Sorry For the Tardy Post Today

I had to have an MRI on the left knee this morning then I had an interview with Maxim Magazine but IM back

There has been a little breaking news.

I have evidence again of first generation exposures who have not been contacted. most, understandably do not wish to come forward except to say they havent heard from either TJ or the FSC

I have LOTS of evidence that TJ’s statement the he never escorted is not necessarily true, lots of people contacting me with ads, phone recordings of him quoting rates etc.

It is also clear that he wasn’t truthful when he said he hadnt done any cam shows for the last 6 months, there are cam shows he did last week online.

Many of you have thanked me for providing this information, to that I say you are welcome, I believe you have a right to know this and I dont believe there is any way the The FSC could do a complete exposure list, particularly not get the exposures and get them all retested in less than 24 hours as they have claimed.

In the last 24 hrs I have been called sanctimonious by none other than Bill Margold, I consider that a badge of honor…thank you Bill. I have also been called everything but a white boy by Diane Duke, the single most reprehensible and irresponsible sub human being in this industry. I just consider that one par for the course….

Love you Long Time

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Sorry For the Tardy Post Today

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  1. Why is everyone focusing on TJ being an escort? The girl that he was supposed to do the webcam show is a full time escort:

    Charity Bangs is another full time escort:

    The fact is that rubbers break and most girls in porn use drugs which lowers their bodies ability to fight off infections.

    Alot of people have left porn after the economy nose dived. With so many infections, escorts getting on their soap boxes and Rob Black . . I think crowds will be looking for the exits in 2014. I know I will!

  2. Seems his story is breaking down quickly. Certainly be better if these people were willing to talk and say that FSC didn’t contact them and they were first generation exposures. Also, were the cam shows with someone that seems very relevant to the idea of those shows affecting spread.

  3. I honestly don’t understand why anyone is waiting for someone to contact them? No one is REQUIRED to contact you. It’s basically just a common courtesy, to be completely honest.

    Whether you have sex with him directly, had sex with anyone who had contact with him or have had unprotected sex with anyone in the industry, GO GET TESTED!

    It’s the absolute best option at this point. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to contact you go to an FSC affiliated clinic or go to your own private doctor and get tested.

    I’m willing to bet there are performers who have gotten tested at their own private doctors so you may NEVER know how many people were actually infected whether it was on-set/off-set/crossovers/gay/straight.. it doesn’t really matter at this point.

    If a performer goes and gets tested at their own private doctor you would never know they tested positive unless THEY decided you should be notified. No one, not even the FSC, can force any single performer into coming forward to let you know their name or honestly admitting to every single partner they’ve had contact with…

    Face the fact that you will probably never know how many were infected unless those performers are 100% willing to come forward.

    They SHOULD come forward, but that doesn’t mean they will or even that they HAVE TO come forward. Due to HIPPA laws, No one is REQUIRED to contact you. That’s how the honor system aka the testing system works. (Not just for the industry, but for everyone.)

  4. I guess another commenter said there was sex in the cam shows. It would be good if someone knew the dates. That lie is really only concerning if it affects spread.

  5. If youre wrong about the little trivial things, youre probably wrong on the big issues. If you lie about the little things, your honesty about the big things will be doubted.
    It appears that TJ has not been honest about a few things, camming and escorting being two examples. And people here and on other forms have posted what appears to be contrary to what TJ said to Mike.

    Then we have TJ’s statements about what TTS told him, they didnt give his his test results, and someone at TTS told him “You have nothing to worry about.” But here is where TJ hurts his own cause. The trivial things, like the written protocols that medical establishments haveto deal with these exact situations. What TJ doesnt know is these facilitites are prepared for these events, they just dont wing it when this predictable shit happens. And anyone who has the most basic knowledge of how medical instiutions handle these situations would certainly laugh at the explination given by TJ. TJ’s statements just dont pass the laugh test.

    Eric, FSC made the statement that al first generation contacts were notified and tested less than 24 hours after their first press releease about a positive perfomer. If you believe this there is alot of swampland in Florida at a good price. The FSC also said today that their has never been a false negative,,,,LOL, Darren James, Jessica Dee, Missy Arroyo, Rod daily. The FSC only issues statements, and when those statements are proven to be false they NEVER answer questions. Could that be becuase it doesnt fit the FSC AGENDA?

  6. If the first generation exposures haven’t been contacted. Well maybe they’er not first generation exposures.

  7. @jilted –
    I don’t know how or when it happened, but I’m starting to sound just like you and I DON’T LIKE IT!!! FUCK!!!!!

