at least Marcus was caught early. How the hell does Alex Gonz get away with having Hep C for over 3 years? Someone had to know.

    The saddest part to me about this is now I think we all know why 1/2 of porn valley up and left. This A-Hole, Alex Gonz, pretty much Barebacked the entire Talent rosters of every major company. Hep C isn’t curable. I don’t give a shit what Mike South is trying to spew to save Alex Gonz. You get Hep C. Your porn career is over. It should have been over in 2010 for Gonzo, but no the idiot decides to continue working. Not only continue working but he participated in many gangbang scenes as well.

    I dispise Rob Black. But if he is the one that blew the whistle on told Lisa Ann, then he deserves some praise for this.

    259 scenes……..Think about that one more time. 259 scenes while HE KNOWINGLY HAD HEP C!!!!!!

  19. Mike, Alex tested positive for hep c in 2010. He took a second test. What did the second test say? Was he positive? How was he cleared to work? He didn’t go to any doctors 3 years ago and continued to work? He wouldn’t have known that he was/ is supposedly “non infectious ” back then and continued to work and hid his results?

    And he continued to be cleared to work using the standard panel? He didn’t show up with the test that said he was positive for hep c, right?

    So, Lisa Ann asks to see his hep c test. He freaks out and goes into hiding for 2 months. Then after not caring and working for 3 he decides to see specialists. And if he’s not contagious why isn’t he working? He’s been working with it for 3years. There’s no way Derek Hey didn’t know…this whole story smells of bullshit…it sounds like they’re covering each others asses from impending lawsuits..

  20. Your so right mdxxx Alex knew and if he did test positive at Aim I guess because of HIPAA guidelines Aim couldn’t tell anyone but Alex knew and he went and worked anyway. Thank you Lisa Ann for bringing Alex and Derek down, and even thanks to Rob Black for that matter.

  21. Kate I totally agree with you, and Kate there’s no such thing as a non infectious hep c positive patient your always infectious, that’s why you can’t share needles or toothbrushes razors etc. its transfered from one person to another from blood to blood. You can always pass it on, and Alex had to of known that, and so did Derek. There both scum of the earth.

  22. And if he’s “non contagious ” why didn’t he just tell everyone? Why did he hide it? I’ll tell you why…because no one in there right mind would have worked with him.. and I believe the place he went to be tested didn’t test for hep c…that’s how he continued to be cleared to work…he knew he had hep c… but he didn’t tell anyone…he hid it….he continued to work using the standard panel…. this guys a dirtbag… he’s not naive..he knew what he was doing…

  23. Yes Marcus was caught early, and if caught early syphilis doesn’t kill, like hep c does, and knowingly putting other people at risk is battery or even attempted murder. And Derek was he’s accessory to the crime.

  24. “The saddest part to me about this is now I think we all know why 1/2 of porn valley up and left.”

    After reading everything, this was my EXACT same thought…
    I’m assuming some tested positive for hep. C and some just picked up and left?

  25. Here’s a radical idea!! Maybe if the people in the industry started following the law by wearing condoms… the performers wouldn’t have to worry about some asshole lying to them about their test results… because condoms protect you from dangerous diseases like Hep C, HIV and Hep B… and all other STD’s …. Clearly the testing doesn’t work!!! You have to be a complete moron to be against condoms!! I m sure Michael Weinstein will have a field day with this situation!!

  26. What people fail to realize is condoms aren’t the answer either. I respect them, and use them in my personal life, but I can’t imagine the latex rubbing against a girl for hours during some scenes becoming a huge problem. Condoms are going to ruin porn because the more hardcore scenes aren’t going to be able to occur. Creampie is now a completely dead art and that was honestly one of my favorite type of scenes to watch.

    It’s up to each individual to be upfront and honest. That’s why I like Black’s system where you would have to register each test and if you test positive for anything, you and all your partners are immediately informed. It will never happen because people are too scared about confidentiality, but if your in porn it is your responsibility to your co-workers as well as yourself to not sleep around with civilians.

  27. NICK EAST…JW agreed with me!! First he agreed with jilted around 2 weeks ago and now me…. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I think the apocalypse is on the way!!! LOL. 😀

  28. I don’t hear of anyone at wicked complaining about their sore vagina’s…and performers might be on set for hours but they’re not having continuous sex for hours… that’s bullshit… testing alone doesn’t work…condoms or condoms and testing together is the only way to protect the health and safety of the performers… “it’s up to each individual to be upfront and honest” hahaha. We’re talking about the porn industry…. the people in it are not exactly known for their honesty…

  29. @Kate: Right makes might. Welcome jw! The cookies, punch, and drugs are over in the corner on a counter next to the coffee. Help yourself, eh?

  30. @mdxxx: WTF? Condoms are the ONLY answer!!! And who is this ‘Black’ person to whom you are referring? It can’t be Rob Black, because he is for MANDATORY CONDOMS! I swear, I’m getting sooooo sick of anonymity being allowed on this forum! Oh, and as a former performer????? I used condoms A LOT! We don’t shoot the scenes “FOR HOURS” either!!!! But to go back to how much you love watching creampie scenes? Ewwww!

  31. LIE DETECTOR TEST TIME! “primary care physician”, “insurance”, blaming Bobbi? Well crafted LIES! Mike? Thank you for lawyering for him! You did your best and proved that there is no plausible defense for this bullshit story. And let Bobbi take a lie detector test as well!!! I would bet money she would pass with flying colors!!!! Time for us to call Maury Povich, eh?

  32. Nick, this story has BULLSHIT written all over it. It looks like they want to throw Bobby under the bus. There is no way Derek Hay didn’t know about Alex’s test results. Alex and Derek Hay are full of shit!

  33. In case anybody cares, Hepatitis C is NOT an STI/STD!

    Gonz performed for years and not one single girl he had sex with got hepatitis C.

  34. wusshater: It’s not common but it does happen. If you have Hep C, the chance of infecting a sex partner is higher if you have many different partners over time. It is safer to use condoms to reduce the chance of transmitting Hep C.

  35. Some types of hepatitis are STD’S. The viruses that cause them are present in a person’s blood, Semen and body fluid. Hep A, B, and C can be passed from an infected person to another during sexual contact.

  36. Hepatitis can NOT be passed through semen or vaginal discharge fluid – ONLY blood.
    UNLIKE HIV, etc.

  37. @wuss: It has yet to be determined if Gonz infected any fellow performers with Hep C. And Hep C is a bloodborne pathogen, right? Or are we in an alternate universe where prostitutes beg patrons to go bareback so they don’t get chafed vaginas? After all, with dozens of ‘customers’ a day, that ends up adding up, doesn’t it? Oh, and what is wusshater anyway? Is that supposed to mean something? Please explain, please!

  38. That’s what I think too Kate. If Derek arranged this entire “interview” of course he made an arrangement beforehand with Alex to say “Tell them I didn’t know anything ok”. Such BS!!!!! And Alex, shame on you for performing for years!

  39. @wusshater –
    How could you honestly say not 1 person was infected when they’ve NEVER even required testing for Hep. C?
    Infected performers could have very well retired, moved away, quit the industry. If they tested at any other facility not associated with PASS then absolutely no one in the industry would even know they were infected…

  40. Exactly Nick… and how about during anal sex you can come in contact with blood… how about gangbangs…places like where they torture and beat the shit out of each other like mental patients…. they rip each others assholes etc…they come in contact with blood….like when xander cut his dick in the scene he shot with Cameron Bay…she came in contact with a lot of blood.

  41. By the way, Cameron Bay last tested negative for HIV on July 26, which cleared her to perform until August 26. But, she decided to get tested early on August 19, because she heard a performer she had worked with had HEP C. That’s when she found out she had HIV. She was scheduled to shoot. She would have been given people HIV and had no idea ….TESTING DOESN’T WORK!

  42. TTS ,CET, and the other PASS approved facilities are not LABS, they are clinics that send specimens to LABS. The lab sends the results back to the clinic, and the CLINIC puts the information into PASS, NOT THE LAB.

    Regarding the comment from rawalex below about who profits from the hep c testing, the average cost to the patient for a hep c antibody test is about ten dollars, nobody is getting rich off of this.

  43. The clinics TTS and CET asre not the ones making any money, The labs are the only ones who profit. Technically the clinic cannot charge more for the test than the lab charges them, in the lab industry its called “client billing,” where the lab charges the doctor, not the patient, for the test. The doctors office makes their ‘profit’ from the office visit charge,

  44. @JW,
    Yes, TTS is a subsiiary of Bio COllections Worldwide. BCW owns the lab in Florida that runs the tests. Sixto Pacheco is also the CEO of Bio Collections.

  45. Lacey, it is not the clinic that decides what tests to be done. it is the patient. The clinic cannot do any test that the patient does not request. Hep C, until recently, was not part of the routine panel of tests, but that does not mean that people werent testing for it, like Gonz did at AIM in 2010.

  46. There is an old saying, “In order to getthe right answers you have to ask the right questions.” NONE of the right questions have been asked here, and NONE of the bullshit statements were challenged.

    Why didnt anyone ask, “Did you ever inform the people you were having unprotected sex with that you had Hep C, if not , why not?

    And all this shit about what Bobbie did or didnt say, this is exactly why the industry politics should not be in the DOCTORS office. The fact that this industry cannot effectively deal with this, and tries to place blame on the doctors office is exactly why the government needs to step in. This is a SELF regulated industry, and that means everyone makes their own rules by themSELF. Alex Gonz set the standard for himSELF that he didnt need to notify anyone. To ssay that “I was cleared to work” by someobody else as a reason for not informing others of your infection is total fucking bullshit. Gonz said the same shit about his bleeding penis, that it was a group decision to continue that scene.

    FUCK YOU GONZ, you make the decision regarding what to do with your dick. YOU decided to continue in that scene, YOU decided to stick your bleeding dick in a girls mouth. Cameron is responsible for her decisions to continue, and so are you.

  47. OOPS, That should be Xander Corvus,,,FUCK YOU Xander, you made the decision, just like Gonz made the decision to hide his Hep C status.

  48. And if anyone thinks Gonz is the only one who has been working while knowing they have Hep C then I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.(males and females, and a couple somewhere in between too)
    can you say tip of the iceberg?

  49. Exactly jilted…which is why it doesn’t make sense that in June Alex went to CET expecting to get a standard test panel but was also given the HEP C test without his knowledge? What? Hep c testing wasn’t required at the time but they went ahead and tested him without his knowledge?

  50. “To say that “I was cleared to work” by somebody else as a reason for not informing others of your infection is total fucking bullshit.”

  51. Kate, not exactly right about Gonz not knowing he was being tested for Hep C. The day he went in for that test Hep C had been made part of the routine panel. As such, he was also charged for that test. The waiver you sign everytime you get tested lists ALL of the tests that you agree to in order to be listed on the APHSS system. Obviously Gonz didnt read the release he signed.

    But here’s the kicker, it seems that Gonz is upset that they tested him for Hep C, and why is that? Is it becuase he didnt want that information to get out?????

  52. @JW,
    Marcus was not caught early. Marcus was well into the second stage syphilis when he finally got tested, at his private physician. It take a minimun of six to eight weeks to get into stage 2 syphilis.

    And I agree that it could be criminal to hide this, especially in a workplace compared to a private setting.

    There is no exuse for engaging in unprotected anal sex and not tell your partner you have Hep C. Especiallly the prolonged, often hard pounding type of anal sex on a porn set. To try to justify this behavior in any way is as criminal as the act itself.

  53. Gonz said that testing for hep c in June was not required. I guess he doesn’t know how to read. And yeah, jilted…he’s pissed that he got caught…karma finally came back to bite him in the ass!!!

  54. Kate,
    testing does work. The testing does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is the industry that maintains that testing does more than just tell you after the fact.

    The industry maintains that testing is prevention because it catches disease and those people are removed from the pool, so they dont infect anyone else. But they never address the issue of testing not preventing that person from getting infected in the first place.

  55. If he’s not contagious why didnt he just tell everyone? The same thing could be said about John Stagliano!

    Marcus,Stagliano,Gonz,Xander “Bleeding Penis Corvus,,,,now tell me how great the current system is working

  56. IF Alex got HepC from a childhood blood transfusion …it would be highly unlikely that he was never tested between then and 2010. It is pretty standard for docs to rule out any post transfusion contamination. The risk of post transfusion (blood or organ) is low due to regulated testing.

    It is possible that once Alex had a positive HepC antibody test he later confused a non-detectable viral load test as NEGATIVE. Non-detectable viral loads for stuff like HepC, HIV don’t mean you CAN’T give it to someone else, only that you are LESS CONTAGIOUS.

    US donated blood must be proven to be free of many things. It isn’t cheap or easy but as patients/consumers we expect this as a given. Ever donate blood? There is a huge EXCLUSION list to protect the recipient.

    Anyone ever get a fungal infection from a salon after a pedicure? Bet you were pissed and told everyone…don’t go there. Salons can’t keep clients with crap out of their chair but they have options, if it obvious like an open sore, see you when it’s better. But they routinely allow foot fungus with the expectation that post client disinfection of tub and tools will remove risk for next client.

    Alex cant be blamed for performing with HepC when the people who were responsible for protecting you from exposure knew and not only let him on the set but paid him to expose you.

  57. “They never address the issue of testing not preventing that person from getting infected in the first place.”
    You are correct, jilted.

  58. Luker,
    FIRST, Gonz is responsible for HIS behavior. Gonz is the one responsible for protecting the people he chooses to have unprotected sex with. ANY employer or agent who knew of his status and still hired him is also responsible, but not to the degree that Gonz himself is responsible. In a SELF regualting indutry everyone makes the rules for themSELF, and that is the exact reason this system doesnt work. Saying “Someone else said it was ok for me to work is the biggest fucking cop out ever, and it is a shame that NOBODY, not Mike, AVN, or XBIZ challenged him on this fucking bullshit

  59. @ Kate
    Exactly..they tell you things aren’t allowed on set yet allow them which is WHY people wind up infected.

    Now that everyone knows about Alex, he can’t perform, but what about all the others with HepC?

    Will they say Viral Load testing is enough for HepC like they do with HIV1?

  60. MIKE, wasnt it right about the time of these events that I sent you that dialogue that I had with the person from one of the ‘other’ APHSS facilities that wasnt doing the hep C testing, even though it was supposed to be mandatory at the time. And in that correspondence didnt I also mention that all of the hep C infected performers would be going to this clinic to get past the Hep C test? This is the clinic that Gonz went to that used Labcorp to do the tests, the test that Lisa Ann questioned. He was obviouly trying to cheat the system, and I would think that you would have called him on this bullshit. What this guy did is on the same level as Marc Wallice, and he should be treated accordingly. He KNEW he had this disease, and intentionally kept it hidden, and there is no excuse for that, none!!

  61. It’s interesting that Alex says he may have gotten HepC from a childhood blood transfusion.
    This seems way too convenient and supports …no on set transmission.

    Given the accepted medical practice of pre and post transfusion testing vs we know its a risk but what can we do? it’s more probable he got it in the industry.

  62. @jilted

    From a personal responsibility standpoint it’s correct that Alex knew and didn’t protect his co-workers.

    From a real world perspective…anyone can apply for a job. Not everyone is qualified. The people who paid him to perform didn’t exclude him so he kept going to work.

  63. @Lurking,
    Agree., There is enoughblame to go around for everybody who knew, or should have known.

    And the new OSHA standards REQUIRE Hep C testing at employers expense, and for employers to pay the cost of any necessary treatment. And that means treatment for LIFE for anyone exposed in the workplace.

    Current regulations alsor require this. Thank you Mr Gonz for admitting that you knowingly worked with Hep C. Dont for one minute think that AHF isnot going to be all over this like flies on shit.

    Every producer that hired Gonz in the last few years might want to check with a lawyer as to what their liability is, considering it is now, and has been for years, the law that employers provide POST exposure testing and treatment, How many companies that Gonz worked for provided POST exposure testing? Can you say NONE?

  64. You guys should go check out Sofia Delgado’s new scene at the gloryhole site. Its under the name Diega. The post says she is a gloryhole regular with her boyfriend who also smokes the sausage. Could it be post HIV? Boyfriend Rod Daily? Cameron Bay also has shot for the site ( Awesome scene ) .

  65. No PREscreening or testing is required for HepC (HCA) per the OSHA draft. That’s why I found Dukes comment about “industry appropriate guidelines” so pathetic.

    Post exposure
    “1. The blood of all source individuals shall be collected and tested as soon as feasible and after consent is obtained in order to determine HBV, HCV, HIV, and syphilis infectivity”

    “6) Medical surveillance requirements for alternate control measures.
    (A) The employer shall ensure that each potential source individual that will not use barrier protection as described in the exception to subsection (d)(2) is provided with a pre-exposure evaluation that includes the following services:
    1. Provision of HBV, HAV, and HPV vaccine, unless the employee is already fully vaccinated, or another dose is not indicated at that time.
    2. Testing of the blood by DNA PCR for HIV virus
    3. Testing of urine and by swab of the pharynx, anus and vagina for Chlamydia and gonorrhea
    4. Physical examination for signs of STIs
    (B) The services described in subsection (f)(6)(A) shall be provided within the two week period immediately preceding the activity.”

