Thank God For Global Warming

On Christmas day I saw my first ever white Christmas. We got the first accumulation of snow on Christmas day in Atlanta since 1882, That’s almost 130 years.

It was kinda neat I suppose but I have spent quite a few Christmases at the beach when I lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida. There was sunshine, salt air, sand, 85 degree weather and girls in small, even very small bathing suits. Jimmy Buffet was on the stereo singing about Floridays and everything seemed right with the world.

All in all I prefer that to the white Christmas I just had.

Thank God for global warming….we’d have froze to death here if not for that shit.

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Thank God For Global Warming

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  1. Without turning this into a global warming debate….arguing it is like 2 fleas arguing over who owns the dog, the miniscule amount of time we have spent collecting climate data does not give anywhere NEAR enough data to make any conclusions that even approach being scientifically sound.

    Do humans have an effect…Im sure we do, is it significant? Nobody knows Should we handle the environment with care? Yes Should we be alarmist about it? no Should we trust the government? HELL NO!

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