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Damn CNN just change the letters to MJNN.  Yes he was a good entertainer, but he was also a weird, fucked up, a freak and a fucking fruitloop. He is dead, he will be dead tomorrow and nobody of any importance really gives a fuck beyond that.

Speaking of  Look at the race whores Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton competing for time with Michaels Dad Joe Jackson, who only seems to want to pimp his new record label… wonder Michael wanted to be white, these people are a fucking disgrace.

And Sarah Palin is stepping down as Alask’a Governor, presumeably to run for President in 2012.  No doubt as a “family values” Republican…Lets see The Palin Family, The Bush Family, The Cheney Family…Hell The Clinton Family…picture them all in your mind

Now Picture the Barack Obama family.  Which one better conjures up “family values” to you.


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Some Random Thoughts

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  1. mj was more than an entertainer. he was a musical genius. re-visiting his musical output this week has truly been amazing. too bad he didn’t know how to grow up. but if the media focused a little more on his creativity vs giving time to the *race whores* i might just tune in.

  2. Are you implying people shouldnt celebrate/remember/pay tribute to him because he was a freak and a fruit loop?

    One of the weirdest things to me is the amount of people angry at how everyone else is still talking about Michael jackson. If you didnt like him, or you’re sick of hearing about him…. turn off the television and spend a few less hrs on the internet. You obviously wont be missing much if you do.

    it’s really a very simple concept.

  3. Gawd, no. Not another “If you don’t like it, turn off the tv” person. I’m paying almost $1000 a year for tv. Why should I have to keep it turned off?

    If owners want to have 24 hour news stations, then they need to have enough interesting and diverse programming to fill that time, instead of repetitive bullshit. “We don’t know anything new, so let’s keep talking about how we don’t know anything new” just doesn’t cut it.

  4. i’m more in the “if you don’t like it CHANGE the channel” camp…lol or better yet stay online and filter out all the bullsh*t your heart desires.

  5. Enough with Jackson. His time was 20 years ago. He is dead. Goodbye.

    At least the Bush girls were fun when they were in college.

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