Some Thoughts on Max Obscenity Trial

Everyone in the biz is saying what a travesty this is, first amendment, unconstitutional yada yada.

I would like to point out that this indeed hurts us all, no doubt about it. But this is what happens when you let Max or Rob Black or Kahn Tusion pick the fights our industry has to fight. Did you really expect 12 average people to view this content and not be swayed by the overt violent nature of it? Specially in this day and age?

Never mind the fact that yes Miller is outdated, yes this is a shitty verdict, did you really think that watching Max dress a girl up as prepubescent, pee into her mouth, make her vomit, make her cry, rape her in almost every sense of the word, refer to her as14 years old was going to be ignored by the jury? Sure a jury shouldn’t make a verdict based on emotion but guess what…they do. So now it goes to appeal most likely and in the meantime the feds have a green light to move on the next guy.

How many times have I said it, if we don’t control ourselves Washington DC will do it for us, and if you think Obama or McCain either one is going to reverse this trend you are an idiot.

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Some Thoughts on Max Obscenity Trial

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  1. Why was he allowed to keep his home? I always heard an obscenity conviction means an automatic forfeiture of your business and his home was used for many of his movies. So why was it left up to the jury if he gets to keep his home or not?

  2. I think Max is just confused in regards to Women. He never really learned how to handle them.

    So in a effort to help…

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