Some Questions The FSC Wont Answer

It’s an interesting time in this biz, very interesting.

The FSC won’t admit to it right now but they intend to lift the shooting moratorium on Monday. Interesting move…And since I just outed it they will prolly change it, it wouldnt be the first time.

the rationale is that they claim to have tested everyone who is a first generation exposure and are waiting on one result to come back. they claim that the “window period” for the test they use is 7 to 10 days and that they are making sure that everyone has at least a 14 day test.

I dunno about y’all but sounds like to me someone flunked first grade math seing that TJ Cummings didnt even test positive til less than a week ago….But theres a bigger problem and that is that the HIV test we use has a 7-10 day window only in optimal conditions, the real window for it to be 98% accurate is 30 days. Dont believe me? Look it up.

Now lets talk about that first generation exposure list. I have more than one person who says they had direct exposure to TJ Cummings in November and have never been notified, they only found out from my blog that they had been exposed. Lukeisback has a similar story, I have no idea if the people are the same ones. But I have a pretty good idea that the exposure list is FULL of holes.

Lets face it TJ has been less than forthright in this whole thing, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if he “forgot” some of these encounters.

But there’s even a more glaring hole.

Who would be the best people to consult to find out his on screen exposures? Maybe the agents?

I talked to a LATATA Board member tonight and was told that LATATA has had two long meetings in the last two days and one of the topics is that not one single LATATA agency has been contacted to help with an exposure list. EIGHT Licensed agencies and not one was consulted?

For anyone crying “privacy” thats stupidity exemplified, TJ Cummings has already given me an on the record interview. I would like to point out that AVN and XBiz have yet to acknowledge that he is the infected performer, when i asked Helmy at XBiz about this his response was “We believe in privacy” Ummm he has already come forward man…himself….In a public forum. You are waiting on permission from The FSC to make this public? REALLY?

Allow me to remind you that if you got your industry news from XBiz or AVN all you would know is that someone tested positive a week ago and that you dont know what a fucking moratorium is….SMFH?

Somehow I would bet if Helmy or Theo had been screwing around with porn people off camera they’d feel they had a right to know if they had been exposed, I cant imagine they are that beholden to The FSC.

They would probably have been reading my blog every ten minutes to get the info…hell they probably do anyway.

Finally I got this first hand account via email from an industry insider:

You may be interested to know that on Wed Dec 4th – TJ Cummings was on a set waiting to shoot and was calling TTS annoyed they had not yet sent him his test as he needed it to shoot his sex scene. On set he was told he had a ‘reactive’ (not positive) test result and to come in immediately as they needed a second sample to conduct a new test. He refused to do that and went to CET the next day,

That is TTS protocol by the way, they test the same sample twice and if positive twice, they ask for a new sample again and test that and only then if all three tests are positive do they inform the patient he / she is for sure positive.

In other news Bill Margold has called me the most dangerous person in porn….wonder if that will move me up in the ten most powerful people articles LOL.

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Some Questions The FSC Wont Answer

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  1. Originally, I thought that there was something odd about the second test from CET, however, now I think otherwise. He was likely impatient about getting the results, needed to work and thought CET would be the quickest route to getting the paperwork.

  2. I’m not sure of the exact terminology that TTS uses on their test results. Usually a PCR test will say, “Detected” or “Not Detected”
    The term “reactive” is often used with among others, syphilis tests.
    Either way, the term REACTIVE means POSITIVE.

  3. Mike, Bill Margold has it wrong here. Ron Black (who actually had a good idea about the FSC contracting with a health insurer for group rate health insurance for talent, too bad the messenger is so caustic) is the most dangerous person in porn, maybe tied with those pricks from Facial Abuse. Diane Duke and Michael Weinfuck are well towards the top of that list as well.

  4. The FSC has been saying they were gonna get group health coverage for performers for years it wasnt true back than and it aint true now and it wont be necessary one thing the affordable care act is going to do is get all performers affordable and good quality insurance. Because they will HAVE to buy it as will the rest of us…so Prince Yashua and the rest of these con/scam artists are gonna have to come up with new game… BTW he never had that surgery he collected money for, and he threatened to “beat up” a reporter who asked if he did (I wish it would been me LOL)

  5. Why so you can name and shame them for FSC..they were exposed in private life?

    Does FSC consider camming and the escort gigs booked by their member stakeholders as “legitimate adult industry performer activity”? If not please tell the. To fork over the cut their stakeholders and industry leaders are taking off performers in that capacity..since it’s the performers personal life after all.

  6. Its funny you should bring up Prince Yashua your right about him not having the surgery a friend of mines co. donated $1000 asked for some proof and he was threatened also. Perhaps he’ll buy some new clothes with it since he always wearing the same thing. I think I told you this about a month ago, he dated my girls friend, Prince and her had been going together about a month, he wanted her to open a joint bank account when she said no he dropped her. But hes a real man now hes hanging with Porno Dan he’ll take care of him. Its kinda funny he thinks hes so great but hes nothing but a joke.

  7. Mike is correct. It’ll never happen because no health insurer in its right mind would ever create an insurance product specifically for the adult entertainment industry because by definition, the adult industry is a pool of individuals that is going to have more medical events than the general population. That would include the potential of treating an AIDS patient for life – they would have taken on five of those just this year. This would be a little like the auto industry creating an automotive insurance product specifically for people convicted of DUIs and vehicular manslaughter.

    Insurance works because you create a pool of people, some of whom will use the product but most of whom will not, or will use it to very little effect.

    A pool of porn performers would be just the opposite – the porn industry likes to talk about vigorous vaginal sex, anal, double penetration, frequent cum swallowing, ass to mouth, rimming, anal-to-vaginal penetration, and being squirted/peed on as if these are happening every day in every household and are completely benign. That’s the fantasy of porn. The reality is that from a medical point of view, these are high risk activities likely to lead to some kind of medical event. I’m not talking just about the cost of treating Cameron Bay for as long as she can maintain her premiums or other nasty STDs. I’m talking about yeast infections, throat infections, and other nasty bugs that may not kill you, but are going to be a byproduct of porn activities and drive up costs for a medical provider.

    Put another way, you’ll never get a health insurance product specifically for the porn industry that is as cheap as the ACA.

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