I think people need to take a step back and think about the whole situation with Dave, I have withheld WAY more than I printed, both out of deference and because I don’t want it to become a referendum on prostitution in porn.  Personally I have no problem with escorting or even prostitution, if you are grown and that is what you choose to do you should have that right.  So ease up on the threats and demands and settle down, Dave made a mistake in the way he handled it and that will be dealt with, the underlying reasons whatever they are are not clear, nor is it clear who is really behind it, on the other hand someone sent me an attachment that bricked my phone, so its actually been kind of nice not being tied to a cell phone, I should do it more often.  I should get the phone back this afternoon, if you wish to reach me email is best, til then.



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  1. Seriously considering a lengthy referendum post on the biggest problem with prostitution in porn is stakeholders treating workers like disposable commodities….just too fucking disgusted to go there right now. Yet here I am ranting cuz this shit pisses me off!

    Spent the morning looking into this and if you know what’s good for you don’t trying to come at me with Religion, Laws, Cops or fucking Crusaders against prostitution as the reason one guy is in serious legal jeopardy and another guy ought to be happy he isn’t in a morgue with a gofundme set up for a closed casket. SMFH like a damn bobble doll!

    Noone from a worship pew, legislator job, wearing a badge or advocate name tag was sending emails to TLC clients. None of those folks was behind PWL or Ashley Madison either. This extortion attempt can be linked directly to a stakeholder unlike the tangled web weaved around the other two. It’s bullshit that people go to such great lengths to try and extort sex-workers and their clients for a buck or jollies.

    Desperate? Uh ok …fine then accept that the guy holding a gun to your head was just a tad more desperate and do the honorable thing and walk the fuck away. IDGAF if he googled shit or really hacked a server makes no difference when it comes to putting a dollar amount on an extortion demand. Either way guy prolly needs a slap upside the head and has to be plain stupid to come looking for victim hugs like his client didn’t pay up.

    If some asshole is extorting you then know how to keep your gun in proper working order and how to use. Go out to BFE and shoot shit off trees and rocks till that piece of hardware means something if you plan on using it for vigilante justice ….much cheaper that way than paying a bondsman and lawyers. 🙂

    Ahhh I feel better. Now onto treating workers like disposable commodities. The same mentality that causes someone to demand money for labor they weren’t asked to perform is what makes these narcissistic disordered personalities think they’re entitled to whatever they want from whoever they think ought to give it to them. Sorry that shit don’t fly and digging ditches to throw Duggar into won’t make either side of that equation add up to respect. The only thing that mentality does is lay fertilizer for the daisies this idiot is lucky he isn’t pushing up in the spring.

    Seriously if the not so friendly sex-worker client emailer put that effort into making an honorable buck he might do alright for himself. Even if he didn’t sex-workers wouldn’t be wasting energy worrying about his bullshit and have more emotional resources to watch for the client pushing beyond the bounds of consent. ICYMI….blackmailers aren’t favorites in my world.

  2. Looks like I missed something exciting? Was there any deleted posts, Mike it’s not clear from your post.
    @Lurkingreader Ahh good to see you posting again. Interesting read, as I have zero idea of what exactly you are talking about.

  3. bricked just means that it was nothing but a weight…not a big deal sprint fixed it deleted the virus and installed a free av program on it…no worries….

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