    My initial curiosity has led to an all out hissy bitch fit. Why did you do this to me???

    Hahaha.. just kidding.
    Thanks for the knowledge, as always. 🙂

  8. @ mike
    Bill Margold called you sanctimonious? LMAO…

    Hey Bill Margold…want to tell performers about P.A.W. The non existent Protecting Adult Welfare foundation that you were still trying to cash in on LYING and promoting it as a tax deductible charity and offering autographed pictures if the donors sent a large SASE with two or three stamps…want to tell everyone how it averages 160k a year and Phillip Berman is quoted..we aren’t a union! were a place to get a hug when you need one…how’s that hotline doing….

    Your outed mother fucker…let your peers judge you for cashing in on performers any fucking way you can…even fraud. NOV 9, 2013 mr past FSC president…

    Some of your peers will congratulate you..some will wish they thought of it first..others will call your for being the scum sucking parasite you are…I’ll gladly wear the SANCTIMONIOUS tag for this, and sleep like a baby knowing I didn’t have to screw anyone over or deceive them for my cash!

  9. @jilted

    Could he be spinning? TTS didn’t give me HIV results..hard
    But verbally told him results and need for second confirmatory test?

    The idea that TTS didn’t have test results or got an inconclusive isn’t sitting right…he needs TWO CONCLUSIVE tests for diagnosis…where’s the third?

    If it’s only the PCR and he hasn’t shown antibodies ..that probably would be known too with ..ACUTE being tossed isn’t…so what’s the story.

    If he hasn’t had two definitive tests the doctor can’t diagnose or begin notification..Pretty sure CET knows and follows medical protocol. he is working with CET per Duke for partner notification, Duke says he tested initially at TTS, then at CET…

    I can buy he didn’t get a hard copy…not buying that he walked away unsure of WHY they wanted a second test, be it at TTS or elsewhere…just doesn’t jive. Needed test to perform @ wicked, ok..test is no good…CET turn around to rule out, allowing him to shoot as scheduled would have required another confirmatory test.

    Confusing me a bit…but wonder if this fits and if your medical niche can expand on it to help me out.

  10. actually ya…but its worth mentioning…I wouldnt post them though but considering they have the right phone number….its worth mentioning

  11. Thank you Lacey. You wrote something a few days ago about inflating my ego, and if you knew me personally you would know that I am not about the ego, but thanks nonetheless.
    I am fortunate enough to be in a position to know the facts about things that others speculate about, and as such, I have been banned multiple times from other industry boards for writing things no different that what I write here.

    I love the fact that you think youre starting to sound like me. As a reasonable person it did not take you long to see the common sense that comes through in my posts, and that coupled with specifics about these issues, I think you realized that I always try to be factual and truthful. When I see people post stuff like TTS intentionally withheld a postive HIV result I cant help but put out the facts that make something like this not only virtually impossible, but so highly unlikely that i would expect to see snowballs in hell before that was true.

    As you may have noticed, several of the usual trolls have not been around lately. On these industry forums there usually isnt anyone like you or me that take factual, critical looks at these issues, and see right through the standard industry bulllshit. The trolls see that they are outmatched and move on to places where their arent people like you and me(and others here too.)

    THe industry is so acustom to preaching to their own choir that they actually do believe their own bullshit, and if you told them that two plus two equals four they would argue with you till the end of time.

    The wheels of justice turn very slowly, but finally, the wheels are catching up to the industry. The complete disarray the industry is in now will continue to get worse, and that being so, as the ever so bloated bill margold once said, “Just leave us alone, we will destroy ourselves.” More true words were never spoken.

    Thank you Lace, from the bottom of my ego.

    ps, Bill, exactly how long ago did PAW lose their nonprofit status?

  12. Regular medical procedure does not fit into this situation. Just like OSHA laws werent designed for porn, and agent laws werent designed for pimps, this industry system has a few uncoventional ‘rules.’
    It would be negligent for any of the testing facilities to wait for the ‘legal’ diagnosis, that is Elisa and a western blot confirmation. There is actually a good chance that the western blot confirmations on TJ are not even back yet, they can easily take up to one week to complete.

    The term INCONCLUSIVE is a valid lab result, and that is what he got. They gave him that result and told him they needed another specimen, and he then decided to go to CET.

    In this scenario it would be negligent to wait for the confirmation tests before issuing an alert. And I too just dont buy some of the things TJ said, like, they said I had nothing to worry about, and they didnt tell me to refrain from sexual activity. Doctors can begin notification the instant they get the first result that indicates a postive, or possible positive. They probably even began treatment before the final confirmations were in, and they might still not be in.

