Some Questions About The New HIV Positive Performer

APHSS is the one that released the info, this being the same APHSS that said even THEY will never know a performers test results.

If they say the performers who worked with this performer have already been retested then the original patient must have tested positive a few days ago.

I have  Lots of question

APHSS says they dont get results.   How did they get this one?

How do they know it didn’t happen on set? was it a gay performer?

Where did APHSS get the idea that it didn’t happen on set?  What do they base that on?

You probably know most of these answers as well as I do, apart from the fact there’s another HIV positive performer APHSS pulled the rest out of their ass.

Im following up on this….Anyone with info please contact me, your anonymity is guaranteed.

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Some Questions About The New HIV Positive Performer

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