  66. In trying to create “industry appropriate guidelines” OSHA has created a lawyers dream come true.

    It requires post exposure treatment but doesn’t require pretesting. So producer just does the same ole…no on set transmission.

    When would the POST exposure testing ever take place since it isn’t included in the bi-weekly standard. Producers are already complaining it isn’t feasible or realistic about requirement to list every exposure. (Not like a needle stick occurrence in medical)

  67. Lurking points out something important here. The OSHA draft ha not been appproved at the federal level yet, and here is one thing that I believe will need to be worked out.

    OSHA does not have the authority to mandate PRE EMPLOYMENT screening. They will have to reword this part of the rules to say something like, “After a person is hired, and it is determined they will not use barrier protection, then screening for the following(list of stests) will be mandated.” If you are not yet an employee then OSHA cannot mandate testing. It is a technicality but it will have to be worked out, and the whole thing may be scrapped at the federal level anyway.

    Cal-OSHA cannot adopt any standard that is LESS stringent than the federal standard, and it is possible that at the federal level the waiver for condoms “if there is testing” might not pass muster.

  68. Alex is still eligible to perform IF infectivity” is determined by Viral Load for HepC like it is for HIV1 with ONLY PCR screening required.

    How bout them apples?

  69. You can bet the industry is going to fight this! I predict it will go to the Supreme Court where it will be determined that
    Antibody positive HIV, HepC, HPV, Herpes and more won’t disqualify employment (meeting discrimination laws) but WILL Require barrier protection and that the employer WILL be responsible for KNOWING what’s on their set to determine what methods of prevention are most appropriate.

    This policy lists the risks of OPIM-STI, industry has acknowledged and accepted the presence of the defined risks.

    Industry will continue to fight to determine “acceptable exposure limits” and specific risk inclusion/exclusion.
    OSHA says they must act according to CDC and CAHD recommendations. Which state that serologic infection with HIV or HVC (antibody positive) indicate condom use regardless of viral load.

    CDC cites studies of MSM and heterosexual transmission of HIV despite non-detectable viral loads as proof that medication is not enough to PREVENT transmission despite a lowered risk.

    Look at DuPont and Teflon. It took years to prove Teflon was a risk, then more years to determine prevention measures and acceptable exposure limits. Ventilation, masks etc.

    OPIM-STI has already been through the risk determination process. Now what level of “infective” will be allowed? Will barrier free require same standard as blood bank testing to PREVENT transmission. That’s the kind of stuff lots of professionals will be arguing.

  70. Lurking, I am agreeing with alot of what youre saying but I must correct you on one thing here, and it is something that the industry has been lying about for a LONG time.

    For ages the porn industry has been saying that if condoms are mandated then they will not be able go discriminate against hiring anybody with HIV, that they would be violating the ADA(Americans Wilth Disabilities Act). This is 100% FALSE. The ADA allows for disqualifying a potential employee based on HIV status if it can be shown that the ‘workplace activity “poses a direct threat of HIV tranmission. Surely hiring someone to have unprotected sex poses a direct threat of HIV transmission, yet the industry has used the scare tactic and outright LIE that they would be forced to hire HIV+ individuals.

  71. @Lirking,
    The industry will cry and whine, but they wont fight it in court. The industry has already had numerous opportunities to fight OSHA in court, but they have NEVER taken the opportunity. Not one single company ever fined by OSHA has exercised their right to fight it in court, because they know they would loose, and nobody wants to be the one to set the precedent.

    The indfustry will cry and whine, and continue to lie to performers, but they will not be the ones to take it to court. They might get taken to court, but they will never be the ones to take it to court, they have had dozens of chances to do this in the past, and they allways choose not to.

  72. @jilted –
    I think it’s fairly obvious to see that the reason the industry is SELF regulating is because no organization on fucking earth would actually step up to ensure the health of the workers because the overall risk is SO huge that no one would even risk it for a multi-billion dollar industry.

    The FSC…..
    Cannot make regulations.
    Can ONLY make recommendations.
    Therefore, they can’t be held responsible from a legal standpoint if they’ve made NO real regulations, but just sit around “recommending” procedures.
    Which, ultimately, just means “here’s what we think you should do, but if you don’t follow our recommendations then….. uhh, oh well? Sucks to be you. But, if you do something to negatively affect the reputation of the industry then “the industry” will bully the shit out of you, call you names and banish you to try to scare others from doing “bad” things…”
    Wow. Sounds just like the mob, doesn’t it? Don’t answer that question….

  73. Not exactly Lacey. You can sue someone for engaging in deceptive buiness practices, and it can easily be shown that the FSC, through PASS is engaged in activity directly related to the buiness of those they represent. All you have to do is read their own website to determine that they are providing a service directly related to their business.

  74. Uhh.. it’s also interesting that they required HEP C tests 2 days before Cameron Bay was confirmed + for HIV.
    I don’t know if the 2 are somehow linked, but that’s pretty fucked up if it’s just a coincidence?

    I realize the “who changed is status and why?” is a very good question and should be answered. But, in the grand scheme of things I don’t really give a shit…
    If no one would have changed his status then he would probably still be working, infected, to this day and the HEP C test wouldn’t even be on the list.

  75. @ jilted

    We agree on the employers right to define employee eligibility. And yes I know they are lying. Whiteacre responded w/ a spiel about legal definition of HIV diagnosis when I asked point blank.
    If you test positive for HIV antibody via western blot or EIA will you ever test negative later? (The answer is NO, once you got got it)

    The pilot who’s ADA case for eyeglasses went to the US Supreme Court, proving that the employer has the right to define “employee qualifications”

    My point is simply…the industry WANTS to include known infectious OPIM-STI by saying we CAN’T create our product without it. It works that the product CAN’T happen without OPIM-STI exposure. What doesn’t work is the refusal to adequately measure and prevent known risks.

    Condoms properly used are effective for most but not all OPIM-STI.

    Producers want to include talent known to be infected. Okay fine include them but protect them and others! And stop the standard of “no clap or gonorreah but low level HIV is okay”

  76. They are already in court….condoms.
    Watch….they will win the fight about mandatory condoms with stipulation that they will use them to prevent known infectious OPIM-STI and then they will be forced to KNOW via testing/screening to prove they are taking “adequate measures” to prevent risk.

    It won’t matter if it is gay, straight or otherwise.

  77. Lurking, Agree. And if the industry says they cant survive without OPIM exposure then fine, but make them pay for the consequences.

    But you cant always blame the industry. They have been getting away with this for decades, so you really cant blame people who dont really know any better. But, like the song says, the times they are a changing.

    Gonz is just the first..And this blaming Bobbie bullshit, can you imagine if she decided to really talk?

  78. The Measure B thing is a moot point. They are fighting Measure B incourt, not OSHA. The purpose of measure B was to have another entity to enforce the regulations, which OSHA has been very negligent with in the past. Even if Measure B is thrown out OSHA will still rule the day.

  79. @jilted –
    I understand that… and it’s very true.
    My point was that the FSC comes out with these “requirements” when they can’t technically REQUIRE anything…
    Every single thing they “require” is nothing more than a very serious “recommendation”

    The FSC isn’t responsible for shit. If an entity has no power to enforce the rules then what can they be held accountable for? (Other than lying or cover-ups, I guess?)

  80. @Lacey,
    This is what they can be held accountable for. “Where the conduct contstituting a violation is of a contunuing nature, each day of that conduct is a seperate and distinct violation.”

    By saying that these things are mandatory, and you can see this for yourself on their very own website, they are engaging in unfair businesss practices, that is, lying to potential employees that they must do these things before getting hired.

  81. @Mitke,
    Was this an interview, or did they just read a statement? Did you or anyone else get to ask questions? If yes, will you print a transcript of what the questions asked, and the answers, if any were given.

    The word interview indicates that questions were asked. From this summary here it loooks like several of his bullshit statements were never questioned.

  82. The CDC does not classify Hep C as an STI, this is true. But when you go into the specifics of the porn industry, the prolonged exposures, multiple partners, multiple exposures, every medical professional will make the exception, When the CDC talks about STD’s they do so in the context of regular, at home,mom and pop sex, not the long, grueling, hard pounding, multiple partner, multiple exposures that happen in porn.

    When you describe what happens regularly in porn to any medical professional, they ALWAYS say the risk is there.

    And when a female has hep c, and is getting POUNDED in her ass, there is always at least a trace amount of blood, and the opening in the penis, in that very airtight, dirty place they are having sex in.

  83. I will change all of my opinions if Dianne Duke will bend over and let Alex Gonz fuck her up the ass, without a condom of course.

  84. it was an interview but only I asked any real questions that werent answered in the timeline like why did you wait until now to come forward, and can you provide the screenshots of Lisa messages and the hardcopy test info, all of which he did. There is no transcript, I took handwritten notes. I will say that after reading both the xbiz and the avn accounts mine was the most accurate and left nothing out. Alex agreed on that as well.

    I have no doubt that alex went to stdstatus to skirt the hassle of the HEPc test he admitted that, that that was only two weeks after CET had cleared him from Hep C as being inactive, also after aim had cleared him as inactive he said he didnt want the hassle and expense(presumeably) of going through that again when the test wasnt required anyway. For me thats a reasonable doubt it isnt like he is a doctor he was told he would always test positive but that he was inactive and there was nothuing to worry about and the fact that CET cleared him to work in June in APHSS backs that up…had he kept going to CET he would likely still be cleared to work as I understand it. Because of all of this Im not so quick to toss him under the bus. hould he have been working? no but was he working with knowledge that he may be exposing someone to Hep C , no I dont think he was because he was told by CET in June that his wasnt an active infection and again they cleared him to work…What this does further illustrate more than anything is why we really are going to have to go to condom usage plain and simple. Alex wasnt the only one making a mistake here, mistakes were made up and down the line then someone tried to cover them up. Andi dont think anyone is tossing bobbi or jen under the bus both have done stupid things in the past…jen leaked the viral load info, bobbi is well known for talking about things she shouldnt and if you recall when aim went under bobbi was doing blood draws in the back of her car according to posts on twitter. Bottom line, this is a win for the condom advocates.

  85. Exactly Jilted

    Their stance is that they are powerless over the employees who are bringing infectious OPIM-STI into their workplace.

    The employer is responsible for the workplace environment. Big CYA $$$ employer provided for material development or outside firm to provide, pay employee wage for attendance. They have violation policies, written warning, termination, suspension with counseling….
    All to prove they prevent hostile workplace. Employees must comply or they aren’t employed.

    How is employee OPIM-STI any different than employee personality? If an employer is proven to have known, or even suspect an employee of harassing in the workplace and didn’t stop it they are liable.

  86. For startes that his Hep c infection is at a non infectious level. Did anyone ask Why he tested for Hep C while at AIM, since it was not ‘required’ at the time?

    Did anhone ask if he ever informed his scene partners of his infection, and why he felt that he didnt need to do so?

    And lets not ever question anything we read on twitter. Towards the end of AIM she was doing home draws, completely legal. Wow, citing twitter as a reliable source, Cmon mike.

    I cant see in this article where it says Alex admitted going to STDStatus to circmvent the protocols. And for the record Mike, didnt I predict this is EXACTLY what was going on, even before anything about Gonz came out?

    And if Gonz did admit to intentionally cheating the system, it certainly wasnt becaue he thought he was not infection. If he did admit to intentionaly circumventing the system to hide his infection, just like Marcus did, then he should be treated the same, and thrown under the bus just like marcus and wallice.

    but again, where in the article does it say he admitted to going to STDstatus to circumvent the system, or am i just missing something.

  87. Didn’t I read somewhere that Diane Duke was having sex with a different performer involved in a “infection” scare?

  88. And i will agree that there were lot of mistakes, but GONZ is responsible for ALL of this. He intentionally hid his positive status,just like stagliano. It is not up to GONZ to decide for his partners what they need and dont need to know.

    It doesnt matter who else made any mistakes, GONZ took specific actions to conceal his infection, and anything else is just an attempt to deflect attention away from this fact. GONZ made the decision to decieve the people he worked with, and nobody gave him permission to do that.

  89. The Alex Gonz defense. “The phlebotomist at the place I get my blood drawn told me it was ok” So now the phlebotomists at CET are responsible for deciding who is medically cleared to work. There you have it folks, we now know who the medical experst on the PASS board are.

  90. @LurkingReader –
    It’s because they claim they don’t have employees… so the rules don’t apply.
    We know this isn’t true, but they kind of operate however they feel like it so… yeah?

  91. 1. yes he said vivid was requiring it thensomeone else said they didnt require c it was B …regardless thats why and how he found out then.

    2. He was told that he likely had gotten it from a blood transusion he had at birth back when they werent testing for it, that he no longer had an active infection and couldnt possibly give it to anyone….he was told this in 2010 and again in june 2013 when cet cleared him the second time with a secondary test.

    he never said he was circumventing the system he wasnt he was going there so he didnt have to keep getting secondary tests for an infection he was already cleared to work because he didnt have and because hep c wasnt even required. Cant say id have done the samer thing or not…i dunno but he gets the benefit of the doubt because he backed up everything he said with proof. again I think he got caught in a crossfire between lisa ann and derek more than anything. IMO he is innocent untill proven guilty he hasnt been proven guilty to my satisfaction, YMMV Im not trying to change anyones mind Im simple saying how I see it.

  92. and pornstars tweeting each other is how i get a lot of stories and its how this one came about…Lisa Ann tweeting about Gonz so if you discount twitter as a legit source then lisa’s tweets are suspect too

  93. Can someone explain AIM? Was it primarily a lab or did they offer treatment and counseling too?

    I’m confused with how AIM let reportable conditions go by casually as this episode with Gonz is explained.

    It doesn’t seem like Alex tried to circumvent the system, more like the system let him down. Labs and doctors have to report HepC and refer for f/u. Why didn’t that happen in 2010?

  94. I don’t buy the “he probably got it from transfusion” deal.
    1.since 1998 they have been testing blood product receipients for HepC etc.
    2. If AIM told him it was possible a pre1992 transfusion was the culprit, why didn’t they tell him anal sex was a possibility too?

    His statement about not being a doctor and relying on industry advice holds water. It also makes the point that this is much bigger than him.

  95. @kate

    Why do performers hide their herpes status? They aren’t required to disclose. Until it is mandatory to disclose it won’t be.

  96. Mike: what were the results of gonz’s second blood test he took in 2010?
    How come he didn’t Go to any specialists 3 years ago but decided to now after Lisa Ann outed him?
    he didn’t show the test that said he was positive for hep c and that’s how he continued to work?

    Do you really believe Derek Hay didn’t know?
    Why did he go into hiding for 2 months?
    Who told him that he likely got hep c at birth?

  97. Did bobbi at CET tell Gonz he wasn’t necessarily an active infection and that he would always have antibodies? Bobbi’s a doctor?

    Why isn’t he working if he’s not infectious?

    Did gonz get treated in 2010?

  98. @Kate he was told by aim that the results of the second test cleared him to work, that he had no active infection
    he didnt go then because he didnt thinik he needed to…the specialists came as a result of his aphss clearance being pulled, he wanted a definitive answer so that he could go back to work.

    Yes I actually do believe that derek didnt know I dont see eye to eye with derek always and i have been hard on him in the past but I dont see any reason why he would have known this, remember alex only rarely worked through derek alex mostly self booked alex and derek both confirmed that was their agreement.

    I asked that very question, alex said he didnt want to make any statements until he had definitive answers…he didnt expect it to involve 4 specialists but he waited until he could say 100% what was going on.
    aim, cet and all of the specialists told him that he most likely got it at birth from the blood transfusion, they are genotyping it now to help confirm that theory which was based on his viral load staying so low for so long.

    now remember im not advocating for alex here Im telling you the answers i got and in all honesty I have no reason to doubt them, I never expected him to be so forthright with his test result copies, the texts between him and lisa ann (who by the way has contacted me and did not refute that those texts were accurate.

    Like Lurking i think the system failed alex as much as anything, im not saying he is dumb but he certainly isnt a doctor and like most people these days he didnt doubt what the doctors told him in 2010 or what cet told him in june. theres enough doubt for me to not only think its plausable but for me to believe his account is true.

  99. he isnt working even though he could probably get a doctor letter like DR Miao sends out. his choice is not to work until he is cleared of any possibility of any active infection no matter how small.

  100. again i want to point out that while some things appear to be to his advantage by and large I dont believe he intentionally hid his status he really had no reason to…at the time he was cleared to work even though he tested positive at CETY, the second test cleared him and CET put him into aphss as available.


    I know this is a very sensitive topic and I want to thank everyone for the great comments and for keeping the thread on track and not antagonistic, I love that kind of discourse because we all learn from it keep up the good work yall!

  102. @kate sorry to name a specific.

    Point is…why would anyone disclose what they aren’t required to?
    He went to industry lab, followed employer rules so how does that make him a bad guy.

    No doubt if you have something you shouldn’t share it at work, ultimately the boss defines the line of what is or isn’t okay at work.

    This in no way means I think it was okay Gonz worked with HepC, only that he is being singled out. All the questions about HOW it came to be that a performer was allowed to work with HepC for three years are important as they will show he wasn’t the only one.