    FSC/PASS does NOT do the partner notification or make the quarantine list. They have NOTHING to do with it.

  13. Oops..thought Duke mentioned TTS…not seeing it..just industry facility…apologize for wrongly attributing to Duke

  14. How come we haven’t seen a list of people that have had “contact” with TJ? Does anyone know who has done scenes with him recently? Or is it being kept quiet on purpose?

  15. @jilted
    Thank you

    Understand FSC/PASS doesn’t do partner notification…nor should they..their role might be providing producer contact info but beyond that don’t see any connection.

    I was curious.. In August a performer worked with his agent to develop 15 person contact list…and then agent did the notifications…I don’t get this. It laudable for agent to support client and even to provide contact info for names on list…but to make the calls?

    Very glad to see this time it is a trained professional making the calls. Read that tests after December 5th are good..not sure I can wrap head around that with the 7-10 day window….I get that last known industry contact was Nov. 21. The last time he filmed in a known industry production…do they not include cammimg and contracted escorting in industry definition and..industry contacts? (Question about overall..not this situation, where no agent is involved) not clear with press releases that say all notifications made and often hearing contacts weren’t notified, wondered if industry definition could be causing this to happen.

  16. vTHe 7 to 10 day window is a best case scenario, and very dangerous for the FSC to set the limit at 14 days. The test “CAN” detect that early, doesnt mean it will, The test has a 95% accuracey at 28 days. FSC didnt learn the lesson last time and had to reinstate the moratoruim, obviously they have learned nothing.

    @ leul and erik,,,,in 2004 AIM put the entire quarantine list on line for the world to see, Twelve first genreation, and forty six second generarion. And the FSC applauded them for doiing this, not one word about privacy, NOT ONE WORD. But now its their ass on the line, Sharon Mitchell aint around to lay the blame on, so they decide tis time to hide behind HIPPA, but when Mitch’s ass was on the line they were all for ‘complete disclosure.”

    But if privacy is so importan to the FSC, then how do they get the information that everyone has been contacted, and everyone has been tested, I guess its okay for the FSC to get that private information, but not anybody else. Just like the PASS system, producers get access to ALL performers information, but a performer can only get their own information. What a fucking joke.

  17. How does FSC or anyone else know who TJ shot with? What? There’s some kind of accurate and complete database being kept of every scene that’s shot in porn every day? The only one who knows who TJ shot with or had sex with and when is TJ.

  18. @jilted

    Let’s not forget that ANY producer willing to pat the fee can look at PASS, just needs to enter info and have someone vouch for them…handshake at its best…so performers who produce can see all their potential co-workers. It’s a joke

  19. @jimmy
    Exactly…they would only know if performer worked with a FSC member stakeholder …no way to know about legit industry stakeholders who choose not to be FSC member. So does the adult industry only include FSC members?

    Expect that they only directly serve members but most trade orgs also find ways and set examples for non members to work with so the entire industry liabilities are reduced.

  20. And lets not forget that the original FSC plan was to CHARGE PERFORMERS an annual fee for the privlage of having their information put into the APHSS now PASS system.

  21. Yep…gotta find any and every possible revenue stream
    set up an affiliation contract and share the wealth 🙂

  22. Let’s also not forget the FSC was originally created as a non-profit (or not-for-profit, I’m not sure which) to (supposedly) defend porn’s 1rst Amendment rights. Period. They had nothing to do with testing. Russ Hampshire, who owned VCA, was its #1 patron and sponsor. He was likely its #1 contributor. He gave them free office space in his building. If you worked for Russ as a producer or director, you were told to join the FSC. It was not a suggestion. That’s not meant to bad-talk Russ. I’m just providing some historical perspective.

  23. @billy
    Would it matter if you got disease from a first or second..generation.
    First is core group, second can actually become a first IF they carried to third and so on…very often there is no way to find the true index or zeta patient who brought it with them. On a cruise ship..Norwalk virus..nasty tummy bug…the food prep guy got it from somewhere….he is index on ship. I know if I’m smart..when it shows up…I’m getting more cautious and doing what I need to do to not ruin vacation.

  24. The FSC already Issued a 2nd production moratorium update. I bet productions will resume in a week or two.

  25. Let’s think about this for a minute… I’m not saying this is or has happened, but it’s not that hard to cover up an outbreak.

    Girl fucks TJ on a cam show 2 weeks ago. TJ ends up infecting the girl with HIV (unknown to him…)
    He then works (with his clean test) for the next two weeks and infects 5 people who then each infect 2 more and so on..

