Ten Dollars and Some Responsibility On The Part of The FSC Avoids the Horror That Follows

How you die from Hepatitis C  Diane Duke wont tell you the truth, The FSC won’t tell you the truth, APHSS Wont tell you the truth.  You won’t read this in AVN or Xbiz

But I will tell you the truth…and why as a performer you should demand a Hepatitis test SPECIALLY before you do anal.

First know that Hepatitis will now kill you quicker than HIV.

Most people who have Hepatitis don’t even know they have it.  It damages your liver very slowly over a period as short as 10 ans as long as 50 years until you have

irreversible scarring (cirrhosis).

Once you have cirrhosis, the liver is unable to heal itself. Treatment just tries to keep damage from worsening. Symptoms of serious end-stage liver disease begin to appear:

You will feel tired a lot, fatigued, you will start to experience increasing yellowing of your skin and eyes called Jaundice.
You will lose your appetite and you will have uncontrollable bouts of nausea, you will likely vomit blood.
Your abdomen will swell up due to fluid accumulation called ascites and you will have gastrointestinal bleeding
You will start to experience dementia because the poisons the liver can no longer remove are poisoning your brain called hepatic encephalopathy

At this point your only hope to survive is a liver transplant but by this point you will probably have started to welcome death a long time ago because most of the above symptoms get excruciatingly painful. Should you get that new liver you buy yourself about 5 to 10 years before it starts all over again, because the new liver didn’t get rid of the Hepatitis C Virus.

All because of a ten dollar test that you chose not to require.  Think about that.




76640cookie-checkTen Dollars and Some Responsibility On The Part of The FSC Avoids the Horror That Follows

Ten Dollars and Some Responsibility On The Part of The FSC Avoids the Horror That Follows

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16 Responses

  1. There pretending this not issue untill it buttfucks them all in public. When happens people tell all those in porn industry ah this was serious issue focus on. Should stay fuck out porn becuase the very same people that really do not care about porn indusrty unless make money off it. Bottom line people it fucking dallors easy money scum bags in porn care about. They give flying shit about health saft people work in porn.

  2. I would say they are correct my point is all it takes is a ten dollar test required of everyone in the biz to GREATLY removed the risk, particularly since we have very good reason to believe that there are HEP C positive performers working in the biz. It is also a pretty good step towards illustrating that we CAN (or cant as is seemingly the case) manage ourselves.

  3. What percentage of porn performers would you guess have Hep C? Is Hep A and B curable?

  4. Manuel Ferrets one of those green card marriage guys? Who else?;Derrick Hays too? Who else?

  5. Several years ago we brought over a few male performers from Brazil to work in Thailand. One of them became incredibly ill and I took him to the hospital. Turns out he had Hep C and was in a very advanced stage of it. The doctors said there was nothing they could do and he would die.

    This guy was an active performer in Brazil, working almost daily. That means Hep C is spread through the Brazilian porn industry and it has gone unnoticed, or perhaps they don’t care like in Porn Valley. Any American performers who have gone to Brazil to work in the past several years were probably also exposed to Hep C, then in turn came back to spread it in Porn Valley.

    We’ll probably never know the true numbers, but I won’t be surprised if a large percentage of LA based performers test positive for it. It’s crazy they have not been testing for it all these years.

  6. Wow! Hep c might be in Porn Valley. Thank you Dianne Duke for helping those performers with a safe work place. Your amazing!!

  7. Sherry, you are correct. HPV is just as big an issue as ALL the other std’s that are rampant in the industry. The multiple exposures to HPV are extemely dangerous and have severe long term consequences. It is exactly because of this severity that they are ignored. DO youreally think the industry is interested in admitting to these problems. Testing would PROVE these problems exist, that is why they DONT test for it. Same reason the gay industry doesnt test for HIV, because it would PROVE their is a problem.

    All this Measure B garbage. “We are tested every month, blah, blah, blah” Did you ever notice that they NEVER say how many perfomers test positive for gonnoreah or chlamydia every month? Do you know wny? Because the number is so high!!!!!!!

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