  103. Mike:I disagree. I don’t believe gonz’s bullshit story.. Gonz and Derek Hay are full of shit.

  104. @jilted
    “It doesnt matter who else made any mistakes, GONZ took specific actions to conceal his infection, and anything else is just an attempt to deflect attention away from this fact. GONZ made the decision to decieve the people he worked with, and nobody gave him permission to do that.”

    Yes Gonz made a decision to work with HepC. AIM and APHSS/PASS did give him permission to do that.

    The mistakes made by others do matter…they led to AIM/APHSS/PASS clearing him to work without forcing follow up. He had a three year delay in care, I’m glad his current tests are low enough that insurance wouldn’t pay for treatment vs finding out his liver is screwed. I’m sorry that he isn’t one of the lucky ones who get HepC acute.

  105. @lurkingReader… gonz should have disclosed his Hep C results because it’s the right thing to do…but he knew if he did no one in their right mind would want to work with him… this guy’s a loser. He intentionally hid his Hep C results…if it’s not infectious then why hide the results. Why not tell everyone?

  106. @Kate

    They test for HepC just like HIV (mainstream) first with an antibody test that shows positive or negative. Then PCR (RNA) to determine viral level.

    Positive HepC antibody can’t distinguish past or present. So PCR results determine a. Chronic, b. acute present c. Acute past. If it is c. They consider the HepC cured.

    It seems Alex isn’t cured but also doesn’t meet threshold for treatment. That’s a good thing for him.

  107. But Mike, Gonz has been working for 3 years. Now he decides not to work until he is cleared of any possibility of active infection no matter how small? What? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  108. look at it this way kate…you go to the doctorand test positive for hep c antibodies. you then get another test and the doctors PA sits down with you and explains that the results mean that you do not have Hep, only the antibodies for hep c that are left over from a previous infection that is gone. you are told you cant give it to anyone and that you dont have it but you will always have the antibodies.

    Now the question is do you tell potential partners about all of this?

    Theres no right or wrong answer here, its exactly what gonz was faced with, i cant say what i would have done because i really dont know. Now i can easily say id get a second opinion from a specialist but i know a lot more about it now than i would have even in June.

  109. yes kate but he was told 3 years ago and again in june that he was cured…it wasnt til he went to the specialist that he found out the infection is active but well below the treatment threshold gonz didnt hide his results he simply though he was cured and the reason he thought that is because both AIM and CET told him that he was. He opted to not get the hep test so that he wouldnt have to go through the whole ordeal every two weeks

  110. I don’t dispute that he SHOULD have. I totally agree that ANY INFECTIOUS OPIM-STI has no place on the set.

    I still maintain that without clear policy/ expectations it isn’t fair to blame someone for doing what they could.
    I think there is still a road without any posted speed limit. Most people travel it at 70-80 MPH some do 110 or the MAX their car will do. Holding Gonz up as THE GUY doing the MAX is valid but without a posted limit why shouldn’t he?

    Just because you and I would do the 70-80 doesn’t make the guy doing the max WRONG, it just makes him the one we saw.

  111. It is wrong that someone with HepC wasn’t required to get a proper assessment until three years after AIM test.

    Had the PASS system been set up to exclude HepC his June test would have avoided the drama in August and allowed Gonz to do what many other performers will be doing. Retire on his own terms.

    If the PASS system was allowing HepC below x viral load then performers have the right to know what that standard is. With clear information about why that number is an “acceptable risk”

    It seems there are still questions about the PASS system administration.

  112. “Rob Black’s system”??? You mean the Talent Transparency Waiver proposed by FORPORN?

  113. I’d like to point out that the Talent Transparency waiver proposed by FORPORN would have completely killed this situation. On his very first pos test, a panel of industry leaders would have been notified, they would have created and contacted a first gen list and he wouldn’t be approved to work until he provided a negative hep c test. Same w Mr Marcus. Wake up ppl, history repeats itself. This has happened multiple times in the past a WILL happen in the future. Contact me anytime to see how u can help spread the word about FORPORN and the Talent Transparency Waiver.

  114. @lacey

    Lol claiming performers are IC they tried to skirt WC and OSHA. 12 years for Brooke Ashley aka doe opened eyes on the WC angle. Now OSHA making “industry specific” laws means chickens coming home to roost. (Not saying it will be quick)
    Just wait until producers get hit with mega fines and can’t get WC till they implement OSHA.

  115. @charity

    Who are the industry leaders that would be notified? Are they trained health professionals with patient confidentiality training?
    How will they create the first gen contact list? Hey joe so & so tested positive I gotta get your production list from last Thursday. Who gets to know when a performer tells the truth about off-set contacts? Or do off-set contacts get ignored still?

    The labs and doctors are already required to report most OPIM-STI infections to local health department who are charged with confidential partner notification. They notify by saying…I need your production list from x day. Producers ignore them but start the rumor mill.

    You’re right that history repeats itself.

  116. So Mike your now saying becuase so inconvenient be safe in porn that ok that for Alex Gonz do what he did. Wow this why have porn indusrty can not police self becuase so inconvenient such ordeal that does even try to becuase well it have stop people in indusrty that have STD. Yet fail agan and again stop those people from doing so. What good are safty measure when those who now get round them do spread there STDs others. Than explain me how does help have other look the other way as do so??? Explain Mike why should any one handle Alex any different manner than Mr. Marcus was handle over what he did?? Mike explain difference between what Mr Marcus did and what Alex did. Well your at Mike you can than explain theory on what makes Alex case any different John Stagiolas who now claims he cure from Hiv which there no cure for.

  117. We all know mike knows it all, Alex Derek there the pillar of salt. They’ve done nothing wrong we all know it was all CET’s fault from Dr. Miao, Jenny and of course Bobbi. If it wasn’t for them Alex would of never tested positive and they wouldn’t of had any reason to tell eveyone in the industry about poor Alex hep c status. Oh yes lets not forget the way CET went around telling everyone in the industry about poor Cameron Bays Hiv status as well. If you ask me I don’t know why they just don’t get fed up with all this and just walk away. But if they do opt to do that, lets not forget the honor system Charity Bangs has. I pinky swear I’m clean for all my std’s. Be real people.

  118. Look you guys gotta stop with the putting words in my mouth…I never said anyone in particular was at fault…truth is everyone was nor did I say what gonz did was OK I said it was understandable and not near enough to crucify him. if yer gonna try to quote me lay off the rob black empty rhetoric stupidity and stick to the facts everything I have said is right here in front of you.

  119. Mike – IMHO you are starting to look a little racist. Mr. Marcus did a bad thing sure, and I think he is just as guilty as Alex Gonz. But you railed on Mr. Marcus over and over and over again. He knew about his Syphilis for a month or two at most. Alex Gonz knew he had a potentially contagious disease in 2010 and STILL continued to work in over 250+ scenes! How is Mr. Marcus railed daily on this site, yet you give Alex Gonz the benefit of the doubt because he sat down with yourself and Derek Hay and showed you some texts?

    Sorry but I don’t think you realize how big a deal this is. I understand blood transfusion is the only way Hep C is spread. Do women not have periods? Alex Gonz performed in some hardcore gangbang and gonzo scenes. You don’t think there was ever blood accidentally exchanged during those scenes?

    I think Charity Bangs is heading in the right direction, but the idea needs huge financial backing in order to be successful. And right now the way everything is working in Porn Valley, I doubt there would be an investor willing to bank that much money in a system that may or may not work.

    Overall, I am extremely disappointed at how this whole situation is being handled. With proper testing and protocol we wouldn’t need condoms in scenes. You cut out the guys that fuck Trannys and other guys, and you keep that small talent pool of guys in a friggin petrie dish.

    I agree with many of the current porn actresses, including Kristina Rose, who says that many of the male talent is gay, and injecting shit into their penises to get hard. Why allow crossovers in? This is the part I don’t understand. It should be pretty easy to weed out the gay/bi performers (ChristianXXX, Danny Wylde, etc.) then it would be to institute condoms being instilled in 10 guy gangbang scenes!

  120. there is no racial component to this this in no way compares to Mister marcus only someone with an axe to grind or a simpleton would think that to be the case. turn this into a bunch of racial nonsense and the thread is closed.
    yes mister marcus knew…alex didnt know, nobody has offered any evidence to suggest otherwise. Alex offered up twice by two different doctors who told him he didnt have hep c only the antibodies thats a far sight from faking a test to keep working when you know you can infect someone.

  121. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…
    The FORPORN testing proposal plan seems like a great idea, BUT it’s nothing more than a testing system plan to fix the current testing system.
    Everything I’ve seen regarding this new “Industry leaders board” plan shouldn’t even be needed if the PASS system actually worked in the first place.

    So, you’ve created a whole new system to essentially say the PASS system is a fucking joke? So, the solution is to now have 2 testing systems? If the PASS system actually worked there would be no need for another testing system…

    Seriously, I truly commend the effort. But, I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who states “We could then eradicate STD’s.”

    That is, literally, impossible by just making a list of first-gen. exposures of a performer who may have already been infected for 20+ days and have them sign a HIPPA waiver.

    How does this even make sense?
    Did I miss something?

  122. They would offer evidence Mike, but because of hippa guidelines the people who really know the truth can’t say one thing to there defense. So as it stands poor Alex and Derek everyone has screwed them over. And believe me, we all know deep down inside, that they both really care about the well being of the industry.

  123. @LurkingReader –
    You actually think most of them get Workers Comp.? Lol.
    Most don’t even follow basic laws.. you think they give a shit about WC? 😀

  124. Mikes your owen words.He opted to not get the hep test so that he wouldnt have to go through the whole ordeal every two weeks. So Alexis choose rath not be safe becuase it was to much of odeal go through. So Alexis made decision do 250 adult movies be unsafe becuase was to much ordeal for him do that Mike. There no racial component asking with you why you treat Mr Marus the way you did reason that not treating Alexis same way after all there both male porn stars in same indusrty that got caught only after some one indusrty point out they had STD. I am sorry Lisa Ann did right thing she point out Alexis had STD well many people round guy where happy ingor that fact like body Derek Hay. Mike sent he run L.A Direct you think he know what going on with people work for him??

  125. @mdxxx –
    “With proper testing and protocol we wouldn’t need condoms in scenes.”

    I am seriously asking you to explain this for me. I hear it constantly and I STILL can’t figure out a single theory in which this would work or even make sense?

    I truly don’t understand how someone could think this would somehow EVER work and I’m REALLY trying to “get it,” but no one ever actually explains what this means but instead just starts bitching about crossovers and shit which doesn’t actually explain anything?

    Also, if you actually do understand your above statement then there should be absolutely, positively, 100% no reason for anyone to be surprised by this?

  126. Mr Marus had STD knew about lie ever one in porn indusrty tell them he did not. Alexis had Hep C in his past knew so was told buy some doctors that had gone away. So instead of checking up on matter he made choose that well to much of ordeal keep checking on so gone just do 250 hardcorp porn movies with out checking any more if some one get hep c for what ever reason oh well not his fault becuase he did know becuase did care check any more. What worst people the person who lie about having STD or person who has hep c did care enough keep checking him self for it did more 250 porn movies before some one caught him with it??? Make decision on your owen see what kind answer you come up with.

  127. @LurkingReader –
    I’m probably not the best person to answer this, but from what I’ve gathered so far about AIM:
    -They were a testing & counseling center very similar to CET.
    -Either they pocketed a whole bunch of money and didn’t pay their lab fees OR the AHF maliciously had them shut down?
    (I honestly don’t know, but those seem to be the only 2 reasons I’ve heard?)
    -After AIM went bankrupt their entire collection of past medical records were destroyed.
    (Court case still pending regarding this issue, I believe?)

    That’s about all I know… most performers seemed to really like AIM from what I’ve read….

  128. In a perfect world testing COULD work and WOULD prevent workplace transmission IF everyone did what they SHOULD but…now here comes the bullshit…performers don’t use barriers in private life, producers rely on PASS to check availability…

    Shoulda, coulda and woulda
    Testing is only good for what they actually look for, since they aren’t looking for half the stuff known to be a isn’t working. If they looked for HepC prior to Aug19 then Alex would have gone his merry way without doing all the movies he did after AIM test.

  129. @mdxxx

    “With proper testing and protocol”
    Total agreement so far. Syphilis was protocol, HepC wasn’t.

    How would you define proper testing?
    How would you define proper protocol? (Reporting, producer checks and performer conduct)

  130. Omg too funny, I’m so used to reading over and editing Richards posts I totally missed that. Lol

    Richard you often share great opinions but they are so hard to understand. I wonder if using voice software like dragon speaks is something you’ve ever tried? I too have dyslexia and learned to re-read, edit and spell check what I write for clarity.

  131. What I find funny porn indusrty destroying self over these matters. None people are have any effect at save it from it self. So enjoy I am.

  132. @LurkingReader –
    “Testing is only good for what they actually look for, since they aren’t looking for half the stuff known to be a isn’t working.”

    Actually, it doesn’t work all that well for what they ARE testing for… it is nothing but a system to let you know you are infected and try to get you out the talent pool asap before you cause an epidemic or widespread infections.
    Most performers 100% understand this, but you can tell by certain comments that some really don’t understand the “system” has absolutely nothing to do with prevention or protection which is kinda sad.

  133. @richard
    I don’t see any humor in people getting sick. People can have an effect. They can prevent offset exposure, they can be tested for the stuff that isn’t required yet, they can refuse to work with unvented talent.

    I did find humor in the fact that I’m so used to re-reading and editing my own writing that I automatically do the same to yours and missed the spelling error that made Alex into Alexis without a sex change operation 🙂

  134. @Lacey
    Yes comments here there and everywhere show that loud and clear.
    No testing as prevention will be 100% effective, look at Silkwood. thirty years later…Every radiology tech has to wear a badge to measure exposure level in part because of what was learned at nuclear plants.

  135. There have been a number of posts in here that basically say Hep C can only be passed through a blood transfusion. While the CDC does say the most common ways Hep C is transmitted is through blood transfusions, organ transplants, being born to a mother with Hep C or sharing needles. it also says it can be passed through sexual contact: Below is the response:

    Can Hepatitis C be spread through sexual contact?

    Yes, but the risk of transmission from sexual contact is believed to be low. The risk increases for those who have multiple sex partners, have a sexually transmitted disease, engage in rough sex, or are infected with HIV. More research is needed to better understand how and when Hepatitis C can be spread through sexual contact.

    Now, people who want to minimize Hep C and say its not an STD will focus on the first part of that answer – the risk of transmission is believed to be low.

    Any rationale person will read the complete answer because its more or less the definition of porn talent. By definition of the job, they are people who have sex with multiple partners, often in a single scene. They often engage in rough sex. I’m not even talking about a scene. Ask any of the women who post on this site if they would consider their partner slapping their breasts, slapping their vaginas and then jack hammering away rough sex? Those are common acts, not extreme acts. If you don’t think there’s a little tearing and bleeding after porn-style anal, you’re kidding yourself. And, there’s the infamous Xander cuts his penis and bleeds into the mouth of an actress on a Kink set. Heck, forget about my partner’s vagina; my penis has on occasion been rubbed raw from vigorous sex and I’m no porn star.

    Remember: Your dentist cannot stick his fingers in your mouth without wearing gloves; your urologist can’t stick his fingers in your rectum without a glove; your gynecologist wears a glove to examine your vagina. All to prevent the spread of disease, even if remote. At Subway, they wear a glove to make your sandwich. Yet people in porn argue that Hep C, no big deal. Jack hammer away.

  136. Porn producers stop booking through LATATA agencies.
    Fuck all in the ass and send them

  137. The phlebotomist told me this, a doctor told me that. Thats all fine, if true. But the REAL question is what did Alex tell people? There is NO CURE for Hep C. There is no such thing as having hep c and not being infectious.

    Alex took specific actions to hide his infection, and never told a single person that he was engaging in unprotected sex with of his condition. It does not matter who told him anything, what matters is what he told the people that he was with. Stop trying to deflect blame on to anyone who ‘cleared him to work.’ The industry is SELF regulated, which means Alex made the decision himSELF.

    Anyone who argues that he didnt need to inform his partners because of the advice he got is simply full of shit. Mike wrote in a comment, “The reason he thought he was cured is because AIM and CET told him he was” I call bullshit. especially Bobbie knows there is NO CURE for Hep C. And this blame bobbie crap is just that, crap. Bobbie cannot speak up, she is bound by HIPPA. It makes her an easy scapegoat, blame her for giving bad advice, and sue her is she calls you on your bullshit. And regardless what Boby may or may not have told him, is Gonz saying that the phlebotomist is who is now in charge of deciding who is eligle to work?

    Alex Gonz intentionally hid his Hep C status. He intentionally went to a clinic that was not doing hep c as part of the regular panel with the specific intent of keeping his status hidden. Theseare the only facts that matter, what Alex did, not what anybody else did. Alex did EXACTLY what I predicted was happening, for the EXACT reasons mentione here. AND HE WASNT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!


    On Aug 23 this clinic was stll not testing for hep c,,,,an APHSS approved clinic, the very one that Gonz went to in order to intentionally get around the Hep C test.