    The FSC issues a moratorium and TJ is named as the HIV+ performer.

    If I was a girl who worked with him the first thing I would do is drive over state lines and get privately tested. If I tested negative, then great… If I tested positive, then there are 2 options:
    1. Quit the business OR
    2. Take enough meds. to bring the HIV load amount down low enough to be undetectable via testing and go back to fucking..

    One of my main problems with the testing system is how unbelievably EASY it is to circumvent. This means whatever the FSC puts out there is really just bullshit. It could very well be true, but it could also very well be false… they have no proof to back up their statements. All first generations have been contacted… yeah, according to TJ. He’s the one who wrote down some names on a piece of paper and the doctor or FSC called them. If all first generations weren’t notified then it isn’t on the FSC, who can claim they didn’t know, but on TJ. HE’S the one who makes the 1st generation list.

    It’s not that hard to announce here’s the HIV+ performer while everyone who worked with him goes underground. No on-set transmission. The system works. Did you notice the bullshit they pulled with Daily? Someone hacked his twitter account or he’s lying.. They will do just about anything to avoid those dreaded words “on-set transmission.”

    Not that I can blame them, but at least be upfront and honest about it. The performers have a right to know the system that is used to “keep infections at the gate.” Shit, with the plan above they will ALWAYS be seen at the gate as long as another performer doesn’t come forward or hides underground.

  26. @jimmy

    Exactly…if you wanted to share the had to share the burden. Everyone making a buck was expected to pony up for the cause to promote its continued existence and make it a smoother road for all.

    Porn tried with lots of smaller groups that fell apart before really getting off the ground. It was people like Hampshire who got FSC past the hurdles that killed the others.

  27. Lol billy…did you miss the part about tests issued after December 5th? Silent nod to film…without pulling moratorium.

  28. “2. Take enough meds. to bring the HIV load amount down low enough to be undetectable via testing and go back to fucking..”

    Are you 100% sure you can do that in any fast way? Also, the theory you just posited has at least dozens of people in the industry getting infected. You are maintaining that is “not that hard to cover up”. If so I guess Mike doesn’t have the sources he says, wouldn’t someone find out? Now you are claiming that FSC hired a hacker to get a Twitter account? Talk about no evidence. It could be true, but no proof. What makes you think performers are not aware of some of the faults you talk about?

    “HE’S the one who makes the 1st generation list.”

    What’s the alternative? If someone gets HIV in the general population do they do it differently? Do we outsource to the NSA?

  29. @Lacey
    Happens already and no need to cross state lines..just go down the street to non-industry provider.
    Private doc won’t be telling industry anything you don’t want them to know..performers who shout from rooftops they never had an STD and can prove it via industry database availability….lol when they get that feeling down there..private doc, test, meds and gee folks it’s time to visit momma or need a getaway, bushed from all this work 🙂

  30. @erik2690
    Do your own freaking homework….go find out how long it takes for antivirals to bring the numbers down if you want to know.

    Nobody said FSC hacked the twitter…”someone hacked his twitter ..or he’s lying”

    Come on now..if your gonna go all defensive fine..make sure there really something to defend.

  31. This urban myth of being able to mask your hiv with meds to cheat the testing system contains one MAJOR FLAW.
    It is true that you can lower your viral load to the point where a viral load PCR test will show ‘Not Detected.” The problem is, this is NOT the test the industry uses, They use what is called a QUALITATIVE test, as opposed the Quantitative(viral load) The QAUL test just looks for the presence of the virus, the Quant test looks to quantify, or count the amount of virus, and cannot count levels below a certain level. The Quant test is usually a monitoring test, to show how well the meds are working.

    Sounds to me like somone has been listenting to and believing what the Kazoo has been spewing.

  32. When someone makes factual claims. I question them not because I know for a fact they are wrong, but because it is good to go back and look again. Wasn’t being defensive, I was being questioning. You didn’t read her sentence as an assertion that the industry (FSC or other) hacked his Twitter? That seemed to be the implication. I didn’t think I was making a large leap there.

  33. This is what happens every time there’s a performer who tests positive. It all becomes this big conversation about who fucked who and when, finger-pointing,who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, production moratoriums, patient zero, lines of contact… in other words, temporary containment. But it’s a big smoke screen. It’s all slight of hand. The industry, and I”m talking about the people who run it, don’t want to admit that prevention is what we should be focused on. Why? Because prevention means condoms. And if it’s true that fans don’t want to see condoms and they’ll look for product elsewhere that doesn’t include condoms, it’s a death knell for the big companies in porn valley. So, they detour the conversation from what it should be, i.e., prevention, to something that doesn’t threaten them– containment.

