The 2010 Contract With America

You will be hearing about this soon, the Republicans saw how well the original contract with America worked so they are going to trot it out again But lets tell these liars what we really think.

You probably dont remember what was in the original contract with America much less how well they lived up to it.

Allow me to refresh your memory

Ok yer back and now you know that the Republican Congress AND The Republican President who all got elected on that contract forgot all about it as soon as they took office.  They defaulted on 7 out of 8 parts of the contract.  The only thing they managed to do was limit the terms of committee chairs.

So when the Republicans and the talk show puppets start with the 2010 contract with America do your part and remind them how well they lived up to the last one…..

Suggest that if they really want you to believe in them maybe they should make good on the first one

and while they are at it:

1. Stop passing petty laws and creating useless bureaucratic agencies.

2. Stop spending money on things we cannot afford, like wars that we have no business being a party to.

3. Get over Roe V. Wade there are FAR more pressing problems in this country

4. While you are at it get your nose out of my personal life. It is none of the governments business who or what I do in private. All I want from government is to be left alone to manage my own life.

5. Get over the idea that this is a “Christian  Nation”, it is not. Most of our founding fathers were Deists.Why do you kiss the posterior of the religious right anyway? Are you afraid they will vote Democratic?

6. Listen to Ron Paul, had you done that last election you would still be in the White House and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

7. When you say you are for less government, mean it. If by chance you should regain control make government SMALLER, a LOT SMALLER.

8. Instead of spending your efforts demagoging  health care reform do something meaningful , you could start in these areas: Allow me to buy insurance across state lines. Tort Reform. Allow me to pick the coverage I want, I don’t need to be covered for pregnancy, or drug abuse therapy., Make the insurance companies accountable to the public, ditto pharmaceutical companies, there needs to be oversight here.  It’s probably asking too much but executing all lobbyists for the above interests would solve a lot of the problems.

9. Stop dropping morons like Sarah Palin on us, I might have voted for John McCain until that harpy was put in the position of being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Joe the Plumber would have been a better choice and had you picked Ron Paul, you would probably be in the White House right now.

10. Pay attention here, I’m one of those “Independents” that you HAVE to have to win.  I lean Libertarian, as do most Independents.

You want my vote? EARN IT!

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The 2010 Contract With America

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  1. See mike your problem is your smart most of the sheep arent. So they respond to stupid talking points. Its so sad.

  2. Tony is right. Too many people are just plain stupid.

    One thing I would like to see added to your list Mike would be term limits on Congress. Politics shouldn’t be a career.

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