    Derek, what are you telling the performers that you booked to work with Alex in the past couple of years?

    Is PASS or anyone else doing anything to notify all the people he worked with to get tested for hep C? What about girls who are no longer in the industry, is anything being done to get in touch with them and get them tested?

  139. Exactly jilted! This is all bullshit! This lowlife INTENTIONALLY hid his Hep C status. He went to a clinic that didn’t test for Hep C because he wanted to hide his status. And there are people on here that are actually saying that it was OK for Gonz not to inform his partners because they’re not required to. And that he followed employer rules so how does that make him a bad guy. And he’s being singled out.
    OMG!! UNBELIEVABLE! Get the fuck out of here!! This guy Gonz is a piece of garbage. He SHOULD have told his partners he has Hep C. Until Lisa Ann outed him. And after disappearing for 2 months. Now he decides to go to specialists. NOT 3 years ago because he thought he was cured 3 years ago and in June! But when he went to the specialist he found out the infection IS active BUT well below the treatment threshold. Oh, and NOW he’s NOT working until he’s cleared of any possibility of any active infection. NO MATTER HOW SMALL!! hahahaha. HILARIOUS! This is TOTAL BULLSHIT!

  140. Kate and jilted are very spot on.

    Mike the only way of having a chance of “curing” hep c is through a vigorous anti viral therapy program that lasts about 6 months. The side effects can be devastating physically the cost sky high and the results mixed.

    There is no such thing as having low level hepatitis, you have it or you don’t.

    If he got it from a childhood blood transfusion, chances are good that his liver would be shot.

  141. @Lacey She loves me for my brain. Funny, you didnt mention brains in your article about your boundries. Brains in porn, something you dont see too much of these days.

  142. Mike,
    Do any of Alex’s tests that you have show any ALT or AST tests. These are liver function tests that are routine tests for determining hep c status?

    Is Alex now in any monitoring program for his Hepatitis?

    And Alex can lie with impunity regarding what anybody at any clinic told him because they cannot legally respond without violating HIPPA. I would like to see Alex sign a waiver to allow Bobby to respond to the allegations.

    I am doing some research to find the legal ramifications of not disclosing to a partner, Remember, Marcus went to jail. Alex had no right to hide his status from his partners. This industry is all about adults consenting, but without all the pertinent information the consent is not complete.

  143. For what it’s worth, the CDC recommends against people infected with Hep C from donating sperm, since it can be a transmission method.

    Can I donate blood, organs, or semen if I have Hepatitis C?

    No, if you ever tested positive for the Hepatitis C virus (or Hepatitis B virus), experts recommend never donating blood, organs, or semen because this can spread the infection to the recipient.

    The government also suggests that Hep C may be spread through anal sex because of damage to the lining of the rectum.

    On gay websites, they pass on the following advice:

    Many researchers agree that homosexual men who have sex with multiple partners and/or engage in high-risk activities are at risk of getting or passing on hepatitis C.

    These activities typically are described as fisting, rimming and unprotected anal sex, especially when it is rough.

    The risks of infection for these types of high-risk individuals have been cited at 15% and even higher.

    Rimming and rough, unprotected anal sex are pretty much standard operating procedure in mainstream porn and we know that fisting shows up here and there.

  144. In no way have I condoned a performer for bringing an active infection on set. My point is that this has been a “self regulating” industry who’s rules didn’t stop him from working with HepC.

    This loophole allowed Gonz and HOW MANY MORE? This same loophole used by performers has been exploited by producers..the industry…who didn’t regulate HepC..who tell you we keep HIV they keep NEW HIV out but allow HIV with suppressed viral loads.

    People are doing their homework on HepC now and getting important info out. It’s a BBP (blood borne pathogen) that may be transmitted via sexual activity.

    HepC is tested and diagnosed the same way as HIV. an antibody test shows the immune response and the PCR shows the viral activity.

    Most but not all people who get HepC develop Chronic HepC (10-15% acute with viral cure without treatment) the viral load and other tests determine when/if treatment starts. Testing shows if treatment “cured” HepC

    All people with HIV have a chronic infection and remain actively infected even with suppressed viral load.

    Yeah it’s shitty Alex Gonz performed for three years with HepC. What’s BULLSHIT is an industry that uses tests to exclude the GC, CT and syphilis while letting active HepC and HIV slide by!!!!!


    There is a very interesting statement here. “I have never lied on or ampered with any test result, nor have I ever concelaed or decieved the industry with any test result that could negatively impact the thousands of talented performers I am proud to call my colleges.”

    This is why I asked if there was a full transcript of this “interview.” So he never concealed anything?

    How many of YOUR colleges are proud to have you in their ranks Alex?

    cough cough, bullshit cough cough

  146. What criteria does PASS use to determine performer availability?

    Is PASS set up to exclude ANY REPORTABLE or just the minimum mandatory testing results?

  147. It’s true that he never lied or concealed a REQUIRED test result.

    “That could negatively impact the thousands of talented performers”

    There’s the real spin…was he coached to say this?
    Will his low viral load in 2010 and again in 2013 be used as “proof” of no negative impact aka on-set transmission?

  148. Let me explain WHY the current male peformers are gay, k? Once gay guys could get it up for girls, the pimps DOUBLED their stable of prostitutes, period!!! All the guys who were straight were let go since they wouldn’t be willing to prostitute themselves to gay men. EVERYONE in porn is a pimp, from the producers all the way down to the effin make-up artists! And the movies are commercials letting the customers know what they will get for their hard earned money when they hire either the girl or the guy (like the guys who eat their own cum, right? they’re advertising!!!). However, if you make the gay guys use condoms then the scenes will take practically FOREVER to shoot, and that WILL be a problem, eh?

  149. The detailed timeline of events Gonz relayed stretched back to around January 2010, when he said “Vivid was asking for hepatitis B testing for all performers during that time.” He explained that in accordance, he tested at the now-defunct AIM Healthcare clinic for hep-B and was called back because hep-C antibodies had been detected in his blood sample.

    After he submitted to a secondary test, Gonz recalled, “They said, ‘You’re not in any danger, you’re good, you’re fine, we’re going to clear you to work.'”

    So Vivid didn’t require Hep C tests in 2010… they required Hep B.
    But Hep C antibodies had been detected in his blood sample.. So he took another test they told him he’s not in danger and cleared him to work.

    He has Hep C. Didn’t he have any questions? He didn’t care? No second opinion? No specialists?
    He just went about his day for the next 3 years Hiding his Hep C results? WTF?

  150. I’m with you Kate…
    On one hand he says what you quote then later expands to say lack of insurance was a factor. So did the lab make the report/referral as required?

    Bottom line the tests are used to determine work availability. Why was he still available?
    As for him not seeking appropriate medical care…shows he isn’t brightest crayon in the box…and that his primary concern was work availability.

    As an outsider I see the mentality…I’m cleared for work and good to go.

  151. ” what do you think Cal/OSHA’s gonna say”

    Oops we didn’t include HepC prescreening in alternate control measures

  152. It was not until June of 2013 that the issue came up for him again, during which time primary industry testing facilities Talent Testing Service (TTS) and Cutting Edge Testing (CET) both added hep-B and hep-C testing to their standard panel for a limited period—though neither was yet an industry requirement.

    According to Gonz, when he went in for his regular test that month at CET, he was not informed that his blood sample would be tested for hep-B and C; it simply was submitted for such as part of the standard panel during that time period. “The next day they called me to let me know that my test was positive again for antibodies,” he said.

    Because he had been cleared to work in 2010 when he first learned he carried hep-C antibodies—by the very same staffers who then worked at AIM and have manned CET since its opening—”to be honest, I kind of blew it off,” Gonz said. “And again, I wasn’t aware that it was going to become a mandatory test.”

    So he tested positive again for Hep C and he just “Kind of blew it off.”
    and he was cleared to work by the same staffers as 2010.
    He’s trying to throw Bobbi under the bus.
    He didn’t care that he had Hep C… and that he was working and putting other people in danger… He just wasn’t aware that Hep C was going to become a mandatory test…


  153. He then maintained that his results for hep-C were sent to him separately from the rest of his results for the then standard industry panel of chlamydia, gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV. So he continued to work using the test showing only the standard panel.

    “Once that test expired, which was in 14 days, I didn’t want to go back to CET and deal with this whole hepatitis-C stuff,” he went on. “So I retested at another [PASS] facility, and it was through LabCorp, but it was approved through [PASS]. When I got my test results back, it said, ‘You have been cleared to work by the APHSS [the former name of PASS] as of this day,’ and they gave me my regular test that they were requiring for the industry, which was gonorrhea, chlamydia, Syphilis and [HIV].”

    Gonz asserted that he does not have access to the online PASS database and therefore could not check it himself to see whether it showed him as cleared to work at the time, but assumed that it did based on the email he’d received from PASS saying as much. When his test expired again two weeks later, on July 31, he said he returned to the same clinic for a retest. This time, he decided to ask his then roommate, an industry producer who did have access to the PASS system, to check his status for him. And he saw that he was in fact cleared to work on the website.

    “So I say, ‘perfect,’ and I continued working,” he related. It was then on August 9 when fellow performer Lisa Ann—with whom he’d been booked to work a few days later, and who had requested a copy of his test, which he’d supplied—contacted him via text inquiring why his test contained no results for hepatitis. It was through this text exchange with Ann, he said, that he first learned his status had been changed to “unavailable” on the PASS website, which he confirmed with his roommate.

    He only showed the standard panel test that would clear him to work. Continuing to deliberately hide his Hep C results.
    Then Gonz decided to go to another clinic because he didn’t want to “deal with this whole Hepatitis stuff.” so he could continue to deliberately hide his Hep C results. and continued to work until Lisa Ann outed him…
    Blames everyone but himself… what an asshole! Lowlife!

  154. 1. Makes perfect sense.
    2. I would assume this is the exact reason for the sharp rise in “gay for pay” performers. I had never even heard of that term until recently. So, It’s more of a “commercial” to market themselves to a larger customer base including both men and women which then allows them to make more money. The “commercial” wouldn’t be as effective with a condom…
    3. If any guy can just take Viagra or shoot Caverject (sp?) into their dick then why would condoms make any difference? Just shoot up, slap a condom on, do the scene and you’re done. I’m not understanding why it would take forever to shoot?

  155. From that point forward, Gonz cut off communication with Ann and all others seeking to clarify the situation, which Ann made public via Twitter late August 11. At the time, he did not have medical insurance, he explained, and wanted to sort out the proper path to take on his own before speaking further on the matter with anyone.

    Because showing up positive for antibodies to hep-C did not count as a diagnosis of the disease, he was able to secure insurance and began seeing a string of doctors to determine the severity of his condition. When his primary physician asked him why he thought he might be carrying the virus, he told the doctor it was possible he’d contracted it either from being tattooed or from a blood transfusion he received when he was born.

    Gonz proceeded to undergo a number of tests, all of which rendered the same prognosis: that while he has carried a miniscule hep-C viral load for many years, possibly since birth, he is not infectious, nor would treating him for the disease be warranted.

    “I did what I felt was the most responsible thing to do, which was to get away, take care of it on my own and go to real doctors and get a real determination,” Gonz said. “And at the end of the day it looks like the levels I have are so non-infectious … in reality, I haven’t been working since 2006 with it, I’ve been working since 2003 with it, my entire 10 years of my career I’ve been working with it, and it’s something that I’ve had since I was born. I’ve never put my life at risk, I’ve never put anyone’s life at risk by doing anything harmful or dangerous or putting any needles into me.”

    Still, he conceded, “I respect the new industry protocols with hepititis-C, even though I’m not infectious. You can’t work, and I respect that; I don’t expect people to work with someone that has something even if they are not infectious at all.”

    At question for Gonz at this point is how the fact that he’d tested positive in 2010 for hep-C became known—as well as why his status in the PASS system changed without his knowlege before hep-C testing became part of the organization’s mandatory protocol.

    “To get treated the way I got treated, it was just a slap in the face,” he said. “I gave 10 years of my life to this industry, and I just wanted to be clear that I never, ever forged anything and I never tried to put anyone’s life at risk at all.”

    Looking forward, Gonz offered, “I would like to try maybe other things in the industry, other endeavors. I’m not sure at this time, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

    Of course, with today’s announcement by the FDA about a possible hep-C eradicating drug on the horizon, Gonz’s chances of returning to performing may not be nil after all.

    What Bullshit… This guy’s an asshole… He knew what he was doing.. He’s lying his ass off… and he’s clearly been coached.

  156. @BT –
    Let’s not forget the Deen article in Esquire where a girl got a tear in her rectum from rough anal during a gangbang and the brilliant solution was to perform double anal in order to keep the blood from coming out… I’m not sure how much worse it can get than that? Fucking disgusting.

    And, you have performers bitching about vaginas having such delicate tissue all while doing double or triple penetration, fisting, double fisting, gaping, putting hooks in their assholes or being fucked by a baseball bat.
    Sorry, but they won’t be getting any sympathy from me because condoms can cause some irritation.. please.

  157. I believe you nick…the industry is full of scum.
    by the way nick….Lacey likes to bully and harass people. She along with sachertorte bullied and harassed numerous people on James Deen blog. I know Mike likes ber and that’s ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion… but I don’t because I don’t like bullies, liars or phony people….if you notice Lacey keeps taking cheap swipes at Richard… a guy who has dyslexia…. it’s easy to insult people who can’t defend themselves…pretty low… I don’t like sachertorte …I know you don’t like sachertorte ….the fact she and Lacey are buddies speaks volumes ….birds of a feather…. so, nick I thought I would let ya know…there are so many trolls and bullies on here it’ hard to figure who’s who? LOL. and if Lacey wants to respond to this….don’t bother..I won’t be responding back.

  158. Richard… don’t pay attention to people like Lacey that keep taking cheap swipes at you…some people get off on laughing at, bullying and harassing has nothing to do with you…it’s about them…it’s speaks volumes about their character. And it real easy to laugh at someone who has a hard time defending himself. Low.

  159. @jilted
    “There is NO CURE for Hep C. There is no such thing as having hep c and not being infectious.”

    This is incorrect and a common myth. It is true that HIV has no cure and you will always be actively infected even with suppressed viral load. A low percentage of people who get hep c are able to achieve a viral cure without medicine (like hep a) and so e are cured with treatment but most, like 85% remain actively infected with chronic hep c.

  160. Lacy: I am with you 100%. It is true that it is difficult to get Hep C from vanilla heterosexual sex. But there is nothing vanilla about porn sex. It more resembles the caution about male on male homosexual sex and what is categorized as rough sex – and that carries a risk.

  161. @jilted –
    I have this strange feeling that the 2 month period between Gonz being “outed” as Hep. C+ and now was for the industry to get performers tested and force the Hep. C+ to “retire” or leave the industry under the radar so they wouldn’t have some huge exodus of performers which people would automatically assume were leaving because they had also tested Hep. C+.

    Obviously, just my theory based on the fact that the industry does this same routine with most “outbreaks.” Deflect from the situation or avoid it all together until they can get any positives out of the way and then set-up an interview weeks later with the performer to try to clear his/her name, if at all possible.

    This seems to be the routine every time one of these medical “situations” happen… I’m guessing it lets the performers leave without some public spectacle that may affect their escorting business???

  162. “It’s true that he never lied or concealed a REQUIRED test result.”

    This is 100% true because the Hep. C test was NEVER REQUIRED.

    The Hep. C test was only added because Gonz was “outed” by Lisa Ann. If Gonz wasn’t “outed,” the Hep. C test STILL wouldn’t be required and he would STILL be working and getting tested at a clinic that doesn’t do a Hep. C test so that he wouldn’t have to do follow-up tests because they’re kind of aggravating.

    “Will his low viral load in 2010 and again in 2013 be used as “proof” of no negative impact aka on-set transmission?”
    Possibly, but you can’t claim an on-set transmission or say he infected anyone unless another performer actually came forward and admitted they were infected. With HIPPA laws, there is no way of knowing who is or was EVER infected. Hence, my theory on the 2 month “he just disappeared” bullshit. I really think it just allowed any infected performers the option of quietly exiting stage left… who wants the world to know they are HIV+ or HEP. C+ if they have a choice whether to tell people or NOT tell people? If they come forward and admit being infected, the industry will turn it’s back on them and declare them as the scum of the earth for bringing a “disease” into the talent pool. Also, their escorting careers would essentially be over.

  163. “He then maintained that his results for hep-C were sent to him separately from the rest of his results for the then standard industry panel of chlamydia, gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV. So he continued to work using the test showing only the standard panel.”

    THIS is one of the main details that caught my eye as well… Why would they give him a separate testing result with ONLY his Hep. C test results on it and not on the same testing results sheet he would use to work?
    Is it because the Hep. C test wasn’t specifically required?
    Were they just testing people for Hep. C for the hell of it?
    It just seemed like a good idea at the time, but we won’t make it a requirement and we’ll have the testing center put the results on a completely different report so people can still use the regular testing results to work while knowingly being infected? Which is EXACTLY what happened…

  164. Kate my girlfriend and I both test at CET and we went there when they were doing the free hepatitis b&c test and one of the first there’s out of there mouths was “this is your lucky month were doing free hepatitis b&c”. Not to mention everyone who came into CET while we were there got the same verbal notification of the free hepatitis b&c. So how could Alex not be aware of the hepatitis testing? Here’s something else if Derek never got Alex work then why was he still part of LA Direct? This all sounds like a total cover-up. Maybe that’s why Derek is moving LA Direct to Vegas. I wonder if he’ll rename it Vegas Direct.