  34. Sorry jilted but if what you say is true about a a inconclusive test on the third then why didn’t TTS notify FSC with that result? No one even knew about it till the 5th. That just doesn’t jive with me. CET didn’t take 3 days but then again they have a infectious disease dr who knows what hes doing.

  35. @MikeSouth1226 Someone needs to set the record straight.
    Mike South you are a pornographer, at least you use to be. How can you feel comfortable with the line of communication ahf is using agains porn. You are entitled to your opinions like we all but really stop bullshitting and pretending you don’t see AHF fucked up moves. Stop pretending you don’t see isadore hall is a fucking tool that ahf is using. A tool from compton ready to do anything that will get him a few lines on the LAtimes. I use to think you were better than that.
    DERRIK BURTS / CAMERON BAY / ROD DAILY / SOFIA DELGADO ALL OFF SET INFECTION. Used by ahf to link things that aren’t. It’s ok to crave for attention but you are teaming with the wrong people. I’m disappointed i use to think you were a real independent badass.

  36. Lacey Blake I know you feel important because Mike South gave you a page of his blog but please…. You have too much time. Your opinions on isadore tool and ahf are biased at best and definitely the ones of someone who has NEVER even met an adult star in her life. have you ? Or even been on an adult production have you ? How can you talk about a business u know nothing about…
    Get a boyfriend if you can, get a job, go out, breathe… do something with your life. If you really want to help people in need go feed the homeless. If you think all this BS will EVER make a difference it will NOT. Few major companies have already moved their production to Vegas and that will be IT. In 6 months half of the porn industry will be gone and replace by new girls who will not give a fuck about condoms, measure b or lacey blake. If ahf finds another isadore tool in vegas to pass a measure b it will take years. And if it does one day companies will just move on to the next spot. Get a life lacey not only it’s not your fight, there is no fight, just blogging.

  37. It wasnt me who said the test was inconclusive, it was TJ. And many things can cause an inconclusive, including a contaminated specimen, or an impoperly handles specimen. TTS did mark his as Unavailable on the third in the PASS system. Why did TTS not notify FSC of an Inconclusive test, I dont know. What TTS did do is tell him they need another specimen, and TJ decided to go to CET instead of going badk to TTS
    CET didnt take three days because they didnt get an INCONCLUSIVE result, they got a Positive(Detected) result.

    And how do you know that TTS didnt notify FSC of the inconclusive result. I dont know i they did or not, and neither do you.

    They were dealing with an obvious very early detection, based on the testing history of TJ, and the few days between the blood drawn at TTS and the blood drawn at CET were obviously the difference of coming out of the undetectable window period.

    It appears that you are looking for anything to blame TTS. They are just the messanger. And your accusation of intentionally hiding and not informing a patient of a positive HIV test is perhaps the most absurd accusation in the history of industry HIV politics, and in my opinion, it shows that you will go to any lengths to place blame at the feet of TTS.

    For the sake of argument lets say TTS did notify FSC of an INCONCLUSIVE test, What would the FSC do, declare a moratoruim because of an inconclusive test?

  38. @jilted

    If I’m not me out.

    PCR measures active virus, giving it the ability to early detection before antibodies form (7-10 initial detection, over 95%at 28 days)

    EIA/western blot measures antibodies formed once immune system does its job and fights disease (longer initial window, up to six months for conclusive negative)

    Are you saying that QUALITATIVE descriptor for industry tests means it uses a process that detects both viral load and antibodies?

    Ps. My example of going down the street isn’t specific..was more about the more common easily treated stuff.

  39. Ok, seriously. Calm down. Everything is ok.

    I’ll respond to your stupid fucking bullshit post in a few after I finish hacking your computer, asshole.
    (Don’t freak the fuck out either… I don’t have time to hack your computer right now anyway.)

  40. @jimmy
    Yep…that’s why I got do excited to see OPIM-STI policy…till I read the four year process that was to thwart regulation merely to thwart oversight…at some point ya gotta know..they’re up in your shit and they ain’t going away..that happened in 2004 with OSHA posting “to adult film industry” and outsiders making set complaints to activate OSHA policy of responsive compliance..vs FDA, food safety that is preventive compliance. OSHA only shows up if someone complains, they check it out and start assessing fines for noncompliance.

    Debates…lowest permissible levels …transmission rates (aka expected incident levels) dueling studies happen to every industry. Some even cross state lines for more favorable regs …less flack…porn isn’t a chicken farm polluting a river, where they get to pick up and go, set up next to a the clean up fines…and no more problem. Disease is gonna follow where ever they go.

