Telling It Like It Is

There’s a few people in the biz who are none to happy with me. Their logic being that if I am against passage of measure B that I should be getting out the message from the No On B folks.

The thing is these people don’t know me very well. They really expect me to lie to my readers and my fellow performers because we both want to defeat Measure B? If that is the only way you can defeat Measure B maybe it shouldn’t be defeated.

It is now apparent to everyone, including me, Theo at AVN, Pornlaw, Fabian, Steve Hirsch, Steve Orenstein, even Christian Mann and Diane Duke…That there is a problem with the rate Sexually Transmitted Diseases in this industry. You have the usual cast of industry apologists like Mark Kernes trying desperately in big long sermons to discredit the numerous studies that all say the same thing. The truth is that Mark, nor anyone else can really discredit these studies, they are done using accepted scientific methods and they hold up to peer review. Most importantly there are dozens of these studies, from different people and they all reach the same conclusion. When you ask one of these industry apologists to point to ONE SINGLE study that refutes that the industry has an astronomically high rate of STD infections they can’t.

Michael Fattarosi went so far as to ask me to stop bringing light to these studies, his argument being that there is no way to know if the infections occurred on set or not. While it is arguable whether or not one can reasonably assume the infections occurred on set it doesn’t take a genius to determine that if one third of performers have an undiagnosed STD then they are passing it to others on set.

If you don’t want this condom law enacted, the only way in hell you will ever have a prayer of stopping it is to address this STD issue in a meaningful way and when you think you have a grip on it commission your own study or two to prove it. I know that’s a lot harder than getting a rag tag bunch of people who don’t know any better to ride a bus and carry signs on The walk of Fame (them tourist votes are all important….) bur that’s what you better start doing because when this is ultimately settled in a court of law the judge isn’t going to give two shits about that nonsense.

I didn’t lie to you about PWL I’m not lying to you here. Never expect me to compromise myself because I have some degree of support for your cause.

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Telling It Like It Is

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  1. Mike. As I’m sure you recognize, whether the STD was or wasn’t contracted on a set is irrelevant from a public health standpoint. It’s the fact that, once infected, you could pass it on via sex on a set.

    In the alternative, if you do contract an STD on the set, you can then pass it on to your partners off set.

    Its the reason that if you get the flu from your kid, your boss doesn’t want you coming to work and exposing the rest of the office.

    Why is it we understand that concept when it comes to the flu, but not to sexually transmitted diseases?

  2. I think most of us understand it no doubt.
    Sadly what we have here is a lot of performers who are being manipulated but they aren’t really wise enough to understand it.
    Nobody wants to believe that they diseased, and the limited testing done in the biz re-enforces that, the problem is though that the industry has always resisted testing for the most prevalent stuff like Herpes, and they have repeated the mantra “it can be cured with a shot”. Problem is with the re-infection rate being what it is soon enough that shot won’t cure it anymore. There is a very very dark underbelly to this biz that even I was unaware of.

    It won’t be so easy to manipulate that judge though.

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