  165. Hey Patricia!

    I was wondering when you were going to decide to make your official appearance between talking shit as “Kate” and being a damn parrot… I’m sure you would agree that’s HILARIOUS!!!!

    Do you really want to start this shit with me right now? I’ve ignored you and left you alone yet you can’t even comment on one single blog without starting shit.

    You certainly don’t disappoint, do you?

    You’re writing style is so uniquely insane that I can actually recognize you on completely different blogs. That should say a lot.

    I’ve heard they’re looking for you on the James Deen blog. You might want to go check-in to tell everyone “Hi.” I think some of them might miss you’re insightful commentary?

    Don’t worry… I know you won’t respond. You never do… 😉

    Luv Ya!!!

  166. My names Kate…and wow Lacey….YOU REALLY ARE PATHETIC!!
    I’m not this Patricia person….but the fact that you think I am and you’re trying to bully me….just confirms what I said about you….DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION LACEY…. I don’t care what you call me…. now people can see what you’re really like…. YOU’RE LAUGHABLE… LOL. 😀 LUV. YA!!!

  167. I know… I’m bad. 🙁
    How in the fuck does “Alex” become “Alexis” over 5 times in 2 separate posts? Are you fucking serious???

    I might need a spanking for my rude comment?
    I should call “Alexis” and tell him to come over with a clean test panel from 20 days ago…

  168. Lacey…did you take you’re bipolar meds?
    I know you have bipolar disorder you admitted right here on mikes blog. And it shows. You are acting completely crazy…so take your meds. Or get the dosag need it..and please spare us another spit story….it was laughable….that s why everyone insulted you…poor desperate for attention Lacey.. 🙁
    I’m shaking in my boots from your threats… 🙂
    You are a psycho..

    Ya I know I said I wouldn’t respond …I couldn’t help myself…
    now I won’t respond….now go pick on Richard…loser.


  170. You’ve ignored me and left me alone?
    holy shit! So you admit that you have been dying to harass and bully me because you think I am this girl that you bullied and harassed on deens blog??? Hahaha this is hilarious and pretty pathetic. Sad.
    Lacey up the meds ….you need it… Now I wil definitely not respond. I don’t have time for losers like you… 🙁

  171. @Patricia –
    It’s OK. I forgive you. I know I can be pretty irresistible and you might have felt such a strong desire to answer, but I understand.. no big deal.
    Luv ya!!!

  172. @kate
    no dispute with anything you say.

    I do wonder at the system that caught Marcus relatively quickly but let this slide for three years.

  173. Let’s be nice here, Kate. Lacey isn’t the only bipolar person on here and IMO she wasn’t posting while manic with her recent comments. I don’t see anything that could be construed as delusional here (and since Mike hasn’t commented or edited her comments I bet he hasn’t either) so can it!

  174. I will add that I don’t think “Patricia” is posting as Kate but since everything else is rooted in reality I will give Lacey the benefit of the doubt on that one. I think she seems to think Kate is actually Tricia Deveraux (John Stagliano’s wife).

  175. If I recall Richard’s native language is not English. I don’t think it is dyslexia causing the issue here.

  176. Mharris127… Lacey is off her rocker and it’s definitely because of her bipolar disorder. Her comments are bizarre and she keeps taking swipes at richard. Pathetic…mike allows all comments. Mharris.
    Now you think I am John staglino wife? Who next? Kate Middleton?
    You’re the one who insulted Nick East last week with your bizarre behavior. Putting words in his mouth about Marci Hirsch. Gimme a break. When anyone speaks truth on here. They have to put up with this constant bullying bullshit… it’s laughable.

  177. @mharris

    Sometime ago Richard shared struggling with dyslexia. Which has many forms..some like me mix up just letters, others more severe struggle with whole words flip flopping as they read/write.
    Relying on predictive text and spell checkers brings in a whole new dimension of confusion too.
    If he also has to deal with English as a second language, I commend him all the more in his continued journey.

  178. You don’t see anything that could be construed as delusional?
    Thanks for the laugh!!! 😀

    Is this the attack of the delusional bipolar people night?
    I worked in a doctors office. I dealt with people with bipolar disorder. I know how they act. On and off their meds.

    Take your own advice. Be nice.

  179. Re Aim I got all the post closure drama etc. not pertinent to question.

    Still not sure what they were or CET.
    Primarily a lab where you could get tested like mainstream labs? Where instead of taking doctor test script they had standing order for industry testing?
    Or were there expanded services? If expanded services is it like a nurse practitioner or full MD office?

  180. @mharris –
    Don’t take it personally about the bi-polar thing. She can’t come up with a mature, reasonable response so her only solution is to attack others in order to make herself feel better… All while continuing to whine about what “bad” things everyone else is doing…

    She did the SAME exact thing on Deen’s blog, which is why she could never hold a conversation with ANYONE… and also why everyone hated her. They’re allll SHEEPLE. I think she used that same exact word on here at one point…. 😉

    Just wait, she’s now going to start bitching and whining to Mike to ban us because we were “supposedly” mean to her.. she kind of has the maturity level of about a 10 year old when it comes to arguing… hahaha.

    Whether she admits to it or not… Yes, she is definitely “Patricia.” Just take my word on it, ok? 😉

  181. Wrong. Mharris…Richard told me he has dyslexia.
    You REALLY ARE bad at getting your “facts” straight.
    but, it wouldn’t matter what his problem is …only a complete loser would keep taking swipes at him. I mean he can’t really defend himself…

  182. Mike I would really like to clear something up everyone knows my girlfriend and myself use CET we also used AIM in the past. That brings me to tell you that you do throw Jen and Bobbi under the bus. At Aim Jen would never tell Alex about a viral load because Brooke is the one besides Sharon who ran Aim. And as for Bobbi she never did blood draws in the back of her car she used her guest house and it was perfactly legal I remember asking her about it and she told me she had her own license she didn’t have to work under the dr license at Aim thats why she could go to vivid and wicked or even home draws. So again get your facts straight Mike.

  183. Patricia,

    I appreciate your concern regarding my meds. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know my dosages have recently been determined be just perfect and my doctor is one of the top in the nation.

    Please don’t worry yourself, I’m going to be just fine.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  184. @kate
    Do you know Richards primary language to state mharris as wrong? It’s his opinion that a language barrier is playing more of a role than dyslexia.

    Richard disclosed his dyslexia on this blog but hasn’t mentioned here his primary language.

    I get defending someone and respect your opinion that the Alexis comments might be snarky but wish this were pointed out w/o throwing the kitchen sink into the mix.

  185. Oh no, Patricia is back to the ALL CAPS posts again…
    What are you going to do? Send Nick East to beat me up for calling you out? Hahaha.
    Grow up.

  186. Kate what sad alot people who claim there for porn stars have safe work environment here . Are now make excuses why was ok for creep above do what he did. I have learn that must be ok in porn indusrty have STD give other long you do not give people say ok to give others. During Mr. Marcus event Mike lamblasting people in porn indusrty who where not in medical field telling people in porn indusrty about facts on his syphilis. So Mike who is in medical field long with bunch people who are not in medical field are state what guy above did not do any thing wrong from years of not being medical field. Does any one find strang Mike lambast people in porn indusrty for what he done in this blog??? Does any one find strange that those doing interview can not even tell interview in same manner?? Does any one find strange facts change each time interview is give on different web sites that being told upon?? Is amzase that people defend creep above can not explain why that is so. You can spin song dance any way you like but truth to what happen gone leave jizz all over Alex Gonz’s face for some time come. This one fairy tale alot people not buying as true story. It got more holes in than swiss cheese.

  187. @lacey

    Predictive text sucks. Misspell a word once then click the x vs. space bar and it can make the world even more crazy for a dyslexic.

    Some are funny like Alexis for Alex, boy becomes girl no sex change. That’s fair to laugh about but pointing out hey you screwed that up x times to a known dyslexic isn’t as fair.

  188. Mike you saidAlex was cleared to work by cet then he wasn’t prove it. We all want to see the proof. What I think happened is he tested they put him unavailable to work so Derek told him to go to lab corp to test who didn’t test for hepatitis that’s when all of a sudden he was available. And when the 2 weeks were up he went back to lab corp that’s when Lisa Ann busted him and Derek. Why all of a sudden would he change where he test….wake up Mike he has you snowed. And heres another question if Derek never got him work or ever seen him then why be in his agency. Just another why to cover for Derek wonder what hes paying him.

  189. @LurkingReader –
    I’ve have conversations with Richard as well and I would hope he took it as snarky, but if not then I apologize.

    It says alot about a person who mocks people with mental issues and then whines about someone making funny comment. Or, who starts shit and tries to bully people while whining about being “bullied.”

  190. @lacey

    “@LurkingReader –
    I’ve have conversations with Richard as well and I would hope he took it as snarky, but if not then I apologize.

    It’s all good

    “It says alot about a person who mocks people with mental issues and then whines about someone making funny comment. Or, who starts shit and tries to bully people while whining about being “bullied.”

    Please leave me out of current flame war. I respect everyone’s right to their opinion but wish it were essentially focused on current topic. Reading the cross bickering that has nothing to do with topic is frustrating. The mom in me comes out and wants to send the kids to separate corners lol.

  191. @ddodogoodman,

    You are right about antiviral agents for hepatitis C. I would also add that treatment outcomes depends on what Hep C genotype you have and whether or not your liver is cirrhotic.

  192. @Lacey: The reason scenes will take forever using gay men AND condoms is simple. Let me clarify with a detailed analysis of how penis’s get and stay erect. First, you need a stimulant that the brain releases due to a few different reasons, ie. seeing a naked woman (or man if you’re gay), thinking about sex, or absolute relaxation. You see, the penis is a muscle which contracts when stressed and relaxes when turned on (gets hard). So, with straight men in porn, that chemical to which I am referring is flowing steadily and keeping the lights on downstairs, so to speak. With that in play, a penis becomes and stays erect (muscle is relaxed). However, without that excretion, a penis has no desire to relax and therefore does not even get hard in the first place. Hands down. No questions till the end, thank you all.
    So, turning now to gay men in straight porn, there is a sharp decline in the secretion of that chemical from the brain since there is nothing to stimulate the male into WANTING to have sex with the female in the room. This is where Viagra (or caverject) comes into the picture. These Pfizer made chemicals circumvent (go around) the penis’s need for the sex chemical in order to relax fully, thereby allowing for an artificial erection. However, in kinda the same way rubbing two sticks together hard, long, and fast enough can result in a fire, using a condom AND not getting any help from the brain will hinder any chance of an orgasm. And since the scene isn’t over until the fat lady sings, so to speak (the man has an orgasm), using condoms on gay men in the scenes will take forever because the poor guys are working with a distinct disadvantage as it is. For a straight man, the entire scene has been building to an orgasm, while for the gay man it’s been work and nothing more, ensuring it will take him longer to achieve orgasm when the producer calls for it. I hope that helped explain my earlier post (smiley face emoticon here).

  193. @jw. Good point, sir! And also, isn’t it possible that Alex went to the doctor in 2010 because he was ill and found out then that he had Hep C? Blood transfusion as a baby? Really? He had insurance? Really? He had a primary care physician? Really? I think he was coached by FSC and Derek. And I think Mike did his best to defend Alex, but sprinkle all the sugar you want on bullshit and it’s still bullshit! Also, who is going to give up their job behind the camera so that Alex can take it? Show of hands? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? No?

  194. @jilted Good pt about ALT/AST levels. Albumin and bilirubin, and prothrombin time are also monitored along with clinical factors. In addition, a liver biopsy is performed to determine best type of treatment and assess the condition of the liver.

    Gonz’s story is incomplete and inaccurate, no hepatologist would base thier assessment on viral load only!


  195. @kate: Calma. Let it go. People are being infected with life altering diseases and the culprits that are allowing it to happen need to be brought to justice, but in-fighting solves nothing at all. Hell, they called my boss to try and get me fired for speaking out about condoms WHEN I WAS THE ONLY PERSON IN FAVOR OF THEM! I can handle anything they dish out, and they know that. And if they piss me off too much, I just start reciting more names of people in the AIM database who had absolutely NO reason to be there! That shuts them up pretty quickly. Hell, it’s the producers and directors themselves who are getting AIM tests to diddle the talent! Do they want me to keep ‘outing’ them? I don’t think so, which is why the FSC trolls pretty much leave me alone now. If they keep bullying you (don’t bully them back) then I will give you five more names of AIM test recipients and lets see what their wives will think, eh? Peace, everybody!!!! Please?

  196. I read and write english only … sorry my writing is not easy to read … sometimes my family helps with my posts … I graduated high school but can not see well because of my diabetes and can not write well because of my dyslexia . wish to thank those who came to my defense in regards to my poor writing .. did not what myself to be the subject that takes away from the topic …

  197. @nick

    So guys can’t close their eyes and fake it? I’m still lost at how straight guys can “get off” with guy in gay4pay but gay can’t “get off” with women.

  198. @Lurking: lol, there is no such thing as ‘gay for pay’, period! That is the ruse they use to make more money doing gay prostitution! Ya see, gay guys actually pay more money for a guy who they think they can turn gay or the other side of the coin which The Bloodhound Gang said sooooo succinctly in the song,,, The lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying! I said the lapdance is sooo much better when the stripper is crying!!!! Well I find it’s quite a thrill when she grinds me against her will!!! Yes the lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying!!
    Warning to all female performers: There is a group of people who have Hep C or HIV who are dying (get it?) to procure hot chicks with the same illness! Think about it… Trisha Deveraux (sp?) would have NEVER even dated John Stagliano let alone marry him if she hadn’t contracted HIV!!!! How much money, ladies, do you think rich guys would PAY to infect hot chicks that they could then play with, eh?

  199. Richard373 you do just fine with your writing, you make more sense then a lot of people who post on Mike South. Thank you Richard!

  200. @nick
    Serious shit…in Ohio a lawyer writes shut up letter with offer of 50k if woman agrees not to discuss relationship w/ or client “regardless of your future health concerns” AFTER he refused HIV antibody test to prove the “ex” he infected was truly the vindictive jealous bitch he claimed. (His non-reactive PCR wasn’t good enuf for me, so I fought w loved one to push for antibody test..then the letter) his ass in jail…judge said no bond.

    He infected ex when he didn’t adhere to ART …tried to use week long vacation where he didn’t use meds as back up to PCR, then arrogantly told detective…didn’t want to take the chance he would search my shit…when asked why didn’t you take meds on trip.
    All so he could screw w/o a condom? Prosecutor told her he thinks it was more than that when he called about her second test yesterday.

    So it would seem going rate in Ohio is 50k

  201. Omg don’t get me going…this all started w a Facebook friend request w msg that he gave me hiv when he didn’t take his meds the same week in August that all the porn HIV scare hit the news. Two months later prosecutor asking me if I’d consider doing research work…lol

  202. Mike I got a couple questions for you if Alex tested positive for Hepatitis C at Aim where Bobbi and Jen worked and Bobbi told him he was okay to work then why did they test him again at cet knowing he’d be positive. Also if he got hepatitis when he was a baby wouldn’t his liver be shot.

  203. OH… I get it now… hahaha.
    I swear I thought they just gave the guy a shot directly into the muscle or something and then it stayed rock hard for like 4 hours or something?

    I don’t know how I came up with that shit? I really don’t?

    Now that I think about it… there really are only a handful of straight guys in the industry (or, I think they’re straight? Who knows anymore?)
    So, only straight guys would be able to do condom mandated straight porn. Well, I guess they would be really busy then?

    With the complete obsession with asses & assholes these days, I’m starting to think all male performers are at least somewhat gay… I don’t know what it is with eating asshole in every fucking scene lately?

    It’s gotta suck to have sex with a guy who doesn’t even want to have sex with you to the point where he can’t even keep his dick hard.
    I guess eating female asshole doesn’t work?

  204. @ nick

    “The Bloodhound Gang said sooooo succinctly in the song,,, The lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying! I said the lapdance is sooo much better when the stripper is crying!!!! Well I find it’s quite a thrill when she grinds me against her will!!! Yes the lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying!!”

    So bubba REALLY does want make you his bitch?

  205. @lacey

    “I guess eating female asshole doesn’t work?”
    Guess not if she doesn’t have balls in proximity

  206. Nick…Lacey IS a bully who IS just desperate for attention.
    her buddy is sachertorte. Birds of a feather.
    this is the last thing I will say to or about Lacey. She is NOT worth it!!
    I am letting it go like you said… anything these losers dish out I can take too!!!


  207. Richard…. DON’T let Lacey or anyone else bother you.
    she’s NOT worth it!! Just keep on writing. You’re doing the best you can. And that’s AWESOME!

  208. You’re right Nick… This whole Gonz story is total bullshit!
    And Gonz was definitely coached. And I disagree with Mike. I have no idea how Mike can defend this guy Gonz or think that Derek Hay knew nothing. Yeah right!!!