  41. THe qual test does NOT measure viral load, it just looks for the presence of the virus. The quant test give you the amount of virus, the viral load, and it has a higher threshhold to give an accurate number. The qual test is not an antibody test. Most new antibody tests, now called fourth generation, have shortened the window period for antibody dectection to much lower than six months.

    Western Blot, Elisa, and PCR are testing methods, they are not specific to HIV testing. The EIA, WB, and PCR methods are used to test for many things. Western Blot actually looks for specific antigens related to specific antibodies( thats a very very simple explination of a very very complicated issue.)

  42. @xxxwebmaster

    Does it matter where they got it ….if your job hasn’t found a way to stop it from showing up in the workplace?

    TB is common in some medical communities…they have to be routinely tested, until they are clean (no loner contagious) they can’t aren’t hearing TB spreading assholes and all the risky shit they did to get it in the news…you aren’t even hearing about the incidents….because they aren’t throwing the IC docs/employees to the fucking curb blaming them for getting what walks in the door every damn day…even the IC billing clerks and transcribers that show up for an hour a week…get WC and more…

  43. Why get your panties in such a wad if none of this will ever make a difference? Its obviously got you pretty riled up. But wait, nothing anybody says here makes a difference, but I got TTS to start the Hep C testing, so maybe, just maybe, youre an asshole.
    You seem upset webmistress, probems at home?
    And all you guys will continue to make big bucks too, right webguy? LOL, what a tool.

  44. so does it not worry anyone else that the FSC hasn’t said that all 1st generation has tested Negative? Possible reason being one or more are infected and still determining the next generation for 1st? Normally within what 48 hrs max in the past they would come out with all 1st gens have tested negative., just to prove that it wasn’t an on set transmission.. Or possibly they wont even say they have another positive due to how the we all reacted with TJ?

  45. So the industry PCR determines presence of active virus particles?
    Then second part of test quantitates..counts the number active virus particles?

    I’m confused because I thought FDA approved APTIMA HIV 1 as diagnostic tool for HIV 1 because it not only detected presence of viral particles but also reported the quantity with confirmatory testing required for antibody response by EIA or western blot for definitive diagnosis…did I misunderstand the HIV infectious doc who explained these tests and process used recently on a friend who was exposed when her BF on ART lied and said he was negative?

    I asked specifically how they worked because Whiteacre and Greene confused the crap out of stuff using QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE as descriptors that didn’t match the APTIMA HIV 1 literature.

  46. They seemed to say that they were waiting for 1 test, all others negative. I may have read it wrong though.

  47. I read the FSC update today but it doesn’t say that they are all negative, just if this one comes back negative they will be able to set dates. although possibly implies everyone is negative… I don’t know perhaps I am just adding to paranoia.

  48. Since you seem to know it all jilted then explain what happen with the so called positive out of tts the summer of 2011 when aim was shut down.

  49. @jilted
    Doc also explained that RNA, PCR, NAAT are terms used to describe the actual process used in laboratory…like you pointed out about EIA/WB

    That there are tons of BRAND named tests that use one, two or even a combo of more of these special scientific LAB processes to determine results of that test. This referred to viral load testing…he said infectious disease docs have favorites because of how they process test and/or present results. Mentioned a brand viral load that’s a favorite and said he wouldn’t use APTIMA HIV 1 on patient already diagnosed to monitor viral levels w/respect to treatment progress.

    He did use APTIMA HIV 1 at one week, 14days, 21days and 28 days post exposure and added EIA on initial test and at 28 days, now she goes back at three months and final at six months. He feels confident she is okay but needs the last two tests to be sure…this came w/std disclaimer…the first time you have unprotected sex all this goes out window lol

  50. I think you are essentially right. Maybe this is a procedural issue. The implication was so obvious and heavy handed that I made the assumption. I think you are right though, I don’t think a clear declarative statement was made on the results thus far.

  51. Clarification :

    My comment regarding taking anti-virals to lower HIV antibodies comes from a statement regarding Stagliano. It has been stated publicly that his HIV antibodies are so low at this point that they are undetectable by most tests. This was one of the statements made during the Summers/Stagliano lawsuit discussions.

    Obviously, not a fact. But, if someone who actually has HIV makes a statement about testing then I generally give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s true. This was one of his main defenses against the sexual contact accusations also.

