Some Followups

It may seem odd but stories like the one yesterday on 5/3rd Bank closing the account of aebn are really my favorite stories to break because they are useful to people in the industry and AVN nor XBiz has got it yet. Its because I have good sources in the industry that I get these kind of stories and its because I work them. Anyone can sit around and sling mud like The Kazoo but to add value you have to actually work to get stories..

As for the Kaylani story that one is tied to Gregg Dodson and has been turned over to people better equipped to deal with it than I am, if you get my drift. Kaylani is in no trouble and quite simply trusted someone she shouldn’t have. I actually kinda feel bad on that one because someone spent a lot of money and a lot of time to set me up on that, but like I said It is now being handled by people with better resources and authority to deal with it. And just to increase the pucker factor a bit for Dodson he best hope they don’t find Rikki Six or say…Olga…. I will update this story at some pint in the future I expect.


Time to play my Kazoo a little bit…..Robs last movie was a turd called “Birds of Prey” someone took pity on him when he came outta jail and threw him a bone….They tell me THAT wont happen again. Did anyone notice that after shooting that movie Kagney Lynn Karter was out of the biz for a while? Thats because she got injured on set and Rob Zicari (Black) didn’t have any set insurance. Rob’s solution offer her some anal scenes….and what about the almost 70K in back taxes he hung on his ex…..what a pussy, him and his buddy Gregg Dodson deserve one another….and speaking of Dodson….Rob, if I were you I’d get clear of that one lest you become part of the fallout. So there’s yer cue kazoo…time to start screeching.

All the mudslinging aside I do welcome info such as that from AEBN so if you have info that the industry needs to know or could be helpful to the biz by all means send it to me. Obviously I am not interested in press releases about whomever latest cinematic turd…Y’all know the difference.

And finally Lacey write something funny for me will ya LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Some Followups

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  1. We’re all so glad that Frank Fortesky got rid of Rob Black.
    That “Birds of Prey” sucked dog shit and I used it to start a
    fire in my fireplace with it. Rob Black is nothing but a welfare looser
    can collector in Lankershim Blvd who shares a bed with a 52 year old
    washed up pornstar in a shitty office space apartment.

  2. That’s great news Mr. South. Somebody from the Mike South Army needs to go to Henderson on August 26th and do a in depth courtroom
    report. Maybe Lacey can do that?. Anyway, I too have also emailed a letter to Judge Stevens and the DDA, and suggested that Mr. Bass
    be sentenced to at least one year in the Clark County detention facilty
    with only 1 hour of yard time so that the fellow inmates can all beat the living tar out of his retarded, domestic violence ass. Plus, but broom and mop handles up his ass. 100 whip lashings, 3 years high risk probation supervision, attend 1 year of drug and mentally retard and domestic violence classes, and pay fines up to $1,0000.
    This is guy by the way is Rob Blacks buttboy and Rob Black is nothing
    but a degenerate welfare monger who lives above a strip club in North Hollywood in a neighborhood filled with violent and crazy Mexican gangbangers. He’s the only white guy in that neighborhood.
    Oh yes, Birds of prey sucked. He is also a AHF snitch and anti-porn looser flunky and Relies on Sean Tompkins to provide him industry news since Tompkins is a classified Stalker and Randazza won’t represent either Whiteacre or Tompkins because of that classification.
    Idiots and fuck ups.
    You have a good weekend Mr. South and keep up the really good work.

  3. Mike I hope all those embezzling facts are false and that you can counter sue those assholes for deframation for saying that you weren’t making the deposits. That would really fuck them all up.

    Just have to show all the deposits were done and that’s it.
    Put liens for life on all those cocksuckers.

  4. I actually looked into that The only one with any assets is Bramonte and so far as I can PROVE he hasnt said that. Gregg Dodson has nothing, at least not yet…he doesnt own anything and no assets (he didnt back then either) according to his roommate he skipped out on 4 months rent as well. Dodson has a big karma debt coming due….

  5. Geez, All sound like a bunch of fucking losers like Rob.
    Can’t wait until the EA and Summers trial starts.
    That is going to be a real circus and Stags should
    beat it hands down.

  6. Have you heard more on AEBN yet?

    5/3 processed the checks to you but may not have been AEBN bank if they used a third party ACH processor.

  7. Didn’t KLK just have a small scratch under an inch long to the side of her nose?

    Technically, an anal scene with Nacho Vidal could cause more damage with the way he goes.