  209. Jw… how nice of you to say that to Richard. Thank You.
    and you’re right . Richard does make more sense then a lot of people who post on here. Especially the ones who mock him.

  210. @jw
    So True!

    Richard posts great stuff that often makes me see past current post and I love the way he sums up situations.

    “You can spin song dance any way you like but truth to what happen gone leave jizz all over Alex Gonz’s face for some time come. This one fairy tale alot people not buying as true story. It got more holes in than swiss cheese.”

    Lots of relevant truth in those statements!

  211. @Lacey: Gay4Pay is a way for closeted gay men to justify doing what they REALLY want to do in the first place. Let me state for the record that I could not care less what a person’s sexual preference is. However, when they (gay male prostitutes) infiltrate an industry (adult film industry) with the intent of deceiving people in order to make more money in prostitution, that is where I draw the line. Pretending to be something they are not in order to make more money is charlatan at best, and criminal at worst! When deception is a tool they are willing to use, I must wonder if there is ANY truth to them whatsoever. And the last thing ANY woman should do is have unprotected sex with them. Just saying.

  212. @kate

    Am i missing something here?

    I do see giving the benefit of the doubt about skirting system for non required test this summer, while pointing out the mysterious arbitrary change in PASS.
    He does report that Gonz backs up what Hay said in the timeline, but offers no opinion.

    As for opinion …Aug 12
    “The more I learn about this situation the more disturbing it is to me. It has apparently been well known by some performers for weeks, why did nobody out him?”

    Then Mike uses his forum to do just that…out the guy with HepC where it comes to light that it wasn’t just weeks but years that the system in place didn’t stop this from happening.

  213. Exactly Nick, The guys in the industry who say they’re straight but do gay for pay are full of shit. They are gay. And any woman who has unprotected sex with them is crazy.

  214. The Alex Gonz story sure does reveal a lot of bullshit!

    Why wasn’t PASS/APHSS/AIM set up to exclude performers with HepC?

    Will FSC reveal who changed ONE performers PASS status for HepC before officially declaring HepC as a restriction?
    Will FSC reveal how many other performers have been excluded via PASS for positive HepC since August 19, 2013?

  215. @LurkingReader –
    Oh, you have no idea how much that made me laugh…
    That is a seriously good “one-liner.”
    You win the internet for today! 😀

  216. @nick
    This makes the point of performer (employee) qualifications being much more than looking good while getting the job done for the camera.

    Also makes the point that “risk assessment” of performers goes far beyond, are you 18 for 2257 form and can you pass these tests?

  217. The ones who SAY they’re straight but do gay4pay.
    What about the ones who aren’t SAYING?

  218. @LurkingReader –
    You have to realize that porn must ALWAYS remain a fantasy in this alternate universe where everyone just “Loves” their job and it’s sooo much fun.

    At the same time, secretly complaining about how much they hate anal, how many guys are actually on their “no” list and having their vaginas and assholes torn open.

    Given the “fantasy” of porn, performers can’t really publicly come out and say how bad it can get because who really wants to watch a performer who is getting hurt or states that she hates anal while still doing it on camera…

    It’s why their called performers. Whether it’s fucking some disgusting guy that you hate to performing sex acts that you don’t really like it’s all a “performance” to ensure the audience how much fun they’re having…

    I’m just going to assume getting your asshole torn open, getting “choked out” to the point of unconsciousness or fucking some disgusting guy with smelly balls isn’t all that fun???
    Oh, or contracting a disease that will effect you for the rest of your life, if it doesn’t kill you, should be added as well….

    The “fantasy” of porn doesn’t refer to JUST the viewer, but the performers too. As you can see from the comments made by certain performers, they seem to live in some kind “fantasy” world themselves. But, I can’t really blame them when they’re being fed bullshit every fucking day…
    Or, maybe they just don’t care?
    I can’t honestly tell anymore? Meh.

  219. The argument made buy those questioning event that happen very sound ones . Frist people did this interview are very touchy about any one when questions them over facts in interview offer up no comment when be question over matter. There alot of well if guy knew for last 3 year he done right thing right way. Accroding ever thing come out he knew had Hep C sent he was born. It very fishy when change from one std testing clinic to another that does test for hep c so he have note say he had clean bill health becuase that testing clinic did not test for it. There no special sneaky way Lisa Ann found this guy was in shape he was she just asked see hep c test he could show to her becuase he did get test for it. He looks guilty as sin over matter becuase he disapear over matter just now come back say was ever one fault but his. Other strang thing went on seem there more people out there clear have know guy in question had not gotten hep c test did question him over matter becuase they where not brave enough do so like Lisa Ann did. The last act in this sad comdy of interview Derek Hey part in this mess. Derek Hey knows alot more what happen in this event untill he sue over matter take court question there over matter the truth event well not come out ever. Pretend be ignorant stupid old trick porn indusrty use when ever gotten caught do some wrong. Trouble trick been over used in porn indusrty effectiveness of fact simple there been way to many this type event for it work any more. When you start useing FSC owen methods defend this person in question does make any better than them???? There alot similarity interview defend guy in question in way Diane Dukes defend Mr. Marcus over is syphilis-infection scandal. That event did take place long time ago sent this one happen. But than again you have look fact porn indusrty did nothing punish Mr . Marcus for what he did he can still work in porn indusrty if he want to if any one stupid enough hire him which I am sure well happen. This why event like what happen above well keep happen in porn indusrty untill people are held accountable stop them. Catch them after fact is poor excuse say the system working all proves system broken that people well take advantage broken system.

  220. LurkingReader: OK. Regarding Alex Gonz, are you on the side that thinks Alex shouldn’t be blamed for performing with Hep C and he didn’t try to circumvent the system…that the system let him down?

  221. @Lacey

    After 35 years of learning about varied industry combined with human nature, I’m not shocked that people are vocal about their community issues.

    I am shocked that the very serious issues related to working conditions in the porn industry have been accepted, ignored and otherwise allowed to continue for so long. I’m shocked that in 2013 no effective measures to deal with OPIM-STI have been implemented.

    I don’t see the it as a fantasy world beyond the viewer. I see very real people struggling to survive anyway they can using what they have in a very dangerous industry. Yes it’s revealing to learn about ripped assholes but no different than construction related injuries.

    It’s too easy for onlookers to point at specific horrors of any industry and claim the insanity of those involved while continuing to support the demand for the product/service provided. Or ignoring the fact that even if they boycott the demand remains to be supplied.

    Trying to rationalize the worthiness of the product/service merely overlooks the reality of supply/demand.

    I don’t judge performers willingness to risk bodily injury (aka torn orafice, muscles, ligaments etc) any differently than construction or sports related injuries. Sure some are more sensational and unexpected than others, LT breaking Theisman’s leg still gets airtime.

    How about patient care in a nursing home? You want smelly balls and dirty asses?

    Do you think people traveling four nights of the week don’t brag about their airline/hotel points while complaining about being away from home? They aren’t in a fantasy world either..just making their living best they can.

    Bottom line…how you make your living is up to you. Everyone bitches about the downside of their industry while bragging about the perks.

  222. @ kate
    “Regarding Alex Gonz, are you on the side that thinks Alex shouldn’t be blamed for performing with Hep C”

    I think it was wrong for Alex Gonz to work with HepC. I do blame Alex for not pursuing appropriate medical attention for three years. I blame Alex for not taking care of his body/health when his paycheck is dependent on his physical condition.

    “and he didn’t try to circumvent the system…”
    Alex did lab shop to present only the REQUIRED PASS system information. This is the grey area to me, it seems there are two “systems” the honor system and the PASS system. He definitely circumvented the honor system.

    “that the system let him down?”
    Yes as well as EVERY PERFORMER/PRODUCER he worked with. Here I refer to both the PASS and honor system. The honor system generally works within weeks to weed out violators (Marcus and Gonz June 2013 test as proof)

    The PASS system wasn’t set up to flag HepC. Everyone knew this but NO ONE outed Alex or the others no one is talking about.

    Now we got a poster boy who is Alex but could be anyone since HepC wasn’t a required test talking the no on-set risk party line. Personally I blame him more for this at this time. NOW he has had appropriate medical attention and HepC education. NOW he has his 15 minutes…he could be HONEST about how HepC is transmitted, that in addition to multiple sex partners in the industry he had tattoo and blood transfusion exposure. (Say it in any order you want) sure expand to reveal low viral rate and great prognosis but don’t try to sell that as …over the last 10 years I didn’t endanger anyone!

    I respect spin and accept its value..look at sports new events..tons of spin.
    Where is…
    I’m sad (whatever he feels) about the anxiety/concern my diagnosis has created in the industry. I apologize to everyone I worked with for the additional concerns you may be facing today…I encourage anyone else who has discovered they have HepC as a result of recent industry changes to get immediate appropriate medical attention and education.

    Yeah I can spin/coach with the best of them…also see the spin for what it is 🙂

  223. @jw to answer one of your questions: “Also if he got hepatitis when he was a baby wouldn’t his liver be shot”. See asterisk below.

    Of every 100 people infected with the Hepatitis C virus, about
    75–85 people will develop chronic Hepatitis C virus infection; of those,
    60–70 people will go on to develop chronic liver disease
    *5–20 people will go on to develop cirrhosis over a period of 20–30 years
    1–5 people will die from cirrhosis or liver cancer

    Another interesting point from the CDC website (see thier answer about semen):

    Can I donate blood, organs, or semen if I have Hepatitis C?
    No, if you ever tested positive for the Hepatitis C virus (or Hepatitis B virus), experts recommend never donating blood, organs, or semen because this can spread the infection to the recipient.

  224. Here are some other FAQ’s on the CDC website that people should made aware of:

    How soon after exposure to Hepatitis C do symptoms appear?
    If symptoms occur, the average time is 6–7 weeks after exposure, but this can range from 2 weeks to 6 months. However, many people infected with the Hepatitis C virus do not develop symptoms.

    Can a person spread Hepatitis C without having symptoms?
    Yes, even if a person with Hepatitis C has no symptoms, he or she can still spread the virus to others.

    Is it possible to have Hepatitis C and not know it?
    Yes, many people who are infected with the Hepatitis C virus do not know they are infected because they do not look or feel sick.

    What are the symptoms of chronic Hepatitis C?
    Most people with chronic Hepatitis C do not have any symptoms. However, if a person has been infected for many years, his or her liver may be damaged. In many cases, there are no symptoms of the disease until liver problems have developed. In persons without symptoms, Hepatitis C is often detected during routine blood tests to measure liver function and liver enzyme (protein produced by the liver) level.

  225. @LurkingReader –
    Well, I see my comment flew right over your head… Maybe I should have explained it better?

    What does my comment even have to do with “judging” professions?
    Uh, the last time I checked you were required to wear gloves in a nursing home when dealing with shit and smelly balls.

    I’m going to just guess here and say that no semi-intelligent human being would willingly accept a job where they needed to handle someone else’s shit and piss all day without using gloves…

    All I’m doing is pointing out the obvious that the reason porn performers don’t have any regulations, safety precautions or safety prevention is because they obviously operate in some kind of bubble or “fantasy land” where this shit makes any sense??? I honestly have no other explanation?

    What other profession ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH (that’s actually legal) would stay in operation with the bullshit standards of the porn industry? Seriously?
    Sports – Nope. Regulated out the ass.
    Truck Drivers – Those motherfuckers are regulated to stop every 10 hours or something to rest.
    Hospitals – I think the word “safety” would be an understatement.
    Stunt Performers – Don’t even get me started on that one… it’s in another universe when it comes to safety regulations and, especially, OSHA requirements.

    So, explain to me again how I’m supposedly judging an entire profession based on the fact that they have no rules pertaining to the safety of their performers and the performers don’t even seem to really give a shit either?

    I can’t think of even one other profession where these rules & regulations would be acceptable and you’re giving me shit for pointing out the obvious?

  226. @lacey

    Maybe it did go over my head…
    I thought you said porn workers live in a fantasy mentality alternate universe, then went on to justify this point with reference to several occupational horrors and offer comments as further proof.

    I tried to politely tell you I beg to differ about participants voicing opinion about the referenced horrors or comments as proof of an alternate universe while expressing shock (apparently shared) that in 2013 there aren’t effective OPIM-STI standards in place.

    Life is a bowl of cherries, we all bitch about the pits. Se la vie

  227. I don’t think Dr Maio will write any type of letter as everyone has stated Alex is positive for hep c. Dr Maio only wrote letters for syphilis after the patients were medicated and there conformation test results were low which means they don’t have it. That’s entirely different then hep c.

  228. @Lacey

    “So, explain to me again how I’m supposedly judging an entire profession based on the fact that they have no rules pertaining to the safety of their performers and the performers don’t even seem to really give a shit either?”

    For the risk of disease, i agreed that the industry has no effective rules.

    Regulated safety rules had nothing to do with your other references or the fact that participants bitch about the lows while flaunting the highs.
    Nor does it make porn a fantasy world, alternate universe.

    Porn is no different w/ respect to people giving a shit…still doesn’t make it a fantasy world, alternate universe.

    Intelligent people do all kinds of obviously stupid shit in every industry/service. I respect their right to do so without identifying the industry/service beyond its accepted title.

  229. NVM person in queastion knew he had Hepatitis C for long time has admit that fact . So there no mystery why he still had when got caught with it. His actions make him supect in know that he still had when he went from one std testing clinic to another for reason that new std clinic did test for Hepatitis C. You can all agru the fact does prove that he knew Hepatitis C was active. Yet issue come back haunt him when Lisa Ann confronts him ask where his Hepatitis C test he tell her sorry he does have one. What guy do he disapears from porn indusrty than comes back blame Lisa Ann for be smart woman who out him for catch him red hand cheating system that supposed stop these event from take place. I love people compare how easy mange Hepatitis C to like mange diabetes. I am say from guy who has had Type 2 Diabetes for last twenty years there nothing easy fun checking blood sugar ever day or have any diabetes relate effects send you to hospital. Yes you control that dease but battle ever day to control that dease stay with you untill day you die no cure for it. I have gone from pills Insulin Injections. My eyes have be check buy eye doctor afaird that can go blind from it. So know what like life change dease that no cure for that can effect your life ways that well suck for rest of your life. So I find funny silly when people have been infect buy dease start tell ever body thing well be ok becuase some study shows well be so. After all same people are claiming that diabetes dease that people control easly. From some one who has that dease it battle do all right thing control ever day. I watch those who tell you have nothing worry about getting STD dease after all there not afaird gambl with your life like they be with there owen life on this matter. After all this been proven out many event take place in porn indusrty of late.

  230. Here part hang guy. The AVN is the most damaging to all parties, from PASS to Gonz himself. He actually said that after being diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2010 and being cleared to work, not by a doctor, but a phlebotomist, that he “blew off” a second diagnosis three years later in 2013 and continued to work. He continues to work with the test that show him to be clear of all other disease, but leaves home the paperwork that shows him to be hep C positive.

    Alex, you stated that you weren’t a doctor and that you rely on the same testing facilities that thousands of performers in our community use to tell you whether are OK to perform or not. But the doctors told you that you had hep C and YOU BLEW THEM OFF!

    The doctors gave you information that you had hepatitis C. You then blew them off and went to Labcorp which didn’t test for hep C. Why? The trained professionals told you that you had hep C. And you blew them off. He blows off the same people that he says he relies on to tell him if he’s OK to perform or not!

  231. LurkingReader: Will accidents and injuries occur in porn if you require condoms? They will, just as there are sports and construction site injuries. You are correct. Here’s where the sports and construction analogies fall apart. In sports, you must wear protective gear and at the professional level (remember, porn is a profession) trained medical professionals and emergency personnel must be on site. The doctor decides whether an athlete can continue to play. Do you think has a ringside doctor determining whether Xander can continue with a bloody penis or Cameron Bay is getting whacked around too hard? The answer is no: Xander has already said the decision to continue the scene, bloody penis and all, was made by the talent and crew. Do you think any MD in his right mind would be on James Deen’s set when an actress torn her anus and say: Jimbo, just shove another dick up there. It’s all good.

    Construction workers must wear hard hats, ear and eye protection, steel-toed shoes and even protective gloves if they’re working with sharp tools like box cutters.

    Their employers are required to carry liability insurance and workers comp. If they’re injured on the job, they can file a claim and get compensated for medical bills and lost time.

    If porn stars were athletes and construction workers, they’d be wearing condoms. Producers would carry insurance and they’d be eligible for compensation.

    If you want to use sports and construction worker analogies, right now, porn stars are the equivalent of back alley bare knuckle brawlers, the guys who run dog fights and undocumented immigrants working on job sites until INS shows up.