    For the record, I have absolutely no idea how long you would have to take ant-virals before they were unable to be detected by a test? I’ve heard somewhere around 6 months, but I honestly don’t know? I have heard this theory many times though even just recently with the Gonz Hep. C incident.

  52. Oh I am a pornographer and a proud one but I take a more pragmatic approach. AHF isnt the boogeyman that the FSC would have us believe, matter of fact from where I sit the FSC is much more of a threat to pornographers than AHF is. AHF wants us using condoms…really i see their point, it would be the best move the industry could make is to do so voluntarily effective now.

    Then we should sit down with health officials and with AHF and work out a methodology that would allow condoms to become optional. I dont speak for AHF but in my conversations with them I have been led to believe that this would be something that they could be ok with, the problem is nobody has made any effort to work with them instead of against them.

    If you think AHF is your worst enemy as a pornographer you are in for a very rude awakening soon.

  53. @xxxwebmaster –
    Listen you fucking twat,

    I don’t know how many fucking times I have to say this, but I don’t give a fuck if you think it’s improper of me to voice an opinion on the adult industry because I’m not IN the industry. Is that the only bullshit you can come up with to try to shut me up. I’m not rambling on about some bullshit I made up out of thin air. Almost everything I state here is either facts, very rare opinions or common sense. There’s nothing that fucking difficult about it…

    Have you ever talked about mainstream Hollywood? Ever been on a REAL fucking movie set where the catering bill was more than the entire budget of a high production porno? Yes? Of course you have.. everyone has.

    Well, that’s MY fucking industry and I would never tell someone they couldn’t discuss it because they weren’t acting, getting lit on fire or knew how to correctly punch someone in the face without actually touching them. You know that thing called “movie magic” where people don’t just run around beating the shit out of each other. In order to prevent injuries, we must learn techniques that look EXACTLY like we are punching someone without actually hurting them because the industry cares about safety.

    Yes, I’ve been on many movie sets although I’m not sure they would compare to porn sets? GI Joe, Contraband, Treme, Looper, Green Lantern, just to name a select few…
    Is a porn set somehow different? What if I get on set and ask 2 people to fuck for me while I tape it on my phone? THEN can I talk about the adult industry? Will I have your fucking permission?

    So, I guess being in SAG/AFTRA, the world’s largest “entertainment” union, disqualifies me from talking about the porn business?
    Said no one ever……..

    I feel very important and honored to be writing for Mike’s blog. I do it for pure fun and, most importantly, HE is the one that asked me to.

    The adult industry is an “entertainment” industry. Considering I am a member of the largest “entertainment arts union” in the world, I think I might be somewhat helpful in discussing the adult industry. Just a little… can you at least give me that much? Pretty please? I even get my own trailor, does that make me good enough to speak out?

    The personal attacks, while quite cute, have absolutely nothing to do with this shit. But, to be nice, I am married so I don’t need a boyfriend, I’m self-employed so I do have a job, I have fed the homeless countless times and I have a very nice life (and a really cute fucking dog). Any other character insults you want to throw at me?

    Oh, btw, If what you are saying in regards to the industry imploding, moving, that they just don’t care are ACTUALLY true, then what are they fighting for? What are you here fighting for?

    From recollection, I don’t think SAG/AFTRA has ever had to call a moritorium? A union strike? Yes. A moritorium? No.


  54. “I have been led to believe that this would be something that they could be ok with”

    Why have they not made that clear in a more public way? Publicly that doesn’t seem to be indicated even a little. So because people have opposed a harder line stance, they aren’t going to make their willingness for choice known? That makes little sense. Isn’t a harder line going to gain more opposition in almost any situation? If there goal was more broad support and help from the industry why would they not reveal the idea of choice being an option? Or have they and were still not received well?

  55. Lacey…thats why I love ya not only can you stand your ground with the best of them but you can shred them in grammatically perfect prose.

  56. I have…many times and you dont know the history there was a time when AHF tried hard to work with and support the industry.

    Like I told xxxwebmaster AHF isnt this industries biggest enemy by a long shot. Personally i think they are less of a threat to my business than The FSC is.

  57. “I have…”. Appreciated and understood, but that is not the same as AHF saying it. Not even close. You are correct I don’t know much of the history. Are you saying they have publicly said that a choice option would be on the table?

  58. I wasn’t talking about them as being “enemy” or not. Just trying to dig deeper into the specifics of them being willing to go “optional”.

  59. I read comment by a couple of producers that seem absolutely livid that the morartorium hasn’t been lifted due to ONE unreturned test. Typical, only thing that matters to them is income, safety be damned.