  8. I honestly dont know except that she did have to see a DR there was minor surgery and she paid for it (she did have insurance)

  9. Rob had no problems taking shots at me before, so how about this for a shot right back at you Kazoo:


    Allowing a goddess like KLK to get hurt on your set, and not say anything just shows how much of a scumbag loser you truly are. Not to mention you are the reason Brooklyn Lee, another one of my favorite stars, quit the business. Because of scum like you her career was cut short.

    I’ll leave it at this Birds of Prey…What a retarded concept. Right now give me the budget you had for that shitty film and the stars that were in it and I would produce a million dollar movie in my first shoot. That’s how stupid you are, and how confident I am that at 26 I know more about what is considered quality pornography than you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Kazoo.

    Mike, thanks for bringing this to light. If Kazoo wants to call you out for picking up hookers or whatever, tell him to kiss your ass. This is the same guy that uses women, cough cough Katie Summers, and has them make him money just like a street Pimp.

    Rob Black is nothing more than a Street Pimp. Too bad he has no money and only his verbal lashes to help him sleep at night.

  10. @Mike

    Well, KLK paying for it herself wasn’t Rob’s fault seeing as Rob didn’t own the production, the studio, or any part of it. He purchased the film after it was put out. I think it would be Exquisite that would be responsible for the insurance. Not Rob.

  11. not sure what ya mean rob was the producer/director he shot it and exquisite bought it from him (they likely fronted him the money) she was injured performing a stunt Im told ( I really dont know the details except that it was real glass when it should have been sugar glass

  12. @mike

    Rob was an employee. Rob didn’t own the movie until later. After that trial he was lucky to have a pair of shoes left.

    Didn’t Rob’s films get like 7 AVN nominations for his first year back? I know Tommy Pistol won for Taxi Driver and BOP won maybe best artwork. His parody was better than a lot of the other ones being put out. It wasn’t like Rob was given budgets that were insane. For the few years that parodies did really well Rob made ones that sold. He was late to the game too because of court and jail.

    Rob already talked about this on his show.

    If Kagney were to sue it wouldn’t have been Rob. There were also stipulations to that where she may have not had the best case to sue anyone.

  13. rob wasnt an employee according to howard at exquisite and rob never bought the movie from anyone he sold it. per howard he made it and sold it to exquisite thats all I know as for the incident rob was in control of the set at the time since he wasnt an employee for exquisite and was shooting it on spec he was responsible problem is rob had no money no point suing him if he had anything Id take his ass to the cleaners same for whiteacre but wht drop 20-30k on suing when theres nothing you can get in return in legal circles its called being judgement proof

  14. Real Glass instead of Sugar Glass. Rob loves to act like he cares about girls and all this jazz when in reality he doesn’t give 2 shits about any of them.

    All of this is why he is nothing but an ex-con that lives above a strip club.

  15. @mdxxx

    It wasn’t real glass. If KLK went through real glass and only had that small cut then Rob is an amazing stunt coordinator.

  16. I dont know that she went through any glass at all only that real glass was used where it shouldnt have been exquisite told me that

  17. Interesting, I hadn’t ever heard of sugar glass (or its replacement accordig to Wikipedia, Piccotex) before. Lacey is a stunt performer, maybe she can expound on this more. I guess I learned something today and it is only 1 am.

    As for Rob Black, he is a world-class asshole. He took it further than I could ever do when he spent a half hour calling me a pedophile (which I am not) just because I disagreed with him on what needed to be reported on in the adult industry media. You want to take a couple of pot shots at me, fine but he probably spent $200 in internet bandwidth slamming lil ole me thinking that he could get me to back off after his tirade (as you see from my comments here I haven’t). If he treats the movers and shakers of the biz like he treated me (as well his riediculously painful treatment of Steve Hirsch, John Stagliano and Peter Acworth, that is just what I know of — I am sure there are more) no wonder he lives with and sponges off of Katie Summers (as far as I know the “office apartment” is mainly used as a studio with Tom Byron spending the occasional night there, from the video he made of the place a few months back I doubt anyone actually lives there). I wouldn’t even hire him to mop up the cum off of the floor after a shoot, certainly I would not hire him to make a movie.

  18. So you are all saying that Rob Black is just buying films and claiming he was the one shooting and directing those titles?

  19. I wouldn’t let Rob Black live in one of my apartment building in Downtown LA. He stinks.

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