Talent Rates, Agents and the Bottom Line

This whole thing has gotten more play than it probably deserves but one thing jumped out at me.

What seems to be forgotten here is exactly who works for whom. Let’s break this down to the brass tacks.

An agent’s job is to get his talent the best rates he can and to advise what is best for the talent, however he works for the talent, they do not work for him. So if Jeff Mullen calls and says I want to hire so and so girl and I will pay her whatever for the day, it’s fine for Ben to say thats not enough…BUT Ben has a full responsibility to tell the talent about this offer and let the talent make the decision. he can advise against it if he wants but in the end, it’s her call NOT his. Technically his not doing so could cost him his license in California I think.

So all of this back and forth is really just stupid games…do your fucking job, tell the talent about the offer, if they refuse then fine, nobody takes issue with that. Shut your fucking hole and do what you are required to do.

See how simple things are when ya just use common sense….

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Talent Rates, Agents and the Bottom Line

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2 Responses

  1. If the industry grew a set of balls and stood up to this guy, he couldn’t do shit about it. It’s completely possible to hire the talent without him. What’s he gonna do? Sue? Good luck, you pussy. Run him through the riggers of litigation. He wouldn’t last five minutes. I bet his “contracts” with the talent don’t event stand up. I’m sure it’s akin to slave labor. Any good lawyer could rip through the legalese and bullshit. It’s not that hard, it’s just that people like him rely upon the fact that no one will refute it. But, if actually refuted, there’s nothing there. Let the has-beens die off. He’s overcooked.

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