    The other thing that one can gleen from the FSC statements, they’re only considering the PASS talent pool with regards to the moratorium. Cuz, as we all know, porn production doesn’t exist outside of PASS. /sarcasm

  60. I don’t know how fast, but I am going by what Stagliano said, who actually has HIV. If heard it takes about 6 months..

    How are they going to find out, exactly, if the performer isbin another state? Not even Mike would know about that one because they would essentially vanish off the planet. And, that’s my point. It’s actually very easy to “disappear” without anyone finding out…

    I said that the FSC accused Daily of having someone hack his twitter account and they did… FSC even made a statement on it…

    The issue is that the FSC continually makes press releases stating the have contacted all first generation exposures. This is impossible. They don’t know every single person TJ was with?
    TJ make the list himself. So, how does the FSC know whether all first generations have been notified? The only ones who have been notified are the ones TJ chose to notify. There could be 10 more out there, but TJ didn’t include them on the list, then they wouldn’t be notified.

  61. FSC is only interested in PASS performers that are first generation exposures. That is their world, porn production doesn’t exist beyond PASS. They never qualify their statements as such, but go back and read them within that context and it becomes obvious. When they say ALL performers they really mean all performers in the PASS system.

  62. Oh, I see what you meant about the Twitter thing. I may have misread. Someone here has said that the HIV test they use viral load. If that’s the case that whole out of state/Stagliano scenario might not apply. As far as the point about the list. Your asking for something impossible. Even lie detectors wouldn’t tell you for sure if he provided all names. In or out of porn, who has the capability to monitor sexual activity to know with 100% certainty. No one looks at that statement and measures it against a standard that no person or org. could ever fulfill. The way they negate any lie is the “date after which you need a clean test” policy. If he infected someone and kept their name hidden, they still need a test. Also, I get that it is just a hypothetical, which I throw around as well, but what is his reason for leaving names off in your scenario.

  63. Can we have a cute picture of your adorable pomeranian, Lacey (you said you have really cute dog, pomeranians are the most adorable breed there is)? Maybe a picture of you holding the pomeranian while also burning an AHF pamphlet in effigy? 🙂

  64. @erik2690

    comment was that industry doesn’t as in does NOT use “viral load” test, I asked for clarification to know if industry test detects virus particles and if present, also tells quantity.

    “Viral load” tests only tells quantity and used for treatment monitoring.

    The industry test is FDA approved as diagnostic tool…even without the clarification I’m hoping to get from jilted who knows labs and clinics well..I can tell you doc says industry approved test is best screening test available…lowest window time, accurate,

    Lol about out of state might not apply…they could stay home and opt to try out camming, decide they don’t like it..come back. How many folks needed extra time off but had to pay bills with syphilis clue and not saying it did happen..only that it’s possible.

    I’m not clear on Dec 5th date or how the window affects the way they determine that stuff.

  65. @lacey

    Impressive CV there …think mike should start collecting them at WP sign up?
    A really cute “fucking” dog? Is the couch safe?

  66. “The other thing that one can gleen from the FSC statements, they’re only considering the PASS talent pool with regards to the moratorium. Cuz, as we all know, porn production doesn’t exist outside of PASS.”

    If they did that then they’d have to admit that they’re dealing with a sieve and not a closed system.

  67. I disappeared after I caught Herpes and nobody knew until about 10 years later when I came out publicly with my story. It would be EASY for someone in the industry who caught HIV to disappear and in fact the porn industry may just pressure them to do it. Ask Anne Marie Ballowe what happened to her! She was pressured to move to Hawaii to work in a strip club/brothel.

  68. In order for a doctor to order an HIV test on a patient, the patient must sign a ‘consent for hiv test’ form. A specific form, and the doctor cannont order the test without it. Most HIV consent forms, which is a legal document, ask, “Have you ever been diagonosed with, or tested postive for HIV?”
    If anyone were to do what is being suggested here they would be commiting several felonies. It is illegal to not inform a person you put at risk that you have HIV.

    @ERIK, viral load is also known as quantitative, the test the industry uses is qualitiative. The methodology is similar, but they have different threshholds. Most literature you see about PCR testing refers to the viral load tests. Qualitative tests are not used much, but their ‘popularity’ is growing as the price goes down.

    The Aptima window period of 9-11 days is just a best case scenario, and the industry lifting a moratoruim because people are testing negative after 14 days is EXTREMELY dangerous. The test CAN detect that early, it doesnt mean it will. In 2004, the Roche Amplicor 1.0 test supposedly had a 14 day window period, but several of the people who eventually tested postive, including Darrenn James all tested negative on the PCR after 21 days.

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