Surprise PWL Traffic is VERY Low


OK I have been telling y’all for years how Alexa rank means NOTHING  you see PWL has a traffic monitor on their site.  You would like to see it wouldn’t you?

This is a real snapshot of PWL traffic

Look at that its down under 200 views a day!  and a third of those were probably Donny

Be sure to look at the 1 year views and specially the last 24 hrs….hehehe  PWL is STILL down, gone for 24 hrs now.

With that paltry traffic I wouldn’t even bother to put it back up.

I know HOW they were gaming the Alexa ranks too….


52410cookie-checkSurprise PWL Traffic is VERY Low

Surprise PWL Traffic is VERY Low

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5 Responses

  1. The longest it has been down was 2 days when Nina Mercedez guy Ray took it down. So if it goes past 2 days. He is fucked. Burn baby burn!

  2. Oh my god! This guy gets no traffic! What the fuck are we giving this fucking guy any attention for? Hilarious. More, more, we want more! What else you got Mike! Spring it on us!

  3. My take on that 200:

    50% are the dimmer twins (Worstnightmare, PWL, their actual alts and anons)

    23% are their minions (assuming the 200 is based upon pre-defection stats)

    17% are people simply fucking with the Donkey

    5% are Various LEO’s investigating the fuck out of anything that moves involving this mess

    That leaves about Ten “civilian” hits per day.


    And you gotta figure that eight of those ten are shut-ins.

    “PWL Always wins.”

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