  232. My apologies in advance for the long post, but I must be missing something:

    1. Why the devil-may-care attitude about Hep-C? I understand that it is not a reportable STD at the federal level. The reason for this exclusion from the reportable STD list, however, is that the risk of sexual transmission in the general public is very low…the common sexual habits that a certain bespectacled porn star characterized as “sad” in her spin on the recent HIV scare also greatly reduce the risk of sexual transmission of HCV. As the same person says, this sort of plain vanilla sex “tells you nothing about what sex on a porn set is like.” What sort of sexual activities and patterns increase the risk? Multiple partners over time, rough sex, group sex, other sexual activity that may result in blood-to-blood transmission…sound familiar to anyone? And even if you look at the numbers for the general population, CDC surveillance data “demonstrate that 10% of persons with acute HCV infection report contact with a known HCV-infected sex partner as their only risk for infection.” (CDC website). Extrapolate that out across the estimated 3.2 million with chronic HCV (which may not be accurate given what we do and don’t know about the disease, reporting bias, etc.)…and, well, wow!

    2. How can anyone say A.G. was not infectious after he first tested positive in 2009/2010? There doesn’t appear to have been any significant follow-up before earlier this year. And for that matter, who knows how long he was infected and whether he was capable of transmitting HCV to others before the first test? The best case scenario is that he tested positive shortly after being infected, did not tell those he worked with about it, and avoided transmitting it to them. Even this should be more than a little disturbing for other performers. At worst, he had the disease for years, didn’t know (because he wasn’t tested) and then didn’t disclose it (after 2009/2010), and ultimately transmitted the disease to other performers on or off set over an extended period of time.

    Again, the CDC recommends that those who test positive for anti-HCV “not donate blood, body organs, other tissue, or semen” and “discuss the low BUT PRESENT risk for transmission with their partner and discuss the need for counseling and testing” to reduce the risk of transmission. (emphasis added). The CDC also advises that “Prompt identification of acute infection is important, because outcomes are improved when treatment is initiated earlier in the course of illness.” Those who were exposed and contracted the disease may have thus missed out on early treatment options if they chose not to test for it (and why would they when they’re consistently told it’s a non-issue by self-styled experts?).

  233. @BT

    XYZ@$& (fill in the blanks) is highly regulated..companies skirting the laws is rampant, employees hate following the rules.

    Doesn’t matter what Industry/service you are pointing at…they all have rule shirking employers and employees. They all have people who show poor judgement in hindsight.

    Porn does have WC rules and others, you wont catch me saying they are followed or have effective oversight.

    Porn does not have effective OPIM-STI rules. We agree that condoms would help…I don’t see condoms as a be-all end all solution. Condoms would be great but barriers alone aren’t enough to effectively address the OPIM-STI issues.

    As for the HOW those sensational/horrific injuries were/are handled you’ll get no argument from me. It’s horrific! They are however job related…not hearing about too many fingers cut off in porn but it is common in construction or meat slicers..not trying to compare only point out that…it isn’t unexpected that …assholes, penis and other body part injuries occur in porn.

    As for the potential and realities of exploitation of performers’s real and its a problem. When it comes to regulation and employee protections the first thing policy makers look at..

    What happens on EVERY production, what happens on MOST..SOME for both best and worst practices. So bitch and flaunt away…it’s the start of change.

    Kinda hard to regulate some things I.g.limit how many dicks one is allowed to put in their ass for entertainment purposes. It’s called the 1st amendment. However stuffing a dick …or anything else up a bleeding ass to let the show go on is a clear violation of EXISTING workplace safety and BBP (blood borne pathogen) standards.

    Still doesn’t mean whole porn industry is a fantasy world, where people don’t care or aren’t intelligent.

  234. @BT

    If you want to use sports and construction worker analogies, right now, porn stars are the equivalent of back alley bare knuckle brawlers, the guys who run dog fights and undocumented immigrants working on job sites until INS shows up.

    Yep…still doesn’t make the all too real world of Porn a fantasy world alternate universe made up of stupid people who don’t care.

    When those comments were directed to me, I obviously took offense. I see how maligning the porn industry has perpetuated the very issues mentioned. I see how the industry has used the fact that it is maligned for its content/context to skirt the real issues.

  235. @LurkingReader –
    Yeah, I probably didn’t explain my opinion that great. But, these are the points I was trying to make:
    1. Most industries have rules and regulations in place because the EMPLOYEES and the PUBLIC demand them. They understand that their lives and safety are important enough to warrant protection.

    As you can see from the adult industry, they don’t demand anything. What this means is I’m not placing the blame ONLY on the industry, but also on the performers who don’t seem to think they’re worth enough to fight for protection. You can’t just blame the industry if there are performers who are willing to work under these conditions.

    Which then leads to my problem with them complaining about the work. Their whole premise is that they “love” their jobs so much that requiring any form of protection doesn’t matter to them. Everyone on earth hates their job at some point, but don’t sit around bitching about it while explaining that you don’t need regulations because your job is so awesome and fun.

    There is a VERY well-known performer who did a scene where she admitted to being so degraded that she sobbed in the shower after her scene. They spit and slapped her in the face, shoved her head into a wall, dragged her around with a leash all over the floor and watched her cry. This is only ONE example and there are hundreds more like it.

    You know where she is now? Still doing porn.

    Oh, your jaw gets broken during a scene? It’s considered a badge of honor by some… you’re such a cool bad ass. Her fucking jaw is broken? Hello?

    I don’t have an explanation about why these performers would allow this shit to happen to them and still stay in the industry as if they don’t have a choice? And, these aren’t isolated incidents. They happen all the time.

    So, try to explain to me why someone would allow themselves to get treated like a piece of shit and then continue working in an industry that shows absolutely no respect for the performers or their safety?
    “Fantasy Land?” Call it whatever you want, but something is fucked up and I can’t explain it other than to write a psychological profile piece on how this is allowed to happen?

    It has to do with BOTH the adult industry and the performers who think this kind of treatment is ok…

  236. @Lacey

    In any industry there are exceptions to the normal workday….rising to the challenge merits the badge of honor.with that said….

    Regulation enforcement or implementation is ALWAYS a threat to the bottom line/paycheck. Then add the dimension that the “product” is human body performance…gets a whole lot more personal…real quick.

    Rules are defined lines, limits etc that are threatening to creative people and their processes yet all have limits.

    The real challenge is balancing the limits so they don’t Inhibit the process. Defining limits for Adult Film safety isn’t like Food Safety, where mad cow disease came up and was dealt with. Despite the numerous related agencies/industries they worked together and created workable limits and processes to effectively address the issue, we no longer fear mad cow burgers.

    The “industry” (numerous related concerns) have been fighting to defend their part of the pie…and their RIGHT to even exist. So content/context have evolved to be a recognized right. Now there are the parts of the pie who have been doing it for a long time…no one says they don’t have issues…but what are the issues? Okay which line (issue) do we negotiate?

    This post was about a performer working with infectious OPIM-STI. Comments and reaction run the gammut …disease, injuries, pay, agents, consortium medical clinics, producers… all relevant along with countless outside factors important to the industry.

    Condoms..wowsa no simple for or against on that one, yet each viewpoint needs to be considered IN CONTEXT TO THE GOAL DESIRED before a workable solution happens.

    Testing…more wowsa…up down and around…

    NO ONE wants disease on the set. Are condoms or testing ALONE the answer? From a policy standpoint implementing condoms or testing alone would be a mistake if the goal is OPIM-STI eradication.

    Worker Injuries are a totally separate issue from OPIM-STI. Here the creative process of films plays a bigger role. Deep throat, a signature staple of the industry can’t be regulated or limited like specific boxing moves. Same with anal sex etc. Adult films aren’t a competitive sport with set rules of participation so each performer must be clear about their abilities and right to stop the show in the event of serious injury.

    Keeping a production going after a serious injury raises questions about producer insurances. I know mainstream use production interruption insurance but have no clue if its even available to adult industry.

    No industry is simple…they are all complex…layered organizations.

  237. @Lacey

    Lol about psychological paper…make it sociological and it would work.

    Society said NO…you can’t do that
    Society buys the product creating the demand and consequent “industry” with all its related fiscal concerns.
    Society finally says okay, BUT
    Now for so many years the fight has been about the BUT (bullshit)
    Covers on magazines to protect our kiddies eyes
    Video stores..peep shows..Internet
    What’s creative and what’s OBSCENE

    So long fight over content and context….

    Now society has accepted the billion $ industry as a viable INDUSTRY
    Society finally starts looking at HOW the product is produced….beyond making sure they pay fair share of taxes and protect our kids.
    Instead of police raids you got OSHA fines.
    Instead of churches you got AHF vs FSC

    Societal Evolution at its finest.

  238. Does anybody remember the Pornwikileaks scandal, when AIM’s entire database was ‘hacked?” Here is one reason I think this is bullshit. They never posted any actual test results on PWL, but you can rest assured, if they had all of AIM’s test results then they would know who has Hepatitis C. Everyone knows they would have been all over this IF they had the records. (or maybe they just need to skim over those records with a fine tooth comb and find the needles in that 15,000 patient pile of records) Wouldnt it be interesting if………

  239. @rawalex,
    Agree with everything you say, except, its not a closet, its a 50×50 storage locker, and its not just bones, its full skeletons.

  240. It got good chance being last nail that close porn indusrty coffen how can police self on this matters . No matter how slice spin or pretend this did not happen way happen make porn indusrty look very bad over matter. When law suites happen all question that are involved matter .have be answered in truthful manner with out spin miss direction the truth to events well have very negative effect all partys that took part in this.

  241. @richard373, My comment was not meant as an argument. I work as a Research Assistant on Clinical Trials at a Seattle Hospital. Most of those trials are for Hep C. The majority of the people enrolled in our trials have been carrying the virus anywhere form 10 – 40 yrs. Testing has been around since the early 90’s, so most enrolled in our trials have known thier Hep C status for at least a decade. I know patients who have failed multiple drug therapies and cannot qualify for current therapies because of thier Hep C genotype. I’ve seen patients have adverse reactions to Peg-interferon (current approved therapy for Hep C). I’m currently assisting on a trial for Hep C patients who have end stage liver disease or who are on a waiting list for liver transplants. Believe me I know how destructive this disease can be.

  242. @Maelstrom As a follow-up to your second point. No-one can state that they are non-infectious without going through treatment and post-therapy monitoring. Viral Load has no bearing as to whether or not a person is infectious.

    For hepatitis C patients, an undetectable viral load six months after treatment is called sustained virologic response (SVR). This means that the virus is in remission, which is as close to a cure as you can achieve with current treatment options.

  243. @Lacey…..yes Kate is no doubt “patricia”….I made mention of this here on Mikes blog about three weeks ago….I was worried that sensitive people would be confused and upset as to why kate was suddenly attacking them and thought the heads up on her behavior would be helpful to some… You are not a bully and im not a bully (or sachertorte for that matter) on this site or any….but the mire mentioning of her or standing up to one of her personal attacks sends her into full bullying accusation mode… take one little thing and runs with it….as she did in regards to the Richard comment (alex/alexia)….I too was confused about Richards writing and actually thought he was writing under the influence….it wasn’t until Lurking mentioned dyslexia and then Richard followed up explaining that sometimes his family helps him with his posts that I understood why there was a different pattern at times….

  244. So jilted what can you do with that stuff on labdat what ever that is? Also where does it say Alex has hep C? How do we even know he was told he had it through Aim? Wheres the answers? It would be nice to know so we can clear CET because its so obvious Derek and Alex and even Mike South are out to through them under the bus.

  245. @JW,
    GREAT questions. How do we even know he was told through AIM? We dont. This is standard practice in the industry. They can say anything they want about STD’s and Hepatitis because they know it would be a HIPPA violation to call them out and show the facts to prove their bullshit. That is why performers can testify to OSHA and government panels and say they have never caught and std, because to call them on their bullshit would be a privacy violation.

    The industry loves to talk about the testing program, everyone shares and has access to information, but when you call them on their bullshit they all yell PRIVACY RIGHTS.

    There is no doubt that this entire charade, Gonz coming forward, is all about throwing CET under the bus, and leaving only TTS, who pays agents and ‘rewards’ loyal customers with discounts.

    The very same people who chided AIM for years for not outing people with std’s are now throwing CET under the bus for doing EXACTLY what they claim AIM should have done years ago.

    “What can you do with that stuff on labdat?’ That my friend is the million dollar question.(actually its the $654,000.00 question)

    Just an extra little tidbit. This is right on the front page of the CET website. “Does this HIV test prevent me from getting HIV? NO it does not, The test is only as good as the day your blood is drawn. A person could get tested today, get HIV tomorrow and still have a negative test until the next time they test in 30 days.” Thats called covering your ass.

  246. Another example of the industry bullshit about stds. DIanne Duke has stated many times that the rate of std’s in the industry is lower than the general public. That means she must know that the rates are. But she has never provided on sinle bit of evidence to support this. In reality, the testing program for years has shown that the rates are astronomicly higher than the the genreal public, but to provide the evidence of this would require major HIPPA violations.

    IF IF IF the testing program proved the rates were lower you can rest assured they would be showing the evidence.(they dont care about HIPPA violations if it is to their benefit) Not now, nor at any time in the past has AIM or PASS ever provided any real stats, with real evidence about the std rate in the industry.

  247. Somebody at CET gave Cameron Bay’s medical records to John Stagliano. So we know they don’t care about breaking the HIPAA Law.

  248. They dont care about HIPPA when it benefits them. If youre looking for information about the real rates of std’s. or which veteran performers have had Hep C for years, then they hide behind HIPPA.

  249. Jilted its really sad about throwing cet under the bus. The three ladies that work there are really nice and they really care about everyone in the business. Unlike LA Direct and TTS or LATATA for that matter. All of us as talent should unite and get rid of most of the agents after all there suppost to work for us but the way it stands, its the other way around.

  250. Much like the blood borne pathogen laws are mainly geared towards the medical industry, the laws governing talent agents were never meant to be used for the procurement of sex acts. This too may change in the next legislative session.

    In the real world a talent hires an agent, but in porn its more like the agent hires the talent. Its nothing more than a legal loophole for pimping.


  251. Kate that simply isn’t true no one gave John anything. Ask yourself why would they do that, you have 3 women who worked at Aim for a number of years and when AIM closed they help opened up cet, then you also have a infectious disease MD who’s been one for over 40 yrs why would any of them go against HIPAA guidelines, what would be the reason? Theres not one thing for them to gain by doing that. But Kate don’t you think that can just be something that was made up again, to throw cet under the bus. Why would any of them want a HIPAA violation? Thats 50,000 dollars per violation if proven Mike South said he had proof that cet called John Stagliano well where is it? Now lets talk about Cameron, first she says her agent tells her shes hiv positive then she says Dr Maio calls her and tells her, but he also tells her your blood may be contaminated, then she says John Stagliano calls her, so which one is it? Sometimes when your a liar you can’t remember one lie from another. Kate please ask yourself what does cet have to gain by doing that. I’d really like to know

  252. jw: i believe Diane Duke and Christian Mann tried to coerce him to lie but John Stagliano admitted that he received Cameron Bays viral load info from CET but said he didn’t get the info directly from Dr. Maio.

  253. Again JW asks a very good question that can be applied to many situations here. Who has the most to gain from telling the story? If the results were leaked as reported, then the offended party has legal recourse. I highly doubt that anyone would make this kind of accusation, claim to be harmed by it, and then not persue it any further. And with AHF now directly involved with Ms. bay I highly doubt they would pass up the opportunity to sue the fuck out of CET if they were guilty.

    Cameron can make all theaccusations she wants, but until she follows it up with some real action its nothing but talk. And CET cannot respond in the same manner because of the HIPPA rules. Cameron can say anthing she wants, because sheknows CET cant resond, amde with Gonz..

  254. So if it wasn’t from Dr Maio then who was it from? It was first stated that Dr Maio the one who gave john the records. Ask Mike he seems to know everything.

  255. So then if he didn’t get it from Dr Maio then who was it from. I would really like to know, along with everyone else. That’s pretty serious accusations like say 50,000.00 worth. And who was coerced I can’t see anyone at cet being coerced. Wake up it was Derek trying once again to put cet out of business to leave only TTS. Kick backs and inducements all the way. Derek gets kick backs for everyone that he sends to TTS all the other agents do also thats members of LATATA. Trust me I know this because my girlfriends agent was once Derek.

  256. very well known there…Jen. whether that is taken advantage of is to be seen but if they call john Stagliano to testify CET will be fucked

  257. So are you telling everyone it was Jen who called John, is that what your saying? But first you said Dr Maio told John. And if, who calls John? You just said if And who’s being taken advantage of? And why will CET be fucked? Are you saying all this without any proof? Looks like Jen or John should take a lie detector test

  258. I wouldnt toss derek under the bus to make people happy, i wouldnt do it with jen either and I never said Miao did…what John said was simple Doctor miao didnt disclose Cameron bays viral load to him. knowing John as I do i know exactly what thyat means…try to get an answer out of Diane or Christian mann…I did…you wont either

  259. So Mike are you telling everyone it was Jen who called John Stagliano, is that what your saying? But didn’t you at first say Dr Maio called John. And if, who calls John? You just said if THEY call John to testify CET will be fucked. Why will CET be fucked? And who’s being taken advantage of? Are you saying all this without any proof to back what your saying? Or are you just another idiot like Derek and Alex trying to throw CET under the bus. Where’s all the proof, or is it just hearsay? Looks like Jen or John should take a lie detector test. Oh I forgot Jen’s bound by HIPAA guidelines. Since the old HIPAA guidelines are a major factor, show everyone the proof. And by proof I really don’t want to hear “he said or she said or I have audio or video of someone saying that”. Everyone in porn valley wants real proof.

  260. Well Mike it looks like I’ll be calling CET tomorrow to see how long it takes to get a viral load for HIV back. My mom has cancer and it took awhile to do some kind of conformation test on he, so I can’t even imagine how long it would take to get a viral load for Cameron Bay and her HIV. Wasn’t it like 2 days when you started blasting John Stagliano name that he called Cameron on her viral load. Man you know more then CET perhaps you should be a consultant for them but I’m sure you won’t make as much as Derek pays you.. And Mike you never answered some of my questions like why is CET fucked? And who they that will be calling John to testify? And you said Jen called John does John even know Jen? Or anyone at CET for that matter? Or is all this a personal van deta you have towards CET because the 3 ladies that work there all worked at AIM and you hated AIM for what ever reason.

  261. Here question was ok toss Lisa Ann under the bus becuase she report that guy working with out test when she caught him with out one??? Was ok fair that got put porn actors healths in danger in over 250 porn movies becuase refuse do right thing??? Is fair that Derek Hey and this creep want toss other people under bus for there part in this sad comdey as vain act of miss direction from what they did and did not do in it??? Is fair tell those in porn indusrty I got your back on matters health safty but that only againt those who I hate if there my freinds well sorry I got there back not your back??? Is fair call your self a fair balanced porn indusrty new site when any not be fair balanced on some subjects??

  262. No Mike I don’t, but I just don’t know why you won’t answer the questions since you seem to know it all concerning cet. and it does seem like you want to throw them under the bus

  263. Yes Mike I had confuse as some one who real cared about health safty porn indusrty. How fair is all hard working people in porn indusrty do right thing work in porn indusrty when guy come long put there lives in danger with dease did care enough check on??? How fair is toss Lisa Ann under bus for have enoug brain balls say hey let me see your test guy say no do not have one?? How fair does feel porn actors that have been in 250 adult porn movies with guy know that well people should know about dease look other way about matter??? How fair is for other porn actors in porn indusrty now know not only do have trust issue with FSC they may have trust issue Derek Hey ??? How fair has this been rest porn indusrty that gone be dealing with this issue mess made??? Please explain Mike how fair is rest porn indusrty they like know.

  264. This is what i dont understand……how is it possible that performer safety can even be touted by an industry standard that doesn’t (or didn’t) even require hepatitis testing??….. In my mind I can completely understand how a person may not share his hep poss antibody status if it doesnt even seem like an industry issue as a whole…..and thats the implied sentiment if its not even considered important enough to test for……. Now if I tested poss for hepc would I have handled it the way Alex did?….probably not…..I would have been very concerned and over educated myself on the topic….but I wonder how many positive people are out there working in porn not realizing how dangerous to your health it actually is or could be……and unfortuanatly if any of this was an inital concern it could be easy dismissed if the test isnt even required to be turned over….im curious as to how many of us in our personal lives require our long term partners to provide a hep test along with the standard std tests before we have sex with them condomless.

  265. Do you think AHF isn’t using their newest poster children behind the scenes already?
    MO…file OSHA, request state health dept inspections, then file lawsuit.
    Burts…AIM fact
    Bay…CET …TBD

  266. If three girls are preparing suits against Alex Gonz, then they are preparing civil suits. Civil suits are between parties, meaning the government is not involved. For that reason, a civil suit is always about money. No one goes to jail as a result of a civil suit, but someone may have to pay.

    If they’re only suing Alex Gonz, that someone is Alex. Maybe being male porn talent is more lucrative than I think, but I used to read Christian XXX’s blog back when he was just talent and not producing. He was making about $10,000 a month. In Los Angeles. He rented an apartment and owned his car. Probably not a lot of money to shake out of poor Alex unless he has liability insurance, which I doubt.

    Second, in order to prevail against Alex, the three girls have to prove damages. They have to prove that they suffered an economic harm. Now, if they were infected with Hep C by Alex; if they have incurred significant medical bills as a result; and if they are unable to work in their chosen profession as a result; they may have damages. But there’s probably not much of a case if they don’t have Hep C, have not lost work or incurred economic loss as a result of working with Alex.

    Now, let’s assume that these three do now have Hep C. Let’s say they are no shunned by the porn community. And, let’s say they are spending thousands on medical treatment. Finally, let’s say that other than working on porn sets, they have led lives of unquestionable virtue. Off screen they have been monogamous with a partner who does not have Hep C and has also been monogamous. The only needles they ever come in contact with are knitting needles and they are completely drug free. Since the porn industry did not test for Hep C, I don’t know how they can prove they were infected by Alex Gonz.unless they are new to the industry and only worked with Alex Gonz.

    So, why bother? A civil suit is a great way to shine a light on industry practices. You can demand the production of records. You can depose people under oath. That let’s you ask questions of producers, production companies, testing agencies, AIM, FSC, directors, crew. But, in order to do that, you have to have someone willing to fund an attorney who is probably on a kamikaze mission because he’s unlikely to win.

    Katie Summer’s suit against John Stagliano is a whole different ball game. Here you have someone who knows he is HIV positive; someone who contracted the disease as a result of reckless behavior by anyone’s definition; who continues to engage in reckless behavior; who probably had a legal requirement to disclose his status; and who made his own determination about whether he was willing to reveal or not. Finally, and this is important, Stagliano not only has money to pay if he loses, his indiscretion was in the context of furthering his business interest. He was willing to put an employee’s life at risk just to make a movie that he would then distribute. And, given his onscreen persona, Buttman often filmed himself masturbating as he edited scenes, saying that he got into the business so he could make material he could get off to.

    In other words, if I am Katie Summers’ attorney, I can argue to the court that Stagliano is a man who has gotten very wealthy by indulging in reckless sexual behavior that resulted in the contraction of HIV. Despite his disease, he seemingly can’t stop himself. Now, he’s putting the health of others in danger, in complete disregard of the law that requires him to disclose his condition or the health of people under his employment, all while continuing to profit financially and by satisfying his own needs. If he can’t stop himself, the jury can stop him by sending a strong message and awarding Katie Summers damages. If Katie wins, Stagliano presumably has assets – she could actually get some cash.

    Even then, Katie Summers may not win. But, hers is a whole different case than Alex Gonz. Even if three actresses somehow prevail, what do they get? One-third of his car?

  267. If John Stagliano did call Cameron Bay to discuss her viral load, then he got the information from the testing agency. To some degree, it doesn’t matter whether the information came directly from the doctor or an employee, the agency had a requirement to protect patient information and have systems in place to protect patient information. Whoever is in charge of the testing agency has that responsibility. Now, they can try to mitigate any damages – if there were damages – by throwing the individual who leaked the information to Stagliano (assuming there was a leak) under the bus. It wasn’t me. It was her.

    However, there’s also the possibility that an individual in control of the information didn’t want to provide it directly to Stagliano and so asked an employee to do so. In that case, the employee throws the other individual under the bus.

    Anyway you slice it, if information was leaked to Stagliano, that’s not a good thing. However …… you have to make a distinction between civil damages and criminal damages. If a prosecutor isn’t involved, there may have been a violation of the law, but it doesn’t matter. If Cameron Bay wants to bring a civil suit against CET, great, but she has to show damages. She has to show that she suffered harm as a direct result of the disclosure. She has to be able to quantify damages. Or, she has to show that this was a pattern of behavior on the part of CET that is harming other talent – stop them before they kill again.

    But, somehow, they have to demonstrate harm in a civil suit.

  268. BT just curious why would Stagliano be brought into all this is beyond all understanding. Mike says he trust him to tell the truth, then when will he? Me personally, I think CET had nothing to do with Stagaliano it was just something Rob Black brought into play because of his personal beef with him. but what do I know, I’m just male talent who cares about the industry and where its headed.

  269. @jw –
    I don’t know why you’re getting mad at everyone? I can see how throwing CET under the bus would annoy you if you’ve never had any problems there and you like the employees. But, most of us aren’t saying that CET and all of their employees suck… don’t take it so personally.

    CET fits into the bigger picture. If Stagliano is HIV+ then why would someone leak Bay’s results to him? There are a few answers to that, but the biggest one is to have Stagliano call Bay personally to discuss her + results and give her “options” on how to handle the news (meaning NOT publicly!!!). So, essentially, one of the biggest questions is exactly WHY would CET give Stagliano HIV+ test results and then WHY would he call her with the results? (If what we’ve heard is true?)

    The only answer would be to intercept her before she went public with her results which would discredit the entire testing system and cause mass hysteria (which it did…)

    The strategy would be to sympathize with her positive diagnosis, convince her it would be better to keep everything private and not worry the rest of the talent pool, discreetly test her 1st gen. partners and keep the ENTIRE situation out of the public eye.

    I’m sure most people on earth aren’t too excited about going public with an HIV+ test result? The problems then become:
    1. Does CET provide FSC members with all positive diagnoses in order to keep everything under the radar and not compromise their “No HIV in 10 years” bullshit or “We don’t test for Hep. C because we’re scared too many performers would be infected and then would blame the FSC for not requiring the test?” PLUS talent would probably bitch about their testing fees increasing…

    So, the main questions would be:
    1. Are the FSC covering up infections behind the scenes to keep their testing record spotless (or somewhere around there?)
    2. How many performers have tested positive and had the FSC convince them to just “retire” or leave the industry before their next testing period?
    3. What is the TRUTH about the testing record? We all know the FSC can SAY just about anything when it comes to testing stats. So, what is the real answer on the STD infection rates in the industry? With HIPPA laws, no one might ever know… which isn’t very fair to new performers entering the industry….
    4. Essentially just how much are they hiding? And, is CET contributing to this scam by releasing medical records directly to the FSC for them to consult the performer and convince them not to go public or even tell other performers just to avoid panic… But, if I was a performer I would like to know what the actual STD stats. are… at least to make my own decision.

    Also, any performer can come out and say “I’ve never once caught an STD” and no one can even question them due to HIPPA laws. A performer could essentially say just about anything and never get questioned. The same goes for the FSC. How do they know the industry statistics on STD’s when they’re not even allowed to see performer testing records?

    I could go on the news tomorrow and say “No one in the porn industry has ever had herpes” and if no performer came forward to challenge me then that would be public opinion: No one in porn has ever had herpes. Yeah right….

  270. If this ever goes to court, civil or criminal, and Stagliano admits to having these results, then STAGLIAON will be just as fucked. Not only is it a violation to release the results without permission, it is equally illegal to RECIEVE the rresults without permission.

    And if this ever goes to court you can bet stagliaon will be asked, “Who else did you discuss these results with?

  271. OSHA regulations are the law of the land. OSHA regulations require an employer to pay for testing AFTER there has been an exposure to OPIM. NO company that Gonz ever worked for did this. And Hep C is one of the tests specifically called for in the regulations.

    It is Gonz’s employers who just might get fucked, and they are the deep pockets.

    And you can rest assured that AHF is looking into every single company that GOnz has worked for since 2010.

  272. “And you can rest assure that AHF is looking into every single company that Gonz has worked for since twenty ten”
    Exactly jilted!

  273. Thanks JW,
    I will always side with the talent, but ultimately, it is the only the talent who can make any changes. As long as talent is willing to just go along with all the bullshit then nothing will change. But I understand that for any currently working talent to speak up means the end of their working days, which ultimately is probably a not a bad thing.

  274. She was damaged…lost her reputation and job…until or if she chooses to work w/condom (safer) or other HIV+ (riskier)

  275. Well said Lacey,

    If Stagliano were a CET employee he would have gotten away with calling Bay.

    Performers are the product…now how does industry hide its mistakes…lots easier to hide a “chair” than a “pill” “food product” “person”

  276. Jilted, I don’t think jw was being sarcastic. I think he meant what he said. I know…it’s shocking. 😮

  277. Yep….

    Ignorance is an excuse…think Tylenol…tamper proof/safety packaging
    Somebody bought a bottle at store..tampered..sick people
    Wasn’t the company fault someone did that but they ARE liable for product safety…now what can you buy w/o safety packaging.
    Just ask a novelty toy maker/distributor

  278. @Mike
    “>>>what John said was simple, Miao did not give him the results.” (Sorry if this quote is not exact)

    So, how do you know it was Jen? Does it come from a confidential source? For Jen to have done this would constitue a felony on her part, punishalbe by a $25,000 fine, and six months in prison. And to wrongfully accuse her of this would be slander.(I wonder if this is why the source for this information wishes to remain anonymous) I would think that if you’re goingto accuse somebody of committing a felony you would at least let the person being accused know who the accuser is, wouldnt that be fair? An anonymous accusation of felonious behavior, sound like FUCKING BULLSHIT to me. But then again, the only person I have seen accuse Jen of illegally leaking this information is Mike, unless Mike is just repeating what was said elsewhere, and that is his source, possibly Rob Black.

  279. Agreed on OSHA. However, OSHA has to bring the action. If a private citizen – meaning talent – is going to sue Alex Gonz – or the production company – they have to prove damages to prevail. That’s just the way civil suits work. Now, if OSHA wants to bring an action, that’s a different matter.

    Tylenol is actually an interesting point to bring up. The deal is that someone tampered with the product and laced Tylenol products with cyanide in the early 1980’s. Seven people died. The case was never solved.

    Their families sued McNeil/J&J, the maker of Tylenol. The lawsuit dragged on for nine years and never went to trial. McNeil/J&J settled out of court without the case ever going to trial. So, there was never any determination as to whether McNeil/J&J knew or should have known that their packaging could be tampered with.

  280. This crap about illegal to test/screen for HIV as part of employee fitness…is crap. Already happening…PCR is HIV screening and not only legal but included in OSHA draft.

    The laws about no preemployment HIV testing relate to from employer insurance to keep rates down and Discrimination due to ignorance about HIV.
    Companies fought back and case law exists allowing employer to exclude HIV+ to prevent occupational harm to employee. (Haven’t looked to see if it was based on antibody or viral load testing)
    Okay to exclude HIV+ but not okay to tell WHY they got excluded.

  281. But it is illegal to make the employee pay for it. THe testing in the OSHA draft might be deleted. If you are NOT YET an employee, then OSHA has no authority. IF the wording becomes something like, “After being hired you can test employees for a,b,and c, to determine their suitablilty for specific jobs that might involve the risk of OPIM exposure. Its a fine legal line that will be hashed out by the lawyers.

    And CAL-OSHA cannot pass any regulation that is not at least equal to the Federal OSHA standard, which very well mean the deletion of the ‘no comdom if tested” part of the proposed regulations.

  282. @BT
    Yep..settled out of court..accepted liability.
    despite no knowledge, intent, etc the product did harm and now knowing (it could be tampered with )they must prevent it.
    Lotsa cool stuff in that case.

  283. Yep jilted…now look to DOJ, EEOC etc
    OSHA is there after you get the job…lots of others are there before you get job.

  284. Well Lacey I must say I tested positive at AIM for chlamyadia they treated me with pills then I was told that by law they had to send paperwork to the county health department that was there protocol so if its still the same county would have to know how many people in the industry do test positive for a std. So I don’t know how that can be a cover up by CET. But it is a good question about how FSC would know, and what would be there reason. At CET you have a choice to be put into the aphss database its simple if you have a green check you can work and a red x you can’t. If you have a red x that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a STD it can also mean your test has expired. So I really don’t know how the FSC knows how many std’s are actually in the industry. Now about John Stagliano, what a few people have heard including myself is John called Cameron’s agent out of concern and told him he’d be more than happy to talk to Cameron since hes had HIV for years. But again that’s hearsay too. So what is the real story, who knows except maybe John himself.

  285. LurkingReader: McNeil/J&J did not accept liability in the Tylenol case. The settlement was sealed. Tamper proof bottling is required by the FDA. It is not a result of the civil suit, which dragged on for 9 years. Lotsa cool stuff in that case; none of it relevant to Alex Gonz and Hep C.

  286. @BT
    Yes/No? Not arguing law here..I do see a parallel
    Civil -McNeil/JJ nine years fighting…closed settlement with plaintiff.
    Criminal laws created for product tampering
    FDA- forced all pharm to change production process
    Beyond FDA many other regulatory agencies were also involved.

    By saying they were held accountable, I don’t say they were at FAULT or WRONG, only that as a result McNeil/JJ and EVERY other pharm had to change how they did business.

    AFI rightly defends “creation of their unique product” but is no less responsible for the safety of that product and it production PROCESSES start to finish. AFI has been fighting infringement on the development and production processes.

    LaCHD stepped out of Vivid Lawsuit..rightly so..foolish to spend on protracted litigation vs services…now WHY are they dropping out? Did they lose Other Agencies are fighting their battle and they expect to achieve their goal.

    OSHA …OPIM-STI draft will be amended, drafted and enacted.

    FDA isn’t applicable to AFI product creation, they were the regulating agency for Tylenol case. That’s the parallel

    Before OSHA draft it was all or nothing, once it gets approved I expect its amended form to offer flexibility for condom free production as well as mandating safety measures.

    Alex is just the latest public event in this saga. HepC is just one of the exposure risks society has been trying to address while preserving the first amendment rights of creation/production.

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